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Artha's Friends, Allies and Enemies

Dragon Booster: Artha and FriendsArtha Penn, the Dragon Booster, has gained a number of friends and allies along the way, and of course, some enemies as well. This section gives a description of all the named characters in the show, both dragon and human, along with whatever bits of trivia is known about them.

Character Bios by Crew

Almost all the characters in the show belong to a crew. Click on a crew name below to see a description of all the characters associated with that crew. To find individual characters, use the alphabetical table in the next section. Note that the character descriptions contain spoilers if you haven't seen all the episodes. (This is just beginning. Eventually, all crews will be listed here.)

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What's in a Name

Most of the character names chosen for Dragon Booster have a meaning. Some obvious, some not so obvious. The hidden meanings of the name don't necessarily drive the character, but appear to be more as Easter Eggs placed in the show for astute viewers to notice. If you know of a reference or hidden meaning of a name that isn't listed here, please email the information to

Click on a character name to be taken to the description for that character. (More will be added over time.)

Character Name


Abandonn Derived from the word "abandon", probably in the sense of "abandon all hope" if you face this dragon.
Armeggaddon Derived from the word "Armageddon".
Artha Penn Artha's name is an obvious reference to Arthurian Legend. King Arthur's full name was Arthur Pendragon. Pendragon means "head of the dragon" ("head" in the sense of the leader), which applies to Artha. There are other character names (Moordyrd, in particular) that also reference Arthurian Legend and Artha's main friends and allies do appear to form a sort of Knights of the Round Table.
Beau Beau's full name in the show is Beaucephalis which is a reference to Bucephalus, the name of the horse ridden by Alexander the Great. According to legend, Bucephalus was a wild horse that allowed no one to ride him except Alexander who was able to tame him. Bucephalus means "ox head" and was so named because the horse had a very large head. Beau is also the French word for "beautiful," though generally translated as "handsome" when referring to a male.
Blarre Possibly named after series animation supervisor Blair Simmons.
Brutaris Derived from the word "brute" combined with "Taurus," the Zodiac sign represented by the bull (from the Latin "tauri").
Budge The word "budge" has an archaic meaning of "pompous" which seems to apply to how the race marshall presents himself at races.
Cain Apparently taken from the biblical story of Cain and Abel. Cain had a mark placed upon him by God, and Cain in Dragon Booster has a Dragon Eye symbol tattooed on his forehead.
Chute Derived from the word "parachute".
Coershun Obviously derived from the word "coercion".
Connor In the Irish/Gaelic language, the name Connor means "wise aid". Whether that meaning was intended here is uncertain.
Cyrano A reference to Cyrano de Bergerac, a Frenchman living in Paris in the 1600's. In fictional versions of his life, he is known for having an exceptionally large nose.
Decepshun Obviously derived from the word "deception".
Dorsull Derived from the word "dorsal".
Drakkus Probably derived from the Latin word "dracon" which means "dragon".
Faier Commander Faier appears to be named after Ken Faier, executive producer of Dragon Booster.
Ferno Derived from the word "inferno".
Ferryt Derived from the word "ferret" in the sense of a persistent searcher.
Fracshun Apparently derived from "fraction", perhaps in the sense of "little" as in "a fraction".
Furox Derived from either the word "fury" or the French word "furax" which means livid. Either way, these do describe the Furox's personality.
Hyve Derived from the word "hive"
Kawake Derived from the word "quake".
Khatah Derived from kata, referring to martial arts movements.
Kitt Wonn Reference is unclear. Kitt could be derived from "kitten". Wonn could be derived from "won" since she wins lots of races. Wonn is also a common Chinese name.
Lance Penn Lance's name appears to be a reference to Sir Lancelot from Arthurian Legend. Lancelot was King Arthur's most trusted knight. There is also a weapon called a lance, but the Lancelot reference seems more likely.
Libris Probably a reference to Libra, the Zodiac sign represented by the scales. Gray draconium seems to be about balance (it's a neutral color, for instance), so this seems to fit. (Libris is also Latin for "book," but this doesn't seem to apply.)
Marianis Probably derived from the Marianas Trench (the deepest underwater trench in the Earth's crust) or the nearby Marianas Islands (named in honor of the Spanish queen Maria Ana of Austria). Could also just be from "marine" or "marina" and "Marianas" just happened to be close. Fitting for the leader of the Dragon Fish crew.
Malto No obvious reference. Malto can refer to the language and people living in northern Bengal in eastern India. It is also an urban expression meaning something incredible. Neither of these seems to apply to this character.
Moordryd A reference to Mordred from Arthurian Legend. Mordred is generally considered to be King Arthur's illegitimate son. While that doesn't apply here, Mordred was known as a traitor who fought against Arthur. Mordred was killed by King Arthur at the Battle of Camlann, where he fatally wounded Arthur. I doubt we'll see that happen in the show, so Moordryd's name was apparently chosen just to show he opposes Artha.
Mortis Latin word for "death". Perhaps this name was chosen because Mortis appears after Connor's alleged death. Also note that Mortis plays the role of mentor to Artha much like Merlin in Arthurian Legend.
Muhorta Possibly derived from "muhurta", which when translated literally from Sanskrit means 'a moment', though how that applies here is unknown. Unclear if this was the intended reference.
Parmon Sean Unclear reference. The fact that Parmon's name sounds a lot like "Parmesan" was used as a gag in "Track of Doom". Parmesan is a cheese and an area in Italy. It seems pretty uncertain they would name a character that way for one gag. Parmon is a last name, though it's uncommon, and Sean is generally a first name. They may have simply swapped the two around to make something unique sounding.
Paynn A reference to "pain" perhaps, which seems to be what Word and Moordryd like to inflict on people.
Phistus Derived from the word "fist". Quite fitting for the leader of "The Grip of the Dragon" crew.
Phorrj Derived from the word "forge".
Propheci Derived from the word "prophecy".
Pursoot Derived from the word "pursuit".
Pyrrah From the latin word pyra meaning "fire". A fitting name for the leader of the Dragon Flares.
Rancydd Derived from the word "rancid".
Reepyr Possibly a reference to the "grim reaper".
Rivett Appears to be named after Gail Rivett, an executive with Alliance Atlantis as listed in the end credits of the show.
Rumbull Derived from the word "rumble", a fitting name for the big earth-class dragon ridden by Kawake.
Samurox Derived from the word "samurai".
Sarjo No known references.
Sentrus Derived from the word "sentry". It fits her role since she is essentially "guarding" entrance into the Racing Academy and allowing only the most worthy to pass.
Shayyn Apparently just a Dragon City spelling of the name Shane.
Shock-Ra Derived from "chakra", a yoga term referring to points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body.
Sparkk Derived from the word "spark" of course.
Spratt A "sprat" refers to a young, small or insignificant person. Also refers to a small herring-like fish.
Spynn Derived from "spin" probably in the sense of "spin doctor".
Stewardd Probably from the word "steward" in the sense of an assistant.
Turbulence Clearly just the word "turbulence" though it's uncertain if this is the correct Dragon City spelling.
Twister A reference to a tornado. A fitting name for a dragon in the Dragon Winds crew.
Tyrannis Pax In Latin, this means "peace tyrant". This dragon also looks like a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Vociferous Clearly just from the word "vociferous"
Word This could possibly be an altered spelling of "wyrd" which in ancient Anglo-Saxon and Nordic cultures roughly means "fate". In a literal sense it means "that which has become" and refers to how past actions affect the future. It's uncertain if this was the intended reference since "wyrd" is pronounced like "weird" as oppossed to "word." Though a reference to fate certainly fits in with the prophecies in the show.
Wulph Clearly derived from "wolf". A fitting name for the leader of the pack-like Army of the Dragon crew.
Wyldfyr Probably from the phrase "like wildfire" which means "very rapidly".
Zulay According to show co-creator Rob Travalino, Zulay is the name of a woman he once met in a coffee shop and had an engaging conversation with. That's the only significance it has.

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