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The Army of the Dragon

Dragon Booster: Army of the DragonThe Army of the Dragon crew descends from the ancient Purple Draconium Empire. They are a military-minded crew that uses a high degree of coordination and precision teamwork between crew members. They have a high degree of determination once set to a task. They respond to and follow strong leadership, but they are also not completely reliable allies. If they see a stronger advantage or leader elsewhere they may turn on you.

At this point, we don't know where their crew compound might be located nor how big their crew is. Only two pairs of dragons and riders have appeared on screen so far.

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Army of the Dragon Logo


Army of the Dragon Logo


Dragon Booster: WulphWulph is 17 years old and is the leader of the Army of the Dragon crew. Given their apparent hierarchical command structure, one would imagine that Wulph is the strongest leader of the bunch and hence the rest of the crew follows him without question. Like all military leaders, he is strong willed, decisive and determined.

Wulph worked for Word Paynn in "The Chromatic Dragon" because he believed Word to be a strong leader and he believes in following strength of leadership. However, when it became clear that Word was using him, he switched sides and allied himself with the Dragon Booster. This alliance though is not reliable as Wulph opposed Artha in "The Mechanist" when he saw the advantage of getting hold of the Horn of Libris for himself. This makes him and his crew an unpredictable element.

Wulph has also shown that he will intervene even when not asked if he believes there to be a danger to his crew or others. In "Prophet's Motive" we see him assist Artha against Artha's wishes because Wulph recognizes the threat that Propheci represents.

Unlike some other crews that use lies and deceit, Wulph seems to always speak the truth, even when he's opposing you. This trait is possibly derived from a military code of honor.

Wulph has a mark across his right eye and his dragon Hyve has a mark across his left eye. Whether these are battle scars or tattoos that signify their rank as the lead members of the crew is unknown.



Dragon Booster: FerrytFerryt is possibly Wulph's second in command. When they are on a mission, they are always seen together. Ferryt hasn't had a speaking part yet, so nothing is known about him other than the fact that he follows Wulph's orders and leadership without question.





Army of the Dragon Logo


Army of the Dragon Logo


Dragon Booster: HyveHyve is the purple Pack-class dragon ridden by Wulph. As with all purple dragons, he has a distinctly wolf-like appearance. He is distinguished from the other purple dragons in the crew by a red mark across his left eye which is similar to Wulph's. Unfortunately, Hyve hasn't had an opportunity to show us his personality yet, so little is known about him other than that he forms a solid team with Wulph. Since he is a Pack-class dragon, one can assume that he would be fiercely loyal to Wulph.



PursootPursoot is Ferryt's dragon. He has no markings to distinguish him from other purple dragons. Unfortunately, we don't know much else about him other than his apparent loyalty to his rider and crew.




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