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Dragon Booster: Grip of the DragonThe Grip of the Dragon crew descends from the ancient Green Draconium Empire. They appear to value both brute strength and honor. According to mythology, green dragons aided the original Dragon Booster during the first dragon-human war 3000 years ago.

At this point, we don't know where their crew compound might be located nor how big their crew is. Only Phistus and his dragon Brutaris have appeared on screen.

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Grip of the Dragon Logo


Grip of the Dragon Logo


Dragon Booster: PhistusPhistus is the leader of the Grip of the Dragon crew. At age 18, he is as over-muscled as the green bull-class dragons his crew rides. He is a physically imposing figure and his strength is probably what lead to him becoming the leader of the Down City Council. To emphasize his strength, Phistus carries an oversized sledgehammer instead of the usual blocking staff most riders use.

As the Down City Council leader, Phistus is trying to keep the crews in line and prevent them from starting street wars with each other. As seen in "Opposing Force," he values honor and seems to consider it a strength in itself. He appears to be honest and respectful of the law. After seeing the Dragon Booster act with honor in "Opposing Force", he forms an alliance with him in "Three Times a Hero." It looks like Phistus will stay true to his word since we see him stand by the Dragon Booster against some of the other crews in "The Mechanist."

Phistus has not been seen participating in a street race, however he is highly skilled at both drag ball and dragon jousting. In fact, he is so well known as a jousting champion that no one seems willing to challenge him. The only person we've seen challenge Phistus to a joust was Moordryd, but Moordryd planned to win by cheating.

Phistus can be a bit stubborn and little over-confident about his strength. In "The Chromatic Dragon," Phistus failed to heed Artha's warning that someone may try to steal Brutaris. However, there is little doubt that Artha can count on Phistus as an ally in the future.




Grip of the Dragon Logo


Grip of the Dragon Logo


Dragon Booster: BrutarisBrutaris is a large green Bull-class dragon. He has great strength and is noticeably larger than Cyrano. Speed and agility are no doubt his weak points. He was grateful to the Dragon Booster when he saved him in "The Chromatic Dragon," so the Dragon Booster can probably count on him as an ally in the future.



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