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The Inner Order

Dragon Booster: Inner OrderThe Inner Order is probably the most honest and fair crew in Dragon City. Honor plays a big role in their conduct both on the race track and off. Upholding order and respecting rules is so important to them that they even teach it to their dragons. You can count on them to keep their word and you don't have to worry about them switching sides or betraying you.

The Inner Order crew compound appears to be located in the same section of Down City as the Dragon Eyes (judging from the look of the surrounding buildings). They are masters at the Horn of Libris race.

So far, only Khatah, Sarjo and Shock-ra have appeared on screen and only Khatah has had a speaking role. Four other unnamed blue dragons from the Inner Order appeared in "Rules of Power" and they exhibited the same sense of honor as the other crew members.

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Inner Order Logo


Inner Order Logo


Dragon Booster: KhatahAt age 22, Khatah is oldest crew member in the show with a known age. (Kawake looks much older, but his age is unstated. It's also possible that Rivett is the same age or perhaps older as his age is also unspecified.) Khatah is also one of only two crew members we know that have been to the racing academy (Rivett is the other). He is skilled on the race track and is clearly on his way to being an Elite Class racer.

Khatah is the leader of the Inner Order crew and he's all about honor and duty. For years (possibly generations), his crew guarded the secret of the Horn of Libris and took it as their duty to win the race each year to prevent the trophy from falling into the wrong hands and to prevent others from finding out what the horn can do. There is no doubt that this sense of duty compelled Khatah to train hard in order to be the best at the Horn of Libris race so as to ensure they could win the trophy each time. Khatah's dedication is noble, though it also lead to some degree of excessive pride and a slightly swollen ego. He learns a bit of humility in "The Horn of Libris."

Given the nobility of the Inner Order, it is no surprise that they want peace as demonstrated by their efforts to protect the Horn of Libris. To that end, it is clear the Khatah and his crew will remain firm and reliable allies of the Dragon Booster to help prevent the dragon-human war. This was demonstrated most clearly in "The Mechanist" where Khatah teamed up with Artha to help protect the Horn.



Dragon Booster: SarjoSarjo has appeared in "The Horn of Libris" and "The Mechanist" but he hasn't had a speaking part yet, so little is known about him. From "The Horn of Libris" though, it is clear that he is skilled on the race track and a loyal friend and teammate of Khatah.


Inner Order Logo


Inner Order Logo


Dragon Booster: Shock-RaSkock-ra is a fast and agile blue Energy-class dragon. In the Horn of Libris race he was able to outrun all the other dragons including Beau and Coershun. He has some rather unusal fins and protrusions from his shoulders and upper back, the function of which are unknown. These give him a rather unique look, even among other blue dragons like Fracshun and the ones we see in "Rules of Power." Unfortunately, nothing else is known about him though it can be safely assumed that he acts with honor like all of the Inner Order crew.








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