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Fracshun's Fan Art and Fan Fiction

FracshunFracshun, the dragon with a design painted on him, likes artwork and would like to share his collection of Dragon Booster fan art and fan fiction with you.

The fan art on display here is original artwork created by fans of the show. Some artwork depicts characters in the show while others show original characters created by the artist.

Be sure to check out the new music video section! These short videos use scenes from the show set to music to create some really entertaining videos.

The fan fiction below was also created by fans to explore story possibilities not seen in the show itself.

Explore and enjoy!

Do you have Dragon Booster related fan art or fiction you would like to have displayed here? If so, just send an email to and let him know. For artwork, please send the files in either PNG or JPG format. If you are using Microsoft Paint, please save your art in one of these two formats before sending it in. Images in BMP format are not suitable for display on the web. For best results and smallest file size, please follow these guidelines: Fan art that involves screen shots or photographs should be saved in JPG format. Artwork created in Microsoft Paint by coloring templates should be saved in PNG format. Artwork created in Photoshop and similar programs that involves detailed shading should be saved in JPG format.

Dragon Booster Fan Art

Dragon Booster: FracshunClick on an artist's name to view their gallery. Some artists have their own home page where you can view even more of their artwork. Click the link in the Home Page column to be taken there.

Please respect the artists whose work is displayed here. Please do not make copies of their artwork or re-color it and submit it as your own. Such copies will not be accepted for display here. You may create your own dragons using the templates in Tutorial #1 below. You are free to use the templates provided, so please do not copy someone else's creations. Dragons you create using the templates may be submitted for display here. Thank you.


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Artist Home Page


April 8, 2007  


September 6, 2007  

Aerodragon Highflyer

May 28, 2007  


December 20, 2005  


August 10, 2007  


February 16, 2008


Alfredo F

December 19, 2007  


April 21, 2007  


July 23, 2007


May 7, 2007  


December 1, 2005  


August 28, 2006  


December 1, 2006  


February 16, 2007  


August 10, 2007  


May 3, 2008  


November 2, 2007  


October 8, 2006  


February 24, 2008


Blue Star

April 29, 2007  


January 19, 2007


January 5, 2008  


April 2, 2007  


August 30, 2007  


May 3, 2008  


June 10, 2006



April 26, 2007  


June 12, 2007  


December 7, 2007


March 17, 2007



December 19, 2006  


April 2, 2007


August 1, 2007



August 1, 2006

Dragon Horses

February 24, 2008  

Dragon Rage

July 28, 2006

Dragon Rider

February 25, 2007  

Dragon Spirits

September 8, 2006  


May 3, 2008  


December 3, 2006  


May 26, 2007  


May 22, 2006


January 11, 2007


April 5, 2006


October 20, 2008  


May 3, 2008  


May 3, 2008  


January 10, 2006


July 18, 2007  


April 3, 2006



October 15, 2006  


July 7, 2005


August 28, 2006

Katlyn F

November 11, 2007  

Kay Yasha

August 12, 2006

Keeper of the Black Dragon

July 7, 2006


June 12, 2007  


March 24, 2007

Knights Honour

May 25, 2006

Laia Star

February 21, 2007


October 12 , 2006


October 20, 2008  


May 2, 2007

Mark B

April 26, 2007


January 11, 2008  


July 4, 2007



October 7, 2006

Minerva Rahn

September 2, 2006


April 3, 2007



May 29, 2007


December 8, 2007


February 9, 2006


May 26, 2007  


August 30, 2007  


December 6, 2005

Razoric Dragon

May 16, 2007


February 16, 2007  


April 20, 2008

Red Dragon

March 2, 2008  


September 8, 2006


October 6, 2007


September 2, 2006  


December 1, 2006  


October 6, 2007  


March 17, 2007  

Serenity Dragon

March 7, 2006

Seweq Dragon

March 12, 2007  

Shadow Dragon

July 2, 2006


April 21, 2007  


October 25, 2006


February 23, 2008  


March 12, 2007



May 23, 2006


August 12, 2006


September 6, 2007


August 8, 2006



November 19, 2005


September 30, 2006


August 30, 2006


July 5, 2007  


September 13, 2006  


December 17, 2006  


July 5, 2007  


May 23, 2006


December 8, 2007  


February 10, 2007


October 6, 2007  


August 8, 2007  


March 18, 2006


September 2, 2006


August 17, 2006  


Artist Resources

There a number of tools available to you to help you create your own artwork on the computer, many of which are free.

Image Editing, Paint and Animation Software

MS Paint

If you're using Windows, a copy of MS Paint should already be installed on your machine. It's accessible through the "Start" menu by going to Programs->Accessories->Paint. This is a basic program that allows you to draw and paint images on the screen. See the tutorial below for information on getting started with this program.



GIMP - FreeGIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is a free open-source project (like Mozilla and Firefox) that provides you with a sophisticated image editing and retouching program. It provides a good selection of the most commonly used features in Adobe Photoshop, all for free. Note that GIMP is more difficult to learn than MS Paint, but it's worth the effort. GIMP is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Click the button to the right to visit their site and download your free copy.



Pixia is another free paint program and image editor. It falls somewhere inbetween the very basic MS Paint and GIMP. Visit the Pixia homepage and click the download icon on the left to get your copy. This program is for Windows only.



ArtRage is a free painting package designed to provide a realistic and fun simulation of using paint on a canvas, along with pens, pencils, crayons, and other tools. ArtRage is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Download this software from Ambient Designs.



Adobe Photoshop is the grand-daddy of image editing and manipulation programs. It can be used to create all sorts of artwork and can be used for photo retouching. It has a quite a steep learning curve, but it is a very powerful program. It's also quite expensive. The full version retails for over $600. However, a limited version of the product, called Photoshop Elements, is available for under $100. Try GIMP first and upgrade to Photoshop when you find you're ready for the more sophisticated tools and capabilities. You can also download a free 30-day trial version: go to the photoshop link shown above, then click where it says "Tryout". Photoshop is of course available for both Windows and Mac OS.



Watching the gorgeous computer generated imagery in Dragon Booster may have piqued your interest to try your hand at 3D computer animation. Well then, good news! There's a free 3D computer animation package you can download and try out. The program is called Maya and it's made by Alias for both Mac OS and Windows. Maya is one of the two major off-the-shelf 3D animation packages available. The full version of the software costs thousands of the dollars, but they make a Personal Learning Edition available for free so people can try out the software and learn how to use it. This software is very complex and takes years to master, so they make this version available for free to help that process along. Functionally, it's the same as the paid version, except it puts a watermark on all the rendered output. If you're serious about learning 3D animation, then this is something you'll want to check out. You'll need some books to go with it if you want to get anywhere as Maya is not for the casual computer user or faint of heart. However, if you're inspired to explore the possibility of a career in 3D animation, this is definitely something you'll want to get to help you decide. Maya books are available on places like amazon.com and there are also a variety of tutorials on the Alias web site. Download the Maya Personal Learning Edition here.


Animation: Master

If the complexity of Maya is too daunting, then take a look at another product called Animation: Master. It's less sophisticated than Maya, however it is much easier to learn and the full version can be purchased for only $299 (for both Mac and Windows), making it within reach by just about anyone who can afford a computer. Unfortunately, they do not make a demo version. However, they have a library of Flash based video tutorials on their web site which anyone can view. Even if you have no interest in being an animator yourself, you may find the tutorials interesting to see how the process of 3D animation works in more detail. Click here to view the Animation: Master tutorials.


Blender 3D Blender is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. Available for all major operating systems, this program is available for free. Just download it from the blender.org web site. Like most 3D animation packages, Blender is difficult to learn. However, there are tutorials and documentation available. If you just downloaded the software, start with Blender 3D: Noob to Pro.

Dragon Booster Fan ArtDrawing Tutorials

If you're just getting started with digital painting and creating artwork on the computer, then check out this tutorial on creating your own Dragon Booster style dragons using templates. It's fun and easy to try and is suitable for beginners.

Click here to begin the tutorial.

When you're ready for more, here's another tutorial which teaches you how to create new dragons using screenshots as bases.

Click here to begin tutorial #2.

Need some help learning how to color your dragons in Photoshop? Try this tutorial to learn the basics for coloring templates:

Click here to begin tutorial #3.

For more advanced coloring, check out this excellent tutorial written by DargonXKS.

Click here to begin tutorial #4.

Here's a tutorial by Skye that shows you how to draw dragons free hand.

Click here to begin tutorial #5.

There are also numerous tutorials on the web for creating artwork with Adobe Photoshop. Many of the techniques apply to GIMP and Photoshop Elements just as well. Here's one collection specifically for artists:

Click here for Photoshop tutorials for artists

In particular, DargonXKS has recommended the following tutorials as being very worthwhile:

Myth's Dragon Tutorial

Dinosaurs - good for dragons as well

Creating natural looking rocks - but the technique works for shading reptile skin as well

Horse Eyes - but works for other animals eyes, of course

Coloring Dragons

Another good site that has tutorials on both drawing dragons and how to color them:

Dragon Paint Art Tutorials

There are also a number of books available that can teach you how to draw dragons and other creatures.

Click here for a selection of books on how to draw dragons on amazon.com

Bert Monroy is a digital artist who has a number of excellent books out that explain how to create photo-realistic art with Photoshop. These books are easy to get on places like amazon.com. He also has a number of easy tutorials on his web site:

Click here for Bert Monroy's Photoshop tutorials

Another useful photoshop web site containing tutorials for digital photography, text effects and artistic techniques can be found here:

Click here for more photoshop tutorials, tricks and tips


Dragon Booster Music Videos

There are a number of music videos that have been created by fans of the show. Enjoy these creative short videos. Click on the artist name to be taken to their gallery of videos.

Special mention: the video "Dark Dragon City" is the most stunning fan created video I've seen. Don't miss this video!


Last Update


"Die Another Day" added January 10, 2009. Click here to view on youtube.com or click here to view in high resolution.
"Furox: The Fury Unleashed!" added January 26, 2008. Click here to view on youtoube.com or click here to view in high resolution.
"The Propheci Song," added June 8, 2007. Click here to view on youtube.com or click here to view in high resolution.


Arthur has 6 videos as of October 9, 2006


CrazyDragon16 is also known as Skye in the fan art section above and on the Dragon Booster fan forum. She has 1 video as October 9, 2006.


This person has created 23 Dragon Booster music videos as of October 9, 2006.


Has about 30 or so videos as of December 9, 2007.


Has one video as of August 8, 2007.


Has 25 videos as of December 8, 2007.


This person (who goes by the name MinervaRahn on the Dragon Booster Fan Forum) has created 5 Dragon Booster videos as August 4, 2007. Be sure to watch the one titled "Dark Dragon City". It's awesome!


Has 1 video as of August 30, 2007.


This person has 4 videos as of August 6, 2006.


Has 3 videos as of November 25, 2007.


This account appears to be closed now, but it used to have 10 videos as of October 9, 2006.


Has numerous Dragon Booster videos. Too many to count! Updated March 28, 2007.


PennyxDreadful has 4 videos as of October 9, 2006.


Has 1 video as of September 5, 2006. SeolfurDragyn is also known as SilverDragon.


This person has 1 video as of July 9, 2006.


Dragon Booster Fan Fiction

Click on a story title to view the story.




The Furox

Beware of Propheci

Word takes on the Prophets crew in this action/adventure story, which takes place some time after the events in "Pride of the Hero." Update 5/14/2006 - Chapter 9 & 10 added.

It's Time

Mortis is finally revealed in this story with a surprising twist.

There's a Dragon in My Time Machine

A dragon takes a sci-fi adventure in this fast paced story, which takes place after the events in "Return of Drakkus, part 2." Story complete.


Daughters of the Prophets

Two unexpected refugees from a civil war cause the situation in Dragon City to change forever. New 12/2/2006.

Las Hijas de los Profetas

Unas inesperadas refugiadas de una guerra civil hacen que las cosas cambien en Ciudad Dragón para siempre. New 12/2/2006.

Opposite Factions

Two rival families, an anonymous racer, a bet... All this results in a situation that nobody had been able to foresee. Updated 1/21/2007.

Bandos Opuestos

Dos familias rivales, un corredor anónimo, una apuesta... Todo esto da por resultado una situación que nadie había podido prever. Updated 1/21/2007.

Alfredo F.

Una Gerra De Leyenda

updated January 4, 2008



new December 16, 2007


Shades of Grey

When the Royal Family of Dracles is attacked during a parade in Dragon City and their daughter, Princess Arctica Summer Regis, vanishes a series of strange events causes the Dragon Booster to investigate further. Chapter 7 added 2/12/07. Completed.


The Evil in Us All

new 6/6/2007


Daughter of the Samurox

new 5/31/2007


new 12/20/2006

The Stable Boy Who Cried Dragowolf

updated January 26, 2007

Bloodmoon Fever

new January 26, 2007. Complete!


Black Draconium

last update 12/16/2005

Burnout Beau

Overlord Rising - Part 1

new 3/23/2007


The Story of Banshun

added September 29, 2007

A Half Breeds Beginning

added August 24, 2008

Deathshallcome & Liliwen

The Return Of Ancient Evil

This is after they learned the stuff from the Acadamy. Armegadonn has already destroyed the Acadamy and the five boosters of draconium are just finishing their fight against Armegadonn. New 6/2/2007



A collection of short poems. New 12/3/2006.

Heart Scars

Added October 6, 2007

The Meeting of Destiny

Updated November 4, 2007

Code Dragon

Updated December 6, 2007


The Chromatic and Gold Dragon

new September 4, 2006

Who Caves First

new December 15, 2006

12 Days of Christmas

new January 1, 2007

Shorty Stories: Dragon Booster #1

new May 15, 2007

101 Dragons

updated October 2, 2007

The Quest

new July 15, 2007 - Completed


Un Dreik En La Ciudad

updated 9/13/2006


The Last Herd

new 3/3/2006


The Sinick Chronicles

A mysterious man appears out of nowhere. No one knows who he is or where he came from. Could it be possible he is here for a reason, or is this just a fluke? Follow Jayson Sinick as he tries to adapt to his new surroundings and discover the purpose of why he's here. updated October 11, 2007

Kay Yasha

Wild Ones

There are new dragons in the city, an they're not the kind people are used to. They're trying to get the city dragons to join them. Will the city dragons be able to fight them off? New 3/20/2006

Laia Star

The Girl Dragon Booster

new 4/11/2006


The Vocabulary Booster

added July 28, 2007

The Sue Booster

added July 28, 2007

His Dead Son

added July 28, 2007

The Cookie Booster

added July 28, 2007


added July 28, 2007


Guardian of Fear

new January 11, 2008


Dragon Yahoo Chat Rooms

new 6/3/2006


A Forgotten Race of Dragon

Set after the Return of Drakus part 2, Connor introduces Artha, Lance, Parmon, Kitt, Beau, Fracshun, Cyrano, and Wyldfyr to an old dragon friend of his. Updated 5/1/2006

Reignbeau and the Rainbow Dragon Booster

Reignbeau has just become the full Golden Rainbow Dragon and has taken on a Rainbow Dragon Booster. She and him travel all over the place to far away cities. This is before Connor, Artha and the Dragon Human war. New 3/26/2006.

Puppy Trouble



The Hybrid Dragon

updated Oct. 15, 2006, chapter 2 added


Sarina and the Colored Mask

added August 9, 2007, completed


Twisted Shadows

added 1/6/2006


The Madness of Dragon City

added 1/6/2006

The Madness of Dragon City 2: When Fandoms Collide

new 10/7/2006

The Madness of Dragon City 3: Revenge of Stewart

new 10/7/2006

Treasure Hunters

added 2/21/2006

I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles

new 1/23/2007


The New Rider

new 1/1/2007


The Lost Artefact of the Furox

updated July 23, 2007

The Strider

new 11/4/2006

The Magna Draconis

The Alchemist

Added 8/16/2008. Read the "secret" prequel episode to Dragon Booster by series co-creator Rob Travalino

Young Penn

The Second War

Added October 17, 2008

More Fan Fiction

More Dragon Booster fan fictions can be found on www.fanfiction.net. Click here to go directly to the Dragon Booster section.


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