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Dragon Booster Web Site

The Official Dragon Booster Web Site

This is a nicely done Flash animated site. This new version of the site launched at the beginning of 2006 and replaced the old site shown below. Among other things, it contains brief story summaries, a list of characters, mythology of the show, a section describing Dragon City and some games. There's also a downloads area containing some images and the Draconian font.

To view all the content, you will need Flash installed on your computer.

Dragon Booster Official Web Site

Dragon Booster Web Site 2004

The original Dragon Booster web site that launched in 2004 can still be found here.

Note: If you wish to play the game click here to access it. There's a glitch in the internal link on the site that prevents you from reaching it otherwise. Also note that you can no longer play a friend via email, but you can still play against the computer.

Dragon Booster Fan Forum

Dragon Booster Fan Forum

This is the most active fan forum for discussing the show. Along with detailed discussions of the stories and characters, you will also find fan fiction and fan art here.

Dragon Booster Trading Card Game

The Official Dragon Booster Trading Card Game Web Site

This is the official web site for the card game made by Score Entertainment. It contains just about everything you need to know about the game including card libraries and descriptions, rule books, instruction booklets, a demo game, and more. This site was shutdown at the end of October 2006 after the game went out of print, but then it re-appeared at the beginning of July 2007. The site has the same content it did before and has not been updated since mid-2006.

Fans still interested in the game can also find the rulebooks and card library here.

There is also a forum for discussing the game here.

Dragon Booster on Wikipedia

Dragon Booster on Wikipedia

The Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia built up from contributions by individuals. Among its vast collection of articles are entries for most popular TV shows including Dragon Booster. Click on the image to the left to be taken to the Dragon Booster main page. There is also a second entry containing a List of Dragons in Dragon Booster.


This is a vast site that contains information for virtually every TV show ever aired. One of the most useful things it offers is a cross referenced cast and crew guide so you can easily find out what else they've worked on. Clicking the image to the left will take you directly to the Dragon Booster section. You can also rate the show and individual episodes.

The Story Hat

The Story Hat

Dragon Booster was created by Kevin Mowrer and Rob Travalino of The Story Hat. Visit the web site to learn more about their background and the development of the show.

Nerd Corps Entertainment

Nerd Corps Entertainment

Nerd Corps produces all the animation for Dragon Booster. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, they are a full service 3D animation facility and have a complete production system allowing them to do all the animation and rendering in house. Visit their site to learn about their company and see who's the Nerd of the Week.


Dragon Booster will be released on February 7, 2006 on DVD through FUNimation, one of the nation's leading independent home video entertainment companies. They are probably best known for the many English language versions of various anime series they have released in North America. They also sometimes offer products such as T-shirts and other items when a release comes out.

Jakks Pacific

Jakks Pacific

This is the company that will be producing the action figures and possibly other show related toys.

Score Entertainment

Score Entertainment

Score created and distributes the Dragon Booster trading card game. This is the main web site for the company where you can see the other products they offer.



Konami is producing the Dragon Booster video game for the Nintendo DS gaming system. Click the link to go directly to the page for the game.

Jetix Logo


Dragon Booster airs during the JETIX segment on both the ABC Family channel and Toon Disney in the United States. Click the logo to go to their web page for the show.


More Dragon Booster Fan Sites

Brightclaw's DB World

Brightclaw's DB World

Elginmans File Site

Elginman's File Site

Head up to the Great White North and check out the gear and episode guides that Elginman has documented on his Dragon Booster fan site.

Laiastar's Fan Site

Fafnir's Domain

Fafnir's Domain

This Dragon Booster fan site is run by Skye.

Mari's Domain

Mari's Domain

This fan site run by Mari has many templates you can use to create your own dragons as well as other fun things related to Dragon Booster.

Blue Booster's Domain



Fan Campaigns

There are two fan-driven grassroots campaigns related to Dragon Booster. Please take a moment to sign these petitions to show your support for the show.

Campaign for More Episodes

The networks have only ordered 39 episodes of Dragon Booster to date. This means the series will end after episode 39 and the last two seasons that were planned will never be made. Please take the time to sign this petition to show your support for more episodes. This is very important if you want to see the series continue.

Campaign for Spanish DVDs

The DVDs that have been released in North American so far have been English only. This leaves out Spanish speaking fans here and in Mexico and Latin America. Show your support by endorsing this campaign to include a Spanish language option on the DVDs.

Campaign for Jetix in Mexico

Due to a dispute between Disney and Mexican cable and satellite providers, Jetix is presently off the air in Mexico. This means Dragon Booster fans in Mexico can't enjoy the show. Please sign this petition to help get the dispute settled.



Other Links

The Photoshop Dragon

Photoshop Dragon

Tutorials, tips and tricks for Adobe Photoshop users. Includes techniques for text effects, digital photography, special effects and artistic techniques.

Realm of Dragons Logo

Realm of Dragons Forum

If you love anything about dragons then this is the forum for you. And even if you dont like dragons that much, come and talk about other interests.

Brightclaw's World of Art

An art website where imagination reaches reality.


Past Web Sites and Forums

These sites and forums have gone away and are no longer accessible but are mentioned here for historical purposes.

Neo Beast Wars RPG

Neo Beast Wars has just entered into the Age of Wars! As Unicron once again sets his will on Earth, his Minions start striking at the growing Transformer Civilization that has colonized the planet. Join either faction and decide of the fate of the future!

Dragon Booster Trading Card Game

The Official Dragon Booster Trading Card Game Web Site

This was the official web site for the card game made by Score Entertainment. It contained just about everything you need to know about the game including card libraries and descriptions, rule books, instruction booklets, a demo game, store and tournament locator, and a message board for discussing the game. This site was shutdown at the end of October 2006.

Fans still interested in the game can find the rulebooks and card library here.

There is also a forum for discussing the game here.

Brightclaws Dragon Booster Fan Site

Brightclaw's Fan Site

Hop on over to England to explore Brightclaw's Dragon Booster Fan Site. Visit the Propheci page and don't forget to sign the Roar Box.

Firewind's Fan Site

Browse Firewind's collection of original dragons plus information and pictures from the show.



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