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Word's Spycam Image Archive

Word Paynn's surveillance cameras capture much of the activity in Dragon City. He archives still images taken from around the city for use in his future plans. Explore the image galleries here to see the screen shots he has captured.

Copyright Notice: Most of these screen shots have been provided by fans who have generously donated their time to capture and upload them. Please respect the fact that The Story Hat is still the owner of these images under copyright law and only use them for personal enjoyment.

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Dragon Booster: Word Paynn


The Furox's Critter Album

The world of Dragon Booster has a number of unusual critters in it. This album contains pictures of them. Included are screen shots of the orange drag box dragons seen in "The Choosing, Part 2", the yellow bellied newt seen in "Faster than Fear", the purple tracking dragon that appears in "Prophet's Motive" and "Still Waters Freeze", and the hydrag seen in "The Wraith Booster". These images were contributed by The Furox.

The Furox's Furox Album

A seriously bad (but very cool looking) dragon known as the Furox appears in three different incarnations in the show. This album contains screen shots of all three as seen in "Fanning the Flames", "Pride of the Hero", and "Misjudged".

The Furox's Episode Album

This album contains a large assortment of images from "The Choosing, Part 1", "The Choosing, Part 2", "The Lost Track of Doom", and "The Horn of Libris".

Nashy-Bear's Albums

Nashy-Bear has captured an assortment of images from several episodes including "Artha the Drac", "The Leap of Lorius", "Faster than Fear", "The Wraith Booster" and "Prophet's Motive". Nashy-Bear is fortunate enough to live where Dragon Booster is shown in widescreen, so all these images are in widescreen.

More Albums from Nashy-Bear

Another set of high quality wide screen shots from Dragon Booster. You can also download zip files containing the full set. These are DVD quality images.

Sparx's Albums

Sparx has captured images from "Three Times a Hero" and "Misjudged". These are all in widescreen as well.

Sparx's DVD Albums

Sparx has also taken screen shots of the episodes from the recent DVD released in Australia. The DVD image captures yield some of the best quality, plus they're in widescreen.

Elginman's Episode Albums

Elginman has taken screen shot pictures of several episodes. Just click the desired album:

Framed, Paynn Rising, The Changelings, and The Eye Of The Dragon

Darkness Falls

The Mechanist

Blue Booster's Screen Captures

An assortment of screen shots from episodes such The Defiants, Battle for the Ages, Damaged Goods and more.

Dragon Booster: Avatars

Nayade's Avatar Collection

Nayade has created a great collection of small images that people can use as avatars or signatures on discussion forums, or just for decoration.

Dragon Booster: Furox Banner

Dragonide's Avatar and Banner Collection

Dragonide has created a collection of avatars and a number of banners as well.



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