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The Dragon Temple

Dragon Booster: MortisHere in the Dragon Temple Mortis has prepared a selection of video and reading materials to acquaint you with the mythology of the Dragon Booster world. Feel free to look around and sample what's available. Newcomers should check out the two show trailers first then move on to the written mythology that documents the first dragon-human war.


Video Vault

The following short video clips are available for viewing. Click on an image to play the associated clip.

You will need to have the free QuickTime player installed on your system to watch these. If the clips don't play and your browser doesn't prompt you to download the player, you can download it yourself by visiting Apple's QuickTime Player Download page. You may have to exit and restart your browser after downloading the player.

Dragon Booster: Beau

Teaser Trailer

This is the 30 second teaser trailer that was aired prior to the launch of the series. It provides a very brief look at the premise and style of the show. (2.5 MB download)

Dragon Booster: Artha and Beau

Dragon Booster Trailer

This 2.5 minute trailer gives you a good taste of the style and look of the show. Crank up your speakers and enjoy the music. (11.6 MB download)

Dragon Booster: Artha Penn

Opening Titles

This movie shows you the 1 minute opening title sequence for the show. Notice that it's in wide screen format. Clearly the show was produced with high definition TV in mind.

Note: All the media content listed here is available on the various official show related web sites shown on the links page and is property of The Story Hat. These links are provided here as a convenience for fans so that they can have access to all the media in one central place.



The story line for Dragon Booster derives from a mythology that goes back 10,000 years. The mythology documents the early relationship between dragons and humans, the cause and outcome of the first dragon-human war, and situation in the world today. Most of this alluded to, but never clearly mentioned in the show itself except for a brief segment at the beginning of episode 1. Fans of the show will want to read the mythology in detail as it fills in a number of blanks.

The mythology is broken down by era and can be accessed here:

Chapter 1 The Ancient World
Chapter 2 The Dragon-Human War
Chapter 3 The Aftermath of War
Chapter 4 Present Day Dragon City


Mythic Hero Story Structure

Dragon Booster: ArthaDragon Booster is part of a popular class of stories known as the mythic hero adventure. You might find it interesting to learn a bit about this type of story, particularly if you're interesting in writing your own stories or fan fictions. Even if you're not a writer, understanding how stories are put together will give you a greater appreciation of Dragon Booster.

Mythic Hero Story Structure
"The Horn of Libris" Example
Using Story Structure in Your Fan Fiction
Using the Stages in Other Stories
Why This Works
The Story Arc of Dragon Booster


The Importance of Story

Dragon Booster was created by Kevin Mowrer and Rob Travalino at The Story Hat (see Parmon's Workshop for more behind the scenes information). Hear directly from them about the importance of story in the following two articles, shown here with permission. These talk about the the historical and communal significance of story and audience involvement in the overall product. Their perspectives will give you insight into what goes on to create a show like Dragon Booster.

The “New” Old Role of Story in Today’s Connected World by Kevin Mowrer

The kids business begins with kids, ... right? by Rob Travalino


Ask The Magna Draconis

Dragon Booster: The Magna DraconisIn the Dragon Booster world, the Magna Draconis is the ancient book of wisdom and knowledge. In our world, The Magna Draconis is the online name for show creator Rob Travalino. He has graciously offered to participate with fans by answering some of their questions. His answers are presented here and are organized by category as shown below. New question are periodically accepted via the Dragon Booster fan forum. Click here to visit that section of the forum.

First a message from Rob:

"Thank you all for your wonderful, fun and fascinating questions! Your continued support and love for Dragon Booster inspires both Kevin and me on a daily basis and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue the dialogue about our show and characters and to continue the journey as the community of dragons and humans we have become. With a little luck and gold-draconium on our side, the adventure will continue but for now, I am hoping this exchange of questions and answers adds more information and excitement to our collective Dragon Booster experience. Release the Dragon!" - Rob

Browse the categories:

Settings and Locales - Updated January 12, 2008
Dragonology - Updated October 8, 2007
Character Backstories - Updated January 16, 2008
Past, Present and Future - Updated September 22, 2007


Dragon Booster: Academy

And in addition to answering our questions, the creators of the show have also been kind enough to share some advance information about what the next phase of Dragon Booster will be like. Want to know more? Then follow Beau through the door and delve into the world of Dragon Booster: Academy!

Learn to Read Dragon City Signs

Dragon Booster: Penn RacingThe citizens of Dragon City have their own alphabet which we've all seen on the signs. Luckily for us, their alphabet and language translates directly to English (what a coincidence, huh). The font they use in Dragon city is called Draconomicon. Each letter in their alphabet corresponds to a letter in the English alphabet and the words spell English words (most of the time, anyway).

Translating the sign to the right, we can see that it clearly says "PENN RACING" which is Artha's home. Below is the translation table so you can translate and read the signs in the show for yourself. Note that they do not have upper and lower case in Dragon City. All letters are in a single case.


Click here for a printer ready version of this table.

Dragon Booster Ping Pong SignUsing the table above, you can now see that the sign to the right says "HAPPY PLACE PING PONG" (even though the image is a little blurry). You can spot this sign in a number of places in Dragon City. Apparently, ping pong is one of their popular sports.

Note that not all signs we see in background say something meaningful. While most signs do have pertinent text on them, others are just gibberish. Also, note that some signs appear as mirror images. This can happen in computer animation if someone makes a mistake or it may be done intentionally when they want to reuse an existing sign and they need to flip it around to fit the new set. This latter case is done as a cost saving measure.

Finally, you can download this font to your computer and use it yourself. Simply go to the Official Dragon Booster Web Site and click where it says "Downloads" and just follow the instructions.


Dragon Optical Illusion

Dragon Optical IllusionThis has nothing to do with Dragon Booster, but it is such a cool optical illusion that it belongs here in the Dragon Temple. The best part is that you can print out the illusion on your own printer and put it together yourself in a few minutes. You can then marvel at this effect in your home. Dragon fans definitely need to try this!

Click here to visit a web page where some information and video demonstrating the illusion can be seen. (Requires Windows Media Player. Alternately, you can view the video in Flash format on youtube.com.). When you're ready to try it yourself, you can download a single page in PDF format below and print it out yourself. After you put it together (just follow the instructions on the page), close one eye and watch the dragon as you move around. It's head will appear to follow you as you move. The illusion works as you move from side to side or up and down. Just remember you have to close one eye while looking it for the illusion to work.

Download your own dragon in PDF format here.




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