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The Will of the Dragon

Dragon Booster: Will of the DragonThe Will of the Dragon crew descends from the ancient Brown Draconium Empire. This crew thinks before it acts, gives people a chance and does not judge. So far, this crew has only appeared in one episode: "Misjudged". At this point, we don't know where their crew compound might be located nor how big their crew is. Only Kawake and his dragon Rumbull have appeared on screen.

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Will of the Dragon Logo


Will of the Dragon Logo


Dragon Booster: KawakeKawake is the leader of the Will of the Dragon crew. His age is unspecified, but he appears to be in his 30's and possibly his late 30's. This would make him the oldest crew member we see in the show.

As one would expect, he's a strong willed character. Kawake was the preeminent Drag Ball champion, having been undefeated in 20 competitions. That all changed when a terrible collision left he paralyzed from the waist down. To hide his disability from the public, he retired from the sport at that point.

Kawake has shown he believes in fair play and teamwork on the drag ball court, and like the Inner Order, believes in doing what is right. He is not the type of person to betray you or change sides for selfish or opportunistic reasons. In "Misjudged," he aids the Dragon Booster. He also expresses concern over the possibility of a coming dragon-human war and wants to help prevent it. It seems clear that he and his crew would be an ally to the Dragon Booster again in the future if called upon. It is also worth noting that the ancient Brown Draconium Empire aided the original Dragon Booster as recounted in the mythology. Along with the Inner Order and Penn Racing, the Will of the Dragon crew is among the most honest and trustworthy crews in Dragon City.



Will of the Dragon Logo


Will of the Dragon Logo


Dragon Booster: RumbullRumbull is a very large and powerful earth-class dragon. Parmon describes him as the mightiest of such dragons on the planet. Physically, Rumbull is much larger than any of the dragons the other crews use. The only dragons we've seen that are larger than him are Abandonn, Tyrannis Pax and the two giant orange dragons in the Prophet's crew.

Strength is obviously what Rumbull is all about and he is built for excavation work. Speed and agility, on the other hand, are probably his weakest abilities and he probably wouldn't do well if he raced. However, in a game like Drag Ball where strength and power play an important role, he excels and is a formidable opponent when teamed with Kawake.








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