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The Dragon Flares

Dragon Booster: Dragon FlaresThe Dragon Flares are described as one of the fairer and more honorable racing crews in Dragon City. But they can also be dangerous if crossed.

The Dragon Flares is also one of the few crews that does not maintain a crew compound in Dragon City. They prefer to live in the Fire Cave in the wasteland outside of the city. This is perhaps one of the traditional homes for the Red Draconium Empire and they chose it as their crew headquarters for that reason.

So far, only Pyrrah and her younger brother Sparkk have had roles of any significance in the Dragon Booster saga.

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Dragon Flares Logo


Dragon Flares Logo


Dragon Booster: PyrrahPyrrah is the leader of the Dragon Flares crew. When she's introduced in "Into the Fire," she seems to be a fair minded racer and we see Pyrrah helping Artha during a race at the beginning of the episode. We also see her rewarding Artha with some thruster gear for saving her brother at the end. Though at the same time, she seems to have a bit of an opportunistic streak. In "Fanning the Flames" we see Pyrrah manipulating Kitt into retrieving the bone mark of the Furox for her so she can win Word Paynn's favor. And later in "The Mechanist," Pyrrah opposes the Dragon Booster to try and get the Horn of Libris for her own advantage. So while the Dragon Flares may race fair on the track, they have an unpredictable element as well.

Pyrrah rides Phorrj, a large red dragon.



Dragon Booster: SparkkSparkk is Pyrrah's much younger brother. His only appearance with a speaking role is in "Into the Fire" where he expresses the Dragon Flares' proclivity for fair and honest racing. As such, he seems more honorable than Pyrrah who attempts to manipulate Kitt in "Fanning the Flames." Big hair with bright colors seems to run in the family.



Dragon Flares Logo


Dragon Flares Logo


Dragon Booster: PhorrjPhorrj is a bipedal red dragon that appears to be slightly larger than Wyldfyr and seems to be the largest red dragon in the Dragon Flares crew. He also has one of the more elaborate skin patterns. He hasn't shown any of his personality on screen, but the fact that Pyrrah used what she thought was dragon control gear on Phorrj in "Into the Fire" so she could control him better suggests that he might be a bit independent minded.

Phorrj is the first dragon we see that gets affected by a bone mark. In "Fanning the Flames" he is taken over by the spirit or energy contained in the bone mark of the Furox. He apparently has suffered no long term effects from this after it was removed.



Dragon Booster: FernoFerno is Sparkk's dragon who is noticeably smaller than Phorrj and appears to be younger as well. Ferno maybe closer to Sparkk's age (perhaps similar to how Lance and Fracshun appear to be of the same age). Nothing else is known about Ferno.








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