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"The dragon is Power!

Once they were our equals. Today humans control the dragon. To race. Compete. And Fight. At nearly 200 MPH.

Now it is time. Dragons are once again ready to be released..."


Dragon Booster is a high octane action/adventure series that takes place in a futuristic world where dragons and humans coexist. This mythic hero saga plays out in Dragon City, the principal city on the planet, where the popular sport is dragon racing. Artha Penn, an ordinary teenager, is plunged into an incredible adventure when he is chosen by Beau, the gold dragon of legend, to be the Dragon Booster. Together they are charged with the task of saving the world from an impending dragon-human war and uniting humans and dragons once and for all.

Not only does the evolving storyline and characters make this award winning show something of a rarity for western TV animation, but so does the look of the show. This all CGI production combines the best of anime and western style animation along with the best of comic book graphic illustration to produce a new visual experience. Outstanding cinematography, special effects and vivid colors add to the visual depth of the 3D world while still retaining a rich cel-like appearance. Couple all this with interesting characters and stories along with an exceptional musical score and it creates a show that is a treat to watch.


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Important: Dragon Booster has ended it's run of 39 episodes. Unless the broadcasters order more, we won't see any more of the show. Join the campaign for more episodes now. Your voice counts! We've crossed 9000 signatures, but we need more! There are three ways you can help:

Sign the petition->

Join the letter writing campaign->

Request Dragon Booster be in the iTunes Store->

Help get Dragon Booster toys back in stores. Read more->


Site news:

New Toys Added Jan 4, 2009: A small quantity of Dragon Booster Toys are available for purchase online for a limited time. Click here to view selection and to order. Only a few left! Order now before they're gone for good.

1/9 - New music video: "Die Another Day" by The Furox. Click here to view on youtube.com or click here to view in high resolution.

1/4 - Check out the new Dragon Booster toys for sale

10/20 - New fan art added

10/17 - New fan fiction: "The Second War" by Young Penn

8/24 - New fan fiction: "A Half Breeds Beginning" by Deathshallcome

8/17 - New info on voice acting, plus check out Trevor Devall's podcasts with the voice cast of Dragon Booster. See the voice section in Parmon's Workshop.

8/16 - New: lost episode "The Alchemist" by series co-creator Rob Travalino!

7/20 - Added link to Dragon Booster/Silverwing RP Site in the Crew Forums section

4/20 - New fan art templates added

2/10 - New fan art gallery implementation!

1/26 - New music video "Furox: The Fury Unleashed!" by The Furox. Click here to view on youtoube.com or click here to view in high resolution.

1/16 - New Q&A with the show's creators. Character Backstories has been updated.

1/12 - New Q&A with the show's creators. Settings and Locales has been updated.

1/11 - New fan fiction: "Guardian of Fear" by MartaBPC

1/4 - Fan fiction "Una Gerra De Leyenda" by Alfredo updated

1/1 - Happy New Year!

12/16 - New fan fiction "Sajro" by alpha_cadet0520

12/9 - New videos from DemonicFury added

12/6 - Fan fiction: "Code Dragon" by DemonicFury updated with chapters 2-4

11/28 - New! Advanced Search capability for the trading card game library.

11/25 - New music videos by Liliwen: "Connor's Hairbrush" and "Going in Blind"





New episodes: None scheduled. Dragon Booster has ended it's initial run of 39 episodes and no new episodes will air unless the networks decide to renew. Please Sign the petition and Join the letter writing campaign to make this happen!


Dragon Booster returns to Australia! Season 3 episodes air each Friday afternoon on ABC.

Dragon Booster is now airing again in Mexico! Watch it Monday to Friday at midnight.


Re-runs: Click here for US and Canada re-run schedule

Dragon Booster wins Gemini Award for Best Animated Program or Series!


Dragon Booster Scorches with New Licensing Deals


Seeking gamers: Dragon Booster Trading Card Game San Francisco Bay Area - Interested? Contact . We also play Inuyasha. Beginners welcome. Free starter decks for new players.


Explore the areas below to learn about the show. If you're new to Dragon Booster, a good place to start is The Dragon Temple.

Beau, the gold dragon

Beau's Chronicles

Here you will find episode guides, plot summaries, credits and reviews.

The Dragon Temple

The Dragon Temple - New Content!

Explore the temple to learn about the story and mythology of the Dragon Booster world. New: Q&A with the show's creator and advance information about Dragon Booster: Acacemy!

Artha Penn

Artha's Friends, Allies and Enemies

Look here for the complete list of characters appearing in Dragon Booster.

Dragon Booster: Connor Penn

Visit Penn Stables to learn all about dragons and their abilities.

Dragon Booster: Kitt Wonn

Kitt's Guide to Dragon City - New!

Learn about Dragon City, dragon racing and racing gear.

Crew Area Discussion Forums

Crew Forums

After the race, head over to the crew area with your dragon to hang out with other Dragon Booster fans and discuss the show in the public forums.


Lance's Room

Visit Lance's room to find out all about Dragon Booster related toys, games, and other merchandise.


Fracshun's Fan Art and Fan Fiction

Here Fracshun displays his collection of Dragon Booster fan art and fan fiction. Check it out!


Parmon's Workshop

Find out all sorts of behind the scenes information and technical details about the production of Dragon Booster.


Wyldfyr's Quick Links

The quick and speedy way to find other Dragon Booster related web sites.

Word's Spycam Image Archive

Access Word's database and browse his archive of Dragon Booster screenshots, pictures and images.







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