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The Alchemist

by Rob Travalino

"The Alchemist" is an unproduced "secret" episode of Dragon Booster written by show co-creator, writer and story editor Rob Travalino. It's a prequel episode that takes place 16 years before episode 1. Rob wrote it as a gift to the fans of the show in order to fill in some of the back story of the series. This episode was written purely for the fans and as such it is not intended to ever air on TV.

The episode is written in script form and you get to see how things look before an episode goes into full production. The script is in PDF format, so visit www.adobe.com and download the free Adobe Reader if you don't already have a PDF reader.

A group of fans are working to animate this episode to some degree. If you'd like to volunteer and help out or just see what's going on, visit The Alchemist Animation Subforum on the Dragon Booster Fan Forum.

Click here to read "The Alchemist"



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