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Dragon Booster: Lance PennAs I'm sure everyone has noticed, it is very difficult to find any Dragon Booster related toys in stores. Amazon.com carried some of the action figures for a few months this year, but now they're gone. Please help get the toys back in stores. You can do this by contacting the major retailers listed below and telling them how much you want to see them carry the toys. This is the perfect time to do this since season 3 has just begun airing in the United States which means there will be more fans looking for merchandise now. It only takes a few minutes to contact all the retailers in the list below.

The easier the toys are to get, the more of them that they'll sell. And the more toys that sell, the more likely it is that the show will continue for more seasons. So even if you're not interested in buying the toys yourself, by helping out here you're also helping to keep the show on the air.

Here's what to do:

First, compose a brief message asking the retailers to carry the toys. Your message should contain the following information:

  1. In the first sentence, clearly state you're offering a suggestion of toys you'd like to see them carry so they know what your message is about.
  2. Tell them how much you like the TV show Dragon Booster which airs on Toon Disney and that you want them to carry the toys made by Jakks Pacific. Be sure to mention that name so they know where to get the toys.
  3. Mention that season three is just beginning which makes this the perfect time to sell the toys since fans will be looking for them.
  4. Mention the signature gathering campaign that shows over 7000 fans supporting the show and give them the URL http://signatures.dragon-city.org so they can check the list for themselves.
  5. Make sure your message is polite. Don't be demanding or rude.
  6. Submit your message to each of the major retailers listed below.

Within a day or two, you should receive a short message thanking you for your suggestion. If enough of us write in, it will make an impact on them.

Here's how to contact each retailer. Click the name to be taken to their web page to submit comments:


Select "Skip Signin" on the right and then fill out the simple form and submit.


Fill in the form, select "Other questions and comments" for the subject.

Toys R Us

Select the item that says "I have a question about a land-based retail store" and click Continue and fill out the form.


Just fill out the simple form.


Just fill out the simple form.

KB Toys

Just send a regular email to with your suggestion.

Once you compose a message, it only takes a few minutes to submit it to each of these retailers. This fan site is visited by thousands of people every month. If everyone were to send in the suggestions, we'd be sure to see the toys appear. Remember, toy sales help keep a show like Dragon Booster on the air, so please help out.

Thank you!



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