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Questions from December 23, 2007:

Dragon Booster: Dragon TempleI like the ancient story of Dragon Booster, and I'm very interested about the ancient temple under Penn Stables. Can you please tell us more about the ancient temple? Are the giant-dragon statues in the Dragon Temple just decorative or they are also Temples? And if they are also temples, could it be that they were once connected together a long time ago and were a meeting place for the Original Boosters?

-- From Nayade, Santiago, Chile

Nayade, you are indeed onto something! There were many ancient temple built by the dragon priests and they are in every level of Dragon City and this particular one does hold some very interesting significance in the story of the original boosters. The main temples of course are deep in the old city but as the city grew, changed and the powers shifted, the priesthood had to go into hiding for various reasons, one; becuase they knew too much about hidden secrets such as bone-marks and gear and two: because being the keepers of the old way, at certain times, they were the enemies of the state. Today, they often move from ancient temple to ancient temple, living the life of fugitives and secret advisors (Tannis Blayrr). Awesome question

Is the atmopshere, gravity, years and other such things on the Dragon Booster planet much the same as ours? What's their planet called? How can Dragon City, being 20 or so miles high, not have the problem of less air, being pretty cold, less gravity etc. the higher you are? Is Sun City right in or above the clouds and thunderstorms then? Do they experience the same seasons as us, like winter and fall?

-- From Liliwen

Fab question Liliwen. For starters, Draconis is the planet's name. Dragon City sits in a massive depression much like the Grand Canyon, meaning in our case, that about two thirds of the way up is at sea level so for now, going down into the Undercity and the Old City are more like going into conventional mines on Earth only deeper...and being in Sun City is more like living in colorado except that Dragon City lies close to the planet equator making it far warmer and much less seasonal than Denver. Now, while the deep parts of the city would figure to be quite cold, remember that much of the ground of Earth has a native temperature of 55 degrees fahrenheit or 13 degrees celsius and Draconis is no different. Also, the Old City is closer to the geothermal and volcanic activity that helped drive the building of the city in the first place after the golden age was over. Hope that helps!

Questions from August 16, 2007:

If you don't mind would you please be willing to tell us about other animals that exist in the Dragon Booster world? Besides Dragons we have seen Drago Slugs, Crow drags, Newts, Hydrags, the Muhortah and the remains of lots of fish. I would appreciate it to learn some more. Thank you very much for doing this Magna Draconis!

-- From The Hydrag, Grants Pass, Oregon

Hi Hydrag, awesome question and let me tell ya! Very similar in evolutionary terms as our world only reptillian based, many of the creatures you find here, you'll find there in Dragon City. They serve many of the same purposes, insects to pollinate plants and scavenge waste, domestic pets that seem vaguely canine and feline, Cow drags, certain bird-like species. Basically, the field is wide open for you all in the forums to create some for your stories and art work. Sorry, it's a short answer but as the story editor and primary writer for the show, I sometimes make up some of the animals as needed as we go!

Questions from April 12, 2007:


Why does Moordryd's compound look like a concert venue?

-- From IbanezJFS, upstate New York

Fun question IbanezJFS! Well, it has two answers actually. Moordryd moved the Dragon Eye compound there when he took over the crew. First off, because the old concert hall was abandoned (read: available) and second, because it was cool to the Dragon Eyes who consider themselves the "rock stars" of the Street Crews and especially cool to Moordryd who covets the spotlight in the figurative, metaphoric and literal sense. One of the little insights into how we create characters and stories in "The Story Hat" is to recognize that certain kinds of people, with certain backgrounds, really do gravitate to specific people, places and things in order to reflect who they are, where they came from or what the hope for. In this sense, a son starved for affection, living in the dark shadow of his father, would look to express himself in the most attention getting and flamboyant way!

Dragon Booster: Moordryd's Compound

What's outside the boundaries of Dragon City? Is it a wilderness? What does the rest of the planet look like? Are there other cities like Dragon City?

-- From SilverDragon, Australia

SilverDragon, there are both! There is vast wilderness between cities and yes there are other cities on this planet! They are remnants of the city states that once were the Draconium Empires! One sits near a chain of volcanos (RED), one by a great sea (LIGHT BLUE), one of windswept caverns and cliff sides (WHITE) and so on. These city-states are who compete in the Elite Class Races! It is here in the Elite Class that war takes place on a weekly basis. The Elite Class was designed as a means to control the warring impulse, to prevent future was by allowing a controlled sport version of it. Dragon City is just the oldest and most powerful city and the seat of the vestiges of the ancient gold dragons but for a time, the old city was abadoned to Hydrags and Muhorta as the humans and dragons spread out and became empires.

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