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Questions from December 23, 2007:


Dragon Booster: Original BeauHow big was the original gold dragon? Was he a large dragon, or was he always just as big as Beau now? Did he ever undertake the mutation they go through in the academy?

-- From Da Suga Queen

The Original Beau was just as the Beau you see in the series. Because of the powers of the Dragon of Legend, the transformation is from the Bone-Mark and the gold draconium and not from the evolution needed through academy training, though, my friend, Da Suga Queen, when we get this Beau into the Academy, well, something else might happen entirely. Remember, there was no Academy in ancient times so no place for that Beau to go for such practice and training. Hmmm, now I think I said too much LOL. 

Great question, thank you!


What was the origonal dragon booster like? What i mean is, what did he look like, what was his personality like? Did he act similar to Artha? Oh, and what was his name?

- From koering

Thanks koering. Well, you already know what he looked like as the armor Artha wears is one and the same, but I can tell you this. He was older, more like a noble knight who lost his way, kind of like Bowen in the movie "Dragonheart" if you know of it. Being a protector of the ancient ways of balance, akin to a mix of Connor Penn and a true dragon priest, the original Dragon Booster lost his faith and thought humans would fail and had failed, so he gave up. When all seemed lost, he chose to believe in himself and that is when the dragon of legend chose him! His name for now must remain a secret as that is for another tale!

Could you fill us in on Armeggaddon's backstory in ancient times? Like where did he originally come from, how he rose to power, what motivated him and such.

-- From BlueBooster

Hi BlueBooster. I don't want to give away too much as lots of Armeggaddon's history will be revealed in the Academy stories. I can tell you this: his rise to power and philosophy are very similar to Word's and in a way he's like a Word Paynn from a different time in history, just one that was based more in the ancient draconium arts than a mix of that and modern technology. The motivation is the same, instead of freeing the inner power and balance that is embodied in Dragon Booster and Beau, Word and Armeggaddon both think that this balance comes from force as humans are not worthy of such power...well, except in their arrogance, they think that somehow they are worthy. They also want to BE that blunt force of balance, instead of find that force inside themselves. The irony is that by trying to force the balance, they are admitting that they are not worthy and that they actually fear who they are inside. In our story, the path to true balance comes from self acceptance that leads to acceptance of others. Make sense?


Questions from August 25, 2007:

Dragon Booster: Moordryd and DecepshunWho were Decepshun's parents, who bred her, and what was she like as a baby? How and when did Moordryd get her? What's her true personality?

-- From Sai

Hi Sai! Like Beau was Connor's attempt to breed the gold dragon, Decepshun was Word's attempt to breed the opposite, the vengeance of the dragon that the League of Eight of Armeggaddon was and stood for in the oringinal war! Word knows of course about how the black draconium empire began the great war and secretly hopes his son Moordryd will become the new Armeggaddon and begin it again. She is a dangerous and highly intelligent black dragon but also with that, she is fiercely independent! Armeggaddon knew that 8 dragons combined were far easier to control than just one. That one turned and Decepshun bears THAT bonemark!


We all know Beau was bred to be a gold Dragon, that I get. But how did he end up becoming the Legendary Black and Gold Dragon? I mean how did Connor manage to breed a gold Dragon that was the original one's same look and same powers? Its not too difficult to understand how he simply mixed breeds to get gold. But how did he mix breeds to get the gold dragon of legend? Does it have something to do with why Beau has the original Beau's memories on occasions? Is the present day Beau supposed to be a reincarnation of the original Beau?

-- From PyroWarriorZ

Fabulous question PyroWarriorZ! Yes, in fact, breeding back the gold dragon meant using and combining the elements of the original breed which resulted in the combined and historical memories of Beau rising into being. It's very Jungian, the psychologist who proposed that there is a universal consciousness that humans when very aware, can tap into. Same here, under the same circumstances, a like dragon such as the new Beau can feel and access the historical "essence" if you will or "eternal energy" of his namesake, meaning Beau lives again through him just as Artha taps into the actual essence of the original Dragon Booster.

Dragon Booster: Beau and ArthaWhy was Artha chosen to be the dragon booster? If it's destiny, can you explain further why destiny wanted him specifically? Was Beau consciously aware of what he was looking for in a rider? Did Beau know or suspect ahead of time that Artha was the one he wanted or was it a surprise to him when Artha climbed on and the star mark appeared?

-- From leahlii and The Furox

Good one leahili and Furox! Beau knew that Artha was the chosen one before Artha did! For me, think of this more symbolically; the dragon really stands for the various flavors and factions of human power and aggressive force, properly channeled in the individual, it means great advances for one and all but improperly so, feared or controlled, this power often leads to self destruction! In the literal and symbolic sense, Beau choosing Artha is the same as he power within YOU telling you it's time to move and make a difference. If we go with that, great but difficult things happen, if we fight it, it can destroy us, take us over and hurt others. Since Beau was bred back into existence, at that time and place, as the mirror to Artha, he almost had no choice but to choose. In a true sense, it was both of them that chose each other. When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear...but the teacher is really the outside voice of who you are inside. Make sense?

What kind of dragon did Zulay ride and was Zulay more compassionate towards Moordryd?

-- From IbanezJFS, New York

Hey IbanezJFS! Zulay rode a black dragon of course. She was a great mother to Moordryd and in many ways, Moordryd is more his mother's son as he is very much as stubborn and combative with Word as she was. Only difference of course is that Word loved her dearly for it, and instead competes with his own son over it. I can't say too much again about this, but Decepshun IS one of Zulay's dragons.

Is Beau really the descendant of the original Beau? Were either one of his parents descendant of the original Beau too? Was Beau born with the bonemark as well or did the Dragon Priest hand it to him when they found him fit to inherit the Dragon of Legend duty? Does Beau share a similar appearance/look as original Beau?

-- From Burnout Beau, Malaysia

Cool one Burnout Beau. Beau is the actual descendant of the original just not directly. Connor used gold draconium from the ancient temples, cross bred years and years of dragons, hoping to bring back "the one". As near as Connor could ascertain, some of the dragons he used had bloodlines traceable to the dragon of legend and Tannis and the Priests told him that breeding the draconium was like turning a key so to speak, that the essence, the memory and power of the gold dragon had been scattered and awaited unity. Same for Artha, through balance and the unity of the powers of draconium, he can fully become the Dragon Booster that saves the planet. Beau, looks very, very similar to the original. The Gold bone mark that was forever lost to antiquity re-emerged on this new Beau. All other bone marks survived in secret from the war, Beau's just well, dissolved into the ether waiting to be called.

Can you tell us some more about Parm and Kitt's family and life before they started hanging out with Artha constantly? We don't know anything about Kitt, and all we know about Parm is that his mom works at a school in Dragon City.

-- From dolphinliss

Sure dolphinliss. Parm's dad is a government official who helps administrate the city in technology matters and mom is a professor of history which as you can see, gives Parm most of his background interests. Kitt is an orphan, raised on the streets, she flirted with the Dragon Flares (where she was raised as a very young girl) and other crews but was too fiercely independent to join any. Sorry, I'd love to tell you more, but it waits to be revealed at the Academy and beyond.


Questions from April 13, 2007:



Dragon Booster: Moordryd PayneCould you please tell us more about Moordryd's past? He's such an interesting character and any information about his background would be a real treat. Things like how did he get Decepshun or met Cain, what happened to his mother Zulay, how does he know the secret way out of Precinct, has he been caught before? What made him who he is today. Or how did he get to be the leader of the Dragon Eye crew? I was wondering if he had to prove himself to get that position or maybe Word helped him by using his wealth and influence. I'd would even like to know his likes and dislikes, or habits. Such little things would be really great, since most of the fangirls adore him~

-- From Turkmen, Cracow, Poland

Of course! Moordryd is one of my favorites too. Zulay and Word were once great street racers in the early Dragon Eye crew and this is where they fell in love. They were teens at the time and also during this stretch of their young lives, Word was experimenting more than ever with the dangerous draconium gear that got him banished from the priesthood. At this point, the gear was only just beginning to spread to the street crews and it was mostly Word's creation of black draconium gear that began the influx of other colored gear from the other crews in an attempt to level the playing field. Soon a whole street industry grew and more and more draconium gear was introduced to street racing...all part of the plan of course to bring back another war! Up until Word, most gear was mechanical in nature much like you'd put on a motorcycle, intakes, wings, hydraulics, that kind of thing as ANYTHING that smacked of the ancient mag energy was banned outside of the Elite Class. When Word and Zulay were in their early 20s they married and had Moordryd at which time, Zulay began to pull back from street crew life which created friction between her and Word. She now began to doubt whether a war was indeed a good idea and wanted a better world for her son. Needing to prove her loyalty to Word, she tested some very dangerous black gear and vanished. The young Moordryd someplace deep inside, recorded this event and Word from that point on, in a twisted attempt to love and protect his son, controlled him to such an extent as to never have him know enough to "leave" like his mother did. Sad truth of course is that Moordyrd is being slowly driven away by Word. Tragic. Being so controlled, Moordryd of course likes to step out and feel important on his own, which explains his dramatic nature and desire to be the center of attention. Deep inside, he just wants to be loved and accepted, which is why he's friends with Cain. Cain genuinely likes Moordryd and looks up to him, something I think you can all see that Moordryd appreciates and even hopes for but it so very uncomfortable with. Quick other answers: Yes, he knows how to get out of Precinct because he's been caught before. He became leader of the Dragon Eyes because his father was and at the proper time, Word passed it down.

Dragon Booster: Artha Penn & BeauBefore being chosen by Beau, why did Artha hate dragons in the first place? Are there many humans who don't want to have much to do with dragons?

-- From Burnout Beau, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Not to worry Burnout Beau, Artha only blabs that he hates dragons. He's just fed up at the beginning of the series because he blames his father's profession for taking up his dad's time. He also doesn't want all that responsibility. He's stuck working at the stable whereas other kids might be off without the job of picking up after dragons. All Artha had to do of course was just give the dragons and Beau a chance. Think of the dragon as the dangerous side of human nature and power and you'll understand better. To Artha, facing the dragon would be the same as looking deep inside himself at what scares him and also what he dreams of doing in the greater sense. That's why Word says at the beginning of the series, "The Dragon is Power". At the beginning of the series, Artha felt powerless in a sense and in this way, feared having any real power. To expand into your second question, there are humans who just do human-like jobs but they still have to ride dragons to work, though like the Amish, I'm sure you'll find segments of humans on this world who will avoid dragons as if they were technology.

How did Lance meet Spratt? Does Lance go to school?

-- From arrow, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hi Arrow. Yes, though we don't see it in the series, Lance does indeed go to school but Dragon City is a little more about home schooling and a little less about actual classrooms. While you are ages 4-12, you do attend a school of sorts for the most part but once a teen, your educational life shifts more into the profession you do, where your education continues under mentorship with one of the vast industries that support the city or the sport of Dragon Racing. Read on, as a later answer explains more about why Dragon Racing is so important. Hope that helps!

Whatever happened to Artha's mother and does he have any other relatives out there? Is the fact that both Artha and Moordryd have missing mothers in any way related?

-- From BlueBooster, Scotland

Fun question BlueBooster...and one I'm afraid I don't want to completely give away the answer to. ; ) There is some relationship to Artha and Moordryd but it's not their mothers, but that does give them something else in common. Artha's mom got sick and passed on when he was very young, leaving him to help raise Lance. Part of Artha's not wanting responsibility early on, comes from his feeling that he has already been given too much. I will tell you that if and when we see the Academy, we will learn quite a few surprising things about Artha and Moordryd!

Dragon Booster: ArmeggaddonArmeggaddon is one of the most interesting characters in DB, his armor and his shape are very detailed and lovely. My question is that when kids like Artha and Lance can escape the shadow track in a matter of minutes, why would someone (called Legendary by Mortis) very powerful like Armeggeddon be stuck-up inside the shadow track for so long? What held him in there for so long and what was his worst fear?

-- From Rivit

Just the kind of cool question I'd expect from a Mechanist Rivit lol! Seriously, the original Shadow Booster is who trapped Armeggaddon in the Shadow Track during a battle that indirectly included the original Dragon Booster. The battle severed and lost the Bone Marks on his eight dragons (The League of Eight) and when he feared the worst, trapping him the track was all too easy. The Bone marks were hidden while he was imprisoned and only the secret order of Dragon Priests knows their location. Once your in the track, you have no idea how much time has passed as your held in a suspended animation of sorts. There are other "things" that got out of that track too by the way during the "Faster Then Fear" episode! To complete the answer to your question, Armeggaddon's worst fear of course, is being weak and beaten a situation he could never accept. Can you guess what Word's would be? It's losing his son like he lost his wife.

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