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White Draconium Gear

Dragon Booster: Beau and White Sledding GearAlmost anything that involves speed, jumping, gliding or being reckless is made of white draconium. It is light, highly durable and incredibly smooth.

White gear often looks like wings and parts on a jet aircraft.


Some people love the wind whisking through their hair, the feeling of being off the ground and the feeling of no boundaries, and the gear in this Class are made just for that cause. Gear in this Class is also made mostly for use while the Dragon is already in the air but aids race/battle functions on the ground.

WHITE AERO GEAR (Used by dragon and rider)- This gear is found mostly on the upper and side body of the dragon and looks like wings. It allows for basic aerial maneuvers during battle runs and greatly extends gliding distances.

WHITE STABILIZER GEAR (Used by dragon and rider) - If gliding gear looks like wings, airfoil gear looks like the vertical stabilizers on aircraft and the tail wings on cars and bikes. This mostly head and tail gear can be used for precise maneuvering and braking by storing some of the air passing over it an using the pneumatic pressure to change direction under the rider's control. Great for aerial moves and extra ground control.

WHITE CHUTE GEAR (used by dragon) This immense sheet of woven draconium is deployed as a last resort when falling from an extreme jump or used to slow you down and avoid a crash like the parachute on the back of a dragster.


Mostly for the rider but for the dragon as well, this gear really suits the free-style and spontaneous nature of White dragons and Dragon Winds Crew members.

WHITE ACROBATIC GEAR (Used by the rider) – This gear is like having your own personal flying squirrel wings and stabilizers. When in combat, this gear enables you to break your mag lock in the air, conserving your dragon’s energy as it allows you to stay air born and precisely maneuver for precious extra seconds.

WHITE SLEDDING GEAR (Used by dragon) – Deploying off your dragon’s feet and sides, these fold out “Sleds” allow you to literally skate around turns as long as the surface allows, picking up even more speed and momentum at the cost of some control. They are primarily used to pick up speed on smooth downhill surfaces and for the famed Dragon City Extreme G Competition.

WHITE MAG BOARD (Used by rider) – Mostly for exhibition sports but also useful for combat, the mag board goes on the rider’s saddle and when magged into the air, the rider can “Surf” the mag beam making him/her far more maneuverable and therefore formidable while in the air.


Wanna swing through the skies like Spiderman? Want to climb the biggest building there is? This Class of gear is made to help you fulfill those desires. While most of these gears primarily use ropes or rope-like devices, they are all designed to help with climbing and traversing the heights when gliding or flying is not an option.

WHITE RAPPEL GEAR (Used by dragon) - Somewhat like the webs of Spiderman, the White Dragon will shoot lines of either energy or material from his legs and feet to maneuver through high surfaces by attracting himself to or repelling away from them. This can give the white dragon the appearance of "sky-dancing" if only for short bursts.

WHITE JUMPING-LANDING GEAR (Powered by dragon and Used by rider) – These draconium pads on your hands and feet hold small charges of energy allowing you to repel away from surfaces for extra jumping ability and also to cushion hard landings!


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