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Turquoise Draconium Gear

Dragon Booster: Cain with Flash StickTurquoise gear is designed primarily for strategy and communication and many dragons can take advantage of its ability to help dragon groups interface and communicate. The drawback is of course, if you're not that good with your dragons, you're helping them talk about you behind your back.

Turquoise gear is conical and self contained.


Sound is a great tool and a great weapon and the focus of the gear in this class, and these gears can manipulate it well. Also used to help dragons communicate and to amplify speakers for concerts and stadiums, gear in the Turquoise Sonic Class can do more things than just be loud.

TURQUOISE AMPLIFYING GEAR (Used by dragon) - This gear fits on the head of the dragon and allows him to send 'masked' vocalizations across great distances. When in a tandem race and battle scenario, this can be really helpful or if desired, painfully loud as in VOCIFEROUS’ Sonic Boomerang.

TURQUOISE SHOCKWAVE GEAR (used by dragon) - Consisting of drum-like membranous sound “Catchers”, your dragon uses precisely tuned draconium energy pulses to move the catchers and build up a destructive shockwave of sonic power. The wave is terrifyingly visible yet silent as it approaches. Only the shaking of everything around you tells that the wave is about to hit!


This highly destructive gear uses sound as a terrible weapon. It is designed so that a dragon can create a dangerous buildup of low level ultrasonic vibrations to be unleashed as a shockwave!

TURQUOISE SONAR GEAR (Used by dragon and rider) - Great across distance and in darkness, this all-over body gear helps dragons and riders locate targets and each other and is used in either created or native extreme limited visibility conditions. It transfers the sound signal into a visual display for the riders allowing them to “see” opponents and obstacles in near darkness. Sonar gear can also be used to send out destructive bursts of crippling high-intensity sound waves.

TURQUOISE HYPERSOUND GEAR (Used by dragon) – The Voice of the Dragon Crew is all about persuasion and this gear is all about getting your way. When powered, this smaller version of shockwave gear concentrates sound energy from your dragon’s mouth and in the “just out of hearing range” for humans. When activated, the frequency can stun or incapacitate some dragon breeds and also create a state of severe agitation or confusion in humans.


This class of gear revolves around and works with sound and light. This includes creating light, dissipating light, changing the colors of light, or using light waves for its effects.

TURQUOISE BLINDING GEAR (used by dragon and rider) - Blinding gear consists of flash-pads on the body of the dragon that blast the area with blinding light and loud booms or to illuminate dark track areas.

TURQUOISE FLASH STICKS (used by rider) – Tube like devices that can be thrown into the ground as a flash booby trap or to help stun attackers and dragons.

TURQUOISE REFLECTING GEAR (Used by dragon and rider) – This very effective battle gear requires you to stop and face your attacker. Once they make noise, catchers on your dragon’s neck and body take in the sound and echo it causing a huge sound overload. At the same time, light pads on your dragon build up with energy and send a terrifying blast of reverberated sound and light back at your opponent and the more he or she moves and makes noise, the greater the amount of horrific energy is sent back at them.


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