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Dragon Booster: Jakk GearBLOCKING STAFFS – Used by many of Dragon City’s street racers, these collapsible poles have many uses. They charge and store with small amounts of your dragon’s draconium energy to be used to short out dragon and human gear, do martial arts stunts or for good old fashioned bopping and leverage.

VID GAME CONTROLLERS – Added to your helmet gear, the readouts and information you get allows you to far more efficiently use your gear and your dragon’s energy!

INFORMATION VISOR – A H.U.D. upgrade to your racing gear, this takes the saddle readouts and gear information and puts it where you can see it without taking your eyes of the race.

JAKK-GEAR – Like the Light Green device used by Stewardd, this allows you to short out gear at close range, deactivate locks and disrupt communications.

JOUSTING POLE – Just what you think it is, a good old fashioned long range headache to an unsuspecting opponent.

A.R.E.S. ACTIVE RIDER EJECTION SYSTEM – If you’re gonna get bounced off your dragon, you better have one of these. In the odd instance, if your trajectory of fall is just right, you can maneuver back around to be magged back on your dragon!

MAG PIT – A mobile gear holder that can allow you the luxury of having extra gear at the track…where it belongs!

COMM LINK – Nothing helps better in a team race setting than actually being able to talk to your team. Darn those hand signals! Hey, what finger is that?!?

SADDLE PACK – These extra draconium contact points added under your saddle can make a world of difference in dragon control and energy savings. You cheap dragon you!

BODY ARMOR – A tasty draconium blend that helps disperse attacks, has plating to help you damage attackers and hey, prevents chaffing! Damn dragon saddle sores!

HYDRATION PAK – Saddle mounted flask of high-power energy drink with flexible tubing that extends into dragon mouth for quick cool-down or short lived power-up.

DRACONIUM GEAR CHARGER – A quiver type saddle accoutrement that uses some of your dragon’s energy to quick charge your hand-held gear, making your attacks and defenses more powerful for a short duration. Examples of this are Pyrrah’s Fire Axe and the Mag-hammer used by Phistus.


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