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Black Draconium Gear

Dragon Booster: DecepshunBlack draconium gear because of its energy charge is mostly used for gear that enhances mind-connection, controlling by guidance and intimidation and also to help with the “mind over matter” aspects of stealth and speed.

Black gear is often sleek, dangerous and sharp looking.


Psionic Class gear catches, amplifies and assists mental signals between rider and dragon and boosts mental powers for the Dragon and Rider. This Class can also decrease mental abilities and draconium energy in opponents as well and feed it back to you.

BLACK PSI GEAR (used by dragon and rider) - PSI gear of most levels consists of head-gear for the dragon and some minor head-connecting pieces for the rider. With some antennae and netting like-projections, an example of this would be the black remote-dragon control gear on the Wraith Dragons which looks like a dragonized version of Word Paynn’s crown.

BLACK MIND POD (used on the rider) – A saddle pod that allows a remote operator to control and effect the rider of the dragon and in some cases completely take them over.

BLACK NEURAL GEAR (used on both dragon and rider EP-28) – A spiked mesh of metal fibers and electrodes, neural gear is an evolutionary step in gear development. It helps tune mental signals between dragon and rider so that their thoughts align. In a sense, it’s like telepathy gear only not nearly that strong. In reality, it basically accelerates understanding of control maneuvers between dragon and rider allowing for quicker combined reaction time.


“If you are in control, you have the power” is the motto of this Class of gear. This gear is about controlling different parts of your Dragon, or even controlling and stopping opposing Dragons.

BLACK CONTROL GEAR (Used on the dragon) - Mostly found on leg and shoulder and hip joints, this gear resembles an exo-skeleton of sorts as it is designed to enhance control input messages to fast twitch muscles giving you more control over the dragon’s actions. The gear can also be thrown onto another dragon and used to make a dragon submit, bow or generally do whatever you wish whether the dragon wants to or not.

BLACK MAG CABLES (Used against dragons or riders) – Fired onto dragons, these cables mag on and drain more and more energy, the more a dragon or human struggles. They can be then collected from their weakened victims and the energy transferred to your own dragon.


Deception gear is all about camouflage, intimidation and fear. The idea behind this is that if your opponent doesn’t know the truth, you have the advantage.

BLACK SHADOW GEAR (Used on dragon and rider) - Resembling angled plates and frightening and sharp shapes, most shadow gear goes anywhere on a black dragon and makes him look more dangerous and fierce. More important, some black shadow gear like the netting over the bodies of shadow dragons, can deflect and bend light, making the dragon hard to see in certain conditions, impossible to see in others, and also can visually trick surrounding competitors into thinking that the black dragon is bigger, smaller, closer of further away or even not there at all.

BLACK MIND CLOUD GRENADES (Used against dragons and riders) – Can be thrown or fired, these canisters explode a cloud of mind numbing black draconium with causes temporary blindness and panic.

BLACK JAKK BOXES – (Used against dragon and rider EP-8 “All is not Lost”) – These benign looking jakk-projectors, when thrown from your dragon or placed along roads, can tap into surrounding buildings and turn them into giant screens to project fake routes, attackers or trick opponents into thinking you’ve run off.


This gear is all about decisive and fear-inspiring attack and energy drain. Strong and powerful, black attack gear also makes a lot of noise and flashes with brilliant and frightening light before taking away your will and your energy.

BLACK ENERGY DRAIN WHIP (Used by rider) – Moordryd Paynn’s favorite, this grapple whip attaches to other dragon’s gear and saps power at an alarming rate, bringing it back to Moordryd’s dragon, Decepshun.

BLACK OVERLOAD POD (Used by rider) – This small electronics package can be fired or thrown onto another dragon’s gear and causes an overload of the dragon’s energy. At overload, the gear explodes, keeping it a secret and temporarily knocks out an opposing dragons gear.


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