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Light Green Draconium Gear

Dragon Booster: Light Green Deflection GearLight green draconium gear is mostly used for devices and equipment to enhance, protect and hide. Since the best way to win a fight is sometimes a way to avoid it, light green gear maximizes your ability to stay you of the fray until the other competitors have weakened each other enough for you to succeed.

Light green gear is loosely form-fitting, light and sleek.


Sometimes the best way to win a fight is to avoid it, and sometimes the best way to win a race is to avoid the chance for your opponent to use his gear. This class of gear attempts to make your opponent’s gear and equipment as useless as possible by any means necessary.

LIGHT GREEN DEACTIVATION GEAR (Used by rider) - Deactivation gear has many excellent uses from momentarily disturbing electricity to shut down lights and streets, to picking and breaking security devices and to for a few seconds, to remotely power down another dragon’s gear. A great example of this is Dragon Booster’s JAKK-STIK and Stewardd’s JAKK-PIK.

LIGHT GREEN DEFLECTION ARMOR (Used by dragon and rider) - Place this slippery looking gear on the head, sides and tail of your dragon and become a dangerous to hit target. Not the strongest gear by any measure but it requires a direct hit to be broken and is quite destabilizing to the attacker when hit by a glancing blow.

LIGHT GREEN SIGNAL DIVERTER (used on an opponent’s saddle) – Fire this puppy into your opponent’s saddle and watch the fun begin. It effectively crosses the controls so turning left means right or deploying one gear actually fires another.


Your enemies can’t hit what they can’t find, and this gear helps to make sure you stay missing. While not necessarily making you invisible to deceive or trick your adversaries, these gear types make sure that you are like the Dragon Ninja: Never seen, never heard.

LIGHT GREEN ESCAPE GEAR (Used by dragon) - This gear goes on the dragon's hind area and tail and ejects light green draconium dust which bends light making it appear as if you and your dragon are headed in another direction or just plain not there.

LIGHT GREEN SILENCING GEAR (Used by dragon and rider) - Anywhere on the body of dragon and rider, this gear is baffled and covered with grooves and cuts that eliminate sound and disperse light. It also consists of energy and sound absorbing foot pads for you and your dragon.

LIGHT GREEN MIRAGE GEAR (Used by dragon or rider) – This tricky gear pod first takes a snapshot of you or your dragon and then fires several small holographic devices ahead of your pursuers. As they get close, they see what appear to be flashes of several “yous” moving off in different directions.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this gear class lets you be as resourceful as you want to be. This class is great for using and reusing everything you have and can find, because sometimes that is what it takes to win.

LIGHT GREEN FUSION GEAR (used by rider) - is one of the alternate ways to gain energy and fuel. Looking like the blender (“Mister Fusion” from Back to the Future), this gear takes the broken parts of other gear and transforms them into energy. This is a great way to use gear that is broken, but it’s beyond repairable once you have put it into the Light Green Fusion Gear. The better your Dragon matches the color of gear you put into the Fusion Gear, the more energy you get from it.

LIGHT GREEN MODIFICATION GEAR – This specialized gear allows the inventive Keepers to fuse two like pieces of gear together for use as a new gear type. While not the sturdiest of gears, this gear can be quite useful to the resourceful inventor who for a short time wants to combine and amplify the powers of similar gear.


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