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Light Blue Draconium Gear

Dragon Booster: Light Blue Coral Stun GearGear of light blue draconium is as puzzlingly hard to categorize as the light blue dragon it comes from. Light blue gear's uses range from cooling to attack and from land to water uses.

Light blue gear is smooth, flowing and often ends in sharp points.


Like the name says, this gear puts the hurt on opponents with fast, well aimed and gear burning electric attacks. Sometimes your opposition needs a little shock to remind them to leave you alone, and this class of gear definitely passes the message. Instead of utilizing energy to fuel its needs, these gear types revolve around the use of electricity to power up your Dragon and Gear as well as attack your opponents.

LIGHT BLUE STUN GEAR (Used by dragon and rider) - For the dragon, stun gear is like sharp electrified coral. Stun gear on the front of the dragon consists of gun like pods that fire small electric star-fish like mini dragons that deliver a sharp draconium energy disrupting jolt to both rider and gear.

LIGHT BLUE TENTACLE GEAR (used by dragon or rider) – mounted on the back of your dragon, to deploy this gear means you’re setting up a electrified net of trailing shock ribbons that deliver the same electric jolt to opponents that get too close. A hand-held example of this is the Tri-Stinger used by MARIANIS.


Gear in this class center on keeping your Dragon, Rider, and Gear cool. This helps you perform over longer periods of time, withstand the heat blasted at you, hide from infra-red sensors, as well as other uses.

LIGHT BLUE COOLING GEAR (Used by dragon) - This gear is found mostly on the head and main body of the dragon and looks like a netting sheet of water. It dissipates heat allowing your dragon to run and battle for longer before over-heating.

LIGHT BLUE MIST GEAR (used by dragon) – Pod that fires a fine mist of hot water into the air to confuse tracking systems and infra red scanners. Can be turned up to steam to confuse of distract followers.

LIGHT BLUE SLICKER GEAR (used by dragon) – One of the interesting qualities of light blue draconium is that it is very slippery when wet. This gear deploys down from the dragon’s body and coats the road with a slippery surface of powdered light blue draconium, then wets it down, making the road behind you worse than ice!


Under the vast lakes and seas outside of Dragon City are vast new lands waiting for exploration. Since people and Dragons cannot normally breathe and move normally in water, this class of gear handles all of your needs for underwater exploration, battle, sports, and racing.

LIGHT BLUE BREATHING GEAR (Used by rider) – Since light blue dragons can dive for long periods of time, this smooth water gear goes on the head of the rider and acts as ballast and a breathing apparatus.

LIGHT BLUE WATER GEAR (used by dragon and rider) – This gear is situated on the body and legs of both dragon and rider to aid in high-speed swimming and maneuvering through water.


This versatile gear uses the trappings and textures of underwater to add traction and speed to land maneuvers.

LIGHT BLUE SPEED GEAR (used by dragon) – This highly flexible and fluid gear defies the laws of land physics as it flaps and buffets in the high-speed wind of racing. The material it’s made of however is so slick like Teflon for air, that it actually accelerates the air around it adding lots of speed.

LIGHT BLUE TRACTION GEAR (Used by dragon) - Unlike the tough surface traction gear of brown draconium that literally digs into surfaces, this gear acts like pneumatic suction cups on your dragon's feet and your hands to almost defy gravity especially on smooth surfaces where other dragons can’t easily follow. This gear really only works on lighter dragons or as an additive to stronger more destructive traction gear. Also used when you want to hide your trail as it literally pulls your tracks out after making them.

LIGHT BLUE BOARD GEAR (Used by dragon) – When coming up on a water hazard, why sink when you can board! This gear deploys on the feet of the dragon and like water-skis, allow you and your dragon to zoom over short water hazards and hit the other side running!

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