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Pride of the Hero

Episode 11


Moordryd Paynn is suddenly hailed as the hero of Dragon City. Suffering from an inflated ego, the Dragon Booster allows Moordryd to ride Beau.


Writer Jules Dennis
Storyboard Directors Francisco Avalos
Colin Lorimer
Marvin Estropia
Animation Director George Roman Samilski
Dragon Booster: Moordryd


Plot Summary

The story opens in the middle of an intense race. Moordryd seems exceptionally bent on hurting Artha and keeps bashing into him. All of the fighting causes the pair to veer off the race course and onto the public streets.
Moordryd uses black shadow gear to cloak his attack but Artha is ready. As they battle, Moordryd's glider pack is damaged and he falls in the middle of a mag-jump and plummets downward. Artha becomes a hero when he rescues Moordryd in the nick of time.
After the race, Artha meets up with Kitt, Parm, and Lance. Artha brags about his amazing rescue. However, the others just roll their eyes and complain about how big his head is getting.

At Word’s Citadel, Word is interrogating Moordryd. He is angry with his son for losing the race and, on top of that, being rescued by the stable brat. Not only that, he complains that Moordryd is constantly defeated by the Dragon Booster. Word says that Moordryd is a disgrace to the name of Paynn. Moordryd is hurt by his father’s words and is determined to win back his approval. He picks up a wraith dragon controller as he leaves.


In the Down City Council meeting room, Phistus is concerned about the wraith dragon attacks. Moordryd claims that the Dragon Booster isn’t to be trusted, for he hides behind a mask. Suddenly, Phistus is pinned down by a wraith dragon and turmoil erupts in the room. Moordryd, who is secretly controlling the wraith dragon, pretends to fight off the beast and coolly sends it packing. Moordryd then offers his services to the crews to prove his value, saying that he can defeat the wraith dragons.


Later back at the Dragon Eyes compound, Cain surmises Moordryd is up to something. Moordryd confirms this and reveals a red bonemark: the one that belonged to the Furox.

While Artha, Kitt, Parm, and Lance are riding down the street, Parm receives a newsflash that wraith dragons are attacking Mid-City. Artha turns into the Dragon Booster and rushes off to save the day. However, when he is fighting the wraiths, Artha and Beau are out numbered and become trapped. Out of the blue (and screaming like a banshee), Moordryd runs in to rescue the Dragon Booster, disrupting his father's plan to capture the black and gold dragon. Captain Faier calls Moordryd a real hero.


Inside the dragon temple, Artha rants and raves about how he was rescued by Moordryd Paynn. He can’t accept the fact that there is another “hero” in town. Mortis tells him that each of us has the potential to be the hero. Kitt accuses Artha of having an over-inflated ego, at which Artha merely scoffs. Artha suspects that Moordryd is behind the wraith dragon attacks.


On television, the news shows Moordryd rescuing the Dragon Booster and receiving a special award from Captain Faier. The announcer says, “Move over, Dragon Booster- there’s a new hero in Dragon City.”
In a street, a couple is being attacked by wraith dragons. Moordryd comes along and saves them, spouting all sorts of clichés. As soon as the wraith dragons leave, however, the Dragon Booster appears.

The Dragon Booster accuses Moordryd of being behind all of the wraith dragon attacks and trying to trick people into believing he's a hero. In retaliation, Moordryd says that the Dragon Booster is jealous and can’t handle a little competition. He also claims that the black-and-gold dragon of legend might have chosen him instead. The Dragon Booster laughs and jumps off of Beau, challenging Moordryd to climb on.


On top of a nearby building, Kitt, Parm, and Lance warn the Dragon Booster not to do this, but he ignores them. As Moordryd approaches Beau, the dragon of legend looks him over closely, and then to Artha's surprise, gets down on the ground. Slowly, Moordryd climbs on the saddle and Beau rises to his feet. Moordryd doesn’t get thrown off, much to his own surprise as well.


As everyone gasps in amazement, Moordryd takes out the red bonemark and slaps it on Beau. Light flashes as the bonemark takes over Beau and Moordryd. Shades of red creep in on Beau’s skin and spikes emerge from his body.
Moordryd’s eyes glow red and even his voice sounds more powerful. They ride off as Moordryd says, “Let's see what my father thinks of his son now!” The Dragon Booster is left crying out, “What have I done?” He hops on Decepshun, who gives him a questioning look, and goes after them.
In Word’s citadel, Word praises Moordryd for bringing in the dragon of legend. When Word asks for the dragon, Moordryd refuses to give him up. Word tries green trapping gear on Moordryd, but Beau easily destroys it.
Moordryd then sets a wraith dragon to hold his father. To this, Word says that he’s impressed, even proud. As soon as Word says that, Moordryd loses some of his bravado and grows softer.

Then the Dragon Booster comes in and tells Moordryd that there is a hero inside of him, that the dragon of legend chose him as well. The bonemark loses its grip on Moordryd and he turns back to normal. Regretting his actions, Moordryd reaches to remove the bonemark from Beau. However Beau is overcome by the power of the Furox and doesn't want it removed and mags him into the wraith dragon holding Word.


The Dragon Booster speaks to Beau to appeal to his inner good. But Beau just mags the Dragon Booster high into the air and lets him fall
Word is delighted at seeing the Dragon Booster being defeated by his own dragon, however Moordryd shows worry and concern. As he falls, the Dragon Booster manages to grab a ledge and hang on.
Beau approaches and Artha admits that he was jealous and a jerk and he asks for forgiveness. Artha says he knows now that he's the Dragon Booster only because Beau chose him and that there's a hero in all of us, especially in Beau. Beau’s eyes soften as memories of his bond with Artha flood back into his mind.
As Beau's inner conflict continues, the Dragon Booster loses his grip and falls. Seeing Artha's imminent demise, Beau roars and shakes free of the bonemark’s hold. All traces of red disappear from his body and he returns to normal.
As the Dragon Booster falls, Beau saves him from his fall by magging him and places him onto his back. The Dragon Booster gasps as Beau absorbs the bonemark and his gold star mark reappears.
Word runs off to avoid capture, leaving Moordryd behind. Moordryd still can’t believe that the dragon chose him as well. The Dragon Booster tells Moordryd to think about that, for he will as well. Then the Dragon Booster and Beau ride off, leaving Moordryd to ponder.

Back at the stables, Artha apologizes to his friends for being such a jerk. He says that being the Dragon Booster is a lot to live up to and that he needs all of the help he can get. Artha also admits that there is a hero in everyone, and that he will keep an eye on his big, fat head.



Summary by JSQCC13 and The Furox


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