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The New Rider

by Soren

After the Dragon-Human War, Dragon Booster and Fire Booster were remembered, but the most reliable allie of them all was forgotten. Her name was Battle Booster. She was most loyal to Dragon Booster than anyone on the planet. But when the war was over, she wasn't needed anymore and ceased to exist. 3,000 years later, where Dragon Booster is reborn, a young soul with an adventurous heart will discover the most forgotten treasure of all time. Which brings us to the moment . . . .

"Drac,this place is so full of treasure that it's hard to believe that no one ever comes down here!" Thirteen year old Alexia Warden was venturing in the Old City because she was curious about what was down there. She knew everything about Dragon City exept the Old City because no one told her about it exept that it was the home of vile creatures called Hydrags and the Muhorta.Alexia thought he was dangerous, even though she had no clue why people were afraid of him.While she was thinking of reasons how hydrags were dangerous,when something caught her eye."Drac!What's that?" She had found a gauntlet and an amulet of gold draconium.One she touched it, a sudden shake occured."What in the Magna Draconis?!Oh, well.Must have been an Earth Shudder.I've got my treasure for today.Back to Mid-City."She didn't know it, but she was being watched.

When she got back to Mid-City, her friends, Audry, Matt, Bryan, and Collyn were waiting for Alexia."What was it like?" asked Audry."Oh, it was awesome.And guess what I found!" She pulled out the treasure.


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