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Black Draconium

By Brightclaw

A flash of black sped past the now deserted Dragon City. It was a pure black dragon, with a rider signalling it to go faster. The dragon looked up at its rider with pupiless yellow eyes. It then shot through a small opening in a wall.

The dragon magged his rider off, and roared as if wanted to be thanked. His rider ignored this and approached a handprint on the right wall. He placed his hand on the wall and ordered his dragon to come forward. The dragon grunted disapprovingly and turned away. “Blackflash if you don’t do as I say I will send you to the workmine,” his rider hissed through his riding helmet, which was also pure black. Blackflash looked a little scared as he crept forward.

His rider made a hand signal with his index finger and thumb. Blackflash watched carelessly and then placed his claw on the wall. He slipped it down and a long black dent followed. Suddenly the wall cracked open and a gateway appeared. Blackflash’s rider entered and then gasped.

A small black sphere was inside. He took it out. Blackflash stared at it and then backed away. He let out a huge roar and crouched down in a corner. “Blackflash! What is it? Look its black draconium liquid its perfect. You will be more powerful if you have this,” Blackflash’s rider said. Blackflash hissed and glared at the sphere backing away even more. “Well I suppose I better give it to someone who will actually appreciate it then.” His rider said. Blackflash stood up and nodded, as his rider put it away in his pocket. Blackflash magged him on and they zoomed out of the cave.

Blackflash jumped to the top of one of the Dragway 379 bridges and let out an incredibly high-pitched screech. Suddenly three more black dragons appeared. One of them had blue eyes; another one had green eyes and the last one the biggest of all of them had blood red eyes. Blackflash and the other two dragons gave a quick bow and then their riders started chatting about the sphere.

“Then it’s agreed,” The red-eyed dragon rider said, “we shall give the sphere to Word Paynn. I will ride Blackblood to his citadel while Blackflash, Darkshard and Blacknyte will take you three to our crew’s hideout.” The riders nodded. Blackflash, Darkshard and Blacknyte all turned and sped off. Blackblood and his rider headed towards Word Paynn’s citadel.

The next day Artha and Beau were preparing for this years horn of Libris race. Khatah, the leader of the Inner Order crew, and usually the winner for this race wished Artha luck. Khatah’s dragon, Shock-ra, held his head up high to emphasize that he was the champion at this race. Beau glared at him and then stared at the track.

Suddenly the track turned red, then green. The doors that held the dragons back suddenly flew open. Shock-ra sped in front, Beau growled and shot after him. “You’ll never win Artha,” Khatah said cheerfully, “I’ve won this race ever since it started.” Shock-ra chirruped and smiled. He then shot ahead. Shock-ra magged Khatah into the air. Khatah whipped out his blocking staff and then whacked one of the targets. A door in front of Shock-ra flew open and they sped through it. Artha gritted his teeth as Beau magged him. Artha jumped on the poles and got his blocking staff ready. Unfortunately his foot caught on one of the poles and he fell head first into the target. Beau laughed as he ran through the door.
But Khatah had already reached the top and had the horn of Libris in his hand.

After the race Artha congratulated Khatah. He didn’t like losing of course and was a bit of a sore loser. Beau walked over to Parmon and Cyrano and lay down. “Hey Artha! Artha! Mortis wanted you to come and see him it was something about a black sphere. If my calculations are correct…..”
“Parm, you’re the professor and I don’t know what the heck you’re on about so I’ll just go and see Mortis,” Artha said, as Parmon got on Cyrano’s back. The two dragons and their riders sped off towards Penn stables.

“Mortis you wanted to see me,” Artha said.

“Yes. Word Paynn has now got his hands on a very dangerous type of black draconium. It is liquid black draconium and if any of it touches any dragon they will immediately turn evil.” Mortis said looking stern.

Beau gulped.

Meanwhile Blackblood was racing towards Word Paynn’s citadel. His rider was holding the sphere in his hand. Blackblood looked at his rider and suddenly stopped. “Blackblood! What is it?”

Blackblood looked up and suddenly another black dragon appeared. Its rider was a girl and when she took her helmet off a wave of black hair flooded behind her head. Her dragon was a lot more elegant than Blackblood or any of the other male black dragons. It roared at Blackblood.

“Well, well well. If it isn’t Draysha with his big bad dragon Blackblood.” The girl said. Her dragon laughed.

“Shyra. I thought you were at the hideout with the others,” Draysha said.

“I wanted to see what all the commotion was about. Is it true that you finally have the Sphere of the first of the black dragons, Tunderashi?” She asked, her dragon looked around at the sound of the name.

“Yes, but the group decided to give it to Word Paynn and that is what I’m going to do. Hyah!” Draysha said, as he sped off into the darkness.

“You fool, Draysha. You don’t deserve to be the leader of the Darkness crew.” Shyra said patting her dragon. “Come on Drishi we’ll go and find the black bone mark Draysha has wanted so much shall we?” Drishi nodded and they sped off into the darkness.

“Thank You Draysha. This liquid black draconium is just what I need, my last sample was destroyed a while back when that fool, the dragon booster ruined my plans,” Word said, as Draysha handed it over.

“It is an honour to be of help,” Draysha said, mounting Blackblood. “But we must leave.”

“I understand, go and here take this. It is ancient black gear that will help you and your dragons to communicate over long distances.” Word said, as Blackblood magged the gear. “Thank you.” Draysha said. “Hyah!” Blackblood turned and shot off into the night.

Beau yawned as a beam of light shone into Penn Stables. He slumped over grumpily and tried to go to sleep. But Wyldfyr and Kitt were training so he couldn’t. He roared rudely. “Beau! Other people....” Artha started, but Cyrano interrupted. “And dragons are trying to get some sleep so if you don’ mind SHUT YOUR BIG DRAGON MOUTH!!!”

Beau turned around and “accidentally” hit Artha in the face with his tail. Wyldfyr, Fracshun and Cyrano all laughed as Artha went into a sulk.

Suddenly Lance came running into the room. “Artha! Artha! Mortis wants to see you! Quick!”

“Lance seems a bit over excited. We better go,” Artha said. Beau stood up and plodded into the temple. Kitt, Parmon, Wyldfyr and Cyrano all followed. When the door had shut all of them gasped.

There in front of them was a dazzling white and silver dragon. She looked just like Beau although she was a bit girlier looking. Her markings were like Beau’s but didn’t have the long yellow stockings on her legs. Instead she had silver socks. Beau suddenly roared with joy and ran up to her. “She is called Cia. She was separated from Beau in the last dragon-human war. Cia is Beau’s sister.” Mortis said.

Beau and Cia each bowed down low to each other before roaring gleefully. “Wow. Hey Beau I never knew there were other legendary dragons.” Artha said watching Beau licked Cia’s face. Beau grunted. “There are two more legendary dragons, Arco and Oceania,” Mortis said.

Cia and Beau suddenly looked tearful. “Hey Beau, what’s wrong boy?” Artha asked walking up to Beau.

“Oceania and Arco were both killed in the war.” Mortis explained. Beau suddenly looked angry and roared. He turned to Cia and chirruped. Cia nodded and bowed down to Artha. “Great. Two dragons of legend,” Artha said. “Can Cia change colour too?”

“Of course. But she prefers her usual colours,” Mortis said.

“Doesn’t she get noticed?” Lance asked.

“No, because there are many white and silver dragons, except Cia is their leader,” Mortis explained.


Word looked at his new sphere. “Ah, some new liquid black draconium. This time we shall target Cia, Moordryd,” He said.

“Who’s Cia?” Moordryd asked, rubbing Decepshun.

“Cia is Beau’s sister and she has returned to help fight the dragon-human war.” Word explained. “She is weaker than Beau and will be a lot easier to capture. We can then bribe the dragon booster with her,” Word laughed, as he stared at the sphere.

To be continued...



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