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Dragon Booster: Academy is the name of the exciting follow-on series to the original 39 episodes of Dragon Booster. This series has unfortunately not yet been purchased by any networks and it is not in production, however the creators of the show have generously shared some advance information with the fans about what the series will be like should it be picked up by the networks. If produced, this series will add 26 new episodes to the Dragon Booster saga.

If you want to see Dragon Booster: Academy, it is imperative that you join the campaign for more episodes and let the networks know you what more! Sign the petition and write letters to the network in your area. Your voice does count!

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DB Academy Overview

Welcome brave competitors to the Dragon City Racing Academy! This is the place where the ancient arts meet the modern day technology of dragon racing, where heroes are born, trained and unleashed onto the Elite Class! It is also the place where the evolving story of the Dragon Booster focuses and distills into a pressure cooker of drama and competition. As it’s like the environment of high school, it’s also a place of great kid issues, problem solving and therefore humorous situations and interaction. Across a blend of existing tracks, tightly controlled academy structure and environments, and with marvelous built in set and character economies, the academy arc will deepen and streamline the Dragon Booster experience all while increasing the stakes, consequences, fun and impact of the property overall!

You have all been chosen to take the next step…deeper into the power, the mystery and the electrifying action of Dragon Booster!



The academy is a strict, dangerous, gladiatorial, dragon/human training center. It’s present day purpose is to teach, through a mixture of ancient techniques and new technology, the skills and knowledge needed to give young students a chance at graduating and being drafted into one of the 3 great corporate elite class teams, Saurcom, Leviacorp and Reptillico (the school has more than a 75% drop-out/wash-out rate over the 2 years spent there). Academy rules are severe and Academy justice is swift and decisive as nearly any infraction including being off the reservation without permission is punishable by suspension and/or expulsion. Fighting within the academy is controlled by the Academy Agents, like hooded and masked soldiers who have dangerous, masked Dragon Hounds at their sides.

General Academy Curricula:

  • Racing strategy, techniques, and skills
  • Battle theory, training, and matches
  • Draconium gear technology, use, construction, rules
  • Dragon breeding, training, Elite Class evolution and the elusive “dragon whispering”
  • Draconium studies (it’s properties and uses)
  • Dragon/Human history
  • Each of the 12 great houses has several specialties they teach through the head (Dragon Master) of each house and they reflect the philosophy and history of each color of draconium. Unlike the crews of Dragon City, the Houses of the Academy are even more regimented and dogmatic in their draconium tendencies and far more dangerously so.


All students come before a council of silent dragons of the 12 various colors to be “sensed” for energy and chosen to a particular house. As with the original war, many of the dragons and houses hold great historical enmity towards each other held in check by the powerful, absolute, and severe, academy rules. These CASA DRACONIS or “Houses of the Dragon”, are literal descendants of the great Draconium Empires from which the illegal down city crews drew their names and emblems.

  • The House of Sight (Black Draconium Empire) - Dragon Eyes
  • The House of Fire (Red Empire) – Dragon Flares
  • The House of Lightning (Blue Empire) – Inner order
  • The House of Iron (Green Empire) - Fist of the Dragon
  • The House of Many (Purple Empire) – Army of the dragon
  • The House of Earth (Brown Empire) – Will of the Dragon
  • The House of Voice (Turquoise Empire) – Voice of the dragon
  • The House of Chaos (Orange Empire) – Prophets
  • The House of Makers (Light Green Empire) – Keepers
  • The House of Water (Light Blue Empire) – Dragon fish
  • The House of Air (White Empire) – Dragon Winds
  • The House of Bone – (Gray Empire) – The Mechanists.

NOTE: While the Academy was initially set up with the help of the ancient Dragon Priesthood as a failsafe to train riders for sport and not war, they have long since realized that the academy itself is another path to warfare and have all but disappeared into history, going into hiding and preparing a contingency. They watch from secrecy, ready to intervene if the Academy goes out of balance.

In short, the academy is a dangerous, magical, ancient, and wondrous place where, unbeknownst to most, the knowledge to save or destroy the world lies in classes, training, battles, and well defended secrets or forgotten strongholds waiting for a teenage dragon/rider team smart enough, brave enough, and talented enough, to learn it, perfect it, and find all the pieces to the puzzle.


Looking down from above, the central part of the Ancient Dragon Racing Academy is located in the cultural and political center of Dragon City. It’s spires reach well above even Sun City and begin way down in the ancient old city. The massive Academy Tower dwarfed only by the single severe needle that is the top of Word Payne’s glass-encased citadel.

The dragon-racing academy is approximately 3000 years old. It’s roots date back to the beginning of the great reconstruction of dragon city after the first dragon/human war. It’s origins lie in a time when the world was broken and unsure of how to proceed and rebuild itself. The dragon priests, afraid that humans would again at some point breed dragons for war, helped form the initial Academy Charter which as to increase human/dragon understanding to prevent a repeat of history.


The Academy consists of five distinct parts of a tower that span from the Old city all the Way to Sun City with classroom/training/lab environments existing in Mid City, Work Town, Shadow Town, Down City and the Old City. The five levels of the Academy will serve as the main base for 4-5 episodes each. All training takes place in confined training areas for each level and all racing/battling takes place on existing tracks with Academy Racers (Same uniforms) and more obstacles added. The tracks will be altered with new more dangerous propping like shooting obstacles flames and energy and the occasional wild dragons.

Major new sets will be only built out only every 3-5 episodes and unfold across the 26 and all Dragon Booster/Shadow Booster city meddling and battling will also take place in existing locations dressed out.

  • LEVEL ONE – All City Level First Choosing/Training Chamber and crew barracks.
  • LEVEL TWO – Work Town Academy Gear labs and tech center.
  • LEVEL THREE – Shadow Town Academy Draconium works and lab forge.
  • LEVEL FOUR – Down City Secret Academy Test Track.
  • LEVEL FIVE – Old City Top Secret Final Choosing Temple


Check back for additional about Dragon Booster: Academy that will be posted in the near future!


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