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The Rules of Power


Word attempts to use Khatah to acquire the bone mark of Samurox, the king of the blue fighter dragons.

Plot Summary

We enter as Moordryd and Cain kidnap Khatah off the street and take him to Word's citadel. Word says he has a "gift" for Khatah and presents a blue box containing a blue draconium fragment.

It's not a bone mark itself but something different. It's a block of blue draconium that has an imprint of a human hand on it. It was clearly designed to bond with humans as opposed to dragons. Since it matches Khatah's own blue draconium influence, it exerts a strong pull on him and he is drawn to it. Unable to resist it's pull, Khatah places his hand on the imprint. It takes him over and he turns and leaves. Word explains to Moordryd and Cain that the blue fragment is a piece of the bone mark of Samurox, the king of the ancient blue fighter dragons. It functions as a map and draws the person who bonds with it to the secret citadel where the bone mark of the Samurox is hidden. Word wants the Samurox released to begin the dragon-human war.


Outside Word's citadel, Khatah and Shock-ra are on their way to the Samurox when they encounter Parmon and Cyrano. Parmon senses something is wrong with Khatah and questions him. Khatah starts fighting Parmon to stop him from interfering. During the fight Parmon manages to knock the blue bone mark map free from Khatah's hand. Khatah recovers and explains what happened. Parmon says he knows who can help.

Parmon brings the map to Mortis in the dragon temple. (We don't see how Parmon was able to transport the map without it affecting him.) Mortis explains its danger and insists that no one touch it until it can be properly taken of care. As everyone leaves, the map begins to exert an influence on Parmon who bounds with the map. No one else sees him leave, but Parmon takes the map and he and Cyrano head off to the Samurox. (Lance was also present here. It's unspecified why Parmon was drawn to the map instead of Lance who seems the more likely candidate given his blue draconium influence.)


When they reach the citadel where the Samurox is hidden, the map falls off Parmon's hand but he and Cyrano and now caught in the citadel traps. To evade them, they end up very close to the bone mark of the Samurox and it's pull is too strong for either of them to resist. The bone mark is fused onto Cyrano who then partially mutates into the Samurox. Parmon is under its influence as well just as Pyrrah was by the Furox. But since Cyrano is a green dragon, he needs to absorb blue draconium in order to fully release the Samurox.

They make their way back to the city absorbing blue draconium gear off other dragons they pass on the way. They reach Word's citadel where he has a ready supply of blue draconium waiting. After taking the blue draconium gear, Cyrano fully mutates into the Samurox.


Word sends the Samurox out where he begins calling to other blue dragons. They respond by ejecting their riders and turn on them. The other blue dragons appear to recognize the Samurox as a pack leader type authority and do what he says (the Samurox does not appear to have any sort of mystical control over them).
By this time, Artha, Kitt and Lance have discovered that Parmon and the map are missing from the temple and head out to find him. They locate him and discover he's heading for Khatah's Inner Order compound. Khatah's dragons are the best trained and most powerful blue dragons in Dragon City and it's clear the Samurox will try to recruit them to form a blue dragon army.
Artha, Kitt and Lance try to stop the Samurox with a combined mag blast against him. However, the Samurox is too strong, though Artha at least is able to knock Parmon off the Samurox and get him away. Once away from the bone mark, Parmon recovers back to his normal self.  
The battle so far has taken us to just outside of Khatah's compound. Samurox calls to the blue dragons there and four riderless dragons emerge. Kitt worries that if Khatah's dragons form a dragon army with Samurox they could start a blue dragon revolt that could trigger the dragon-human war.
The Samurox and Khatah's dragons vocalize back and forth. Samurox tries to recruit them to his side. As things look their worst, Khatah arrives on the scene and explains that his crew, including the dragons, respect order and rules above all else and they would not join in a revolt.
Sure enough, Khatah's dragons refuse to join the Samurox and instead choose to fight back. To Samurox's visible surprise, they attack him with a combined mag burst.
Samurox fires back and a mag blast battle ensues. The Samurox is stronger than the four other dragons and they begin to weaken.
Three of them drop out and as the fourth tries to hang on, Beau and Shock-ra jump in to help.
While they continue the battle, the three weakened dragons recover and are able to rejoin the fight. It is now six dragons against one and this is too much for the Samurox.
The blue bone mark is severed from Cyrano who returns to himself. The severed bone mark is lost over the edge of the road way and disappears into the depths below from which it apparently cannot be recovered.





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