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The Lost Artefact of the Furox

by The Strider

Part 1: The Map

It was another busy day at the race track and Beau, Wyldfyr, Kitt and Artha were tired of racing for one day.

“Is it just me or are these races getting harder?” asked Artha in an annoying tone.

“The races are getting harder” replied Kitt and nodding.

They both sighed.

“Let’s go to the feed station” said Artha.

“Right behind you” said Kitt as they walked towards the feed station where they met up with Parm, Lance and their dragons.

“How was the race?” asked Parm.

“Good” said Artha.

“Let me guess, Kitt won?” asked Lance.

“Yes” replied Kitt.

“Good work” said Parm.

Artha’s Commlink beeps

“Artha” said Connor.

“Yeah dad?” asked Artha.

“Come to the dragon temple immediately, I need to talk to you” he continued.

“Ok, we’ll be right there” said Artha.

At The Dragon Temple….

“Do you remember The Furox bone mark?” asked Connor

(Flash back from “Fanning the Flames and the Pride of the Hero”)

“Unfortunately, yes” shuddered Lance.

“Well the bone mark is gone but there is another artefact that we all forgot about” said Connor.

“And you want us to find it because?” asked Artha.

“Because it will help you fight the Shadow Booster and


“Ok, so it’s back to Scale Citadel again” said Artha while Kitt, Parm and Lance rolled their eyes.

“Release the Dragon!” he yelled.

Words Citadel of Plotting Evilness

“Moordryd, I have something to tell you” said Word slyly.

“Don’t you always?” mutted Moordryd, Cain stifled a laugh.

“You left something a Scale Citadel” continued Word.

“I did?” asked Moordryd confused.

“You left another artefact of the Furox in the Scale Citadel; you will find it and bring it to me so we can defeat the Dragon Booster at last! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!”

Back at Scale Citadel the Penn racing crew were looking around the entrance for the artefact.

“Looks like it’s not here, let’s move on” said Artha as they walked towards the part of the deadly axes.

“Nothing here” announced Parm and they moved on towards the blocks while Cain and Moordryd had just entered Scale Citadel.

“What are we looking for down here anyway?” asked Cain impatiently.

“An artefact” replied Moordryd. Cain groaned in annoyance.

15 minutes later Artha, Parm, Kitt and Lance where at the end pedestal where the Furox bone mark previously was.

“It’s got to be here” stated Parm looking around.

Kitt and Wyldfyr walked around the pedestal when Wyldfyr came to a sudden halt.

“What is it Wyldfyr?” asked Kitt. Wyldfyr motioned to a human and dragon hand print engraved on the pedestal. Kitt jumped off Wyldfyr and they walked towards the engravements. Kitt looked up at Wyldfyr and nodded as they both reached forward and placed their hands of the engravings on the pedestal. A blinding flash of red light followed causing the crew to look away, when the light died down they looked at the pedestal and saw that the top half of the pedestal was floating in mid air revealing a map of stone with the bone mark of the Penn racing star and symbols of The Grip of the Dragon, The Dragon Flares, The Inner Order crew but the most surprising of all was The Eye of the Dragon crew. Wyldfyr magged Kitt on her saddle and Kitt reached for the map and began to inspect it. After a few minutes she gave it to Parm to see if he knew anything.

“Well, one thing’s for sure, these symbols represent the five main colours of draconium power and balance” said Parm handing the map to Artha while the pedestal top lowered to connect to the bottom.

“Hmmm, yes.” mused Artha. At that moment Moordryd and Cain entered the room skidding to a stop. Artha quickly hid the map behind his back while Kitt pulled up next to him.

“Hello Dragon Blunder” said Moordryd his voice muffled behind his helmet.

“Hey Moordryd, I suspect that you have come here for the same reason as us?” asked Artha.

“Yes, and we intend to find it first!” snarled Moordryd “search him!” he yelled as Cain ran forward wanting to see whether or not in he had the artefact. Artha quickly handed the artefact to Kitt who put it in her saddle pack as inconspicuously as possible.

“He doesn’t have it” announced Cain.

“Denial” said Moordryd sounding unconvinced aimed trap gear at the Penn racing crew.

“Go!!!” yelled Artha and Kitt, Parm and Lance took off out of Scale Citadel.

“It’s just you and me now, Payyn” announced Artha activating his jakk stick.

Outside Scale Citadel Kitt, Parm and Lance were waiting anxiously for Artha.

“I’m goanna go and see what’s happening” said Lance walking Fracshun towards the entrance.

“No way!” yelled Kitt “A stray mag ball could fry you!”

Lance then bit his lip, having second thoughts of what he said about going back in Scale Citadel. They then heard a thumping noise inside Scale Citadel and Cain and Moordryd came running out both in shock closely followed by Artha who had a silent victory smile on his face.

“What did you do?” asked Lance.

“I can now conjure a mag dome” said Artha still slightly in shock but not as much shock as Moordryd and Cain.

“Have you still got the artefact?” Artha asked suddenly.

Kitt reached in her saddle pack and pulled out the map and smiled.

Artha sighed with relief

“Let’s get this to Dad” and the Penn racing crew headed for home.

Word’s Citadel of Plotting Evilness.

“YOU DIDN’T GET THE ARTEFACT!!!!!!!” roared Word his voice full of rage.

“We couldn’t help it, Th... The Dragon Blunder arrived!” stammered Moordryd.


Moordryd and Cain sped out of Words citadel, jumped on their dragons and headed for The Dragon Eye Compound where they could contemplate what had just happened.

Back at the Dragon Temple Connor was extremely impressed.

“I’m, well I’m speechless, congratulations to all of you!!!!!” said Connor proudly.

“And that’s not all” said Artha.

“I can now conjure my own mag dome”

“Excellent! That’s extremely good” said Connor approvingly.

“Now, you four can catch up on some sleep in the stable while I put the artefact in the safe” said Connor unexpectedly throwing the artefact in the middle of the start platform which was slowly dissolved and disappeared completely.

The Dragon Eye Compound.

“Darn the Dragon Booster” yelled Moordryd slouching in his control room chair in a deep sulk while rubbing his temples.

“It’s not your fault” said Cain calmly who unexpectedly was standing in the door way.

Moordryd jumped in surprise.

“You sound like my father, don’t” he said slyly.

“Sorry” retorted Cain in an annoyed tone and left the room.

Moordryd sighed and went to go feed Decepshun which always cheered him up a little.

Penn Racing Stables

The next day Artha, Kitt, Beau and Wyldfyr where ready for another day of racing.

“Good morning dragon racing fans!!!” roared Budge, the dragon racing commentator.

“Today’s prize is a new set of level 5 brown bashing gear and 10 points on the academy standings!” he continued.

“Pssst” whispered Kitt and Artha turned around. She motioned towards one of the stands where the academy scout, Sentrus sat unnoticed.

Artha looked forward at the track when Beau gave him a little nudge as if to say


The lights on the track flashed red then orange then, finally green, the crowd cheered as the racers took of at a breathtaking speed.

Moordryd was in the lead, unfortunately, and Kitt was just about to over take him, she sneaked up behind him and she activated her level 4 red thruster gear and Wyldfyr jumped clearing over Moordryd’s head, he was shocked when she landed in front of him and Artha chose this spot to take over Moordryd who was to busy gazing at what had just happened. By the time Artha took over Moordryd Kitt was out of sight, obviously still using thruster gear which Artha had just activated to catch up.

The crowd cheered as Kitt crossed the finish line closely followed by Artha.

“Good race” said Artha to Kitt once they where back at the crew tent.

“Thanks stable boy, and you weren’t bad yourself” replied Kitt confidently.

“That was a drac move Kitt!!!” exclaimed Lance “And now your 9 points ahead of Moordryd” he continued.

“I think you will get into the academy” said Parm.

“But that means I can’t come with you guys on your … adventures” she said.

“That could be arranged” said Sentrus who was standing right behind Kitt who hadn’t noticed.

Kitt froze and slowly turned around to face Sentrus.

“I must congratulate you on your amazing move” said Sentrus calmly.

“Thanks” said Kitt smiling broadly.

“I sincerely hope that you will gain the academy slot, you will be a great asset and a role model to younger racers.” stated Sentrus and she turned to leave.

“Told you so” said Artha. Kitt laughed and they proceeded for Penn Stables to tell Connor the good news.

“Congratulations Kitt” he said. “I am very sure you will get that academy slot.”

Just then the vid screen in the temple lowered down and the reporter stated that The Dragon Eye crew where stealing a fetlock of dragons in Squires End.

“This sounds like a job for the Dragon Booster!” stated Artha.

“Release The Dragon!”

“It’s always a job for the Dragon Booster” chuckled Lance, Parm and Kitt giggled and they headed for the elevator that led to the stables.

Squires End…

“Hey Moordryd?” asked Cain.

“Yeah?” Moordryd replied.

“Have you ever thought that the stable brat might be the Dragon Booster?”

“No way!” replied Moordryd.

“Oh, Ok just thinking”

“Don’t do that, you could hurt yourself” exclaimed Moordryd who then laughed at his own joke.

Just then Blarre, one of the Dragon Eye crew members, turned up.

“What’s up?” asked Moordryd.

“The Dragon Booster is coming!”


“I saw them leaving Penn Stable” he continued.

“I knew it” hissed Moordryd.

“You knew what?” asked Cain.

“That the Dragon Blunders hide-out is at Penn Stables” he continued.

“Ohhhh” mused Cain.

At the top of a building Beau roared and the Dragon Eye crew looked up and frowned in annoyance.

“C’mon, let’s scram!” yelled Moordryd jumping on Decepshun and riding away while Cain and Blarre followed. Beau jumped down and they walked towards the van loaded with stolen dragons. Artha activated his Jakk Stick and hit a button which opened up the van door. Beau started talking in dragon.

“It’s ok, you can all go home now” he said in dragon and stepped away to let the dragons run home, Artha counted 13 stolen dragons.
“Good work Beau,” said Artha patting Beau on the side of his face.

“Let’s go home” and Beau growled a dragon version of

“Good idea.”

The Dragon Eye Crew Compound

“I can’t believe the Dragon Boo Boo interfered AGAIN!!!!” yelled Moordryd pacing angrily around the control room again.

“Are you gonna tell your father?” asked Cain.

“Use common sense Cain, but then again, you don’t have any,” stated Moordryd “No I’m not going to tell father, I’m going to Scale Citadel and find that artefact!” he roared and went to gear up Decepshun.

At the Dragon Temple…

“Good work Artha” said Parm.

“There is another problem though” said Connor.

“I have found out that Moordryd has returned to Scale Citadel to, again, try and find the artefact.”

“But he won’t find it, cause we have it” said Kitt looking at the centre of the star platform.

“I know but if he finds the engravements on the pedestal and realises that it contains nothing he will instantly know that you have it” continued Connor.

“Ah” said Artha.

“So what do we do?” asked Parm.

“Destroy the pedestal” said Connor.

“But the person whom removed the map is the only one who can destroy it” and every body turned to Kitt who was thinking.

“But how am I supposed to break that thing? It’s solid stone!” she asked.

“A combined mag burst should do the trick” said Connor.

“But how are we going to catch up with Moordryd?” asked Lance.

“I think I know someone who can help us” said Kitt pressing a button on her comm. link and Jasmine came on the screen.

“Hey Ste… um… Jasmine” said Kitt and Jasmine winked thanks for using her crew name instead of her real name.

“Can you meet us at the entrance of Scale Citadel and bring some shadow assist gear?” she asked.

“Can do, meet you there” she said and Jasmine went off line.

“What’s Shadow Assist gear?” asked Artha, slightly confused.

“A type of gear invented by Deedee which, when activated, gives the dragon and rider the power to become invisible and more draconium energy so we can beat Moordryd and be invisible at the same time” she explained.

“Good thinking, let’s go” said Artha and they left the temple.

Scale Citadel… (Again)

“Where can that artefact be?” Moordryd asked himself.

“At the pedestal” said Armageddon so surprisingly that it made Moordryd jump then smile.

“C’mon Decepshun” he said and she took off.

At the entrance Jasmine was waiting anxiously for her cousin and her crew. She smiled when she heard them coming.

“Nice to see you again Kitt!” she exclaimed and handed her four Shadow Assist gear pods.

“Thanks” said Kitt and handed every one a pod.

“Hey Jasmine?” asked Artha


“Would you like to come with us?”

“Of course!” Jasmine said and they entered Scale Citadel activating their Shadow Assist gear.

Their dragon’s draconium level tripled and every thing was a blur as they raced past all the obstacles and took over Moordryd who had just got out of the axes and stopped for a breather.

They were at the pedestal before they knew it and deactivated the gear.

“Wow! That was amazing!” exclaimed Parm.

“I know” replied Kitt.

“You might as well know something Jasmine” said Artha.

“What?” she asked. And Artha transformed yet again.

“Release the Dragon!” he yelled and placed the star on the gauntlet and became the Dragon Booster.

Jasmine gaped in amazement and surprise.

“Wow” she said. Artha smiled and Moordryd entered the room.

“Scales!!!!!” he yelled when he saw the Penn racing team.

“Why, Hello Jasmine nice to see you again” stated Moordryd slyly.

“Hello Paynn, not good to see you again though” she said sternly.

“This isn’t over Dragon Booster, I’ll be back” said Moordryd and took of and hid behind a block.

“Unleash The Shadow” he yelled and he too transformed into the Shadow Booster.

“The pedestal, quickly!” Artha yelled and they where just about to shoot a mag blast at the pedestal when the Shadow Booster arrived.

“Oh, yippee” said Artha sarcastically and left to fight the Shadow Booster while the other four combined their mag energy.

“Now!” yelled Kitt and the mag energy stream hit the pedestal which exploded instantly.

“Yeah” they all yelled

“Nooooo!” yelled Moordryd stunned at what had just happened and at that moment Beau purposely crashed into Decepshun causing them to crash into the side of the room.

“C’mon, let’s got outta here!!!” yelled Artha and all five of them raced out of Scale Citadel.

“Thank you for all your help Jasmine” said Artha once they were out of Scale Citadel.

“No problem and you can keep the gear too” she replied.

“Thanks” they all said simultaneously.

“I think that you should come with us to Penn stables we want you to meet someone” said Artha.

“Drac” said Jasmine and they headed towards Penn stables.

Scale Citadel…

“Stupid Dragon Booster” said Moordryd walking out of Scale Citadel in a sulk. He arrived at the compound an hour later to find Cain looking for him.

“Did you get it?” he asked anxiously.

“No” replied Moordryd still in a sulk.

“Oh, well” said Cain and Moordryd went to go and feed Decepshun, again.

Penn Stables…

“Jasmine, this is my father” said Artha and Connor stepped out of the stable.

“Hi Connor” said Jasmine.

“Hey Jasmine” he replied.

“C’mon I want to show you something” he said and lead Jasmine towards the ancient Dragon Temple.

“Wow!” exclaimed Jasmine as she entered the Dragon Temple

“so this is where you get all your information from!” she said.

“Yep” said Connor.

“And this is where you should come if you discover anything disturbing in Loan”

“Drac” she said.

“Well its goanna be another busy day of racing tomorrow so you five better get some sleep.” stated Connor.

“Good idea, C’mon Jasmine you’re invited to dinner at our place tonight” said Kitt.

“Drac” she said and they left the Dragon Temple.

Outside Penn stables Kitt and Jasmine said their good byes and headed for home.

The Dragon Eye Crew Compound…

Moordryd was facing his computer screen in the control room when suddenly a message was sent.

“Huh?” he said and pressed a few keys to open the message.

It was written in the ancient text so Moordryd translated it and it said:

The Strider Is Always Watching!

Part 2

Dragon City in the summer, sweltering by any ones standards, so hot that even some races had to be called off. Almost every dragon that crossed that finish line was panting hard, and desperate for water, all except one, Wyldfyr, a magma class dragon of Penn Racing Stables.
“And now for the final race of the day!” shouted out the racing commentator, Budge.
Only six racers were in this race; Moordryd, Kitt, Artha, Pyrrah, Khatah and Phistus. Almost every dragon looked weary from a big day of racing all except Beau and Wyldfyr, Beau, on one hand, had a dreconiyum bar and was all hyped up and ready to race.
“Calm down Beau, save your energy for the race.” Artha cautioned Beau, who settled down a bit, but when the barrier gates flew open he went like a rocket. The other dragons were all falling behind, except for Wyldfyr who was rapidly gaining speed and looking like she had no intention of stopping any time soon. Far behind, Moordryd was getting frustrated,
“C’mon Decepshun, lets move!!” he yelled moving the controllers forward, but Decepshun just moaned in strain of the heat and kept her pace.
Moordryd sighed then rolled his eyes and activated his level 3 red thruster gear and Decepshun sped past all the other racers and was gaining of Artha and Kitt.
Moordryd finally took over Kitt and was in the lead, for now, Decepshun was getting weaker and the thrusters fire boosts were failing.
“Scales” Moordryd muttered looking behind him seeing Kitt gaining fast. Kitt and Moordryd were head to head and Moordryd had a plan, Kitt made her move and Wyldfyr tried to jump forward but was cut off by Decepshun, Moordryd smirked at Kitt’s perplexed look then rammed into her knocking her off the edge of the track, falling fast towards the wastelands.
“Kitt!!” Artha screamed and nudged Beau to jump over the edge who hesitated for a minute as if to say;
“You wanna to jump down there? Your nuts!!!”
Then he jumped down, reluctantly.
“It looks like a rescue attempt by Artha Penn!” shouted Budge. Moordryd just humped and continued racing.
“Release the Dragon!” he yelled and transformed.
“Now Beau!!” Artha yelled and they both shot out a mag stream, Beau caught Wyldfyr and Artha caught Kitt giving them a safe landing in the Wastelands of Loan.

Back at the race track…
“Uh oh, not good!” shouted Parm
“Let’s get down there” replied Lance, jumping on Fracshun’s saddle and riding to the broken rail of the race track.
“Where could they have landed?” questioned Parm
“Why are you asking me you’re the smart guy!” replied Lance. Parm bit his lip and then broke the silence.
“The wastelands” he said looking down at Lance who had a worried expression on his face.
“C’mon we have to get down there!” Lance urged.
“Ok, let’s go” agreed Parm and headed off to the stables to gear up.

The Wastelands of Loan…
Beau and Artha were breathing hard, Wyldfyr was standing up but was unsure of her surroundings and Kitt was beginning to wake. Then Beau jumped too suddenly and Artha nearly fell off.
“What is it boy?” he asked and Beau growled at a large pile of rubble far off in the distance, Artha couldn’t see anything but then Beau and Wyldfyr roared so loud some piles of junk fell but the answer came, from a dragon, an ear - piercing screech from a wraith dragon.
‘Great, now it’s coming for us!” Artha said looking around wildly for cover, a small cave lied in the distance but it was too far the wraith would catch them.
Artha activated his Shadow Assist Pod (SAP) and then activated Wyldfyr’s pod as well. They waited anxiously for wraith dragon to appear. But it didn’t.
“Maybe we scared it off” thought Artha and motioned Beau to head for the cave, quietly. But they didn’t it was still recording their every movement.


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