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Treasure Hunters

A flabbergasting fanfic of fearful frights by SilverDragon


It was a day like any other in Dragon City.
People were living, dragons were racing, and the construction workers were maintaining and building the massive pylons that kept the city from falling over.
Yes, it was a day like any other.
Up until the excavation team found something.

After clearing away the debris, it turned out they'd stumbled on the find of the century.
It was a wall in the side of a large mountain. A huge dragon temple, to be exact.
It was absolutly covered in ancient dragon glyphs and carvings. The carvings showed a scene from the ancient war-two dragons, one gold and black, one black and gold, fighting.
'But, surely, there was only one gold dragon?' was the question on everybodys minds.
More intresting, however, was the uncovering of a doorway into the mountain. The glyphs around that were not so worn away as to be illegible by professors of the ancient texts. They seemed to show something that was rather intresting was
contained inside the temple.
The object, they concluded from their study, was-

'A gold bonemark.'
The discovery had made the seven o' clock news. Evrybody in Dragon City who owned a VIDD screen usually tuned in. Word Paynn was not an exception.
'Do you know how powerful a gold bonemark would be, Moordryd? MOORDRYD!'
Moordryd Paynn, who had been habitually not paying attention ever since his father had gone delusional about conquering the world, looked up.
'I know that a gold bone mark would be the epitomy of all power, Father. But, what I don't understand, is: Isn't there only one gold dragon?'
'Technicly, nowadays, yes, but-'

'In the ancient days,' echoed the voice of the dragon priest Mortis round the walls of the underground temple where the Penn racing team of Artha, his brother Lance and friends Parmon and Kitt (plus dragons) used as a secret base. 'there were two gold dragons of legend.'
'Why would they need two? Surely Beau and I are a formidible force on our own.' asked Artha. Beau made a response as if to say: Yes. Why?
'You do know that Beau is the black and gold dragon of legend, and he is a force for good?'
'Well, yeah, but that still doesn't explain why there were TWO gold dragons.' pointed out Kitt.
'You've just missed the point. To balance out the overwhelming power of good, there was an equal force for evil. This was the purpose of the second gold dragon. His name was Raagnorak. He was the greatest enemy of the Dragon Booster and Beau during the dragon-human war.'
'So,' said Parm. 'The original Dragon Booster and Beau sealed Raagnorak in a bonemark?'
'Correct.' said Mortis. 'To prevent anyone ever getting hold of it for evil purposes, it was sealed away in the middle of the most deadly system of booby traps ever concocted for a temple. This also has the added side effect of preventing anyone who is evil and goes in there from ever threatning the city again.'

'Which is why,' continued Word 'that I will be unable to get hold of the bonemark myself.'
Moordryd sighed. It was obvious what was going to happen.
'OK, then, Father. Me and my Dragon Eyes will go into the temple to attempt to retrieve the bonemark. But what are you going to do with it?'
'I will put it on Abandonn.' replied Word. 'Adding the power of a gold dragon to Abandonns already formidible power will allow me to lay low the weakened forces of dragon and human after my plans for starting the second war do their job. ('IF' muttered Moordryd under his breath) With Abandonn possesing the power of Raagnorak, he and I will be unstoppable.'
'I shall not fail you, Father.' said Moordryd, and walked away.
As he walked away, however, a glimmer appared in his eyes.
He knew power when he saw it, and he wouldn't let Daddy in on it.

Meanwhile, in the Dragon Temple, there has been much discussion among the band of friends.
Eventually, they came to a descision.
'I think,' declared Kitt (for this was her idea) 'that we should try to brave the temple and get the bonemark before anyone else can.'
'Isn't it safe in there already?' Parm pointed out.
'Yeah, but those traps would have rusted to dust eons ago!' Kitt countered.
'OK, unainimous descision.' ruled Artha. 'We go to the temple, get this bonemark,and hopefully it doesn't fall into the hands of the bad guys. Let's go, team!'
They sped off on their dragons.
Mortis started banging his head against the wall.
'He's the mythical hero of legend, has powers beyond imagination, and he's an IDIOT?' he thought.

It was not only these factions that had decided to capture the bonemark.
Far away, in a huge carvern with symbols decorating the pillars, the orange dragons of the Prophets crew were holding a meeting.
Silence! roared Propheci, the leader of the orange dragons.
Immediatly, the Prophets stopped bickering and stood to attention.
Word has reached me that a bonemark, a GOLD bonemark, has been unearthed on the outskirts of the city Propheci broadcast through telepathy to the dragons.
Everyone in the room gasped.
Propheci continued.
I believe that the Prophets should be the holders of this bonemark. We are the rightful rulers of dragonkind, yet we skulk around down HERE?!
There was a general murmur of agreement.
If we get hold of this bone mark, we will be able to come out of hiding to rule the world!
Mass cheering. Propheci was silently pleased.
Tomorrow, I and a selected band of you will delve into the temple in search of this bonemark! Then, my brothers and sisters, we shall RULE THE WORLD!!!!!


Chapter 2: Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday

The Dragon Eyes were the first to arrive.
'Umm, Moordryd?' asked Cain.
'What, Cain?!' Moordryd snapped, interrupted from working open the door.
'You know how this temple is supposed to be really dangerous, because of the gold bonemark?'
'Yes, Cain, I'm not stupid.' He finished picking the lock and let it swing open.
'Well, it occurred to me we're probably all going to DIE!!!!'
The word DIE, said especially loud, has an effect on most people. The Dragon Eyes were no exception.
They and their dragons were frozen rigid.
Moodryd sighed. Why oh why were his crew such wimps?

Oi, Coershun. whispered Decepshun (in dragon, obviously).
Whaddya say? asked Coershun, who was very much miffed.
I said: Wimp.
Coershun, despite the fact that he was as cowardly as his rider, was overcome with rage.
You. Take. That. Back he snarled.
Go in there, and maybe I'll take it back.

As the crew entered (somewhat reluctantly) they didn't notice a shadow dart into the temple after them.

It was nightfall by the time the Penns came along.
'Artha. Remind me why we're doing this again?' asked Parm, who was as nervous as the Dragon Eyes had been a while ago.
'Because, Parm, we have to stop them from attaining ultimate power and causing a dragon-human war!'
'Oh. That makes sense.'

Last of all were the Prophets.
They numbered about fifteen or so. Propheci was the head of the group, but he had a lietenant to take control in case of something fatal. The lietenants name was Haken.
Errr, Propheci?
Even though we may gain ultimate power over all dragon and human kind, don't you think it's a little risky to go into a temple that will be bristling with traps and snares?
Ha! Orange draconium science sneers at dragon temple traps!!
Whatever you say, my lord

All three groups were in.
The game had begun.

The Dragon Eyes were making swift progress along the corridors of the tunnel.
'Yes, Cain?'
'It doesn't seem so scary right now that nothing has happened.'
'Yeah. I guess you're right.'
Ha! said Coershun.
Decepshun scowled.
Then someone stepped on a tile.
The tile went click.
'Oh scales.' cursed Moordryd. He turned around.
'OK, which one of you did tha-'
Rumble Rumble Rumble
'What was that?'
THUMP!!! rumble rumble rumble
'That' turned out to be a boulder covered in studded green draconium spikes. Tough, and if it happened to roll on you, squidge!
'Everybody, RUN!!!!'
They ran.


Chapter 3: More Than Meets The Eye

While the Dragon Eyes were finding the joys of spiked boulders, the Penns were racing ahead.
They came to a section with various holes in the wall.
'Uh oh.' sad Parm. 'Typically, holes in a wall of a temple we know is bristling with traps mean that if we step on the triggerstone for one of this traps we'll activate a hydropump that will-'
'Fine. If we step on a triggerstone, a river of some sort of liquid will come bursting out of one of the holes in the wall.'
'OK, everyone.' said Artha. 'I'm going to go ahead first. If I'm swept off by a river of boling whatever, at least you'll be alive.'
'But you're the Dragon Booster!' Kitt protested. 'You're the one who will save the world from the impending dragon-human war!'
('Plus, Beau is sooooooooooooooooooo cute!' squeed the fangirls)
'I have no choice!'
He pulled the star amulet out of its holder and uttered those fateful words.
'Release The Dragon!!!'

Meanwhile, the Prophets were carefully going a different route.
Propheci? Haken said through telepathy.
What? snapped Propheci.
We're getting restless back here. We're all on edge as to the next trap.
The entire group had nearly been wiped out by a rolling boulder a few minutes earlier. Only some green shielding gear used along with brown entrenching gear had stopped them all from being pancaked.
Tell them that it's good to be wary. Heightens their chance of survival.
Haken relayed that back to the others.

Artha and Beau were walking carefully along the path which may or may not have triggerstones in it.
So good so far. They hadn't been melted by superheated mud.
'See guys? Nothing to worry abou-'
Beau snorted in surprise.
The was a goosh sound, and a stream of superheated mud came shooting out of the hole! It was so hot you could see golden streaks of magma in the mud.
Kitt screamed.
(Meanwhile, A/K shippers were fainting to the floor, gasping 'It can't be! She was meant for him!' before passing out. K/P shippers were rubbing their hands with glee, saying 'Well, now he's out of the way...')

The Dragon Eyes were fleeing the boulder just as Artha was just about to be melted by the superheated mud.
They burst out into the cavern where the Penns were trying to cross the corridor.
'OK!' yelled Moordryd. 'On my word...NOW!'
Each of the Dragon Eyes activated their red thruster and white aerogear and sailed out of the boulders way, using white rappel gear to hang to the wall, out of reach of the boulder.
Lance noticed the rolling spikey death coming their way.
'Look!' he yelled.
Parm just said 'Oh no.'
The dragons, however, knew what to do.
Cyrano magged their green shielding gear to its full capacity, thus creating a shield around all the dragons. Wyldfyr then magged the red thruster gear that was basically a must on all dragons, and together the three (and their riders) raced down away from the boulder.
Beau noticed this too.
Thinking quickly, he raised his own shield (See 'Into The Fire) to block the spray of mud and then sprinted desperatly down the corridor.
The boulder kept on rolling.
And then it stuck.
The super heated mud that was flooding the corridor had stuck it in its tracks!!
The only problem was: the mud was rapidly advancing.
This time, there was no escape.


Chapter Four: Unlikely Alliances

The mud continued to ooze down the passage towards our heroes.
'This is it!' squealed Parm. 'We're going to die!!!!'
'Artha.' said Kitt. 'I've got something I think you should know.'
'What?' replied Artha.
(A/K shippers are now hunched over their screens, saying 'Yes! Yes! Tell him!' P/K shippers are now slumped on their chairs gasping in shock 'Bu-bu-but SHE WAS MEANT FOR HIM!)
Before she could finish whatever she was saying, a beam of bright blue mag energy shot out of the gloom and struck the mud.
Instantly, the mud was frozen into a harmless mass of rock.
'Who did that?' wondered Kitt.
As if to answer her question, the Dragon Eyes crew lowered themselves from the darkness above them like sinster wraiths in the pale light of the glow-lights in the walls.
Moordryd was evidently not pleased to see the Penns, despite the fact that he was the one who had used his cooling gear to freeze the mud.
(M/K shippers are now yelling 'We have proof!!!!')
'So.' he spat. 'Dragon Booster. Or Artha Penn, as I heard your girlfriend so loudly say.'
'I AM NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!' yelled Kitt, and promptly socked Moordryd on the nose.
(Both A/K shippers and M/K shippers are now disheartened at this latest revelation)
Moordryd was stunned.
'Of course it did, I punched you on the nose!' she screamed.
'Guess she isn't Arthas girlfriend.' whispered Lance.
'And just to prove how much that remark offended me!' and she promptly kicked him. Right in the...
Everyone (bar Kitt) winced.
Moordyrd doubled over.
'You..really...shouldn't...have.' he squeaked.

While all this was going on, the Prophets, unhampered by such moral dramas, were taking a different route.
This time it was a small path along a high cliff. There was no telling what was below them.
Like the corridor, there were small holes in the wall and random intervals.
The dragons moved in single file.
Oh. Scales said Haken.
But there was no rumble of unknown liquids coming to sweep the Prophets off their feet.
One of the Prophets stuck his head in the hole to see what was the matter.
It's alright! he relayed. The mechanism's stuck.
They continued along the path, unhampered by any thought of traps or snares.
Which proved to be their downfall.
Who cares? The System is Down. said the Prophet who had stepped on it.
Unfortunatly he was very wrong.
A wall of water was blasted out of the hole, carrying the screaming dragon off the edge of the cliff.
As it turned out, at the bottom was deep water.
The Prophet who had landed in it was very thanful he had been spared.
It turned out he was very wrong, when two enormous Hydrags surfaced and started dismembering the unfortunate dragon.
The Prophets were stunned. Even the gigantic Abandonn was only the size of one of the Hydrags head!!
Propheci, however, was unfazed.
What are you looking at? he snarled. We must push on, regardless of the casualties!
The Prophets moved on. But, unknown to Propheci, the spark of rebellion was already catching fire among his underlings.

After Moordryd had recovered (it was still very painful for him to walk), quite a few things were happening.
The Dragon Eyes saw that they could get to the bonemark easier if they had the Dragon Booster at their side.
The Penns saw that the Eyes had some gear that would be very useful in certain situations.
So an alliance was made.
The two groups would help each other out until they reached the bone mark. At that point, however, the allys would go their ways with the bonemark.
'Artha.' whispered Parm.
'I'm not sure we can trust them. They're Dragon Eyes! They have a reputation of being untrustworthy!'
'I know your concerns, Parm. But they have powers we don't, and I think we need to band together if we have to get through this alive.'
Similiar dicussions were going on in the Dragon Eye camp.
'He's the DRAGON BOOSTER!' said Cain. 'He eats crooks like us for dinner!!'
'I know we have had a dishonourable history, Cain.' replied Moordryd. 'But that's mainly because my father uses us as pawns in his little games. Maybe we can relieve ourselves of our past and go forward without Dragon City Security breathing down our necks.'

Finally, they shook on it.
But, would the alliance last very long?
And did anyone notice the shadow that had been tailling the Dragon Eyes since the start?


Chapter Five: Jaws

The combined forces of both the Dragon Eyes and the Dragon Booster made steady progress along the labyrinth of corridors and tunnels that made up the interior of the temple.
They had had to avoid many traps-more superheated mud, nails that shot out of the floor, even a boulder that had unexpectedly rolled across the path and nearly squished Rancydd.
Presently, they came to a flight of stairs.
Nothing remotly threatning.
Unless you counted the skeletons at the bottom of the stairs as threatning.
Lance and Kitt recoiled slightly, noticing that not one skeleton had a head.
Parm saw this too.
'Headless skeletons at the bottom of a stairwell mean head-chopping blades at the top. Must be careful.' he warned.
Artha decided to test the Professors theory. He grabbed one of the skeletons bones and threw it up the stairs.
As soon as the bone reached the top of the stairs, there was a quick sching-shing! sound, and it was chopped visibly in half. It fell to the floor with a clatter, and collapsed into dust.
'I'll go up first and neutrelise the blades with cooling gear.' said Artha, taking the gear off Decepshun (How dare the Dragon Booster take gear off ME?) and proceeding up the stairs.
Artha stuck his Jakk-Stick out to trigger the blades, then shot a beam of coolant at the blade as it clanged against the stick.
The blade froze, useless.
'C'mon, guys!' he yelled down the staircase. 'It's safe to come up!'

Ouside the temple, the ground thundered as a heavy set of feet pounded into the ground as the owner of the feet walked.
It stopped briefly at the doorway to the temple before entering into the blackness.

The stairs led to a path that hung over a deep lake. The path was lit, but the water remained in inky blackness, occasionally disturbed by ripples in the water caused by who-knew-what kind of mysterous aquatic creatures.
The temporary allies cautiously treaded the bridge, wary of any traps or snares.
I don't like this said Coershun. It makes me nervous.
Decepshun snorted.
EVERYTHING makes you nervous, you wimp.
Coershuns eyes narrowed, but he declined to say anything.
He stuck his head out over the dark water, trying to reassure himself that there was nothing there.
It didn't do much for his confidence when a Hydrag burst out of the water and nearly bit his head off.
Fortunatly for him, black dragons have one of the fastest reaction times among dragons, and he yanked his head backwards as the Hydrag chomped on empty air.
Parm had apparently noticed something about the Hydrag.
'Unlike other Hydrags that are seen around Dragon City, that Hydrag was a lime-green. Lime-green Hydrags are juveniles. Seeing how that one was the size of an adult Dragon City Hydrag, I'd really hate to think how big the adults would be.'
This sent a shiver down all their spines.
They proceeded, fortunatly without incident.

Meanwhile the Prophets had come to another bridge over the same underground lake.
Come on! said Propheci. We have to get to the bonemark lest it falls into enemy hands!
The orange dragons paused at the bridge entrance.
Well? Are you with me or against me?
One of the dragons came forward.
I think we are against you. it said.
Propheci was stunned.
What?! he roared. You're my faithful soldiers! Traitors!
He turned to Haken, the only other dragon not in with the group.
Are you with me, or are you against me, Haken?
Haken stood there, paused.
I think I am with you, master. replied Haken.
Propheci was pleased.
I am glad I have a loyal soldier in you, Haken. Now, we'll go ourselves to claim our reward. As for YOU he turned to his former crew members. you are pathetic cowards who do not know power even if it hit them in the face! Come, Haken.
The two Prophets crossed the bridge in silence.
They didn't know they were being watched from beneath the placid water.
They found it out when an adult Giant Hydrag erupted from the water, jaws gaping like a cavern to the underworld.
Like a mousetrap, the terrifying jaws snapped shut on Propheci.
NOOOOOOOO!!!!! he wailed.
But it was no use, as the Giant Hydrag sank beneath the water, taking the dragon with it.
Haken looked behind him.
Well? What are you waiting for?

No such incidents had happened to the allies.
Suddenly, a feeling came over them.
'Moordryd?' Cain trembled.
'What is it, Cain?'
'I think we're being watched.'
'Don't be silly, Cain. We're the only ones down here.'
'If we're alone, what was that?' said Cain, getting more hysterical.
'Guys.' said Artha. 'I think Cain's right.'
There was indeed a presence behind them.
'On my word.' said Artha in a low voice. 'run.'
They ran.
The invisible force following them quickened its pace.
Then it was stopped, by the same kind of force that had stopped Propheci.
A Giant Hydrag.
It leapt out of the water and closed its jaws on air.
Or what seemed to be thin air.
There was a snapping sound, and revealed in the space between the Hydrags jaws was a Wraith Dragon, kicking and screaming to no avail, as the Hydrag sank back into the dark water.
A Wraith Dragon, thought Moordryd. My father must have been trying to make sure I got the bonemark for him so he decided to keep an eye on me. He grinned to himself. But now the wraith was gone, and Daddy didn't have an eye to see with...

Presently, they arrived at a door. It was engraved in the ancient writing. Fortunatly Parm could read it because his mother had made it a point of his history education to learn ancient languages.
"Seek for others and ye shall find. Seek for yerself and ye be blind" he translated.
'This sounds important. I think we should-'
'It's just ancient babble!' insisted Moordryd. 'Let's go in anyway!'
The dragons leapt into the cave.
Parm crossed his arms.
'Why does nobody listen to me? WHY DOES NOBODY LISTEN TO ME!?!'
Cyrano rolled his eyes.
It's because you spout psychobabble all the time. he said (in dragon, to Parm it was a growl) and stomped into the cave.


Chapter Six: Seek and ye shall find

Out on the lake, a heavy set of feet pounded into the bridge, carrying their owner across the lake.
Underneath the water, a Hydrag lay in wait, but when the creature passed it dived back into the depths.
As it approached the final leg of its journey, its tail brushed the surface of the water.

The two allies entered the inner sanctum of the temple.
It was an amazing sight.
The floor was surrounded on all sides by a void strecthing into the darkness. From the bottom of the darkness water could be heard lapping against the base of the cliff.
The ceiling was held up by beams that stretched like ribs towards the roof.
And, on a raised pedestal in the middle of the room, floated the golden bonemark.

It shone in the darkness, lighting the room with its glow.
Like the other bonemarks, it resembled one of the many symbols used by the Street Crews.
In this case, it was The Penn Racing Team who shared their symbol with the ancient bonemark.

Artha made forward to get the bonemark, but Moordryd shoved him roughly aside.
'Hey! What was that for? I thought we were allies.'
Moordryd responded with a sneer.
'Didn't you forget? Our agreement ran out if we found the bonemark.'
With that, he activated Decepshuns green ramming gear and rammed Beau.
'Hey!' yelled Artha.
Then he noticed the crazed look in Moordryds eyes.
'Only I can have the bonemark!' he cackled.
'Oh, I don't think so.' came a voice from behind them.
Everyone turned.
It was the gigantic creature that had entered the temple and used the track they'd carved as a safeway through the temples maze of traps.
The creature was known as Abandonn, its rider: Word Paynn.

'F-Father!' stammered Moordryd. 'I was just about to get you the bonemark and-'
'Oh, really, Moordryd?' said Word Paynn in his usual sibilant voice. 'I was under the impression that you were going to keep the bonemark yourself. Don't ask how I know,' he said, raising a hand as Moordryd opened his mouth to speak. 'I know you too well to completly trust you with such matters. So, I sent a wraith dragon after you to see whether you would do as I anticipated. You did, and I decided to come after you myself, seeing as you had proven so untrustworthy. Now, I shall take what is rightfully mine!'
Abandonn magged Word off his saddle, and growled menacingly at the assembled dragons and humans.
Everyone retreated into the shadows.
But there was one final surprise in store.
As Word was about to take the piece, a burst of magfire-orange mag-fire-strafed out of the doorway and struck him in the back.
Oh, I don't think so. declared a voice, and the owner promptly stepped into the light.

'Propheci?' said Kitt in disbelief.
The one and the same. said Propheci, making no attempt at masking his disgust at the people who had caused his regime to topple.
'But why are you here?' asked Artha.
Same reason you are. Unlike you, though, I had a small army of followers, though they rebelled and chose to get the bonemark for their own use. Fortunatly, I managed to temporarily possese a Hydrag that was about to eat me and used it to destroy the bridge and send those fools to their deaths. Now, I shall take the bonemark, and conquer Dragon City and rule those weak-minded fools.

Propheci launched a mag stream from his forehead and grabbed the bonemark. But as he drew it toawrds him, Lance and Fracshun jumped and grabbed the bonemark out of the magstream.
After landing, the bonemark took hold of their minds, and Lance made to place it on Fracshun, but Moordryd used his whip and grabbed the bonemark off him. The whip was severed by a burst of mag-fire from Propheci, but Cain grabbed the bonemark.
The same crazed look Artha had seen appeared in Cains eyes.
'Guys!' he yelled. 'The bonemark posseses whoever comes into contact with it! Try to knock it off if someone has it!'
Kitt noticed Wyldfyr.
She was possesed.
'I don't think that's the only way it posseses you!' she yelled back.
Wyldfyr magged the bonemark, but Abandonn interrupted its flight with one of his long horns, and knocked it off the mag energy.
Unfortunatly, he'd over-estimated his strength.
The bonemark sailed gracefully over the edge of the cliff into the darkness.
'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!' screamed Word and Propheci simeltaneously.
Propheci backed away.
You may have won this time, fools. But I shall have the last laugh! he cackled, and ran off into the darkness.
Similiarly, the Dragon Eyes and Word turned tail and fled.
'D'you think they'll get far?' asked Lance.
'Considering we deactivated most of the traps, yes.' replied Parm.
With that, the Penns turned and headed off, albeit at a much slower pace than the others.

----THE END----


It fell.
Tumbling through the darkness, the ancient spirit of Raagnorak thought of only one thing: how it had come so close to having a coporeal form again.
Its thoughts were interrupted as it landed...
...on the forehead of the largest Hydrag in the temple!
The bonemark began to glow...


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