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The Madness of Dragon City 2:

When Fandoms Collide

A fanfic of insanity by SilverDragon


Yes, folks, it's a shameless attempt to cash in on the success of the original Madness of Dragon City with a lamer sequel. This was originally called Revenge Of Sue, but then I tried making a story around that and failed spectacularly. Then this came up.

Or I could have made this TMoDC 5 and retconned TmoDC to number 4 like George Lucas did, but we all know what came of that, eh?


Skylii: Curses! My plan for taking over and randomising the world have failed! Miserably! And all due to that Dragon Booster!
Parm, Kitt, Lance and their Dragons: We did too!
Skylii: OK, you defeated me too. But I havn't been sitting on my random throne plotting here for a few months you know...BRIGHTCLAW!!!
Brightclaw: (comes running) Yes, master?
Skylii: (eyes narrow) Bring me Soo-Thor...

Woman: (creeps along)
Shadow: (looms up on the wall)
Woman: (screams) No! No! You can't possibly do this!
Shadowing Thing: A ding ding ding ding dididing -


Artha: (relaxes) Aah, it's great not to be dealing with any randomness like we did back in that other fanfic...
Fourth Wall: (breaks)
Lance: Anyone hear a tinkling sound?
Cyrano: To be sure, I didn't hear a thing.
Shadow: (drifts over the stable)
Parm: What the-
Kitt: It's a balloon!
Voice: Prepare for trouble!
Voice #2: Make it double!
Artha: And I was supposed to be on holiday...


Head Death: Sit down, Death of Insanly Overpowered Fireballs.
DoIOF: (sits down)
Head Death: Insanly Overpowered Fireballs, we've noticed that not many people outside of role-playing games have died of insanly overpowered fireballs. So we're demoting you to Death Of Being Serenaded by the Crazy Frog.
Death of-oh, I give up: NOOOO!!!!!!


Team Rocket: Team Rocket's blasting off agaiiiinnn...(ding!)
Artha: Well, I'm glad that's over.
People in the distance: (scream)
Kitt: There's trouble over there!
Artha: Well, I'm the hero in this story, so I should check it out. RELEASE THE DRAGON!!!
Kitt: (holds head in hands) Here we go again...


Artha: This is where the screaming came from!
Lance: I'm scared.
Fracshun: Me too, mate.
Parm: (panics) Look!!!
Shadow: (looms)
Artha: Careful! We're about to find out what all the fuss is about!
Shadow: A ding ding ding-
Humans: (scream)
Cyano: Oh for the love of-(stomps on Crazy Frog)
Crazy Frog: (is squished and forever silenced)
British Public: (cheer)
Artha: Thanks, Cyrano!
Cyrano: No problem!


Timmy Turner: Aw man! Crocker's given me an assignment on the biology of dragons! And we all know well that dragons are much rarer than they used to be owing to knights! Gah!
Cosmo: Well, you could always wish up a dragon to study!
Wanda: Cosmo, should you be putting such ideas in his head?
Cosmo: Why not? There aren't any in mine!
Timmy: That's a GREAT idea! I wish that there were dragons in the world! Or, at least my room.
Cosmo and Wanda: (hold their wands up and go ding)
Wanda: I can see where this is going...


The heroes: (vanish)


The Heroes: (appear)
Artha: Where are w-(notices hand) AAAAAAH!!! I'M 2-D!!!! NOOO!!!!
Timmy: Uh, guys...I don't think those are dragons.
Wanda: They're a different TYPE of dragon. When you wished for dragons, our magic scanned the universe for anything like a dragon, and, well, here we are.
Cosmo: (plays rock song) TRROOOOOOOGDOOOOOOOORRR!!!!!
Timmy: (suddenly realises) Wait, they've seen you...doesn't that mean you have to go away?
Wanda: Yeah, but we've wished up beings that have seen us, and WE haven’t had to go away.
Cosmo: And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHT!!!!!
Artha: Hey, any chance of getting us out of here?
Kitt: Yeah, being 2-D is really creeping me out.
Shadow: (descends)
Wyldfyr: Oh no...
Voice: Oh yes! Prepare for trouble!
Voice #2: Make it double!!!
Narrator: But while the heroes were screaming in disbelief, they were wondering: How had their supreme enemies followed them through time and space?

Mr. Crocker: (falls in plothole) AAAAHHHH!!!!! (hits bottom) The existence of this hole in the narrative can only prove one thing...the existence of (spazzes out) FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!!!!!! Ouch, I should really learn to stop go spazzy while in a small space.


Jessie: You meddling brats! You foiled our master plans!
Lance: Master plans?!
James: Um...
Jessie: But that doesn't matter now! We will capture the little lizard for ourselves.
Fracshun: Why?
Jessie: Because you're soooooooooooooo cute!!!!
Fracshun: Why thank you!
Jessie: Go, Seviper! (releases Seviper)
James: Go, Cacnea! (releases Cacnea)
Cacnea: (hugs James)
James: OW!!!
Beau: (powers up)
James: Ah, but we have a device which neutralises magnetic energy!
Artha: Damn...
Timmy: Um, I wish Team Rocket and the dragons were somewhere else!!!
C&W: (ding!)
Team Rocket and our heroes: (vanish)


Our heres: (appear)
Artha: Oh, good, we're 3-D again.
hyperpsychomaniac: Raaaarrr!!!!
Parm: We're not out of trouble yet!!!
Everyone: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!
hyperpsychomaniac: (waves arms about and looks like a man in a rubber suit)
Dashing, Young, Intelligent, And Oh-So-Speshul Woman: (pulls out bazooka and dispatches the monster)
Artha: (pink bubbles of luuuuuurve)
Kitt: Um, thanks. Just one question: What is your name?
Woman: Ensign M. Sue, sir! My name is M. Sue. I started out a few days ago, but ascended through the ranks to be at the next highest position to captain. I am also Spocks lost daughter, my mother was the last member of a race with angel wings (ruffles wings) and me and Kirk have a relationship.
Artha: (pink bubbles)
Lance: Artha's in luuuurve, Artha's in luuuuurve...
Kitt: If this is going where I think...
M. Sue: Artha, I am your mother!
Kitt: Took the words right out of my mouth, you did.
M. Sue, Now, Artha, why don't we go back to my cabin, and-
Klaxon: (goes off)
M. Sue: Oh drat! Klingons!
Everyone: Klingons?
M. Sue: Nasty guys, Klingons. They're usually friendly towards us, but they attack us for some reason in this sector (whips out bazooka).
phsycopathicdragon: You're supposed to have phasers!
M. Sue: (swings bazooka around) Who's got the gun here?
phsycopathicdragon: O...K (backs off)
M. Sue: Now, let's kick some bum!


Skylii: Ahahahahahahaha!!!! My plan is going to fruitation! Now, where are those underlings of mine? Are, there they are! Now... (waves hands)
Reality: (is altered)


M. Sue: Now, stand ready everyone! This will be a tough battle!
Kitt: (under breath) Never fought a self-insert before, have they?
Door: (open)
Figures: (walk in)
M. Sue: Hey, those aren't Klingons!
Voice: Right you are! Prepare for trouble!
Voice #2: Make it double!
Everyone (bar M. Sue and Team Rocket): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Reality: (alters again)
Dragon Booster characters and Team Rocket: (vanish)
M. Sue: Hey! Where'd they go! I was going to have a relationship! Gaahh...


Heroes: (appear)
Kitt: Well, we've escaped Team Rocket.
Lance: But where are we?
Parm: (activates binox) Well, the whole place is...very 16-bit.
Everyone: NOOOO!!!! 16-BIT-NESS!!!! AAARGH!!!!
Lance: Hey, is that a grey bone dragon I see approaching us?
SkullGreyMon: Graaah!
Everyone: AAAARGH!!!! HELP!!!!!
The DigiDestined: (arrive)
Agumon: Agumon, digivolve to...GREYMON!!!
Gabumon: Gabumon...digivolve to GARURUMON!!!
Narrator: And so on, bar Patamon. But wait! Is this a new human I see beside the DigiDestined? And what kind of Digimon is that?
Maichi-Sokuwa (the ninth Digidestined): Insertmon, we need your help! (holds up egg) Digi armor of Overpowerdness, energise!
Insertmon: Insertmon, digivolve to...MARYSUEMON!!!!
Lance: Oh No!
Kitt: Here we go again!
Artha: Tra la laaa!
MarySuemon: Overpowered blast!!!!! (blasts)
SkullGreyMon: Noo! (disintergrates)


Head Death: (picks up phone) Yes? What? Someone actually died of an insanly overpowered fireball?! But I just fired him!


Marysuemon: (goes back to Insertmon)
Digimon characters: (fall to one side due to author not willing to write parts for shameless Pokemon rip-offs)
M.S: (is described by author in massive detail, widescreen and hi-res)
Artha: (pink bubbles)
Lance: I like this one already!
Kitt: (sarcasm) Woo.
Parm: Maybe she'll help me with inventing new gear!
Kitt: (pulls out thruster gear and hold it to head, only to find it is broken) Dang.
M.S: (comes up to Artha) Hello.
Artha: Um..erm..um...(meekly) hello.
M.S.: I am Maichi-Sokuwa. I come from the star Sirius, and can speak a Healing Language. I am also blessed with transformative powers and only I can command Insertmon. Oh, and I can see we were meant for each other.
Artha: Hey-Wha? Where?
M.S.: Your aura. It's reflecting off your pants.
Kitt: (stifles a giggle)
M.S.: What's so funny? I can see auras! Nothing funny!
Kitt & Wyldfyr: (falls about laughing) Reflecting...pants! Wahahahahaahahahaha!!!!!
Artha: I'll have you know you're dumped.
Kitt: (rolls about) And the best thing is, I don't care a bit!


Voice: They have done enough. Bring them in.


DB Characers: (zwarp off)
Digimon characters: Wha-?
M.S.: Oh, hello. (pulls out whip)
Digimon characters: NOOO!!!!! (run)


Artha: Where are we?
Harry Potter: Ack! Where did you come from?
Mindwell Suenethur: Yeah. Now rack off.

Voice: OK, who's operating the teleport?
Voice #2: It's a technical fault. This was only installed yesterday!
Voice: Dammit, Thrakos, I'm a judge, not a teleportation technician!
Thrakos: OK, OK. (fiddles around)


DB characters: (vanish)


Kitt: Where are we?
Lights: (go up)
Wyldfyr: Oh phew, it isn't Team Rocket.
Parm: This is a courtroom!
Voice: So it is!
Judges: (reveal themselves)
Kitt: (notices) Wait, aren't women allowed to become judges too?
Head Judge aka Cepheus: Yeah, but we expelled them when we found all they were intrested in was writing fanfics in which they did unmentionable things with Draco Malfoy. Anyway...You are brought here before the High Court of FanFiction charged with rewriting canon and consorting with the evil Mary Sue!
Dramatic music: DUN DUN DAH!!!


Word: The eyebrows...are power! Once they were our equals. Today Moordryd controls the eyebrow...to race, compete, and fight...at over 200 kilometres per hour. Now, eyebrows are once again ready to be released. And a powerful eyebrow of legend will choose a young hero...The Eyebrow Booster!
Word: The gold eyebrow is the only thing that can stop me...
Moordryd: I want that eyebrow!
Artha: NOOOO!!!!!
Lance: Drac!
Moordryd: Control that eyebrow, and you control the world.

Moordryd: Woah...Did I just send up my own eyebrow?
Decepshun: As a matter of fact, yes.


Cepheus: You have been found guilty of consorting with the Mary Sue and altering canon. How do you plead?
Artha: Um...Not Guilty!
Parm: By the way, what IS a Mary Sue?
Cepheus: A Mary Sue is one of the worst kind of demons that live in the fabric of fanfiction. They usually outclass everybody in sheer power, and if they get in a Harry Potter fanfic, Goddess forbid...I'm not supposed to tell you that while this is PG-13.
Everyone: Riiiight...
Cepheus: We will now get on with the session!

Narrator: While the court session was in progress, Parm was in a world of his own. And through the miracle of modern technology, we can bring you that dream.


Dragon racers: (fall off the very twisty track)
Parm: (zooms right through it)
Narrator: As all the other riders fall off the track, Parm sticks like his feet are glued to the saddle.
Parm: (accepts trophy)
Narrator: Which they are.
Parm: (falls over)
Narrator: Which makes walking home hard to do. Sleeping isn't easy either.
Parm: Get out of my dreams!
Narrator: Ok, OK, sorry.


Lance: I'm bored. Can we get this on with this?
Artha: Yeah. There's a guy over there who has had HIS trial going on for about three serials.
Cepheus: OK, OK. Roll the die.
lil_wyldfyr: (rolls dice)
Cepheus: (reads the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons handbook) Three. You are found guilty and left to rot in the prison cells.
Heroes: NOOOO!!!!!
Shining Light: (shines)
Cepheus: (falls to knees)
Parm: What the?


Skylii: What the? NOOO!!!! My plan is coming undone!


Kitt: What-who-is THAT?
Cepheus: Our Goddess of all that is good, Sarah Frost!!!
Kitt: I've heard better names.
Sarah Frost: Speak for yourself, token cliche.
Kitt: Hey!
Cepheus: Oh mighty goddess of all that is good, well-punctuated and non-Mary Sue, we have found these people consorting with your worst enemies!
Sarah Frost: Just because they consort with self-inserts doesn't mean they're witches.
Thrakos: Oh yes it does! (points at Lance) He turned me into a yellow bellied newt!
Sarah Frost: A newt?
Thrakos: Um, I got better.
Judges: YEAH!!!
Sarah Frost: Shut up. Anyway (turns to heroes) I find you lot not guilty because you did it by accident-
Everyone: YAY!
Sarah Frost:-and I charge you with the sacred task of destroying the Self-Inserts.
Artha: YAY!!! Wait, what the-?
Sarah Frost: See, me and the goddess of randomness, Skylii, have been waging eternal war since the fanfic universe began. I have found that her latest weapon is the Soo-Thor, the mother of all Mary Sues. Because we cannot directly fight, we use characters as pawns in our game. So I'm using YOU to destroy the demons Soo-Thor has unleashed.
Lance: But how will we destroy them?
Sarah Frost: (pulls out sword) This is the legendary sword Modcalibur. It has the power to destroy a Mary Sue, but ONLY if she is in the arms of her beloved. Which is where YOU (glances at Artha) come in.
Artha: Me?
Sarah Frost: Yes, you, because all the Mary Sues have a magnetic attraction to canon characters, one of which is you. Then, and only then, can you destroy the Sue, for the sword will not work under any other circumstances.
Artha: (takes sword)
Sarah Frost: (opens a portal) When you defeat the demon, I will open a portal to the next fandom for you to venture in.
Lance: This sounds like a video game.
Artha: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!!!!
Narrator: And thus the heroes cleaned up the fanfiction world...


M.S.: Artha! You're back! (falls in his arms) Now, let's talk about r-
Kitt: Take that, you demon! (strikes with sword)
M.S.: What? NOOOO!!!!!! (explodes into dust)
Insertmon: RAARRR!!!!! (leaps with claws beared)
Everyone: AAAAHHHH!!!!!
Parm: (pulls out sonic screwdriver) Die, you fiend!
Sonic Screwdriver: ZZZZTT!!!!
Insertmon: No! (disintergrates)
Artha: Wow...where'd you get that sonic screwdriver?
Parm: Did I mention I'm a Doctor Who fan? (sings) DOCTOR WHOOOOO! DOCTOR WHO!!!
Kitt: Catchy.

Narrator:...one story at a time.


Ensign M. Sue: Oh, hello Artha! I have a big story to tell you-I lov-
Kitt: (strikes with sword)
Ensign M. Sue: AAAH! (explodes)
Kitt: (twirls sword) This is easy.

Narrator: Unfortunatly, the very last person on their list was harder.


Mindwell: I love you, Draco!
Artha: I'm not Draco!
Mindwell: Of course you aren't! Go to heck! Avad-
Lance: (pushes Mindwell into Dracos arms)
Kitt: (strikes)
Mindwell: What? NOOO!!! (explodes)
Sarah Frost: (appears) Well done. For a bunch of cliches, you can really do some good.
Skylii: (appears) This battle is not yet over, Sarah Frost! Soo-Thor is on the brink of creating the most powerful self-insert ever! Mwahahahaha!! (vanishes)
Sarah Frost: Your task is not yet done, I'm afraid.
Everyone: WHAT?!
Sarah Frost: Before you will be allowed home, you must destroy Soo-Thor.
Artha: Isn't it immortal?
Sarah Frost: No, that's Skylii. Plus her servant, Brightclaw. Soo-Thor is just your regular fanfic writer, except a zillion times more evil. She used to be called Star Ruby, before she fused with all the other Mary-Sue writers and became ultra-powerful!Soo-Thor. Defeat her, and the fanfiction universe will return to order and all will be well. Get ready!
Kitt: Wait, wha-WOAH!!!!!
Heroes: (spiral off into the vortex) AAAAHHH!!!!!


Heroes: (materialise)
Artha: Well, this is an intresting place.
Kitt: And surprisingly clean for a place of randomness and chaos.
Sparx: (lands hard) Oof.
LightningFlash (the vehicle) Zawoooom!!!
LightningFlash (the admin): Yay! Finally, Sparx gets in a DB crossover of her own!
Kitt: Who are you?
Sparx: I'm Sparx. Y'know, from Ace Lightning?
Lance: Nooo....
Sparx: (sighs) Anyway, I was sent here because Her Supreme Majesty Sarah Frost thought you needed some extra help, despite the Canon Sue that is Artha.
Artha: This whole Sue thing is really beginning to scrap my scales.
Sparx: We must go down into the depths of Skyliis citadel if we are to confront Soo-hor and bring an end to all this madness!
Parm: How do you know to go down that tunnel.
Sparx: (points) Well, that handy sigh there (points).
Parm: Ohhhh....
Artha: let's go! RELEASE THE DRAGON!!!!
Kitt: (to Sparx) See, this is what I have to deal with every day of my life.
Sparx: Trust me, I know the feeling...


Skylii: So, my old enemy Sarah Frost has decided to take the game to a higher level, has she? Well, I'll show her that this goddess isn't sitting around! (lightning shoots from fingertips) Hamper them, my minions! Considering they're heroes, I doubt I'll be able to kill them, but what the heck does it matter?


Heros: (proceed catiously)
Bob the Angry Flower: (drops from ceiling)
Everyone: AAARGH!!
Bob: (pulls out plasmatronic gun) As much as I'd LIKE to shoot you with this laser gun-
Lance: You won't?
Bob: Nah, I'm too angry to not kill you!
Sparx: (whips out sword and does some nifty topiary work)
Bob The Angry Arranged Flower: I suppose I could make a lame joke about being clipped, but..(vanishes)
Sparx: Well, that was simple.
Voice: Thought so, eh?
Kitt: OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!
Sparx: What?
Jessie: Prepare for trouble!
Lance: It's Team Rocket!
James: Make it-
DB: We've heard it all before.
Beau: Yeah, so get out of here, eh?
Cyrano: To be sure, I'll squish you!
James: Fat chance!
Fracshun: Crikey! Now here we have an excellent specimen of the rare Teamus Rocketus! These poor critters have been transported far from their naitive environment, so it's our duty to catch them and get them back where they belong! (leaps)
Team Rocket: AAARGH!!!
Fracshun: Crikey, they're tough 'uns, they are!
TR: (run off) Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!!!!
Fracshun: Darn, they got away!
Shadow: (descends from ceiling)
Sparx: What is THAT?
Alien: (grins)
Everyone: AAAAAHHHH!!!!!
Alien: (advances)
Parm: You want a piece of me?
DB: Parm, what are you doing?
Parm: Well, alien scum, do you want a piece of me?
Alien: (hisses)
Parm: Right! YAAA!!!! (charges)
Alien: (charges)
Fight: (ensues)
Kitt: Go, Parm!!!
Sparx: Go, Parm!!!
Kitt: Hey, I'M supposed to be the one in love with Parm!
Sparx: Well, you aren't!
Kitt: (draws JAKK-stick) Prepare to fight, usurper!
Sparx: (draws sword) Right!
Lance: FIGHT!!!
Parm: (zaps alien with sonic screwdriver)
Alien: (dies)
Parm: I win!! Wait...
Kitt: (fights Sparx)
Sparx: (fights Kitt)
DB: Are they fighting over me or you?
Parm: I don't know.
DB: Come on ladies, break it up!
Sparx and Kitt: (take one look and attack DB)
DB: Oof! Ow! Ouch! Yow!
Kay Yasha: (joins in with stick) Bashing Artha is FUN!!!!!!1!
DB Boarders: (join in)


Skylii: Man, this is boring...BRIGHTCLAW!!!
Brightclaw: Yes, master?
Skylii: Bring them in. This fighting is getting boringer than He-Man.


Heroes: (vanish)


Heroes: (appear)
Sparx: What the?
Skylii: Welcome to my domain, FOOLS!!!!1!
Kitt: You, again!!!
Skylii: Yes, and THIS time my title says 'Randomity at its high. Beware. ; )'!!!!! Now NOTHING can stop me!
DB: Just because your title says so?
Skylii: Probably not. But you shall still be destroyed!!!!
Brightclaw: Yes, master kill the stupid heroesis!!!!
Sparx: (strikes with sword, but sword fizzles out)
Skylii: See? You can't kill me at all.
Soo-Thor: (appears)
Skylii: Ah, my dear colleague. Please meet my guests. Then kill them.
1!1!1!111111!!!11111 OMG WTF
DB: Did anyone understand that?
Everyone (including Skylii): Nope.
DB: Oh no! We're gonna die!!!!!
Kitt: Wait! The sword of modship!! (strikes with it)
Soo-Thor: NOOO!!
!11!!!!!11!11!111!1111!1!!1!!! OMG WTF (explodes)
Skylii: What? NOOOO!!!!!! My plans are ruined!
Sarah Frost: And so they are, Skylii.
Skylii: My dear old nemesis, how nice it is to meet you!
Sarah Frost: Same here (drives sword of order through Skylii)
Skylii: What? NOOOOO!!!! (vanishes in a white light)
Lance: Hey, didn't you say you can't harm each other directly?
Sarah Frost: I lied.


Heroes: (reappear)
Artha: (deactivates DB armour) Whew, am I glad that's over.
Shadow: (looms)
Artha: What's that?
Shadow: (reveals to be a Mankey)
Kitt: Aw, isn't it cute? (levitates in adoration)
Mankey: (steals Artha's chocolate)
Artha: Oi! (kicks Mankey)
Mankey: (gets mad)
Artha: Ooops...
Mankey: (chases Artha)
Mankey: (beats up Artha)
Kitt: Artha, are you OK?
Artha: Of course I'm not OK!!!
Dust: (clears)
Artha: I surrender...

THE END!!!!!

Kitt: This fanfic brought to you by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dragons.
Kitt and Wyldfyr: YAY DRAGONS!!!


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