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Reignbeau and the Rainbow Dragon Booster



Chapter 1 Through the Desert

I ran hard and fast over a long and barren desert. I was growing very tired and started slowing down.

“Had enough girl?” a boy on my back asked.

I was panting hard, my mouth was dry, and my lungs ached.

“Need to take a brake?” the boy asked.

I didn’t reply.

“You can stop running anytime now,” the boy said.

I stopped running and collapsed from exhaustion. The boy got down from the saddle and pulled a canteen out of my pack. He poured water into my mouth. I drank it down painfully.

My dry throat made it hard and painful to swallow. The water soon soothed the pain and dryness and I lifted my head.

“I’m getting old,” I said.

“Nonsense you’ve been running through this dessert for a long time. It’s hot here and that’s enough to make any dragon wear out fast,” the boy said.

“I don’t know Joshua. I’ve been able to stand heat before,” I said.

“Reignbeau you’re only 28 years old. You’re not that old. You’re tiring out so fast is due to a combination of the heat, running for hours non stop and the sand is soft, I mean everyone knows that soft sand can be treacherous for a dragon,” Joshua said.

I looked at him with a tired expression.

“Come on. We better find an oasis soon or we’ll suffer from heatstroke. Take it easy this time. There is no point in running anymore,” Joshua said and mounted me again.

We continued on in search this time for an oasis.

“Look Reignbeau, palm trees,” Joshua pointed out. I started jogging towards it.


Chapter 2 Reaching the Oasis

“Boy that was farther than it looked,” Joshua said.

I scrunched down so he could get off. He took the saddle and gear off.

Immediately after being set free of the saddle and gear I went and jumped into the pond. The cool water was refreshing to my skin.

Joshua was unpacking the food when I finished my swim. I shook my body of water and ran over to him.

I layed down and watched Josh try to light a fire.

“Why are fires so hard to make?” Joshua asked.

“Josh, maybe if you used dead leaves instead of live ones, it might be easier,” I said.

“You light it if you’re so smart,” Joshua said.

“No, you need to learn how to make a fire without my help,” I said and walked away.

Josh started muttering something under his breath as he brushed aside the leaves and went to find dry ones.

A few minuets later when I returned from my walk, Josh had a fire roaring and had food cooking in a pot.

I layed down as he poured some of the food into my eating pan. After we ate the food Josh layed down next to me and fell asleep, but I stayed awake.

My heart galloped through the stars back to my family in Dragon City. I wondered if they missed me as much as I missed them.


Chapter 3 Reignbeau speaks of her Feelings

Three hours passed when Josh woke up.

“Have you been up all night?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I answered guiltily.

“You miss your family don’t ya,” he said.

“Yes, very much,” I answered.

“Are you always staying up missing them?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, that’s why I’ve been tiring out so fast,” I answered.

“I know how you feel. When Jim finally thought I was ready to begin training under someone else I didn’t go to one of his bases. I went and lived with my brother Jared. You know him well. He was the one who I asked to come and try and break you in. I miss him a lot out here,” Josh said.

“I’ve only been with my birth parents for three weeks. I miss them a lot more than I miss Ewan and Colin. What do you do?” I said.

“I look at a picture of him,” Josh said.

“I only wish I had a picture of my family,” I said.

“Sometimes I forget that I have a picture of him. So I think about all the times he was mean to me,” Josh said.

“That’s easy for Ewan and Colin. I always thought they were unjust with me. Sicara and Dasnia, the only thing I hate them for is almost not letting me leave,” I said.

“Then that is what you should think about,” Josh said.

I nodded and layed my head down and fell sound asleep.


Chapter 4 Trouble in Desert City

We had done a full days running and were finally entering a new city. The place seemed less friendly than the last. Everyone eyed us darkly. A man in the middle of the street yelled at Josh.

“Hey boy, go home or end up like the rest of the thrill seeking dragon riders. Chained to the army and force us to labor mercilessly.”

Josh eyed him questioningly. Josh’s question was answered when a mob of uniformed men and women on dragons raced through the streets, grabbing people, whipping them, calling them names like scrape dogs and forcing them to work stations.

One of them that looked like a general looked at me and Josh.

“You’re new to the town aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes I am,” Josh said.

“Don’t say anything to him,” I muttered to him.

“Come and work with us boy. You’ll have lots of fun,” the general said.

“No, I will not join this mob of violence,” Josh said angerily. I winced.

“You don’t have a choice boy. TAKE THEM,” the general said.

The Dragon Riders turned to us. I turned and ran for it.

We ran as fast as we could until we came to a cliff side. Joshua stopped me and turned me around.

I roared at the dragons as they circled us and pushed us up against the cliff.

“Tail Slap him,” the General said.

A man pressed his dragon forward; it swung its tail around and knocked us over the cliff. I stopped myself part way with my claws. I sighed, but it was blown away when the General moved forward and slapped me.

I fell into the canyon, hitting my head three times before landing on my side with a hard thump. I opened my eyes but closed them from the pain.

“Let’s go, they would never survive a fall from that height,” the General said and they left.


Chapter 5 Help Arrives

Three members from the Army of the Dragons and two members from the Prophets ran along side a cliff leisurely.

One of the Prophets looked down into the canyon and saw sight that stopped his heart.

“It’s Reignbeau,” he said stopping his dragon. The others looked down at her.

“They look pretty badly hurt,” one of the Army of the Dragon members said.

“Let’s get down there and help them,” the first one said.


Chapter 6 It’s so hard to say Good Bye Forever

The two Prophets towed Reignbeau and Joshua back to McGregor Dragon Force Headquarters.

Jared was one of the only commanders out in the court yard when they arrived and intended to deal with them himself. After Reignbeau had ended the war Jim had accepted Jared’s Crew into the Force.

“Why have you come here?” he asked.

“I am sorry about your brother Jared,” one of them said.

“What are you talking about?” Jared asked until he saw his brother lying dead on the stretcher.

“No!” Jared yelled. By now Jim and several other commanders had ran out onto the courtyard.

“Get them into Medical and call for Ewan and Colin,” Jim said. He held Jared back so they could move them out faster.

“Dead Jared. Your brother is dead,” Carol said.

“NO,” Jared said painfully.

Sicara, Dasnia, Jim, Ewan and Colin looked up at her.

“Reignbeau is alive but barely. She could not survive a fall from that height if she wasn’t a legendary dragon,” Carol said and went back inside.

Reignbeau slept peacefully despite the constant beeping of the monitors.


Chapter 7 It’s not Her Fault (My comic strip)

After being released from intensive care, Reignbeau insisted on being left alone. A young boy learning how to be a medic stayed in her personal barn with her but resisted disturbing her.

One day Jared came into the barn.

“Reignbeau still wishes to be left alone,” the boy said.

“Yeah well it’s been a whole month and I want to talk to her,” Jared said pushing past him. He ran out to find Jim.

“Reignbeau you un-loyal dragon, Joshua was your rider and it was your duty to protect him not get him killed. Why couldn’t you save him? You’re the Rainbow Dragon of Legend and you have all of the Bone Marks on you. It’s your entire fault,” Jared yelled and came at her with an iron bar.

Reignbeau jumped to her feet and snarled and growled at Jared.

“Jared,” said a voice.

A hand grabbed Jared’s arm and Sicara put himself in front of Reignbeau.

“Jared, get a hold of your self,” Jim said.

Reignbeau continued to growl and snarl at him.

“Reignbeau, down girl, be still,” Jim said putting a hand up and Reignbeau laid back down.

“Now Jared, calm down. It wasn’t her fault your brother’s dead. It’s not your fault. You can’t blame people before you really know what happened. The Seed of Rebirth only works on dragons not on humans, and Reignbeau was far too weak to use the Red Cross of Healing,” Jim said quietly.

Jared nodded solemnly.

“Hurting and threatening Reignbeau isn’t going to bring Joshua back,” Jim said.

Jared looked at Reignbeau with tears in his eyes and nodded.

“Now go back inside the main office. You’re done here Jared,” Jim said.

Jared walked out of the barn.

“Come Lance, let Reignbeau be,” Jim said and the three left. (the third is Sicara)


Chapter 8 Deal with them Army of the Dragon

Jim returned to the main office to find Jared still sobbing. “Come the rest of the counsel is waiting as well as a few others,” Jim said and the two walked into the counsel room.

Hyve stood up and put his paws on the table.

“Welcome friends from other crews. I have summoned you here to answer the threat the Reignbeau has come from,” Jim said. (Yes I took that from Lord of the Rings)

“From what I have gotten out of her Jim these men might also be torturing dragons as well,” Allpha, the leader of the Army of the Dragon crew, said.

“How did you talk to her?” Jim asked.

“I didn’t. my crew members that helped bring her here did. On the way here she awoke and in a painful voice told them what had happened before passing out again,” Allpha said.

“Allpha I want you and your crew to go to this far distant city and deal with the problem there,” Jim said.

“Yes Jim. I will take all caution and will bring these men to you alive,” Allpha said.

The end
Basically what happens is Allpha carries through and brings the men to Jim. Jim hands the general over to Jared who ends up getting his revenge and kills the man. Reignbeau eventually recovers fully but doesn’t take on a new Rainbow Dragon Booster.


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