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Puppy Trouble



Ewan walked through the Headquarters carrying a purple dragon pup that was squirming around trying to escape. He put the dragon down. “Out you go Anopyr. This time the counsel is off limits to you. Why don’t you go and make some dragon friends,” Ewan said and went back inside the building.

Anopyr looked around and sat down. She watched as some fledgling dragons pick on a puppy dragon. She snort with distaste and walked over to them.

“Hey you guys leave her alone,” Anopyr said in a puppy roar.

“Did you say something to us Ano pyr?” the leader of the fledgling gang asked.

“Yes I did. Leave that pup alone,” Anopyr repeated.

“You picking a fight purple short snout,” another fledgling said.

“I am not one to pick fights Furox,” Anopyr said.

“Not that you could be us Anopyr. I mean when you were faced with all those full grown Black Dragons, you froze up and right in front of the dragon you were trying to impress. Hyve is so ashamed of you,” the leader said.

“Shut your face Farley. What about the time you started crying for your mother when the orange dragons attacked the base,” Anopyr said.

Farley snorted in anger. By now the Gold pup had put Anopyr between her and the gang. “Come on Anopyr you can beat them with one hit,” the pup said and knocked Anopyr into the older dragon. The older dragon snorted and reared up with anger.

Anopyr stood her ground and Mag-burst the fledglings away. The fledglings all jumped to their feet then started backing away with fear. “Look you beat them,” the pup yelled.

“Look at them trembling with fear,” Anopyr said and turned to walk away but then stopped suddenly. “Whoa,” Anopyr said.

The young pups looked up into the eyes of Beaucephalis. “Picking fights again are you,” he asked.

“No sir, I was just,” Anopyr started.

“I saw the whole thing Anopyr. I’m afraid I’ll have to report this to Hyve again,” Beaucephalis said.

“Yes sir,” Anopyr said with sadness.

“Come Baby. The meeting is over and your father wants to return to training you,” Beaucephalis said.

The young pup ran off to the training arena.

“As for you Anopyr I want you to stay out of trouble,” Beaucephalis said and walked away.

Anopyr looked over at the fledglings who rolling around laughing. Anopyr snorted with anger. “ANOPYR,” Beaucephalis yelled but before he knew he was blasted away by a Mag-Burst. Anopyr laughed at him.

Beaucephalis rolled over and looked at her. “Well, I didn’t make a Mag-burst like that until I was a sub-adult. Very good,” Beaucephalis said looking down at her with pride.

The fledglings all looked astonished. Beaucephalis stood up and looked around. “Let’s just say that you’re cleared of this one incident. My two maniac brothers Hyve and Fanger are both in the Training Arena practicing. Go give them a Mag-burst for me will ya,” Beaucephalis said.

“Yes sir,” Anopyr said with happiness and ran off to the Training Arena.


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