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A Forgotten Race of Dragon

by Reignbeau

Chapter 1 Reignbeau's Descent

Connor stood waiting for his sons, Parmon and Kitt and the dragons. “Thank you all for coming. A very old dragon friend has contacted me. She like Beau is the very last of her species. She is a Rainbow Dragon of Legendary powers. She contains far more Bone Marks than we can reckon. The only bone mark she lost was the Bone Mark of Everlasting Fire, known to us as the Furox,” Connor said

“Whoa she must be powerful,” Lance said with enthusiasm

“She is very powerful. Like wine her power and potency grows with age. I met her when she was in her 40s and I was only a little boy like Lance. If you do the math you’ll know her powers are far beyond any of you,” Connor said.

“So dad where is this dragon of yours,” Artha asked.

Invisible the dragon walked up to Artha and tripped him with its tail.

“Beau do you always have to trip when I make a mistake,” Artha said.

Beau roared at him. Beau wasn’t standing anywhere near Artha.

Artha rubbed his head then looked up into the eyes of a large dragon. It roared in his face.

Artha scooted away from the dragon.

“Her Black Draconium Bone Mark All Seeing Eye makes her invisible as well as a few other things,” Connor said.

“You call yourself the dragon booster. Your afraid of the dragon who did it all in the Rainbow War,” the dragon said.

“You can talk,” Kitt said.

“Of course, back in my day there were many dragons that could speak the human tongue,” the dragon said.


Chapter 2 Paynn Ambition

Word Paynn stood looking up at his screens.

“Sorry we’re late father, bad traffic,” Moordred said.

“Moordred an old enemy has emerged from hiding the dragon of Rainbow,” Word said

“The Rainbow dragon of legend, the daughter of the first Gold Dragon?” Moordred asked.

“Yes. She is staying with Connor. You and your crew must distract them while I deal with my old enemy,” Word said.

“We can handle—

“No Moordred, as she ages her power grows not weakens. Do as I say this time Moordred. Before the Gold dragon was the only thing that can stop me but this dragon is the only thing that can destroy me in a single blow,” Word said.


Chapter 3 Here We Go Again

Reignbeau walked around in her new stall looking at ever inch and corner. Connor walked in.

“Like you’re new home Reignbeau,” Connor asked.

“It’s homey, but not as good as my temple,” Reignbeau said.

“Come, you must tell us your account of the last Dragon-Human war and I am preparing an excellent meal that will famish you 1000 year hunger,” Connor said. Reignbeau followed him out.

Artha, Lance, Kitt, Parmon and the dragons all sat around a roaring fire. Reignbeau layed on her side as Connor filled a feed trough for her. She ate slowly enjoying the taste of food.

“It’s is good to taste real food again. Colin and I have lived off nothing but Borrowing Rats and Lizards,” Reignbeau said.

“Colin is alive,” Connor said with amazement.

“Who is Colin?” Artha asked.

Beau bowed his head in memory and respect of the name

“Colin was the last of the original Dragon Boosters or back in their day, Dragon Masters. Beaucephalis was his dragon so many years ago,” Connor explained.

“He is in Rainbow Freezing now. I have delayed his life complete in hopes of preserving the Dragon Master, though he did not approve of it. His father the Dragon Booster of the time ordered it and I agreed. The fight was getting out of hand. With my father and mother dead I had no choice but to freeze Colin’s life and go into hiding. After beau made his last stand there was an earthquake and the temple was sealed up,” Reignbeau said.

“How did you escape?” Parmon asked.

“There was another earthquake that opened the canyon up and allowed passage to the temple,” Reignbeau said.

“Now that you are done eating let us go down to the temple and see Colin,” Connor said.

“Not so fast,” a voice said and six dragons with riders came out of the shadows.

“Word Paynn,” Connor said like a curse.

Reignbeau stepped forward and growled. “Don’t make me hurt you.”

“The pleasure is all mine Reignbeau,” Word said.

“You can defeat me Word. I’m too powerful for you and your dragon,” Reignbeau said.

“Your old bones will tell me a lot,” Word said.

“You and your friends have to the count of ten to get out of our way or I’ll blast you with my full power,” Reignbeau said.

Word flicked his hand back as a signal to Moordred to fire his ramming gear. Reignbeau ducked so fluidly she was almost like water. “Oldest trick in the book, five seconds Word,” Reignbeau snarled.

Word chuckled evilly and looked back at Moordred. “Black Control Gear now,” Moordred yelled. Cain and Moordred threw the gear at Reignbeau. “Foolish man,” Reignbeau said she crouched down and her body glowed with the rainbow. The gear whined to a stop.

“What just happened?” Cain asked.

“It seems that you can teach old dog new tricks. I simply absorbed the Black draconium and snuffed it out. Strike three you’re out. WAVE OF DISTRUCTION,” Reignbeau said. A wave of Blue Draconium Energy blasted from her body and swept Word, Moordred and the rest of the Eye of the Dragon crew away.

“Whoa that was quiet a move,” Parmon said.


Chapter 4 The Rainbow Temple

Reignbeau led them down into the Rainbow Temple. I was much larger than the Ancient Dragon Temple. She led them into an adjacent room. Just like at the Dragon Temple there were statues that glowed when you walked past them but these statues were of Dragons. On one side there were statues resembling Black and Gold dragons on the other side there were dragons resembling Reignbeau. At the end of the hall there was a glowing light. A man and a dragon stood unmoving, frozen in time. Behind them were two large statues of Dragons.

“Sicara and Dasnia, my parents,” Reignbeau said indicating the statues.

“Colin McGregor and Beaucephalis,” Connor said indicating the frozen figures.

“Reignbeau, are those life size proportions of your parents,” Artha asked.

“Oh good heavens no, my parents were closer to Libris’ size and that dragon that Word was riding,” Reignbeau said.

“Such a shame about them,” Connor said.


Chapter 5 Releasing the Dragon Booster

“Artha, I must tell you. Once I release Colin and his dragon your Dragon Booster powers may cease until Colin sees you fit to be the Dragon Booster or a Dragon Master,” Reignbeau said.

“Okay,” Artha said in an unsure tone.

Reignbeau nodded and turned to Colin. She tapped into her energy, glowing in a Mag-Burst way she engulfed the Colin and the dragon and with a hiss released them both from their 10,000 year sleep.

The two collapsed to the floor. Reignbeau helped the dragon and Connor helped Colin to his feet.

Colin regained himself and straightened up, while his dragon continued to recover. Reignbeau tapped into her energy and recovered the dragon’s strength.

“Reignbeau, how many years have passed?” Colin asked sternly.

“Over ten thousand years,” Reignbeau said.

“Following orders, Reignbeau,” Colin said.

“That’s right Dragon Booster,” Reignbeau said.

“What are you talking about? I lost the Dragon Booster Bone Mark,” Colin said.

“I consumed it Dragon Booster,” Reignbeau said. She closed her eyes, her body glowed gold, and the same star shape that appears on Beau head appeared on her head. With a blast of energy the star broke from her head in a dazzling orb of energy. “I return the full powers of the Dragon Booster to you,” Reignbeau said and the orb dissolved and the star dropped into Colin’s hand.

Reignbeau still had the star mark on her head and her body, aside from the rainbow frills, resembled a gold dragon, except her chin looked normal.

“Beau, come here boy,” Colin said. Both dragons walked up to him. Colin mounted his dragon bareback.

“You’ll need to change his name Mom,” Reignbeau said.

“Mom, he’s a man?” Artha asked.

“Colin raised me ever since I was just an egg. He’s the one that gave me the ability to change into a human. I’ve called him my mother ever since. My family is only partially saved from extinction. I also saved Ewan and Carol,” Reignbeau said.


Chapter 6 Reviving, Reliving and Separating

Reignbeau left Colin and the others to release Ewan, Carol and her dragon Misty from the Time Freeze.

She returned an hour later with Ewan on her back and Carol riding Misty.

Reignbeau knelt down to let Ewan off. “Mom, Ewan are you alright,” Colin asked franticly.

“We’re fine,” Carol answered.

Reignbeau walked up to the two Beaus to chat with them in dragon.

“There is something I must do now and I need your help to do it. I must separate my two bodies from each other if I am to survive in this world.” Reignbeau said.

“How do we do this separation?” Artha’s Beau asked.

“By combining your Mag-Burst and then sweeping it over me when I power up my Mag-energy,” Reignbeau said.

The two beaus did as she told them. Everyone watched. As the Mag-Bursts hit Reignbeau her body became covered in rainbow light. Her human form appeared in the light and then it separated from the dragon.

Reignbeau stood weak limbed for a second before composing herself. The human did the same.

“Reignbeau? Anopyr?” Colin asked.

“In the flesh,” the human said.

“What just happened?” Artha asked.

“Beau, Beau and I simply separated my dragon body from my human body. Now I can do twice as much,” Reignbeau said.

“I thought she would lose her voice if she did that,” Ewan said. Reignbeau smacked him in the back of the head with her tail.

“Hey. Seriously, I thought the only reason you could talk was because you were half human,” Ewan said rubbing his head.

“Have you forgotten who my parents are?” Reignbeau asked.

“No I haven’t,” Ewan said.

“Both of them could speak human. I acquired my human tongue from them,” Reignbeau said.


Chapter 7 Reignbeau Meets with Wulph

Reignbeau left the temple early that morning. It was raining outside and she was already soaked to the bone when she reached her destination.

She stood in front of the Army of the Dragon Headquarters. Shaking some of the water off, she changed into the full Golden Rainbow Dragon and entered the building. The only dragon she could see was a purple dragon with a scar over its left eye.

The dragon jumped with joy at the sight of her and roared with happiness. Before Reignbeau could say anything she was surrounded by purple dragons, each one insisting on making her comfortable.

“What is going on in here? Hyve did you let another lost dragon in?” a man yelled walking in. The scarred purple dragon roared again and the others fell quiet. The man walked up to it.

The scarred dragon turned to Reignbeau bowed to her.

“Great Leader of Old this is my rider Wulph,” the dragon said.

“Reignbeau?” Wulph asked with disbelief.

“Yes Wulph it is I,” Reignbeau said.

“Its been so long since you were last seen by our dragon’s kind,” Wulph said.

“Even so I hold you to the Ultraviolet Vow. I am in possible danger,” Reignbeau said.

“Everyone knows that the Army of the Dragon was sworn to protect the Rainbow Dragon, just as it is known that the Dragon Booster was sworn to protect the Golden Rainbow Dragon,” Wulph said.

“But it is unknown that the Golden Rainbow was secretly protected by the Prophets of Old,” Reignbeau said.

“Propheci will never protect you. His head is as black as Word Paynn,” Wulph said.

“So was Sear’s but he still protected me,” Reignbeau said.

“True but Sear also devoted his life to working with the Dragon Booster. Propheci would do anything to destroy the Dragon Booster,” Wulph said.

“We must ask them first before making a judgment of them,” Reignbeau said turning to leave.

“I’m coming with you,” Wulph said walking up to her.

“That’s very kind of you,” Reignbeau said.

Hyve smiled and ran to get his saddle.

“He sure is happy to be serving you again,” Wulph said.

Chapter 8 The Prophets Welcome

Reignbeau, Hyve and Wulph proceeded with caution into the lair of the Prophets Crew.

Reignbeau stopped at the sound of rocks falling. She looked up to see several shadows of Orange dragons.

Reignbeau looked ahead and saw even more.

“AMBUSH,” Reignbeau yelled and light up the sky with her purple draconium Bone Mark, Catastrophic Thunder.

Orange Dragons surrounded them. Reignbeau prepared to fight them until one Orange Dragon appeared with a rider.

“Propheci and Reepyr,” Wulph said.

Reepyr laughed with joy and removed his helmet. “Reignbeau it’s so good to have you in our midst. Sorry for the rude welcome but come and make your self comfortable,” Reepyr said.

Reignbeau, Wulph and Hyve followed Reepyr.

“Reignbeau it is good to see you. We have gotten rumors of your return to the surface,” Propheci said.

“I take your greeting as a sign that you and your crew have remained loyal to me,” Reignbeau said.

“Of course,” said Propheci.

“I was so sure that you would come to me instead of making me go to you,” Reignbeau said with anger in her voice.

“I am sorry Great Leader,” Propheci said.

“I forgive you this time but don’t let it happen again,” Reignbeau said.

“Come Wulph I am finished here,” Reignbeau said and left the lair.


Chapter 9 Reignbeau picks a New Rainbow Booster

Reignbeau entered her Temple to find everyone lying around lazily. Reignbeau snorted loudly and everyone jumped.

“Reign where have you been,” Colin asked.

“Checking up on my allegiance,” Reignbeau said in an irritated tone.

“How fast are you exactly?” Kitt asked.

“I am faster than any dragon you’ve ever met,” Reignbeau said.

“I don’t believe that. I bet you would never beat my dragon in a race,” Kitt said.

“I’d give your dragon a 30 minuet head start and I’d still win,” Reignbeau said.

“What?!” Kitt yelled.

“Reignbeau is a Hyper Speed Dragon. She is not like other dragons of this day that can only go to 200 mph,” Colin said.

“Reignbeau is more than twice that speed,” Ewan said.

“How do I know your not joking?” Kitt asked

“I think it’s time I take on a new rider,” Reignbeau said walking over to the ladder.

Artha looked up at her confused.

“Would you like to be the first to try me?” Reignbeau asked.

“Really, wait. How do I know you won’t throw me?” Artha asked.

“You have no trust in me Artha Penn,” Reignbeau roared and swung her tail around to knock him off his feet.

Kitt walked up to Reignbeau and sat on her back. “You still have much to learn young girl,” Reignbeau said and bucked her off.

Everyone except for the three adults tried to ride Reignbeau but failed.

“What about you three?” Reignbeau asked.

“Be reasonable Reign. You’ve knocked off everyone,” Colin said.

Ewan walked up to Reignbeau and stroked her snout. “I’m not afraid to get bucked off,” Ewan said and mounted her.

Reignbeau snorted and snapped her head down. She glowed gently at first then brilliantly as her bone mark appeared on her forehead. It fell from her forehead and an armband appeared on Ewan’s wrist.

Reignbeau stopped glowing and Ewan smiled at her softly.

“Here is a secret to being picked by a dragon of legend. When you put your trust in them to the test, they will pick you,” Reignbeau said.

Chapter 10 The Boosters Race On

Reignbeau and Beau stood together on the race track. Ewan and Artha walked up to them and mounted. Reignbeau was a purple dragon. (Picture of Baby Reignbeau in Reignbeau’s pictures as well as pics of the Golden Rainbow Dragon)

Artha looked over at Moordred. “I see you survived Reignbeau’s power,” Artha called.

“Very funny Stable Boy,” Moordred sneered.

Reignbeau snorted with anger.

“Easy girl easy,” Ewan said calmly.

“Who’s your friend here stable boy?” Moordred asked.

“My name is Ewan McGregor,” Ewan said.

Moordred nearly fell off his saddle from the shock of hearing the name McGregor.

Ewan and Reignbeau smiled and walked to their place.

Artha also mounted Beau and took his place.

Reignbeau looked up at the Race Marshall. She smiled softly before looking down the track. Ewan sat back in his saddle and relaxed himself. Reignbeau sensed her rider relaxing and looked up at him.

Beau stood in a ready position. Reignbeau closed her eyes and calmed her senses down calling upon her dragon instincts to race and win. When she opened them again the gate opened and she bolted.

Beau was surprised by her speed and dropped his guard. Reignbeau took the lead. It wasn’t long before Moordred caught up to her though.

Moordred pulled out his energy draining whip. “Not in your life,” Ewan yelled and pulled back on Reign’s handle bars causing her to slowdown. Reign shook her head to shake of her discomfort and continued on racing.

Reign was then struck in the back by a Green Ramming Gear ball. Reign reared up and roared with anger. “Easy girl,” Ewan said. “Come on Reign give me a little more speed. I know you can go faster than that,” Ewan said.

Reign shook her head and roared with fury. Ewan sighed and closed his eyes allowing the stress to flow out of him. As it did the stress flowed out of Reign. She bucked and increased her speed to vortex velocity. She passed Moordred. “Typical of a McGregor,” Moordred said.

He activated his orange Mag-cannon and fired it at Reign and caused her to slow down. Artha fired off his red speed burst and passed Moordred

Beau caught up to Reign. “Are you all right?” Beau asked.

“I’ll be alright,” Reign answered

Ewan smiled at Artha but before Artha could say anything Reign sped up and crossed the finish line in first place.


Chapter 11 Paynn Strikes Again

Reign, Beau, Beaucephalis all layed in comfortable dragon baskets made for dragon’s of royal heritage. They were awoken by the opening of a door. Hyve ran in. Reign stood up and became fully alert.

“Great Dragon, he comes, the Shadow Booster,” Hyve said.

Beau and Beaucephalis also stood. “Stay your ground gold dragons this is my battle,” Reignbeau said and ran off to find Ewan.

Ewan was sitting next to a table talking about racing tactics to Artha and Kitt. “We are under attack. The Shadow Booster are on their way here,” Reignbeau said.

Ewan jumped from his seat and mounted Reignbeau. “Then here we go. Release the Rainbow,” Ewan said and clasped the rainbow amulet into his armband transforming him into the Rainbow Booster. Reignbeau let out a mighty roar that shook the cave. She ran off to the entrance to the temple.

Colin and Artha jumped on their dragons and raced after them. By the time they got their Reignbeau already had the Eye of the Dragon Crew cornered. “What are you doing here? Haven’t you boys learned a lesson yet,” Reignbeau roared at them.

“Everyone says you’re the most powerful dragon ever. I don’t believe them,” Shadow Booster said.

“That’s the same attitude that got the original Eye of the Dragon crew slaughtered,” Dragon Master (Colin) said.

“How do you know about the original Eye of the Dragon Crew?” Shadow Booster asked.

“We were there when it happened,” Rainbow Booster said. Reignbeau nodded.

“Come on we both know you haven’t got it in you. You can’t defeat a legendary dragon, let alone three. What’s your choice you can run for it and live or you can die at the mercy of three legendary dragons. Come on I won’t wait around forever,” Reignbeau said.

The others ran but the Shadow Booster stood still. “You are one foolish human,” Reignbeau said and jumped at him. Shadow Booster jumped out of the way and ran.


Chapter 12 Where Have You Been Anopyr?

Anopyr walked around a stable. She stopped at a very nerve racking sight. A white dragon lying in a stall, it looked injured and ill. “Always been a unhealthy dragon,” the stable owner said.

“What’s wrong with it?” Anopyr asked.

“He’s got weak limbs. He’s dislocated all four of them,” the stable owner said.

“He doesn’t look like other white dragons,” Anopyr said.

“He’s the son of a White dragon and a blue dragon, but he’s got white bones,” the stable owner said.

“What’s his name?” Anopyr asked.

“Rappid; he has siblings that are a little bit stronger but he’s the oldest and I just don’t want to take a chance of selling them to a racer and having the fail,” the stable owner said.

“I’ll take the dragons. All of them,” Anopyr said.

“No I couldn’t give them to you,” the stable owner said.

“I only want them for pets. Not for riding and certainly not for racing,” Anopyr said.

“Alright,” The stable owner said.

3 hours later
Anopyr led the three dragons into the temple.

“Anopyr?” Colin questioned.

“Where’s my better half?” Anopyr asked.

“She’s in her chamber,” Colin said.

Anopyr led the dragons into the Rainbow Chamber. Reignbeau was sitting on her thrown eating an apple. (Rainbow dragons can eat anything)

“Reignbeau could you use the Red Cross of Healing and cure these dragon of there problems,” Anopyr asked.

“Of course I can,” Reignbeau said and tapped into her power she glowed white with light and magged all three dragons. Using the Red Cross of Healing she healed them all.

“Thank you Reignbeau,” Anopyr said.

to be continued...

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