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Dragon Yahoo Chat Rooms

by MidnightFlyer

DISCLAMER: I do not Own Dragon Booster. Most of the personalities I am going to be making up. So it may not be like the real show =3

Penn_stables_Beau has entered the room
Penn_stables_Wyldfire has entered the room
Penn_stabls_Fracshun has entered the room

Penn_stables_Beau: “hey? Who’s all here?”
Penn_stables_Wyldfire: “I am Beau.”
Beau: “yay.” ^-^
Wyldfire: “you know that that face is getting annoying… Right?”
Beau: “hey Fracshun! You awake?”
Fracshun: “of course Beau!”
Eye_of_the_dragon_Decepshun has entered the room

Beau: “Hey look! It’s Decepshun!”
Decepshun: “what of it?”
Wyldfire: “you’re Moordryd’s Dragon!”
Decepshun: “so…?”
Beau: “We play hide and seek!”
Fracshun: “yay!”
Decepshun: -.-
Wyldfire: “beau…stop playing around.”
Beau: “Why? Lance and them are on an exclusive vacation!”
Fracshun: “yeah!”
Wyldfire: “because…” >> “I said so!”
Beau: -snacks on Dragon Bars.-
Decepshun: “you better share!”
Beau: “get your own!”
Decepshun: “meanie!”
Beau: -sticks my tongue out at Decepshun.-
Wyldfire: “BEAU!”
Beau: “yeah?”
Wyldfire: “stop acting like an idiot!”
Fracshun: ^-^
Beau: “fine!”
Fracshun: = (
Wyldfire: “that isn’t cute…”
Decepshun: “Are there any other Dragons here?”
Beau: “I’m gunna go check…”
Fracshun: =/

Penn_stables_Beau has left the room

*-* meanwhile in the rider chat room *-*

Artha_dragon_racer has entered the room

Artha: “Hi Lance!”
Lance: “hey bro!”
Kitt: “it’s hero boy…”
Artha: “nice to see you too…”
Moordryd: “Artha, you missed the best part of my joke!”
Artha: “you tell jokes?”
Moordryd: “yes…I do!” <<
“Of course I do!”
Parmon: “it’s not very funny if you do.”
Artha: “I hope the dragons are all right…”
Lance: “beau will take care of them!”
Kitt: “Wyldfire will keep them in check.”
Moordryd: “The dragons got YIM…”
Artha: “drac!”

Penn_stables_Beau has entered the room

Artha: “beau!”
Beau: “Artha!”
Kitt: “beau!?”
Moordryd: “what the?”
Lance: “hey Beau!”
Beau: “lance!”
Artha: “how are you guys?”
Beau: “Wyldfire is being bossy!”
Kitt: “she better be!”
Beau: “and won’t let me play with Fracshun!”
Lance: “Kitt! Tell you’re dragon to let them play!”
Artha: “it’s ok if they play, just as long as no one gets hurt.”
Beau: “I’ll go tell them!”

Penn_stables_Beau has left the room

*-* back with the dragons *-*

Fracshun: >= (
Wyldfire: “Those faces are annoying me Fracshun!”
Fracshun: =P

Penn_stables_Beau has entered the room

Wyldfire: “FRUCSHUN!”
Decepshun: -laughs at the two.-
Beau: “what’s up?”
Fracshun: “Wyldfire is being a big meanie!”
Beau: “Artha said that we could play Wyldfire.”
Wyldfire: “whatever! Play ring around the rosy for all I care!”
Fracshun: o_O
Beau: “Don’t blow a gas get Wyldfire…”
Decepshun: “no, please do.”
Wyldfire: “just…stop with those faces…”
Fracshun: “ok, ok!”

Phorrj_of_the_dragon_flares has entered the room
Ferno_of_the_dragon_flares has entered the room

Phorrj: “hello folks!”
Ferno: “wassup?”
Wyldfire: “hey guys.”
Fracshun: “nothing much here.”
Beau: “who’s up for find the dragon tonight?”
Ferno: “oh! Oh! Me! Me!”
Fracshun: “I am Beau!”
Beau: ^-^
Wyldfire: “boys are retarded…”
Decepshun: “You can say that again.”
Beau: -looks at the two. - “we’re right HERE.”
Wyldfire: “whatever!”
Fracshun: >= (
Wyldfire: “…You’re dead!”
Fracshun: O.O
Phorrj: “oh dear…”
Beau: “no! I will stop you!”
Ferno: -stands by Fracshun. - “She’s scary…”
Wyldfire: “as what, the dragon of legend?”
Decepshun: “back up! Who is?”
Beau: ~ glares at Wyldfire~
Wyldfire: -glares back-


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