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The Girl Dragon Booster


Laia Star

Chapter 1

In Dragon City a 14-year-old girl, named Lana climbed out of bed and walked down the steps to the stables. Today her brother Dager would bring home a dragon that he had bred for her. He had said ‘this will be the rarest dragon in the world and there is only one other of its kind.’
She looked in the empty stall, a beautiful dragon stood tall in the door she was black and gold, and Lana know knew what her brother meant.
“Do you like her?” A voice asked from behind her. She turned around to see Dager looking tired but pleased.
“Yes, I love her,” said Lana.
“Of course. Before you take her out she must do something,” Dager looked at the dragon and it nodded. All of a sudden, a blinding flash of light and the dragon was red and blue. “Her name is Alanas.”
“Thank you,” Lana told her brother.
Alanas magged Lana on her back and started to run around the stables.
“You should enter the races with me,” Dager said. “You just need to start easy and work your way up. Its not like we don’t have the gear for a level 9 race but they are very hard and very dangerous. So come on let’s put the seat on her so you can practice.”

Finally, Lana was trained for a level 1 race. Her brother and she would sign up as partners and Dager would keep the creeps from hurting Lana and Alanas.
“So are you ready for this?” Dager asked Lana
“As ready as I’ll ever be.”
The dragons were getting lined up in the gates. The gong rang and the dragons started running. Alanas saw Dager and Shadow, so she ran toward them.
All of a sudden, a red dragon came up beside Lana and Alanas and rammed into them. Lana pressed a button and turned on her ramming gear. This rider did not expect, and Lana grabbed her drain whip and lashed it on the red dragon’s side and made the dragon slow down because its energy levels where already low. The red dragon fell and Lana and Alanas sped by them. Her screen popped up and Dager told her she did great, but turn on her red thruster gear and to catch up. So Lana did this and before long, they caught up. Dager gave her some advice and suddenly fell back. Lana turned around to see Dager using a drag box on another rider then he caught back up. He told Lana that the rider was going to use harnessing gear to pull her back so he could hurt her dragon with tentacle gear, since it wouldn’t extend that far forward.
“Use your blue speed gear quick; you can pass that rider and come in first place.” Dager said.
So she did that and as Dager had said she came in first place, but that made her an arch enemy-Moordred Paynn. Just like Artha, this would be a continual battle between their crews. Moordred Paynn was the son of Word Paynn of Pann inc. that makes most of the gear used, but Word wanted to start a dragon human war.

Chapter 2

Lana rode Alanas home and was about to put her in her stall when something caught her eye. There was a handle on the back wall them she touched it a door opened. All of a sudden, Alana shoved Lana into the door and followed. This door led to an elevator. Lana got on the elevator and it took her down. When it stopped, she exited and she and her dragon got out. They walked down a corridor on each and every side there was a statue some of dragons some of people. A shadow moved and Lana spun around. A person entered the light from a shadow. This was the dragon priestess Shena
“I knew you would come it was only a matter of time.”
“Who are you?”
“I will be your instructor you have been chosen Lana by Alanas. You have been chosen to be the girl dragon booster with the training I provide and the skills you will teach yourself you will help stop the dragon human war.” Shena tapped her staff on the stone floor and a star appeared in the center of the star came a gauntlet and after it came an amulet. “This is the ancient gold armor you must take it for it only fits you. There is a problem down in down city you will go and help. Remember be careful.”

“Come on Cain” Moordred Pann said, “The dragon blunder will be here soon.”
“I’m trying Moordred, that’s the 5th dragon egg heist this week how many dragons does your father need?”
“Stop and put the dragon eggs down.” A strange voice said. Both the dragon eyes looked up and saw a strange person in gold armor sitting on a strange Black and Gold dragon.
“Who are you?”
“I’m the girl dragon booster now put the eggs down.”
“Or what, here have a present.” Moordred tossed a disrupter mine at Lana and it went off. The dragon eyes started to run only to be blocked by the dragon booster.
“I don’t think so,” he said.
Lana turned her dragon only to be blocked by a magma class dragon with Kitt on it. Before Kitt could do anything though Dager and Shadow rammed her with the green ramming gear.
“Lets go” Dager said.

Artha told Mortis about the strange rider of the black and gold dragon, he also told mortis about the person and the black dragon.
“This is very disturbing, the black dragon was it standing on two legs also did it have blue eyes?”
Mortis shook his head and sighed. “Just as I feared Shadow has returned. Have you ever heard the prophesy of the shadow?”
“When the shadow track is opened the Shadow shall come
he will bond with another and they will become one
they shall join with the girl
this is the only way to return to the world.”
That was a old prophesy that the ancient dragon Priests made of the Shadow, this dragon will stay near a girl at all times, you must find this girl, her dragon will have the same designs that Beau has when he’s blue and red.”

“Look” Kitt said when Artha and she walked to the track; “It’s a dragon like Mortis said.”
Just as she said there was a dragon that had the same deigns as beau had. The rider was a young girl about 14, behind them was a black bipedal dragon the same one they had seen in the ally.
“After the race well catch them and take them to see mortis.” Kitt said.

During the race Lana realized something there was a purple tracking dragon flying behind her, this made her flare in anger and she grabbed the tracking dragon and snapped its neck. When she realized what she had done, she just laughed amused and continued in the race.
“What are you doing?” her brother asked on his link.
“Having some fun” she said as she rammed into Kitts dragon she hissed something inaudible and used her red speed burst gear and burned Wyldfire. Wyldfire screeched in pain.
Kitt in a spurt of anger rammed her dragon into Lana’s and speed forward and past the finish with Lana behind her. Kitt then went to talk to Artha, when she found him he still was thinking of doing the plan as if he didn’t see what she had done to Kitt’s dragon. Kitt when into the tent and grabbed a gar of salve to rub on Wyldfyrs burn.
“We aren’t ready,” Kitt nearly growled to Artha when he asked her. “Didn’t you see what she did to Wyldfyre and she didn’t hesitate, she is more dangerous than we expected and we need to talk to Mortis.”
“No I will not so forget it now lets go before you get any ideas.”

At Word’s citadel, a woman came to talk to Word.
“So my friend how have you been?” Word asked in a silky tone.
“Just fine Word and I thought you should know with the right words, she will serve you.” Said the woman. “Lana and her black and gold dragon will serve you and they will be unstoppable with the right training. With the human wraith gear you can control her team and that will be a force worthy of a king.”

“Lana.” Shena said, “I have made a grave mistake and you must fix it. It seems that Word Paynn is our friend and not our enemy. In fact, he wants me to give you this gear. Level 9 red speed burst gear and this level 9 blue speed gear. He would also like to speak with you “
“Ok, better than standing around here where do I meet him?”
“On the track by Squires End, you know he has two dragons, he would be happy to show them to you, he says you can race while you talk.”

Words second dragon is like deception but pure black

“So your Lana, Shena’s told me so much about you” Word said “I was hoping I could offer you a job, this way you can have fun and do a job for me my son seems to be incapable of.”
“What would I be doing?”
“This and that help me make dragons and humans equal ect…”
“I guess I could try but I will quit if I don’t like it..ok?”


Word’s Citadel.

“Well Lana I have a job I need done, it is simple so I can see what you can do….”
“What is it?”
“I need you to go to Squires End; there is a dragon I need you to steal. Do whatever you need to but bring me that dragon.” Word tossed a holo-ball to Lana and said, “the information is on it, the dragon is an energy-class dragon and he is a baby dragon in the inner order crew…the dragons name is Spark and with no special marks it will be hard to tell him apart from the others except orange dragon, he will turn blue in time.”
“Ok.” Lana said as she ran out of the citadel.

The dragon temple

“Artha there is a theft going on and you need to stop it seems a girl unidentified is stealing an inner order crew dragon” Mortis said.
“Where is it?” Artha asked.
“Down at the Blue Stables now go and hurry!” Mortis said
The Blue Stables

A dark form snuck into the stable, hooded and cloaked so she wouldn’t be recognized Lana ran to the nursery and looked around. Sure enough, there was the baby dragon and sure enough, there was the orange one. Two guards stepped in front of Lana and she shot her green trap gear at them pinning them to the wall. Lana ran to the baby dragon picking it up and covered it with a blanket before running to the exit. The dragon where angry who was this stranger who steals from them? The alarm sounded and startled Lana started to sprint.
“Not so fast said a voice “Lana turned around to see the Dragon Booster luckily Lana had a trick she through a disrupter mine and ran full speed away.

Words Citadel

“So Lana you got the dragon?”
“Yes I did.”
“I will let you keep this dragon as a gift but you must let me train you. This dragon could easily kill you if it is not tamed properly.”
“Thank you.”
(The dragon was like Mortis’s but instead it was black and gold only.)
“You will go on a raid with my son he will show you how to steal dragons.”
“Why steal them?”
“I have my reasons….Now go.”

Lana left word and strode to Alanas, “Hey girl, so you want to have a good ride tonight?”
Alanas cocked her head and snorted then she affectionately rubbed he head on Lana.
Lana mounted her dragon and rode off, she had to do many things before evening came….

Words Citadel

"Moordred you must keep a eye on that girl.... She can be dangerous, she must not join with the Dragon Booster"
"How can she be so dangerous? She’s just a girl, and what about her crew?"
"I have some human wraith gear you must lure them into a ambush and put it on them, you need not do it to them all, and there is a three legged dragon you must bring her to me."
"Yes Father"

The little girl ran to the teenager and screamed there was something behind her. A dragon ran past then another and another. These dragons the teen realized had disappeared for years and now there where back. A huge dragon with out a rider jumped over the girls head and came to a halt by the teenager. It stared in his eyes. The boy muttered something. She now knew he had said SHADOW. The dragon magged on the boy who shouted we are now one we are a team he heard crying and saw the little girl crying in fear. He said that he was her brother and he would always be there for her. He reached down and grabbed the girls hand pulled her up on the dragon and ran into darkness..............

Lana thought back to the day after her brother had bonded with Shadow. He had developed a very bad attitude he nearly killed someone who had tried to mount Shadow

There was something that she had never told anyone before also… When Dager got Shadow, he changed. He once had blue eyes now they where green, his once brown hair was black with white bangs. He did keep his promise though……

Alanas’s stall

Alanas stood in her stall while Lana did her chores.
Why is she not doing what Word had told her? She had liked Word and she would not disappoint him, when she had looked into his eyes she knew that Word would be like a father to Lana.

The little girl ran, she was so scared she had nearly broken a persons neck when he had made fun of her brothers dragon, she use to be so nice now she was violent. Why?
Dager’s bangs had turned white so had hers his temper had changed so had hers why? “Why”
A Silver dragon walked up to Lana it only had three legs. It looked into her eyes and she heard words in her head telling her it was ok and everything will turn out great. The little girl ran, she was so scared she had nearly broken a persons neck when he had made fun of her brothers dragon, she use to be so nice now she was violent. Why?

The dragons name was Sha and Sha was Vysox sister but Sha had not succumbed to the black draconium. She had absorbed a bone mark that had been stolen from Tannis and now she could transform at will in to the form of Sha the White Flame of Shena. This bone mark had actually been from the dragon Shena she was the Furox’s Sister and had aided the original dragon booster before being changed.


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