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Wild Ones

by Kay Yasha


Decepshun stretched her long legs out in front of her and yawned as Moordryd stroked her forehead. Her tail swished out behind her lazily. So she was spoilt, what was wrong with that?
Well, apart from Coershun complaining about it. How could she help it if Cain was nearly as lazy as she was? It wasn’t that Coershun was neglected...it was that as soon as Moordryd stepped inside the huge building Word would go off on one of his four hour long monologues. Once, he had actually chased Moordryd into the stables and ranted on in front of everyone. There were a lot of big words and both Moordryd and Cain had made repeated sprints to the door before Word had threatened them.
Coershun stuck his head into her stall and huffed in annoyance. Decepshun smirked and looked up at him.
-Why don’t you bite him for crying out loud? Doesn’t that get annoying?-
-No.-She answered simply, closing her eyes.
Coershun growled and shook his head in mock disgust. -You’re supposed to be a racer and a fighter, yet here you are half asleep while someone pets you.-
-Well, what can I do? I can’t bite Moordryd.-
-And why not?-
-That’s not an answer.-
-I’ll give you an answer if you don’t shut up.- Decepshun flexed her claws threateningly and glared.
That was one thing that Moordryd and her had in common. If either Coershun or Cain started to get under their skin, they would lash out. She did it physically (Those claws weren’t just for decoration!) while Moordryd would glare and sometimes yell. Cain would usually answer back with sarcasm, but then quickly sprint out of the other Dragon Eye’s range. Coershun would yelp and run away.
“Hey Moordryd! You still in there?” Cain yelled, making both Decepshun and Moordryd wince.
“Yeah Cain.” Moordryd sighed, standing up. Decepshun snorted her displeasure at being forgotten and nosed his back.
-Stupid Cain. I was enjoying myself here!-
“You do know what time it is, don’t you?” Cain asked, arms crossed over his chest.
“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.” Moordryd rolled his eyes.
“It’s after midnight. And you have a race in the afternoon.”
“So what? AFTERnoon. Even if I woke up at noon I’d be safe.”
“That’s what you said last time.”
“Last time I was hungover. There’s a difference.”
“Sure there is. Aren’t you supposed to listen to your elders?”
“A year Cain. You’re not an elder.”
“I’m still older than you.” Cain gloated. Moordryd glared furiously and snarled. Decepshun couldn’t help but hide a snort of laughter. It was always funny when people went back to their baser instincts, growling or snarling.
“Fine. I’m coming.” Moordryd muttered angrily. He still managed to hit Cain as he passed.
-That’s my human.- Decepshun smirked. Coershun huffed again and lay down.
-You two are both sadistic.-
-Beh- Decepshun curled up and closed her eyes. Coershun snorted from next stall over.

-Wha?!- Coershun yipped, jerking awake.
Decepshun jumped fluidly to her paws, baring her teeth in a snarl. That sound came again and both dragons started.
-What the hell is that?- Coershun whispered.
-I don’t know.- Decepshun hissed back. -It doesn’t sound like any of us. Not in the city anyhow. It’s not even words.-
-I don’t like it.-
Decepshun grabbed the lock of the stall door in her teeth and pulled. Sure enough it came undone and she stepped out.
-’Cepshun!- Coershun whined. -Leave it! It’s probably just echoes getting mixed up. Come back!- He waited for a second. -Oh, wait up!-

Decepshun froze as she saw the huge shadow moving near silently through the buildings. It was huge, twice as big as her in any case, with no real influence colours she could see. Coershun cowered behind her.
The huge dragon grunted slightly at ever breath and jerked it’s head back and forth. It made that rasping call again. No words, just a strange sound with a message neither of them could make out. Coershun squeaked.
The huge shadow jerked towards them and growled menacingly. Decepshun snarled and hissed like an angry cat.
The dragon stopped growling and seemed to laugh at her, which of corse made her angrier. She ducked low to the ground with her tail lashing behind her, ready to fight if need be.
Or if it laughed at her again.
Coershun shook and made a whining noise, but he wouldn’t leave without her.
-It’s a wild one.- He whimpered.
-I don’t care what it is it’s laughing at me.- Decepshun hissed back.
-You don’t understand! The stories, they live outside the city in the wastelands and kill each other and...-
-Shut up Coershun!-
-Tame ones...- The huge thing murmured. -Follow...-
-No way pal.- Decepshun spat.
-COME!- It roared. -’Cesshun ’n’ Coresun COME!-
-Go to hell!- Decepshun roared back. She jumped forward and slashed at it’s face, hissing. It swung around and hit her square in the ribs. She fell to the floor, winded.
-Hunta says come!- It screamed.
-Get out of here.- A new voice said calmly. Hyve and maybe ten other purple dragons stepped put of the shadows. -This is our city. We don’t need someone like you in it.-
Hunta, or whatever it’s name was, growled. He couldn’t fight all of them!
He raised his head and called out again before sprinting away. The purple dragons followed and Hyve walked over to Decepshun.
-Are you alright?- He asked.
Decepshun scrambled to her feet and growled.
-Don’t get in my way Hyve.- She spat. -I don’t need your help.-
-Have it your way Dragon eye.- Hyve sighed. -Go.-
Decepshun limped away with Coershun following slowly behind.
-Are you alright?- He asked softly.
-Fine.- She snapped. -Let’s just get out of here.-

This is the next day, during a race, from Beau’s point of view.

By the time Beau had finally out run the little white dragon in front of him he was panting. He noted that Decepshun was a few places behind. Funny, she was usually trying to run him off the track by now. It wasn’t just the Payne brat that hated him.
Wyldfyre raced up beside him and he smirked. The red dragon kept her eyes on the track and easily gained the lead.
-Hey! I fight them all off and you steal the lead? That’s not fair!-
-Snooze you loose gold boy!- She called over her shoulder.
-Don’t call me that!-
A huge roar echoed over the track from somewhere up ahead. Coershun stopped for a fraction of a second before continuing to run.
-That was weird.-
-LOOK OUT!- Wyldfyre yelled as she skidded to a stop.
Six dragons stood on the track ahead of them, all of them looking like off cuts from some strange breeding program. One of them, a huge, scared black coloured one lifted his head and snarled.
-Who the hell are they?- Shouted an annoyed looking blue dragon.
Coershun and Decepshun glanced at each other and the more cowardly of the two started to back away. The huge one roars at them and a few of the dragons around the track squeak. Beau snarls and the thing comes closer, the smaller ones following him. It’s only then that the humans seem to realise what was happening.
“What the...” Artha murmured.
Beau jumped aside as the big thing rushed him, roaring as one of the smaller ones bashes into his haunches. It takes a few seconds for him to realise that it isn’t really after him.
It was after Artha.
Wyldfyre falls to her side. Even the little ones are heavier than her, and two of them have managed to pull her down. One of them was being smashed time and time again by Kitt’s flash stick.
Beau knocked the two away from her, roaring himself. Wyldfyre got up quickly and growled.
-You alright?-
-Fine.- She snorts. -Who are these guys?-
-I don’t know. This is bad though. They want the people, not us.-
-Oh scales!- Wyldfyre yelled.
The huge one had grabbed one of the smaller racers in it’s jaws and threw it. The white dragon crumpled with a whimper while the man on his back fell onto the track and didn’t get up. He turned his head and tore through the group of confused racers, mag blasting at the people. Moordryd and one of the dragon flares fell.
All the racers who had been watching in shock turned and raced away.
-Moordryd!- Decepshun yelled, racing after her rider.
She stood over him protectively and hissed. The huge dragon smirked and moved towards her slowly, almost stalking her.
-Decepshun no!- Coershun yipped.
-Move you idiot!- Beau yelled.
The huge dragon bowed his head over Decepshun’s smaller form and roared, knocking her easily aside. He grinned and set his claws over the unconscious teen.
-Follow or dead.-
-You wouldn’t dare!- Decepshun roared back, struggling to her feet. One of the smaller ones grabbed one of the women’s arms in it’s jaws, breaking it.
-I dare.-
-Don’t do it. If you kill one of them they’ll hunt you down.- Beau tried to reason. The thing turned to him.
-That’s what Hunta wants.-
-You’re insane!- Decepshun screeched. She kept her eyes locked onto the huge thing, ready to attack him. Beau jumped between them, ignoring Artha’s attempt to get him to run. He stood at his full height and growled.
-Let him go.-
Moordryd had come to and had started to wriggle away from him. The huge thing raised it’s paw to crush him, but the teen threw himself backwards and got away with a deep, but non fatal slash across the shoulder.
-You will come with us, or we will kill.- It growled. -All of you.-
-Fine!- Wyldfyre yelled, staring at the woman with the broken arm.
Beau snarled as he imagined Artha having to fight off the smaller dragons on his own. It was obvious the minute he said no the big one would mag the rest of the people off and the smaller ones would attack.
-I’ll go with you.- He agreed.
It turned to glare at Decepshun, who was torn between her instinct to try and kill the thing and to protect Moordryd.
-Fine. But if you touch him again...-
-Bring the humans also.- It snarled, turning away to lead them while the smaller dragons closed in around them.
-This is a bad idea.- Wyldfyre whispered.
-Moordryd?- Decepshun asked softly, nosing his good shoulder and magging Moordryd onto her back.
-I’m sorry.-
- This is not going to be good.- Beau growled.

-We’re leaving the city?- Beau snorted. -What are you trying to prove? The humans wouldn’t last a week out here!-
-That’s the point.- The big one chuckled deep in his throat. -You come, they die, you free.-
-No!- Wyldfyr snarled. -You can’t!-
-I just did!- It lashed out, catching her across the ribs with it’s tail. Jumping forward, Decepshun sunk her teeth into it.
-You!- It roared, shaking her off. It snarled and turned, obviously angry that such a small dragon had managed to get under his skin.
-Thank you.- Wyldfyr snorted softly.
Decepshun smirked. -Us girls have to stick together. This thing thinks he can out smart us, so he needs a few reminders of who he’s dealing with.- She stopped. -But only for now.- She added quickly. -As soon as this is over, we’re enemies again.-
-I wouldn’t want it any other way.- Wyldfyr smirked back.
One of the small ones snapped at Decepshun’s flank to get her moving again.
The huge walls of the city towered behind them as the group made there way across the wasteland. The trees around them were bleached white from the wind and rain.
-This whole place is dead.- Wyldfyr murmured. Beau nodded nervously.
-How’s Kitt doing?-
-She’s terrified. She has no idea what’s happening.-
-Artha too.- Beau sighed. -There is no way I’m letting this happen.-
-Me neither.- Wyldfyr snorted. -This thing is...-
-Insane?- Decepshun offered. Beau glared.
-You were eavesdropping.-
-Sure I was. Nothing else to do.- Decepshun shook her head. -He is. He’s mad.-
-Damn straight.- Wyldfyr nodded.
It turned and snarled at them.
-We rest here. Dark soon.-
-Told you he was insane. He’s scared of the dark.- Decepshun rolled her eyes.
It leapt over one of the smaller ones and landed almost nose to nose with Decepshun.
-Sleep. I have orders not to hurt any of you.- It snorted warm air into her face. Decepshun sneezed on him and snarled back at the very annoyed black dragon.
-Bite me.-
Beau and Wyldfyr lay down obediently.
-It’ll be easier to trick them if they think we’ve given up.- Beau had whispered.
Decepshun had curled into a ball around her human, making soft noises to try and comfort him. Beau noticed Artha and Kitt slowly moving toward them.
-I so don’t need them to start fighting right now...- Wyldfyr snarled quietly. -Kitt! get back here!-
-I don’t think they’re fighting.- Beau murmured. He stood up and followed Wyldfyr.
“Are you okay Paynn?” Artha asked.
“ Fine. Just a scratch.” Moordryd snapped.
“A very painful scratch.” Kitt knelt beside him and forced his hand away from the gash. “That’s pretty deep.”
“Yeah, well that ****ing thing over there isn’t all that smart...”
-He always this polite?- Beau snorted.
-What did you expect? In a world that’s trying to beat you down, it’s better to go through life middle finger up, if you get it.-
-Oh very mature.-
-Look who’s talking.-

Decepshun lay curled around Moordryd protectively. IT, or so she had started to call him in her mind, was circling around the outskirts of the sleeping dragons. Moordryd was shifting, trying to find a position that didn’t hurt his shoulder. Decepshun lowered her head over his body as IT stared at her.
-Keep still damn it.- She hissed.
Moordryd seemed to understand and stopped moving. IT snorted and moved away.
-What the hell is wrong with him?- Decepshun snorted to herself.
Wyldfyr shifted beside her and hissed herself.
-It’s been staring at the humans all night. It’s up to something, I know it.-
-I’m not letting IT near Moordryd again. Even if I have to scratch IT’s eyes out.- Decepshun growled. -I want to know where IT’s taking us.-
-We’ll find out tomorrow. Do girls always talk so much?- Beau whined.
Both Decepshun and Wyldfyr glared.
-This is serious you jerk!- Decepshun spat at him. Beau rolled his eyes.
-Well what good is staying awake all night going to do?-
-He’s got a point.- Wyldfyr sighed. -I hate it when he has a point.-
-Fine. But it’s hard to sleep when Moordryd’s squirming around.- Decepshun nodded towards the said human.
-Artha does that. Annoying. Just kick him ‘til he stops.-
Decepshun glared again.
-What makes you think I’ll do anything you say?-
-Because I’m the strongest one here.-
Wyldfyr rolled her eyes again and shook her head.
-Is that so? Well, I’ll never question your orders, your Goldness. Wait a minute, I think I will.- Decepshun snorted and rested her head on her paws.
-Why is everyone against me?- Beau whined with a huff.
It woke them in the morning, snarling and pushing until they were awake. Their humans woke up confused and a few of the smaller dragons snapped at them and chuckled at the way they tried to get away. Until Wyldfyr’s temper had come into play.
-GET AWAY FROM HER!- Wyldfyr roared. She kicked one of them away with a powerful swipe of her hind leg. IT rushed over, almost bowling her over.
-Stop fighting. You will meet with her tomorrow. Then no more humans.- IT chuckled.
-Please don’t tell me there’s another one.- Beau growled. Artha had grabbed Kitt’s arm and hauled her up in front of him.
-Follow.- It growled.

-Scales.- Beau said simply. About forty scarred dragons had seemingly appeared out of nowhere and were circling them. -Anyone got any escape plans?-
-Shut up.- Decepshun snarled back. She drew herself close to the ground and hissed.
-You will see her. Humans stay out here.- IT growled. The smaller dragons laughed and began to stalk forward, eyes trained on the humans.
-No.- Decepshun said softly, but they could all hear her. -I don’t know how you do things out here, but in the city we don’t leave friends to die or get hurt.-
-Damn straight.- Wyldfyr snarled. She moved to stand in front of Beau and Kitt.
-Then you will be sorry.- IT roared, racing towards them with a scream.

-ARG!- Beau yelped as Hunta barreled into him. The huge scarred dragon knocked him off his feet and then kicked out with one of his back legs at Wyldfyr.
-Look out!- Decepshun screeched, jumping backwards into one of the smaller ones. -Crap!-
-You're out numbered and we know this place better than you.- One of the smaller ones hissed. -Why are you even bothering to fight?-
-There's no way we can do this.- Wyldfyr murmured quietly.
-What will you do if we refused to leave them here but agree to come with you?- Beau asked, struggling to his feet. Two of the small dragons jumped in front of Hunta to stop him running at them.
-Then you will go in with them.- Another growled. -But they will not be able to stay with you forever.-
-They are weak.- Hunta snarled. -Already they need food and water. How long will it be until hey die?!-
Beau and Decepshun both began to growl again. Decepshun narrowed her eys to slits and bared her sharp teeth.
-Come.- The small one said. -Hunta will stay here. You will meet Her soon enough.-

-Why is it always a big freaky cave?- Beau moaned. -Why can't it be it big sunny field or something happy? 'Cause these caves are really getting old. And it smells funny!-
-Can I kill him? Please?- Decepshun growled to Wyldfyr. -How do you live with this?-
-With much practice.- Wyldfyr admitted. -He's always like this.-
-I woulda pushed him off the track a long time ago.- Decepshun snorted.
-Are you talking about me?- Beau roared.
Decepshun and Wyldfyr both rolled their eyes.
And then froze.
-We are soooo screwed.-

A gigantic grey-hued female reared up to stare at them with yellow and blue eyes. It shook out a line of spiked on it's forehead and screeched.
-It's bigger than Libris!- Beau whispered.
-Wait...- Decepshun whispered. -There, just behind the second spike...It's a bonemark.-
-Oh this is just...- Beau muttered. -First the Furox, then the Samurox and now this thing?!-
-...I don't think we want to make it mad Beau...- Wyldfyr said softly.
-They would not be parted Jureox.- The small dragons all whimpered and groveled. It growled and twitched it's club like tail.
-It was Hunta great one, he told us to...-
-GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!- The Jureox screamed. It jumped down off the high crag it had been sitting on and circled them. -NOW!-
The other dragons yipped like hatchlings and rushed over each other to get away.
-USELESS- Jureox snarled before turning to the three. -YOU DESTROYED ME LAST TIME GOLD ONE, BUT NOT NOW-
-Uh...- Beau muttered. -I think you have the wrong dragon, see I'm red and blue not gold, now if you'd be so kind as to let us go we'll leave you in pea...-
-No! He's just...uh...-
-****.- Decepshun and Wyldfyr chorused.

-Ugh...backing away slowly might be a good idea...- Beau muttered nervously.
-Beau! You're the dragon of legend, do something!- Wyldfyr yipped.
-Oh yeah Wyldfyr, I'll just roar a little and make the big bad dragon go away!-
-We have to get the bonemark off it.- Decepshun stated calmly. -So how did you get the Furox and Samurox ones off?-
-I...uh...- Beau stuttered. -I don't really know! It was instinct!-
-Well get your damn instinct working again!- Decepshun hissed, her eyes locked on the other dragon. -Or at least help me fight it.-
-I can't remember what to do unless I'm in my gold form. And I can't change!- Beau growled to Wyldfyr. -Damn Decepshun...-
The jureox roared again before it rushed Wyldfyr. The light red dragon dodged aside quickly and jumped up one of the crags. Decepshun moved close to the floor, practically slithering before jumping up to trip the huge dragon with her tail. The jureox snarled and snapped at her, it's teeth grazing her flank.
-Get your useless gold ass over here!- Decepshun screeched.
Beau did as he was told, racing over to slash at Jureox's belly. The grey dragonn turned, throwing all it's weight onto one of it's back legs to use it's front legs as battering rams, pushing Beau onto his side. It moved one paw up to finnish the job when Decepshun jumped nimbly onto it's back, clawing all the way.
-Move!- She yelled, struggling to keep her grip. -Now!-
Beau decided he would have to thank her for that one.
-Wyldfyr!- Beau called, trying to find his teammate. She jumps down just in time to avoid an insane mag blast from the Jureox.
-Are you okay?-
-Yeah, fine...Decepshun!- Wyldfyr yelps, watching in horror as the slender black dragon is thrown to the ground.
Decepshun's whole body shakes as she tries to get up, but she falls weakly back onto her side. Moordryd lies a few meters away, not moving at all.
The Jureox grins crazilly, moving slowly toward her. It places a paw over her throat, and she makes a soft choking sound.
-Let her go!- Beau roars.
-Make me.- The Jureox whispers with a mad giggle.
Beau jumps down carefully as the thing follows him with it's eyes. As soon as he made it to the ground it kicks Decepshun again and stalk away.
-Don't go anywhere now.- It smirked. -Now, we're going to settle this once and for all...-
-Beau! Moordryd's out! You can change!- Wyldfyr yelled down to him.
Beau narrowed his eyes as he realised she was right, and almost imediently felt the changes. It was more of a feel to him, though he knew others could see it more. Like raw energy flowinh through him. Made him feel really powerful, and strong enough to take down anything.
The Jureox roared in fury and jumped toward him, sending out crazy mag blasts. Beau moved aside easilly, loving the look of disbelief. He smirked as the Jureox almost tripped running after him. And then...
He knew.
-Wyldfyr! I need some of your energy! Anything you can spare!-
The red dragon kicked out at the Jureox and rushed to his side. The Jureox and he sent out mag blasts at the same moment. Beau felt his mag stream blacking out as the Jureox pushed harder.
-Decepshun! I need your help too!- Beau yelled. The weakened black dragon nodded and sent some of her own energy into her rival.
Beau snarled furiously and pushed forward against the magstream of the Jureox. It faltered and snarled in anger, trying to fight back with what little energy it had left. Beau pushed harder, seeing his chance.
The bonemark flew off it's forehead as it screamed. Beau stopped the stream, panting.
The cave walls shook at the release of energy.
-Crap!- Beau yelped. -Decepshun! Mag Moordryd and run!-
Decepshun shivered for a second and tried to get up again. She stood shakily and magged her rider weakly.
-Go!- Wyldfyr screeched at them. Decepshunn moved quickly to the side and jumped away.
-Get out! RUN!- Beau yelled, the gold dragon pushing Decepshun ahead of him. Decepshun and Beau both got cought in the draft of dust the collapsing roof created.
-Oh god!- Wyldfyr yipped as both dragons went flying over her head, both covered in white dust. They fell onto the rocky floor with a thud and rolled away.
-Owie.- Beau muttered. -My head hurts.-
-My whole body hurts.- Decepshun moaned softly. She turned to glare at Beau for a second. -And this doesn't make us friends.-
-Never expected it too.- Beau smirked back.


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