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The Sinick Chronicles

by IbanezJFS


Chapter 1


By Shearkin


During a high Speed Dragon Race. A bolt of lightning hits the track. And after it vanishes. There is a guy just lying on the drac. Concerned about this man. Sentrus calls the race off and, tells everyone to stop. Artha and Beau just happend to stop next to him and, asked him if he was alright. The man looks at Beau and gets frightend and asks Ather "Where Am I"? Sentrus tells Artha to pic up the kid and Bring him back to the starting. Beau mags the guy but, the mag energy stream send him through an electric shock. This tells Artha that he's not from around here. So Beau lowers his head and the guy gets on. The guy is taken to a DC Hospital. And he tells them all his Information. The guy sez "My name is Jayson Sinick, I am 21 years old, I was born June 1 1985, And, I am from NY. Artha then tells the Doctors how the guy was in pain when he was maged. This told the Doctors that this wasnt normal. Every citizen of Dragon City. Could handle beeing maged.

Artha's crew and Moordryd's Crew plus Mooryd's dad Word. Wanna to see this man. Hours later. The Doctors tell the man that he was somehow transporter to this planet. Comepletely in shock the man goes into a state of nervousness and, he's all curled up in the fetal possision. DC Scientist then take the man to a labertory and, keep him in a room filled with everything he may want and need. And, tells the guy that we want to study you. Realizing that he doesnt have a choice Jason goes along with it. In his room there was a giant mirror. Wich in this case was 1 way mirror. But, Jason was aware of this. Just from a personal experiance. So he just lies down in bed and, trys to get some sleep. On the other side of the Mirror. Was WORD PAYNN and, Connor Penn. And, Word said in his head. How can I use this man to help me with my Dragon Human War. While Connor's thought was "This isnt the way to help him".


Days later, the scientist found something that belonged to him. It was 2 guitars that has his named written write them. Fulled with joy Jayson was just thrilled to know he now has 2 thing that remind him of him. The scientest then give him a computer with some recording softwear. But, as the scientist left. The joy was short lived. Jayson heard some noises from beyond the mirror. then a flash goes off. And, he hears somone say "NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY". Jayson realized that he was being used a museam exibit. Knowing this he goes toh is computer and begins to write out a song. Hours later. This song was finished. There was then a news crew standing right outside the mirror. Where a news reporter said they were going to be showing a live feed from this room for all of DC citizens to watch. As the camera zooms in Jayson pulls out his guitar and, said. I am not a museam exhibit. And, he load up the song he was writing and, grabs his guitar and, starts to sing the song.

(Sence I dont have an actual song written out. Lets just say its "Looking Through The Glass by Stone Sour)

Everyone in Dragon City was so touched by this song and, he Jayson felt that even Word Paynn felt bad. After the song. The scientest realized that what they were doing was wrong. So they got on camera and, not only admited it. But, that they were going to let Jayson go. But, they want someone to adopt him so that he has a place to say. Both Connor and, Word wanted him for their own reasons. They both knew this so they both took of like a Dragon leaving the starting line. Half way there, Word got pulled over by DC security for going to fast. And, Connor made it and, took Jayson into his home. And, when Word got the lab he realized that he was too late.


Chapter 2, A New Home

By Shearkin


NOOOOOO Word Paynn screamed. Moodryd wasnt far behind Word. What is it? Moordryd asked. The Sinick kid is gone. The stable brats got to him first and, adopted him. Inst that good? Moordryd gave a slitely confused look. Isnt that a good thing? I mean, he's no longer put on display like a museam exibit. NO ITS NOT MY SON!!! What do you mean father. Uh uh uh, I mean of course, thats a good thing. As Word walked away and, left the building Moordryd heard some...MOORDRYD. It was Armeggadon. What is it? There is something your father isnt telling you about this kid. I would keep a close eye on him if I were you. Im not sure Armeggadon. What could this guy possibly have that my Father wants? I dont know. But, do you think its weird how badly your Father wanted to get to him first? As his Armeggadon eyes vanished. Moordryd thought "Could he possibly be right....nah". Later that night. Moordryd was watching the news with Decepshun. We have some late breaking news about the Sinick kid. The announce said. He has been officially been adopted by Connor Jackson Penn. Owner of Penn Stables. He has agreed to take him into his family and, teach him the ways of life here in Dragon City. You see that Decepshun? Decepshun turned her head and, smiled. He finally has a family. But, then. Moordryd notice that Connor was all out of breath and, appeared to be exhausted. He realized that, his Father was racing against Artha's Father for Jayson. But, why would they want him so bad? Moordryd said. Decepshun looked at Moordryd and, shrugged her sholders and, gave that "I dont know expression". Well, lets ust sleep on it for now girl. Lets get some rest.


Meanwhile at Penn stables. Conner Penn have just arrived at Penn Stabels. Brining Jayson to his new home. Jayson, welcome to your new home. As happy as Jayson was to be out of that room. He was still nervouse. Why do you look so scared? Connor asked. After a long pause. You havent even said anything during the ride here. After all this time. Jayson finally spoke...I cant believe it. Whats that? (Connor Asked). I cant believe this...Dragons are REAL. Where im from. They were just a fantasy. But, their real..THEIR REAL! Connor chuckled. Hehehe I think your going to like it here. Come on lets take you into the stables and, introduce you to everybody and, their Dragons. Connor raised the door to the stables. And, Jayson saw 4 people and 4 Dragons. Jayson, these are my sons. Artha Tannis Penn & Lance Patrick penn. And, their Dragons Beau & Fracshun. All for them Gave Jayson a hug. Lance tilted his head up and said "Welcome to our family". Then Artha looked at Jayson and, said "Finally, I get to know what having an older brother feels like". And, Fracshun and Beau just nuzzled their heads against Jayson. WOW, real dragons. Jayson, these are Artha and Lance's friends. This is Kitt Wonn & Parmon Sean. And, their Dragons Wyldfyr and Cyrano. Jayson shook their hands and, said. Its nice to meat all of you. So where do I sleep? Well, for right now. You will sleep in the stables with everyone else. We had a small fire and, we havent gotten all the damages repaired. Ok, Mr. Penn. You know Jayson. I am your legal Father now. You can call me Dad. I know but, I will always have. 1 biological father. And,s its going to take sometime defor I start calling you Dad. I understand Jayson....Ok lets go everyone. We gotta un-loads Jayson's things and, he has ALOT of musical equipment. As they all started to unload Jayson's things. Moordryd Paynn showed up. What do you want Paynn. Artha said. I just want to meet Jayson. Can you help me un-load my things first. Artha looked at Jayson with a shock "JAYSON"! What, we could use the help and, im going to have to meet people sooner or later. Ok Jayson. Come on Moordryd. As Jayson was moving his things into the stables. Beau was noticing some of his stuff. And, he noticed this music tablature paper that was sticking out. Beau looked shocked. He also realized that maybe there is a reason why he is here after all.


Meanwhile, back outside the stables. So Penn have you told him your little secret? Not yet Paynn. All in good time thought. You know our father's were practicually raceing to get Jayson. Why? Does he pocess something they want? Im not sure. But, we should probably keep an eye on our Dad's and, see whats going on. This better not be a trick. No tricks. Not at all. I just suspect that our Father's know something that they arent telling us. Minutes later after all of Jayson's things were unloaded. Everyone wanted to know a little bit more about him. They all sat down in the stabels with their dragons right next to them and, they all asked their questions. So Jayson, how long have you been playing guitar? Moordryd asked. I have been play for...Wait...How many days are in a year here??? 365. Ok, 8 years. Atleast the days are the same. Jayson said under his breath. WOW, you have been playing that long? That song you played was very DRAC. Lance said. Drac??? Whats does that mean. Parmon tells Jayson. It indicates a positive reasponse. OH, I get it...Drac. Kitt, had the puzzled look on her face. What wrongs Kitt? Jayson asked. Well, if you have been playing for 8 years. I would think that you could play faster than that. Jayson smiled and, got up, picked up his guitar, pluged in his amp, and his peedle and said. You mean like this? And, started playing this incredible fast rythem and, this fast solo. A few minutes later. Jayson stoped and, said. Is that fast enough for you? They all were in shock. Artha tunred around and, looked at his Dad. Hey Dad, what did you think of that? But, instead of giving Artha an answer. He heard his Dad say "Could this be the one"? As Connor said that. There was a purple tracking Dragon that was sending all of this back to Word Paynn's compound. And, even Word said "Could This Be The One"? And, even Beau, was wondering if this guy could be the key to what he is looking for. Artha was still trying to get his father's attention. HEY DAD. Oh, What is it Artha. What did you think of what Jayson played? Oh, it was great. Come on everyone. We have work to do. Ok, Connor. Ill see you later Moordryd. Ok Jayson. Goodbye. Connor askef everyone to clean up the stable area. But, Artha was still curiouse to know what his dad was talking about.


So as Moordryd left and, they all got to work. Artha Fallowed his Dad.All the way down to the Ancient Dragon city. Through the elivator hidden behind Beau's Dragon stable. Connor walked over to the wall, put his hand to his chin and, started thinking out loud. Could this what the prophesi had for told? Artha was hiding behind a rock. But, his Dad figured out he was there and said, You can come out Artha. Dad, there is something about Jayson that your not telling me. What is it? Ok, you have a right to know. When I was your age. The Dragon Preists that were teaching told me of a prophesi. About a worrier that could create a weapon out of sound would help the Dragon Booster and, prevent another Dragon Human war. And, you think Jayson could be him? I dont know. All it sez is sound. That could mean anything from music to just the sound of a horn honk. There's not even a name for this worrier. It doesnt even say if he is suppose to just appear right out of thin air. Do you think any of the other Dragon Preist have a little bit more information? I dont know. But, thats why Word and, I were after Jayson. Becuase, if Jayson is this worrier and, Word got a hold of him...Theres not telling what Word would do to him. Well Dad, lets just sleep on it for now. Come on we gotta get Jayson his first Dragon.


Chapter 3 "Training Day"

By Shearkin


As Artha and, his Dad came up from the ancient Dragon city. Artha really thought about Jayson being a Dragon Booster. Hey Dad, do you think its possible that there are two Dragon Boosters? I don't know Artha. Like I said. I know very little about this. Maybe there is another Booster that we dont know about. I will have to speak with one of the remaining Dragon Priest.....Tannis. As Cannor and, Artha caught up with everyone else. They notice that Jayson and, Beau were missing. Where is Jayson and, Beau? Connor asked. Lance lifted his and said. They are sweeping up the track. Connor looked out over the track and, could not see any of them and, Jayson didn't have a wrist com. So he told Lance to bring them back to the stable. Because, we have to get him adjusted to mag blasts so that we can get him his first Dragon. Filled with excitement. Lance hoped on Fracshun and, headed out to get Jayson.

Three miles out on the track Jayson was sweeping up the track with Beau. Well Beau, that's another mile done. Beau smiled and, nodded his head. Jayson took a rest and, looked out over the track and, admired the city. WOW, this place is amazing. Everywhere you turn its just Dragons. Beau, where I come from. Dragons are just a myth. Beau seamed to be a little shocked. I never thought that I would be in a place where Dragons are real. And, as much as I miss my family and, my home...I love this place. Beau smiled rubbed his head against Jayson's. Just then he saw Lance coming up to him. Hey Beau, its Lance and, Fracshun. I wonder what they want. Lance got off Fracshun and, told Jayson that his Dad wants to see him. What for? Jayson asked. We have to train you to get adjusted to mag streams so that you can handle being magd from a Dragon. Oh...great. As, nervouse as Jayson was he hoped on Beau and, headed back.

There you Jayson (said Connor). This arrived from the DC Science lab you were at. What is it? It's a mag suit. Jayson seemed puzzled. What's a mag suit? Sence you don't have a resistance to a meg energy stream. The scientist have devolped this suit. That will help you get adjusted to mag energy stream. Jayson was even more nervouse. Then Kitt grabed his shoulder and, said. Dont worry, its not that bad. Now put on the suit and, we will meet you at back. Minutes later Jayson arrived in his new suit. ready for his training. Ok now Jayson (Said Connor). Beau is going to mag you and, he will slowley increase the voltage. When its to much just say so and, Beau will stop. Whenever your ready just say Beau Mag me. Jayson looked at Beau and, very nervously said Beau, Mage Me. Beau, mag locked Jayson but, Beau didnt want to lift him off the ground just yet. Jayson, how are you fealing (Said Parm)? Good so far. Go up more Beau. Buea, slowley increased the voltage to the point where Jayson was off the ground. How are you doing now (Said Parm). I can feel a little bit of volts in my system but, not to bad. This does feel weird being off the ground. Connor looked out to Jayson and, said. Now Jayson, Beau is going to lower you into his saddle. Be sure to have your body in the right position. OK, do it Beau. Beau, safely lowed Jayson and, Jayson was thrilled. I DID IT! I CANT BELIEVE I DID IT.

They worked on it for hours until Jayson got the hang of it. Then Connor said. Ok Jayson I think your ready. Ready for what? We are going to get your you your first Dragon. Jayson couldn't believe it. He was jumping for joy and, couldn't wait. Now sence we are still rebuilding my stable. We are going into town to find you a Dragon. They all hoped on a taxi Drag and, headed into town. Well, here we are (Connor said). Rio Stables. Ths is the next best Stable next to mine. And, theres my old friend Rio. Hey, Rio. Its good to see you Connor. Still rebuilding your stables? Yes, we are here to get Jayson his first Dragon. Rio looked at Jayson and, said. So your the guy that played that song. Yes, I am the name is Jayson Sinick. They chook hands and, Rio said. Its nice to meet you. Come on ill show you some of my best Dragons. He took them through his stables and, stopped at this red Dragon. This is Devyl. He is very fast, strong, and reliable. Jayson hoped on Devyl. Ok, this fells good. Seconds later he was mag tossed off of him.

Everyone was shocked. Connor looked at Rio and, said. WHAT HAPPEND? I thought you had your Dragons trained so that they will accpet anyone as their rider. Rio was still in shock but, he still answered. I dont know. Lets try a few other Dragons. Jayson was confused and asked. WHat do you mean trained? Rio looked at Jayson and, told him. I train MY Dragons to accept anyone as their rider. But, there are some Dragons that wont accept anyone for their rider. Like the Black and Gold dragon of Legend Beau. And, his rider. The Dragon Booster. Connor and, every one else got worried. They didnt want Jayson to know that Artha was Dragon Booster. Because, they were afraid he might say something. Connor immidiatly cut Rio off from what he was about to say. Come on Rio lets try some more Dragons. Connor turned around and, looked at everyone else. Dont tell Jayson anything. I dont want him to know our little secret just yet. After they cought up with Rio and, Jayson. The next Dragon They were at still wouldnt accept him as a rider.

Hours later they decide to call it a day. Rio and, Connor looked at Jayson and, notice how upset he was. Rio looked at him and said. Im sorry Jayson. I dont know why any of my Dragon wont accept you. Maybe they are still trying to get adjusted to the fact that your this man of mystery and, you can be trusted. Connor put his hand on Jayson's shoulder. Come on everyone lets go home. Thanks for your help Rio. My pleasure (Said Rio). As they got back to the stables Connor said. OK, everyone. Its time to get some shut eye. As eveyone layed down Connor went up to Jayson. Dont worry. We will eventually find you a Dragon...My Son. Good night Jayson. Jayson tunred his head and, looked at Connor. Goodnight...Dad. Connor smiled knowing that Jayson has accepted him as his father. As Jayson closed his eyes. Beau waled over to him. And, Beau said in the back of his mind "Don't Worry Jayson. All will be answered very soon".


Chapter 4-The Profesy

As a new day is Dragon city began. Jayson and, everyone else began to do their daily chores around the stables. Jayson and Beau were assigned to clean up the track. Connor came over to Jayson and, told him what to do. Ok, Jayson. I want you and Beau to both clean up the track like last time. Jayson looked at Beau and, smiled. And looked at Connor and, said. Don't worry Dad. I can handle it. Connor smiled. That's my son. Connor then walked back into his office. Lance was surprised that Jayson had no problem cleaning up after the Dragons. Hey, Jayson. How come it doesnt bother you cleaning up after the Dragons? (Said Lance). Jayson smiled and, said i'm used to cleaning up after animals. Jayson then felt a tap on his shoulder and, heard a growl that startled him. Jayson looked up and, saw it was Beau. Of course. None of the animals I cleaned up after were this big. Said Jayson.

As Jayson and, Beau took off to clean the track. Connor called everyone else back. Minutes later Artha, Lance, Parmon, and Kitt were all in Connor's office. Listen everyone. Artha and, I have already talked about this. And, I figured you all should know to. I have reason to believe that Jayson was sent here for a reason. They were all surprised (accept Artha). What do you think he's for Connor? (Parm asked). When I was being raised by the Dragon Priest. Tannis told both me and Word Paynn of a profesy. About a worrier that could create sounds into a weapon. And, that could be Jayson. You mean like, the music Jayson plays from his guitars? (Said Kitt). Artha looked at all of them and answered. We don't know. It just said noises. That could mean anything from a guitar to a Dragon roar. Connor looked up and, said. I have to talk to Tannis about this. Befor Word Paynn tries anything. Lance looked at his father and, said. But, we haven't heard from the Paynn's even since Moordryd helped us out with Jayson's things. Connor looked back at Lance and, said. I know. But, we know what Word Paynn and the Dragon Eyes can do. I better get to Tannis before He Does. WAIT, said Kitt. We have to tell Jayson what's going on and, tell him about Artha as the Dragon Booster. Connor gave an unsrue look and said. I'm not so sure about that. Kitt, rolled her eyes and said. Oh come on. You guys remember how I got mad when you guys didn't tell me. There was a moment of silence. Then Connor said. Get Jayson in here now.

Minutes later Jayson and, Beau arrive. What's going on everyone? Son, sit down. There is something we need to tell you. What is it? Well, it's 2 things actually. 1 is, you know this Dragon Booster you have heard of? Yes, of course. Well, Artha is the Dragon Booster. And, Beau is the Dragon of Legend. Jayson was very shocked to hear this news. And, why did you take so long to tell me this? Connor, felt a little guilty and, just said. We didn't want to stress you out more then you already are. Jayson looked at the ground for a while then lifted his head back up and, said. Ok, I can appreciate that. Connor was relieved. He can rest easy the fact that Jayson doesn't hate him for not telling him. Now Jayson, you can't tell ANYONE about this. Jayson chuckled and, said. Who would even believe me anyway? They all kind of chuckled and, Kitt said you got a good point. Artha however didn't see the humor. HEY!!! Jayson stood up and, said. Artha think about. People think that the Dragon Booster is this tough man with some of the best fighting abilities. Who's going to think its a 16 year old boy? No offence. Artha thought about it and, realized how true that is. Ok, you do have a good point.

Well, now that that's settled. We have to tell you the second thing. Minutes later after Jayson was told about this profesy. Are you sure its me? (Said Jayson). Connor looked right at Jayson and, told him "None of us aren't sure". But, I want to take you to see my mentor, Tannis. He knows more about this then I do. He's the one who told me about there being another Dragon Booster. Jayson looked confused. So he asked Connor. But, why wouldn't he tell you more about this worrier of sounds? I don't know (Connor said). Maybe he just thought that there was so little about this worrier that he didn't think it was worth getting all excited about. All I know is. I have to figure this out before Word Paynn does. Jayson was even more confused then ever. Who is Word Paynn? Lance tapped Jayson's shoulder and, told him. He is the father of the guy that helped us move you in. So Jayson asked. So then what's the big deal? His son seamed like a nice guy. What's so bad about his father? An hour later Jayson was all up to date about Word Paynn, his plans, the Dragon eyes, even how Connor grew up with him. Jayson just stood there and, didn't say anything......Finally after the long pause he looked at Connor and, said. Lets go visit Tannis then. Connor nodded his head and, said. Alright, come everyone lets go. They all geared up and, headed out. Connor then looked at Jayson. HEY JAYSON!!! Grab your guitar. Wich one? I dont know. Just pick one. He grabbed both his bass and guitar. Then headed out.

As soon as they left. Moordryd Paynn steps out from behind the stables. Father, I have all the information. Verey good my son. Report back to my compound immediately. As Word logged off from his wrist com. Moordryd thought about what his father could do to Jayson. I'm not sure what to do (Moordryd said). Should I tell my father the truth.....or not?


Chapter 5 "Journey To Tannis, Part 1"

"Come on everyone. We are off to visit my old mentor, Tannis." Conner said as Artha, Lance, Parmon, and Kitt were all riding on their own Dragons. While Connor and, Jayson were riding in carriage that was being pulled by Connor's carriage dragon named Sayble. Jayson had this expression on his face that looked concerned. What is it Jayson? Asked Artha. I just keep thinking about how much my life has changed within a weak. I mean, I don't even know anything about this place. Artha smiled and, said. Donít worry. We'll fill you in. Just ask us anything. Jayson looked surprised. Really? Artha chuckled and, said sure. Everyone else chimed in and, gave their encouragement. "OK then. Besides Dragon racing. What else do you guys do for fun?" Jayson asked Parmon turned around and, said. "Well, we have a mall that has lots to do." "Really? Like what?" Jayson asked. Well, it has an arcade, movie theater, music store, clothing store, and even a guitar Shop. Really? They have all of that? And, much more." Said Parmon. "I'm really curious to check out all of that. But, what type of movies is here?" Jayson asked. Kitt turned back to Jayson and told him. "DC Cinema offer a wide verity of comedy, classics, drama, action, adventure and my personal favorite..romance." All the boys accept for Jayson and, Connor turned around and, said "YUCK!" Jayson soon asked "What about horror?" "Excuse me?" Kitt said in response. "Horror you know scary stories." Jayson said as Kitt looked repulsed. "You actually like all that stuff?" She asked "Yeah, I love going to a theater and, getting scared." Jayson said. Everyone looked shocked even Connor. "What? What is so wrong about horror?" Jayson asked as Connor looked at Jayson and, said. "Its disturbing. The fact that someone can think of these acts and then portray them on film...that is sick." Jayson chuckled and told everyone. "There is a saying that says. 'We all think criminal thought. We all just don't act criminal acts'. Anyone can think up these criminal acts. Im sure you have all done that at one point too. "

They all were silent as they really started to think about it. Then finally Connor just said. "OK, Glad we understand each other." Jayson soon asked "So then moving on. What do you guys have for food?" "What do you mean?" Lance asked. "Well, what do you guys eat?" Lance looked confused and said. "I never heard of any of that stuff." Jayson was shocked. "WHAT!?" Lance then broke out laughing and said. "I'm just kidding. Of course we have all of that stuff. 1 of the best things there is to eat are Draconi Yum Bars." "What the heck is a Draconi Yum Bar?" Jayson asked confused. "Only the best candy bar ever. Even most Dragons love them." Lance told Jayson as Beau turned his head with excitement and nodded his head at Jayson then so did Wyldfyr, Cyrano, Fracshun, and Sayble. Lance reaches into backpack and, hands Jayson one. "Here try it...Before the dragons." Lance said as Jayson took it out of the wrapper and, just took a bight... "Hey, this is good!" Jayson said happily "Good to know that you like it." Lance said "Well, what's the weather like here?" Jayson asked. Artha looked as Jayson and asked "Well, what happens to the weather where your from?" "Well it rains, snows, gets windy, hot, hum...." Artha cuts him off and, says. "Don't worry we got that too." Jayson soon asked "Well, then. What about Holidays? Like Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving, valentines day." Artha said. "We got all of those accept for Thanksgiving and Valentines. We also celebrate birthdays as well. As for those other 2. You'll have to fill us in later. Anything else you would like to know?"

"Yeah, one last thing...What about concerts?" Jayson asked "Yep, of course. and, yes we do have heavy metal music." Artha told Jayson "Awesome! Now I just got to find a band that I will like." Jayson said excited Everyone one broke out laughing. But, there was one person that wasn't laughing. Watching them high above was Moordryd Paynn and, his Dragon Eye crew. Moordryd was on his com link with his Dad Word. "I want you to capture him and, bring him back to my citadel at once." Word said as he logged off Cain asked Moordryd. "So what are your orders?" Moordryd paused then 5 seconds later... "Get him."

Chapter 6 Journey To Tannis Part 2

As our heroes were laughing along. Connor heard something from above. It was Moordryd and, the Dragon Eyes. "It's the Dragon Eyes. Everyone RUN!!!" Connor screamed. Connor and, the rest of the gang tried to out run the Dragon eyes, but there were more Dragon Eyes just right up ahead. They were surrounded. Artha whispered to his dad 'Dad that I gotta transform into the Dragon Booster.' Artha's dad shook his and said. 'No Artha, there's to many of them. Even if you took off somewhere. They will know your secret. We just need to out run them and, hit them with everything we've got.' Jayson got worried and, asked Connor. "What should I do?" "Grab your blocking staff and, get Sayble to mag you." Conner said "Do you think i'm ready?" Jayson asked. "Yes, now FIGHT!!"Conner replied "You got it...Dad. SAYBLE, MAG ME!!!" Jayson yelled as Sayble maged and sent him over to Artha to help him battle Moordryd. Kitt was battling Blair while Parmon took on Cain. Connor tried to take on Rancyd and, Blair, but half way through the battle Moordryd screamed. "DRAGON EYES!!! DO IT NOW!!!" They all threw down a disrupter mine. Clouding the place up with this purple like smoke. No one could see anything and, they were to busy coughing up the smoke to noticed that Jayson... was gone..........

"Is everyone alright?" Connor asked. "Yeah Dad." Artha said. "Jayson, are you ok?......Jayson......Jayson......JAYSON!!!!!" Already miles away. Moordryd and, the rest of the Dragon eyes have captured Jayson. Moordryd calls up his father to tell him the good news.. "Father, we have captured the new stable brat." Moordryd said "Excellent work my son. Take him to your compound and, I will meet you there." Word replied, as Moordryd hung up on his father. He was still thinking of wiether or not what he is doing is right. He finally lifted his head up and, said "Dragon Eyes I will meet you at the compound" as his crew headed back to the compound. Meanwhile Artha and, the gang had to figure out a way to get Jayson back. Connor had a plan. "Ok everyone, I can only think of 2 places they would have taken Jayson. Either to Word's Citadel or, Moordryd's compound. So Kitt, you and Parmon head Moordryd's compound. Artha, Lance, and me will go to Word's citadel. If you find him contact us on our wrist com's. Once we get Jayson back. We will meet back at this trail." Back at Moordryd's compound. Moordryd and, Cain put Jayson in a holding cell. "What do you want? What did I do?" Cain was furious and, he screamed. "SHUT UP STABLE BRIGHT! You be do as we say and, we might let you go." "Can you atleast take these things of my wrists?" Jayson asked "No chance at all." Blair said "Please, I'll never be able to play my guitar again. And, if I run off. You can shoot me down." "No way Stable brat." Cain said "STOP CALLING ME THAT!!! I HAVE A NAME TOO YOU KNOW!!" Jayson yelled with anger. Cain rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah I'm sure. But, here. You are just a stable brat." Moordryd felt kind of bad. Because, this guy was still new to this world. He doesnt know how to handle these types of situations.

"Cain, go get a couple of drinks. And, one for our prisoner." said Moordryd. "You got it." Cain replied Moordryd walked up to Jayson and, took the cuffs off his wrist. "Ahhhhhh, thank you. Last thing I need is a sprain. If I couldn't play my guitars...I don't know what I do." Jayson said with relief. Moordryd looked a little confused and asked "Why do your guitar matter so much to you? I mean, we have guitar here." "Because, those guitars are the only thing I have left of my world. Everything of my world is gone." Jayson replied. Seeing this whole conversation, Kitt and, Parm were right out side looking through bynox to determine if Jayson was in the holding cell. "Is it him Parm?" Kitt asked "I'm not entirly sure. I mean, it looks like him from the back. But, I don't want to risk it. It we can just get him to turn around......" Parm said Kitt tried to think of a plan. "I got it. Come here Wyldfyr. Parm, let me see your bynox." Kitt held the Bynox to Wyldfyr's eyes. "Do you see the person who is turned around Wyldfyr?" Kitt asked Wyldfyr then growled in approval. Kitt then reached into her pocket and, pulled out a coin. "Take this and, fire it at him. We need to get him to turn around. Parm, I need you to keep an eye on him. So we can identify him. So keep your eyes on him." "Ok, no problem." Parm said "Ready Wyldfyr?" Kitt asked Wyldfyr. Wyldfyr then nodded her head yes. She tosses the coin into the air, Wyldfyr mags it, and sends all the way over to him. But, hits Moordryd on the head. "OUCH!!!" Moordryd screamed . "You hit Moordryd, Kitt." Parmon said. "Whoops." Kitt said "Your aiming was a little bit off but, it was still funny." Parm said with a laugh "Man what was that?" Moordyrd asked. "It looks like it was coin." Jayson responed. "Well anyways, back to what we were talking about......"

"Everything and, everyone I ever knew is gone. My friends, my family, my pets... even my mother." When Moordryd heard Jayson say that. It was something he could relate to. "And, Moordryd...I would Dance With the devil just to know if they are ok." Jayson said and then something struck Jayson in the head. "OUCH, what the heck?" Jayson said as he rubbed his head and stood up. Then he looked around. Parmon turned around with excitement. And said "It is Jayson!!" Kitt was buzzing with excitement. "YES!!! Good going Wyldfyr!" Kitt said as Wyldfyr let out a giant roar. "Parm quick, get Connor on the wrist com and, tell them to meet us at the trail." Kitt told Parm who was already doing that. Moordryd was looking through his Bynox and told Jayson. "It's your friends. There here to rescue you. But, I will spare them the trouble." Jayson looked confused and asked. "What do you mean?" "Follow me." Moordryd said and then he took him outside where his Dragon Decepshun was waiting. "Jayson get up on Decepshun. And, she will take you to your friends." Moordryd said as both him and, Decepshun looked confused. Moordryd soon turned to Decepshun and, said. "Decepshun. Do as I say. Take Jayson back to his friends. They are right out side on the compound. Just dont let my father see you. And, Jayson. I cant even pretend to know what your going through. I know what it's like to loose all of that. But, I do know what it feels like to loose a Mother. Now get out of here." Decepshun took off like a bolt of lightning. Just as soon as they left Cain appears up. "Moordryd, Jayson escaped." "Cain I know" he said. "Your dad is going to freak." Cain said "You just let me worry about that." Moordryd told Cain

Meanwhile, Decepshun finally got up to Parmon and Kitt. They looked confused. "Jayson, were you just riding Decepshun? Moordryd's Dragon?" Decepshun maged Jayson and, lowered him to the ground. Jayson turned to Decepshun and, said. "Thank You...Decepshun. Tell Moordryd that I am greatfull for what he did. And, that I would repay him some how. Good bye." Decepshun took off and, Jayson turned to his friends. "It's a long story and, I'll explain later." Meanwhile Word Paynn was at Moordryd's compound. And, he wasn't to happy. "HOW COULD YOU LOOSE HIM?! HE'S NOT EVEN FAMILIER WITH OUR TECHNOLOGY AND, YOU LOOSE HIM!!!!!" "The Dragon Booster showed up and, had me pined to the wall. I could even move. My crew was away tending to other things." Moordryd replied "INCOMPONTENCE!!!!!!" Word screamed. Meanwhile back on the trail. They all were back together. And, they all were just relieved that Jayson was ok. "So Jayson, what happened back there? Why did Moordryd let you go?" Conner asked "He said something about him knowing what I must be going through... he know what it feels like to loose a mother." Connor looked surprised. "Oh yes...Zulay. She was a fearless woman." "Who's Zulay?" Lance asked. "Zulay was Moordryd's mother. She was the first person to escape the Shadow Track. After that. No one saw her again. She's presumed dead." Conner said "What do you think Dad?" Lance asked "I don't think she's really dead. I think she has probably turned a new lead and, joined a secret ancient Dragon order. But, I guess we'll never know. Now then. We need to get off this trail or, else the Dragon Eyes will be back. We'll take a right up here and take a different path. Hurry now, before they catch up." Conner said as they went onward on the new path.


Chapter 7

After hours and hours & hours of traveling the crew finally made to Tannis's place. Everyone was relieved that they made it safe and sound. Everyone got off of their dragons and walked over to the main entrance. Connor peaked inside the citadel to see if anyone was there. "Hello? Is anyone there? Tannis it's me Connor Penn." Just then this creapy voice spoke. "Connor?" Out from the darkness comes Tannis. "Connor it is so good to see you again." Tannis said They gave each other a big hug to welcome each other. "It's great to see you to Tannis. It's been to long. Let me introduce you to everyone. This is Artha." Conner says as he introduces Artha to Tannis, Tannis shakes his hand and looks deep into his eye. "Hello young Artha...You really are the Dragon Booster." Artha takes out the amulet and says "Yeah, Beau and I make a great team." Beau smiled and, nods his head. "This is Lance" Connor said. Tannis smiled. "Lance I haven't seen you since you were a baby. You have grown so much. And, it looks like Fracshun has to." Tannis said as Fracshun walks over and Tannis begins to pet him. "This is their friend Parmon Sean." Conner said introducing Tannis to Parmon "Nice to meet you. You must be the professore of the group." Tannis said "Oh yes, My mom works at the tech academy and my father....." Parmon rambled on Connor continues to introduce everyone. "This is Kitt Wonn." Conner said "Ah yes, I have heard about you little lady." Tannis said Kitt start to blush. "Oh really?...What have you heard?" Kitt said while blushing "That your 1 of the fastest street racers around." Tannis replied "Yeah, thats it." As she chuckled. The rest of the boys rolled their eyes. "And, this is my new son. This is Jayson Sinick."

"It's nice to meet you Tannis." Jayson said as he stuck his hand out but Tannis was a little hesitant to shake his hand. Jayson started to get a little upset. "I can see i'm not welcomes here." Tannis was startled and said. "OH NO, your welcomed here. Were just not sure what may come of you. Come on in everyone." Everyone began to walk in to the citadel and get a chance to stretch and, walk around. While the kids were checking out the citadel. Tannis and Connor were talking. "Are you sure it's him Connor?" Tannis asked "I dont know for sure." Connor responded "Have you told all the other Dragon Priests?" Tannis asked "Yes, they think he might be the one." Connor started looks puzzled. "But, how can this be. There are only 5 Draconium colors. How could there be a sixth one? I dont know but, we don't even have the gauntlet or the amulet. I know, lets just gather everyone around. OK, lets show him what we know. 5 minutes later all the Dragon Preists along with Artha and, the gang were in a room where all the Dragon preists showed and told Jayson what they knew. As they walked off into the distance and, the Dragons stayed behind Beau said to himself. "Jayson you have no idea what your in for." Just then Fracshun steps out behind Beau and, asks him. "What do you mean"? Beau turns around and, not only see's Fracshun but, Cyrano and Wyldfyr as well. They all wanted to know.


One hour later when Tannis and the rest of the Dragon Preists steped out of this meeting chamber. Beau and, the rest of the Dragons were standing outside waiting for them. Artha looked surprised. "Beau, what are you doing here?" Then Beau started acted a little weird. Like he was trying to tell them something. "What is it boy?" Artha said. Beau maged Jayson onto him and, starts to take him somewhere. "Come on lets follow them" Tannis said. Tannis and, the rest of the gang fallowed Beau and, Jayson to this weird room where they found. A wall with something weird written on it. Beau then maged Jayson off of him. Artha looked concern. "Beau, what were you thinking?" Beau, pointed at this wall that had this weird wall that had all these marking on them. Parmon was very interested. "What is this Tannis?" Parmon asked. "Im not entirley sure. Myself and others havent quite figured out what all these symboles mean. It's nothing I have ever seen." Soon everyone started taking notice. After 5 minutes of people rambling on about this weird text. Jayson was leaned up against Beau and, just rolled his eyes. Suddenly Jayson just screamed out "HEY!!! It's a sheet of music." Every looked puzzled. Parmon walked over to Jayson and showed him sheet music on this device he had and said. "How can that be?" Jayson looked at it for a while and, already came to his conclusion. "This is what sheet music is like here. Where I come from. Our sheet music looks like that." Connor and Tannis immediatly looked at each other and then asked Jayson. "Do you know how to read and play this?"


"Yeah, a little. I was still learning how to read and play it when I came here. And, by the looks of this. It seems like this is played by 2 guitars. If you want me to play this I will need a few things." Tannis looked at Jayson with a startling look. "We will give you anything you need." Tannis said "Ok then, this is what I need. Artha, I need you to bring me my guitars. Both of them. There should be a book in there that will help me read this. Parmon, I will need something to record this with, and possibly some editing softwear. Kitt, I need you to pick me up an amp, a power cord, a conector cable to go from the amp to a computer, a distortion peddle. And, just how do you suppose I pay for this?" That's when Connor steped in. "You leave that to me." Connor said "Great" Jayson said. Lance and Tannis, I need you guys to bring some sort of computer that will allow me to record this and play is back. Does anyone have any question?......No? Alright, Lets do this!" Everyone took of in a flash. And, Jayson was just standing there all alone. Staring at this wall. As he stared at this wall. All he could say was..... "Could this really be true?"


to be continued...



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