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Who Caves First

By: Draco

At Penn Stables one evening, Artha and Beau got ready for a race and put on their gear. But there was only a problem: Artha and Beau were not getting ready.

“Artha, Beau get up off your butts and get ready, the race starts in ninety minutes!” Conner said. But Artha and Beau didn’t listen. Artha was Playing and was being attracted to his vidd game like a magnet. Beau on the other hand was eating like crazy; eating dragon food, not to mention dragonola and draconee-yum bars. Conner sighed to himself and left them to get ready at their own time.

The next day, they did the same thing: “Guys get ready; the race is starting in one hour!” They didn’t listen.

The next day: “C’mon! It’s going to start in thirty minutes!” They didn’t listen once again.

The next day: “I’m tired of you two just sitting around doing the same thing all day besides saving the day!” Conner said with disappointment in his tone of voice. “Artha, get off that vidd game.” Artha stopped what he was doing and turned it off. “And Beau, stop gorging yourself!” Beau stopped eating. “I mean, seriously! There is no reason you should be doing these things!”

“What’s wrong with playing vidd games and Beau eating?” Artha asked.

“Is that you are doing it too much!” Conner replied. He walked out with this angry look.


After Conner rounded up Kitt, Kitt wrote a petition. Conner began to read.

“…Who ever will lose the bet will die!” Conner said. Kitt flipped the page. “…Their hair pink,” he finished. “Oh.” Kitt then went over to Artha and Beau to let them sign.

“…Who ever will lose the bet will die!” Artha said as he began to read the petition. Kitt turned the page over. “…Their hair pink,” Artha finished. Kitt rolled her eyes. The vow continued with them doing something else besides playing vidd games and eating. Artha and Beau began to practice for a race that was about to start in a few hours. Parm and Lance watched Artha and Beau practice.

“I say Artha is going to win the bet,” Parm said, “Besides, vidd games are totally easy to give up…right?”

“Nuh-uh!” Lance protested, “Vidd games are hard to let go because they are soooo fun; on the other hand, I think Beau is going to win because eating is probably way easier. You could do something else besides eat.”

“You wanna bet,” Parm said.

“Sure, but I’m going to win!” Lance said proudly.

“Oh, you are going down!” Parm said. Over hearing their competitive conversation, Kitt came over and gave them a petition.

“Sign here,” she said with a sigh, sick and tired of the reactions that have been going on for a few days. Parm and Lance signed the petition.

Meanwhile after their practice, Artha and Beau went to take a break.

“Now remember guys, Artha: No vidd games,” Conner said.

“Got ya,” Artha replied, determined that he’ll beet Beau for sure.

“And Beau: No eating so much, only three meals,” Conner said. Beau nodded in reply. Conner left to do other important priest work, which left Artha and Beau alone.

“I am so gonna beet you, Beau!” Artha said. Beau shook his head as if to say: “I’ll pay BIG money in dragonola bars to Wyldfyr to see you beet me!” Artha and Beau, not knowing what to do, just sat and did nothing except refuel themselves by drinking some water. Beau had a thought of doing something to win the bet. He just had to win! He quietly grabbed Artha’s vidd game controller and turned it on. He showed the game to Artha and made that look on his face as if to say: “You know you want to.” Artha saw what a fun game it was, but he didn’t want to fall for that old trick in the bible.

“Beau, knock it off!” Artha said, “You know that I do want to play it really, really, really and really badly, but we made a promise!” Beau knew Artha was right and went back over to his spot. Then Artha had a thought. He grabbed something from his pocket: a draconee-yum bar. He showed the treat to Beau and rocked it back and forth. Beau followed the movement and really wanted to eat it.

“You know you want to,” Artha said, “You want it so badly, don’t you?” Beau nodded with saliva going down his lips. “Eat the candy bar, eat it, and eat it.” Beau then snapped out of it and knew what he was doing. Beau growled at him.

“Okay, I was uh… just kidding,” Artha fibbed. Beau let him go and went to sleep. Artha went in the kitchen to grab a candy bar for himself.

Meanwhile, Parm and Lance watched as the pair almost fell for each of their tricks.

“This is going to be so funny when Beau loses!” Parm said, “Didn’t you see how Beau almost fell for Artha’s trick?”

“Yeah, but Artha fell for Beau’s trick too,” Lance said.

“Yeah, but he instinctively knew that Beau was tricking him,” Parm said. “He’s going to win!” They continued to protest like babies.

Meanwhile, Artha came back with a candy bar and began to eat it. Then Beau came up to him with the vidd game in his mouth. Artha just stared at it as if he wanted to play it. But he snapped out of it.

“Two can play at that game!” Artha said. He took out a draconee-yum bar and showed it to Beau. Beau couldn’t resist it. To fight it, he turned on the game and started to play it. Artha felt like he was about to pull his hair out. “Oh, look!” Artha said, “I got two candy bars!” Beau tried his luck. He looked at the vidd game and back at Artha as if to say: “Oh, look, Level two!” Artha couldn’t stand it.

“I found a box of candy bars!”

“Oh wow, a high score!”

“I found a dragonola bar!”

“I earned a new gear!”

“Two dragonola bars!” They looked at each other nervously. They couldn’t take the pressure any more!

“GIMMY THAT!” Artha said as he grabbed the vidd game. Beau grabbed the candy and dragonola bars and started to eat. Artha stared at the game and had that stupid grin on his face. Conner walked in as if he was there the whole time. Parm, Lance and Kitt came in too.

“Ah-ha!” Conner said, “I knew you guys would cave!” Artha and Beau looked at him.

“Dad, wait!” Artha cried, “It’s not what it looks like!”

“You have to obey a constitution, Artha,” Parm said. Kitt interrupted.

“Uh, I would say that you have to do the same thing,” Kitt said.


“According to the petition, who ever will lose the bet must die their hair pink!” Parm and Lance began to stammer.

“You have to obey a constitution, Parm,” Artha said with a smile. Parm made an angry look.


The next day, Parm, Artha, Beau and Lance walked out from bed with looks on their faces: “I hate my life,” because of having pink hair. Poor racing crew.

“This is the best day of my entire life!” Kitt said with a grin.

“Just get on Wyldfyr,” Artha said. Kitt got on Wyldfyr and so did everyone else. Beau was died pink on his scales; it’s even more embarrassing than Artha and the rest.

“You guys go ahead, I’m going to grab a quick breakfast,” Artha said as the others took off. Artha went into Penn stables and…took off the pink “wig!” “Dumb butts,” Artha said. He walked to Beau and got on him and took off with the others.



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