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The Quest

By Draco


Note: There may not be any specific character lines or parts for these characters:  Wyldfyr, Cyrano, Fracshun, or Beau

Note 2: In the story, there is a guess about what happened in Artha’s life.


Chapter 1

    Artha confusingly kept looking around as if he was trying to find something in the cool breeze in the dense forest in an unfamiliar place.  A black as coal Crow-Drag led him in every direction.  But it seemed to be following him instead.  

“I don’t know where I’m going, now leave me alone!” Artha cried.  But the eerie crow didn’t listen to him.  As he passed threw the forest, many animals were never heard of before or seen by him; they looked like dragons.  What were they? Artha was scared and didn’t know what was happening.  What was really going on? A booming voice echoed threw out his head: “Artha! Artha wake up!”  Something cold and wet hit him.

    “Artha wake up!” Kitt said.  “That’s it; I’m getting another bucket of water!”

    “Okay, Okay I’m awake, I’m awake!” Artha pleaded.  “What do you want?”

    “It’s time for your training,” Kitt said as she walked away to his dad.  Artha sighed and laid himself on his bed and yawned.

“Is it morning already?” Artha complained.  After drying himself off when Kitt gave him a cold shower, and an inspiration, he got on his dragon Beau and started to jump over and duck under gauntlets.  In the middle of it, he dozed off and tried his best to open his eyes.  But he couldn’t help himself.  He shut his eyes and started to lay down on top off his saddle.  

“Artha, watch out!” Parm said.  But it was too late; a gauntlet hit him and he went tumbling down.  

    “You could at least get a mat for this difficult training program!” Artha said when he hit the ground.  His father walked over to him and looked down.  “Artha,” his father said, “Is something wrong, you’re looking that you need some sleep.”  

    “I’m fine, really,” Artha fibbed.  He wouldn’t think that his father would believe such a mythical dream that didn’t mean anything at all, right?  

    “Artha, I know you have a problem and should be taken care of.”

    “Okay,” Artha admitted. “It’s just that, I’m having these weird dreams all the time, as if they are telling me something.  But I don’t know for sure.”

    “Dreams, huh?” his father said, thinking.  “What I think matters now is for you to get some rest.”  

    “But my training-,” Artha started.

    “-Can wait,” his father finished.  “Right now you need rest, and that means now.”  Artha yawned and headed back to his bed.  “Besides, you can’t train unless you have a proper sleep.”

    When Artha came to his bed, he laid himself down on his bed.  He tried to keep his eyes open, but if he fell asleep, he will have the dream again, but if he doesn’t sleep, he won’t get any sleep at all.  He didn’t have any choice.  He thought of what he should do.  Then he had an idea.

Chapter 2

    He packed up his daily stuff (tooth brush, tooth paste, blah, blah, blah) and left the stables to the Dragon City Airport, without permission.  Back under the city, Kitt and the rest of the gang went to check on Artha.  

    “Okay, Artha, it’s been 3 hours; time to train again,” Kitt said.  When she looked in his part of the room, she didn’t see him sleeping at all.  

    “CONNER!” Kitt screamed, “Artha… he’s gone!”

    “Gone?” Conner (Artha’s dad) said, “what do you mean gone?  Where in the magna draconius will he go?”  

    “I have no clue,” Kitt said, “but we’ve got to find him.”  Meanwhile, Artha boarded on the giant white draconium dragon that was heading to Alaska.

    “I hope I know what I’m doing,” he told himself.  At the mean time, the Penn Racing Crew tried to figure out where Artha had disappeared to.

    “All I have told him was to rest and get some sleep, but this is ridicules.  He can’t just run off like that.”  They started to argue.  

    “Wait,” Lance said, “why can’t we just use that tracker we used to track down Artha’s missing amulet that a Crow-Drag stole?  Maybe it can track him, too.”

    “Brilliant Lance!” Parm admired, “that’s using that head of yours!”  He went off to go find the device.  He brought it back with eager.  “I’ll just turn this on and……”  There were no gold trackings.

    “Oh, yeah, Lance,” Kitt said sarcastically, “that’s using that head of yours!”  

    “It takes a while!” Parm said.  All of a sudden, a tracking sound similar to the “crazy frog” ring tone dinged annoyingly.  “We’ve got a runner!” Parm said.  They followed the directions it shown.  

    That night, Artha still was up.  He does not want to have the dream again.  Hour after hour, he kept lifting his eye lids.  Yawning didn’t make it easier.  But as tired as he had been for a few nights, he closed his eyes and feel asleep.  The dream came back again, and this time it was weirder than the last.

    This time in his dream, he saw other things.  Pure gold bone dragons, like Beau, were crossing a bridge of some sort.  He didn’t know what it meant and what was happening.  The bridge split into little ice blocks and the dragons started to journey across to the other side of an empty island.  It had no animals, trees, plants, or small pools of water in some areas.  

    A voice started to answer in his head, like some one was actually talking to him in his sleep.  “My son, (This might be a clue as the story continues that’s why I put these words in quotes) you need to know the animal totems that you will come across threw out your journey: The Pure Black Dragon: the cunning trickster, The Pure Red Dragon: your fears, The Pure Green Dragon: inner knowing, and the Gold Dragon: life.”  

    The announcer on the plane woke Artha up.  He was about to land in Alaska.  He looked out the window.  It was dawn.  Meanwhile, Parm, Kitt and Lance kept searching.  The gold tracking led to the airport.  

    “He would probably have taken a plane,” Parm said.

    “Yeah, but to go where,” Kitt asked, “Topsy-Turvy Town?”  A signal beeped like crazy as they got closer.  “Please don’t tell me that Artha took a plane.”

    “I’ve got him, the tracking ends……” Parm started.  When they looked, they saw a run way for the plane to take off.  “Here.  Can I tell you now?”

    “No thanks, I figured it out by myself,” Kitt said as she stared at the run way.  They quickly headed into the airport.  “When did the last plane leave?” Kitt asked.

    “Fifteen minutes after two, yesterday afternoon,” said one of the managers.

    “Where did it go?” Parm asked.


     “What is my brother doing there?” Lance asked, “playing hockey, or something?”

    “When is the next flight to Alaska?” Kitt asked.

    “This afternoon.”

    “Okay, thanks,” Kitt said.  “We’re going to have to wait until the next flight.”  They sat down near a few chairs.  A few minutes passed.

    “Is it time for the next flight yet?” Lance asked impatiently.

    “No,” Kitt said.

    Meanwhile, Artha landed at the Alaskan airport, got his daily stuff and headed out of the airport.  As if he didn’t see the little town nearby, he walked strait past it. There was a nearby forest.  A few hundred yards before it, was a totem pole.  The people use these carved and huge objects to tell stories.  There were different animals on the totem pole.  They looked like mythical creatures, like dragons.  They were similar to his friends’ and foe’s dragons, and his own.

Chapter 3

    He walked past it and continued heading into the forest.  

     “What am I doing, I must be crazy.  I’m not going to listen to my dreams and just walk into a forest like this!” Artha thought to himself.   “But, if it means that the dream will haunt me until I do it, than it’s worth a shot.”  When he reached the forest, it was quiet and eerie.  He heard a sound.  It came from the high tree tops.  And there sitting on a branch, was a black Crow-Drag.  “You!” he said, “What do you want from me?”  The Crow-Drag cawed at him and moved over to another branch of a tree.  Artha was confused.  “What?” he asked again.  

    The Crow-Drag cawed again as if to say: “You’re so stupid, can’t you see that I want you to follow me?”

     Artha thought for a moment.  “Do you want me to follow you?” he asked.  

     “DUH!” the Crow-Drag thought.  As if he understood him, the creature nodded.  

    “I can’t believe I’m talking to a Crow-Drag,” Artha said to himself.  The Crow-Drag flew off the branch and flew in one direction.  Artha started to follow the crow.  Besides what choice did he have?  The crow was going a little faster than Artha was, so he lost sight of the animal.  “Slow down!” Artha pleaded, “Ya know I can’t fly!”  Fog was starting to surround him and was not making it easier to track the Crow-Drag.  “Where the heck are you?” Artha screamed to the heavens.

     “Over here,” said an eerie voice.  Thinking that it was the Crow-Drag, he followed the sound of the voice.  When the fog cleared, he saw a black dragon, caught in a trap.  “Hey,” Artha said, “you’re not the Crow-Drag.”

    “No, I’m not,” the black dragon said, “But I am caught in this trap.  Who may I ask are you?”  

    “I’m Artha Penn, and I’m trying to find a Crow-Drag that-”

    “I know where it is,” the black dragon said as it finished his sentence.  “If you get me out of this trap, I’ll help you look for that Crow-Drag.”

    “How do you know about the Crow-Drag?” Artha asked, sounding suspicious.

    “Why, when it passed it told me,” the dragon replied.

    “How can I trust you?” Artha asked.

    “I’ll have your word,” the dragon said.

    “Okay,” Artha agreed, “But no tricks.”  He took the rope off the eerie creature’s neck.  She was free.  “Now, where did the Crow-Drag go?”  (Nearby was a steep ditch.)

    “Why, it’s this way,” it said as she pushed Artha down a nearby ditch.  Artha slid down the ditch.  

    “I thought you said you’ll keep your word?” Artha said while he slid down.

    “Oh, but I did, that’s where the Crow-Drag went,” the dragon said.  She walked away and faded in thin air.  Meanwhile, Artha slid down and seemed more entertained than scared to death.


    Meanwhile, back at the airport, Parm, Kitt and Lance have finally boarded the plane to Alaska.  

    “Hey, I tracked a white draconium tracking and it’s not far away,” Parm said in a cheerful way.

    “Uh, Parm, that’s the plane,” Kitt corrected.  The white draconium dragon that was working as the plane grunted.

    “Oh.”  Back at the temple, Beau stayed with Conner, who was trying to reach Artha some how.

    “Artha, do you read me?” Conner said, trying to signal Artha on his wrist comm.  Beau was getting worried.  He looked over Conner’s shoulder in sorrow ness.  He groaned.  “I know, Beau,” Conner said to him, “You miss Artha.  Well, we’ll reach him some how.”

    Meanwhile, back at Artha’s “slide”, he had finally landed at the bottom.  “Awe scales,” he said, “can I go again?!”  When he looked up, there was no sign of the “cunning trickster.”  He heard a sound.  Above, he saw the Crow-Drag, sitting on a branch as usual.  The bird flew further ahead of Artha.  He followed.

Chapter 4

    Back on the plane, the plane has already taken off.  

    The group started to talk about why Artha went to Alaska: “Why did Artha go?” Lance asked.  

    “I don’t know Lance, I just don’t know at all,” Parm said, clueless.  

    “There’s got to be an explanation why Artha left us to freak out like this,” Kitt wondered.  

    “But did you over here Conner talking to Artha?” he said, “that he’s been having weird dreams about something,” Lance said.

    “Yes, I remember,” Parm agreed, “and, maybe that when he had those dreams, there is bound to be a certain place in there he hasn’t heard of before.”  

    “So he packed up his stuff and left to Alaska and then he’s…um…,” Lance said.

    “Great, we have another mystery!” Kitt said sarcastically.  Meanwhile, back in Alaska, Artha came upon cliffs, and steep ones.  But he was also in trouble.  He came upon freaky red dragons with huge spikes and what deceived to have power full draconium.  They circled him as if he was trying to scare him to death.

    “Take it easy now,” Artha said nervously, “I don’t want anything to do with this; as a matter of fact I don’t at all.”

    “Of course you don’t,” said one of the red dragons, “You’re scared and would like to get out of here.  So tell me, are you afraid?”

    “No,” Artha replied, “I’m just suspicious and nervous because, uh, well…”

    “What a fool you are, you’re lying to us,” another red dragon said.  “We know you’re scared, now go whimper back to the safety of your home, where it’s safe.”  They started to corner him.  Artha was indeed scared but he didn’t want to show it.  

    “I am afraid, but I’m not afraid of all of you!” Artha said bravely.  “I need to find the Crow-Drag, so GET OUT OF MY WAY!”  The red dragons were indeed impressed, but didn’t give up.

    “Stop following that Crow-Drag,” one of the red dragons said.

    “I don’t want to fight, I just need to follow a simple animal that strangely I’m talking to,” Artha explained, trying not to get himself in mortal danger.  “But if you want to fight, then fine.”  He took out his blocking staff.  One dragon immediately started to attack.  Artha waked him that sent it flying towards the cliff wall.  

    “Is there any body else?” Artha wondered.  The dragons were surprised.  One dropped its mouth.  Another simply attacked next.  Artha waked the dragon in front of him and sent it flying backwards.  The last dragon was too chicken.  

    “You may go,” one said. Artha walked past them and continued.  He turned a passing glance.  There was nothing there but fog and calm winds.

    “Freaky,” he said to himself.  As he kept going, He was growing tired again.  He sat down to rest.  He laid his head back on the stone.  Something white passed him.  He looked around, nothing.  “I’m sorry, did I say freaky?” Artha said to himself, “I meant WEIRD.”  He got up again, yawing as usual.  He was still tired from the nightmares.  He stood up sleepily and continued on his way.  

Chapter 6

    Back at the plane, Parm and Kitt were fast asleep all because it was twilight.  All but Lance was playing a vidd game.  Parm woke up because of Lance’s annoying music of the game.

    “Lance can you give it a rest, it’s time for bed,” Parm said.  

    “Yeah, your giving me a head ache from that game,” Kitt complained.

    “You’re just saying that because you want me to shut down the game,” Lance said.  They hated to admit it, but they knew Lance was correct.  The plane landed in Alaska during a cold night.  They put on their jackets when they made it outside.  

    “My readings say that Artha is nearby, but may take a while to get there,” Parm said.

    “Don’t worry, I brought help,” Kitt said, smiling.  She whistled.  All of a sudden a red figure approached and stopped at least a foot in front of them.  “I brought Wyldfyr along.”

    “Oh, and you couldn’t bring Cyrano or Fracshun,” Parm said with a frown.

    “Well, first of all, they are not my dragons, and second of all, they can only fit so many dragons on the plane,” Kitt explained.

    “But we didn’t see Wyldfyr at all when we got on the plane,” Lance said, “They usually board the dragons first before us.”

    “She was all the way in the back, since we boarded in the front of the dragon/airplane so it would be a surprise when we got here; and here we are, you guys listening to me rubbing it in,” said Kitt.  “So are you getting on Wyldfyr or what?”  They had no choice.  They got on Wyldfyr and followed Parm’s directions.  

    “I believe it’s that way!”  They went in the direction he commanded.  “No not that way, that way!”  They headed in a different direction.  

    Meanwhile, Artha kept lifting his eyes as he finally found a place to sleep.  It was late at night and the stars were showing with a dark purple sky.  He found a cave near by and entered.  The cave was obviously damp and dark.  He crawled threw the small space since it was too small to stand.  After he crawled, he found an opening big enough to stand.  He sat down exhausted.  He looked at his amulet.

    “Did I let the Dragon Booster down?” he asked himself.  “The red dragons are probably right, I am a fool.  I shouldn’t of went back home, to safety.  But I can’t just give up; look how far I’ve gotten.”  He didn’t know what to decide.  Immediately, he put his head back and fell asleep.  

    Meanwhile, Wyldfyr, Kitt, Parm and Lance slept peacefully until the next calm morning.  They have already made it to the cliffs were Artha fought off the red dragons.  Kitt woke up first.  She went over to Parm and started to wake him up.

    “Parm, get up, we need to find Artha,” she said.

    “All right,” Parm said as he yawned.  He went over to Lance and started to wake him up.  “Lance, it’s time to get up.”

    “Three more hours……,” Lance mumbled.  


    “Okay, I’m up!” Lance said.  When every one had a nice good morning, NOT, everyone got up and got on Wyldfyr.  The red dragon took off listening to Parmon’s directions.  

    “I’m reading a gold tracking, go that way,” Parm instructed.  

    Meanwhile, Artha was still asleep but strangely did not have a bad dream again.  Was he cured?  All of a sudden, rocks from an upper floor of the cave crashed down to the ground and blocked Artha’s only exit.  Artha woke up, hearing noises.  He looked at the pile of rocks and started to panic.  

    “OH SCALES!!” he said, “I’m trapped, oh god, what to do, what to do!  There is only one thing to do: HEEEEEELLLP!!  SOMEONE, PLEASE, HELP!!”  In the distance, Lance heard something.

    “Hey, what’s that?” he said.

    “I don’t know, but it sound’s like-,” Parm started.

    “-ARTHA!!” Kitt said.  “C’mon!”  Wyldfyr took off and magged Parm and Lance on her way.  Parm looked at the tracking device.

    “The gold tracking is very strong, Artha must be nearby,” Parm explained.  Back in the cave, Artha tried to move the rocks out of the way in order to get out.  But he was being watched.  Parm tried calling Artha instead on his wrist comm.  

    “Artha are you there?”

    Back at the cave: “Parm is that you?” Artha said as his wrist comm. flickered to life.  

    “Artha, where are you located?” Parm asked.

    “I’m in a cave nearby; I came here yesterday night to find a place to sleep, but rocks fell in front of my exit, so I have no way to get out.”

    “Artha, I see a cave nearby as well, is it yours?” Parm asked.

    “I don’t know where you are, but you can check,” Artha replied.  Parm, Kitt and Lance, who were riding on Wyldfyr, zoomed over to the cave.  Parm got off Wyldfyr and saw that the cave was small to walk in normally.  He ducked and crawled threw the opening.  Artha waited as he kept looking at the rocks for a sound.  But out of no where at giant green dragon 3 times the size of Cyrano emerged; Artha didn’t see it.  Parm was getting closer to the pile of rocks.  

    “Artha, I see your problem,” Parm said when he found the pile of rocks.

    “Gee, ya think,” Artha said sarcastically.  The green dragon snorted on him.  Artha gulped.  He turned around slowly and looked up.  The green dragon looked down at him.  It bared his teeth.  “Humida, humida, humida, humida, humida,” Artha repeated nervously.  

    “Artha, is something wrong?” Parm asked.

    “Uh-Huh,” Artha said.  He pointed his wrist comm. at the green dragon.  The dragon roared in the comm. link.

    “FOR THE LOVE OF MAGNA DRACONIUS ARTHA, RUN!” Parm screamed into his wrist comm.

    “But where should I run to?” Artha asked, “I’m stuck remember?”  The green dragon was ready to charge.  It ran to Artha.  Artha didn’t know what to do.  Then he had an idea.  “Hey, you who, over here!” he said.

    “Artha, what are you doing?” Parm asked.

    “You’ll see,” Artha said.  The dragon narrowed its eyes.  “Yeah, that’s it, come and get me,” Artha said to himself.  When the dragon was close enough, Artha moved out of the way and the dragon crashed threw the rocks and bashed the small entrance.  “Parm, go to the side!”  Parm went to one side of the cave and saw only muscle-like legs.  The dragon made it outside and became dizzy.  Kitt, Lance, and Wyldfyr (Lance talking to narrator, which is me: “Finally, I’m not last in a sentence for once!”) dropped their mouths.

    “No wonder Artha was in trouble,” Kitt said.  Parm raced out of the cave terrified.  Artha walked out as well.  

    “Artha!” Lance cried.  He ran over to his brother and gave him a hug.  He missed his older brother.  “Why did you run off like that, everyone was worried about you?”  (Back at the Word’s Citadel: Moordryd + Word: “Wooo-whooo! Artha’s gone, uh-huh, oh yeah, it’s my birthday!”)

    “I’m sorry, guys, I guess I didn’t know what I was thinking,” Artha apologized.  “I just didn’t want to let my dreams still haunt me.”

    “Okay, save the drama for the end of this story, stable boy, because we have a big, ugly green dragon problem!” Kitt said.  The green dragon got up and this time was furious.  It glared at Artha.  

    “Ehehe, no hard feelings right?” Artha wondered.  The green dragon growled.  “This way!”  Every one ran in another direction.  But it only leads to a cliff.  There was no escaping now.

Chapter 7

    The green dragon looked at them with anger.  Artha was obviously scared as well.  The dragon looked at him with its yellow eyes.  Artha stared back.  He shook his head.  Something hit him, like a thought.  “We have to jump,” Artha said.

    “Are you joking we’ll be killed!” Parm said.

    “Yeah, I’m joking,” Artha said sarcastically, “See ya!”  He pushed Parm over the cliff.

    “Artha, what are you-,” Kitt started.

    “Bye sexy!” Artha said.  He pushed Kitt over the cliff next.  “Wyldfyr go, now!”  Wyldfyr didn’t waste any time.  She jumped over the cliff.  “Lance, go!”

    “Don’t you need a bungee for this kind of sport?” Lance asked.


    “Okay, okay!”  Artha looked at the green dragon.  

    “I hope you’re right,” Artha said.  He jumped over the cliff.  The green dragon vanished in thin air.  Strangely, there was a ledge that they landed on.  

    “You knew the ledge was there, but how?” Parm asked.

    “I just looked at him and it seemed like he didn’t want to kill us; he was trying to help us,” Artha said.  They looked at him with that “stink eye” look.

    “Being out of Dragon City is making you act weird,” Parm said.  “Let’s get you back this instant.”

    “No, Parm I need to figure out what my dreams are telling me,” Artha said.  There were steps near the ledge; he walked down them.  They all followed him.  

    “But Artha, how did you know where to go, how do you know the way around here, what the heck is wrong with you?” Parm asked.

    “That’s exactly why I’m here,” Artha said.  “I need to figure this out.  This might explain my future, but I’m not positive.  Now c’mon let’s roll.”  Parm, Kitt and Lance along with Wyldfyr didn’t have a choice.  They didn’t believe him, but they were his friends and should give him a chance.  They followed him.

    When they made it out of the forest, there was a bunch of rocks and sand and a cold ocean.  “Uh, stable boy, is this familiar to you?” Kitt asked.

    “Yes it is,” Artha said, “because in my dream, I saw a bridge across this ocean.  But there is no bridge.”

    “Artha, it’s probably your figment,” Parm said.

    “Parm, I’m telling you I’m not day dreaming!” Artha said, getting impatient.  They continued to argue like babies.  Lance and Kitt shook their heads.

    In the forest not far away from them, companions were stalking them.  But strangely they weren’t a threat.  

    “What are you waiting for, fools, get them!” said an orange dragon that came out of no where.  The companions looked at him.  

    “But why?” asked one of them.

    “Because they’re 1: trespassing into our territory, and 2: they might take what is left of our food,” replied the orange dragon.

    “They don’t look dangerous,” said another companion.

    “Yeah, well neither are all of you,” the orange dragon said, “now GET!!”  The group skedaddled out of the orange dragon’s way.  Meanwhile, Kitt broke up the argument.  

    “Would you guys please cut it out?” Kitt said.

    Suddenly, the companions came out of hiding and surprised them with growls and roars.

    “Let’s get out of here!” Lance said.  They ran another direction.

    “You’re not going anywhere,” one of the orange dragons said when they cornered the Penn Racing Crew.  

    “We know what to do, right?” Artha whispered to Kitt.

    “Yup,” Kitt said.  They both activated their blocking staffs.  They both hit a dragon at the same time.  It was enough time to escape.  They all ran to huge groups of rocks close to the ocean.  The dragons kept coming and coming.  All of a sudden huge gallons of water made it to the group of rocks and splashed everyone including the dragons.  Many more waves made it onto dry land.  The dragons retreated.

    “Well, that was a short fight,” Kitt said.  The dragons were heading back into the forest, but someone blocked their path.  

    “Where do you think you morons are going?” said the orange dragon.

    “The tide is rising fast, we’ll all drown,” said one of them.  The orange dragon sighed.        

    “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself,” he told himself.  He ran to Artha and the rest.  

    “I guess this fight is over,” Artha said.  The orange dragon appeared and roared with triumph.

    “That is, until they call the reinforcements!” Lance said.  The orange dragon was ready to attack, but a voice came first.

    “Zazoo, stop, I’m expecting them,” it said.  Zazoo backed down and pouted quietly to himself.  Out of the shadows, were hundreds of gold dragons all with unique markings and colors.  But the one who spoke held its head high.  

    “Macavity, do you have something to do with these humans being here?” Zazoo asked.

    “Of course,” the gold dragon replied.  “Please clear a path for our expected quests.”

    “Not a chance old timer!” Zazoo said rudely.  When he turned his back, Zazoo looked at Wyldfyer and smiled.  “You, are the most beautiful thing in this area right now.”  Zazoo got closer to Wyldfyr, like he was about to go steady.  

    Wyldfyr knocked him on the head with her tail hard as if to say: I’m so not going to get to know you, does any one in the audience got a problem with this situation?  The gold dragons, Artha, Kitt, Lance and Parm laughed.

    “Awwwwe, Wyldfyr likes em, NOT!” Kitt joked and continued laughing.  Wyldfyr even laughed.  Zazoo walked away and glared at Macavity on his way back to the forest.  His pack followed.  

    “I’m sorry it had to be this way, Zazoo,” Macavity said.  When they left, Macavity walked over to Artha.  “Young one, we need to talk alone, privately; it’s important.”

    “I’ll get you some toilet paper if you want,” Lance offered.  Macavity left and Artha followed close behind.  His friends watched him disappear with the dragon.

Chapter 8

    “So tell me,” Artha said to Macavity, “who was that orange dragon?”

    “That is Zazoo,” he said, “he is a pure orange dragon, and I am a pure gold dragon.  Zazoo has been my clan’s enemy for years to come.  But I still think that he has some good in him somewhere deep down, but is not showing it.”

    “Wait, wait, wait, wait, and hold everything!” Artha interrupted.  “Did you say that you are a pure gold dragon.”

    “Yes and so is my entire clan,” Macavity replied.  Artha was surprised.

    “On my way here, I saw black, red and green dragons are they pure too?”


    “How did this happen?”

    “Three thousand years ago during the great, unfortunately it wasn’t so great, Dragon-Human-War,” Macavity started, “This war was threatened to be ripped apart by its tragedy and that the pure dragons would be no longer around.  But that was also a legend, a myth, made up, a  bologna sandwich.  But, this place was the only place where there was peace, so my clan and the other pure dragons headed off to this place to be safe, and no, not all of the pure kin was whipped out.  And for centuries we have lived in peace.  But a bad drought has swept the land since spring.  And it is winter almost.  This drought has been going on 5 years before.”

    “So you have it all year long?” Artha asked.  Macavity nodded.  Artha felt bad for them.  He wished he could do something.  “Macavity, when I started my journey, a Crow-Drag was following me and leading me here and-” Artha started.

    “Oh, you mean this one,” Macavity said as he signaled a direction to the left.  And there, sitting on a branch was the black Crow-Drag.  Artha was silent and starting to stammer.  “Don’t get all theatrical of me,” Macavity said, “I sent that Crow-Drag to help you get here; without that little bird, you wouldn’t make it here in time.  Now, let’s get back to my clan.”  Artha followed Macavity back to his clan where there seemed to be trouble.

Chapter 9

    “Why should we follow that fool of a dragon such as Macavity,” Zazoo said to Macavity’s clan.  “Look at this land we call home, what a fool he was when he lead us to this place during the 1 st Dragon-Human-War.  There is no food or water around here besides the lake and scavenging for fish in the shallow ends!”

    “That is not true,” said one gold dragon, “Macavity has always led us right.”

    “Oh yeah, where look were he has lead you, a waste land!” Zazoo protested.  The clan murmured small conversations figuring out what to do.  “Who is a better leader, me or him?”  He pointed to Macavity and let the clan decide for themselves.  Macavity stepped in.  

    “You are right Zazoo,” Macavity agreed, “I might have led my clan into a wrong place, but I had no idea that a bad case of a drought will happen all year around.” Murmurs of agreement filled the air.  

    Artha talked to his friends.  “This is bad guys, there has been chaos in this land for years and I don’t know how to stop it.  What do I do?”

    “Well you got us stuck under a rock right there,” Parm said using an expression.

    “I don’t know stable boy,” Kitt said.  Artha turned to Lance.

    “Don’t look at me, you already know what I’m going to say,” Lance said.  Artha hanged his head sadly; he knew that this wasn’t good.

    “Step down Macavity, a new leader should take your place,” Zazoo said.

    “I will step down Zazoo when I find a true leader to take my place,” Macavity said.  Zazoo growled angrily.  He attacked Macavity with terrific force and power.  Artha immediately stood up to help.  But Zazoo’s pack blocked his path.  He activated his blocking staff.  One pack member grabbed the staff and flew it far towards the shallow ends of the lake.  Artha smiled nervously.  

    “Nice chatting with you guys,” he said.  He was about to run away scared, but Kitt grabbed the collar of his racing jacket.  

    “We have no time to run away, you know,” Kitt said as she looked at him with a smile.  Zazoo gave Macavity a bite on the neck and scratches on the eyes.  Too week to fight back, Macavity still had a good idea.  He ran away weakly to the top of the group of rocks and waited until Zazoo was ready to attack.  Zazoo jumped to the top and Macavity jumped down.  When Zazoo looked down to see where the old dragon was, there was no sign of him.  He jumped down as well.  

    “Come out of hiding, NOW!” Zazoo said, “I’m not done with you yet!”  Thinking that he gave up, Zazoo made an announcement.  “For those who want to survive and would no longer follow Macavity, follow me.”  Half of the gold dragons followed Zazoo to the northern part of the beach.  Artha, Kitt, Lance and Parm along with Wyldfyr looked around to find Macavity.  All of a sudden Macavity emerged from out of a dead tree.  

    “How did you do that?” Artha asked.

    “I became one with the tree,” Macavity replied.

    “If I tried that, I’ll get splinters!” Parm said.  They headed back to what was left of the clan.  It was late, and a time for sleep.  Everyone hunkered down and fell asleep.  Artha was especially exhausted.  He yawned big.  He shut his eyes and fell asleep.  

    He had another dream again.  This time, the gold dragons made it across the bridge.  When they made it there, there was life over on the other side with forests, animals, and pools of water in some areas.  Then the bridge of ice blocks separated and made it look like another season.  The season was spring.  It then showed it turning from spring to summer and from summer to fall, and from fall to winter again.  The ice blocks returned and formed together again.  It started to snow with ice crystals touching the lake.  During that dream, Artha finally understood what he needed to do next.  

    He woke up with a shock in his eyes.  He looked around and saw the lake.  He got up sleepily and walked towards the beach.  He stared at the lake but still saw no bridge.  He sat down on the sand.  

    “This is getting weird, very weird,” Artha told himself.  “I’ve got to tell everyone tomorrow.”  He saw a beautiful sunrise just above the water.  “Unfortunately it is morning.”  He yawned again and headed back to his resting spot.  Just when he laid himself down and shut his eyes, Kitt woke him.  

    “Rise and shine,” Kitt said.  She walked over to the others to wake them up.  Artha sighed to himself and yawned.  He didn’t want to be woken up.  Later when everyone was up, Zazoo, on the northern side of the beach, he told them what they shouldn’t of done years before.

    “We shouldn’t of stole food from other clans for survival,” he said, “so let us join forces and together survive from this waste land!”  The pack was still not sure that it was the right thing to do, but it was the only way, or was it.  Back at Macavity’s clan, Macavity have miraculously over heard Zazoo’s evil plan to take food from other clans and started to explain.

    “I have terrible news,” he said, “I have over heard that Zazoo is planning to take the food from other clans.”  Artha tried to listen but was a little bit too tired to pay attention.  “Zazoo is about ready to attack at any clan that is nearest.  We have to stop him.”  He looked down ward to see Artha already half asleep.  He smiled and bent his long neck towards him.  “Is something wrong?” he asked.  Hearing Macavity’s voice startled him and woke Artha up.  

    “I’m just a little tired from last night,” Artha told him.

    “A little bit huh?” Macavity said in a way like he knew what Artha was going through.  Artha yawned again.  “Hmm.”  Macavity lifted his head.  He was still curious.

    Later, Artha went back to his rest spot and lay down to fall asleep.  Macavity followed him over.  He sat down next to him and smiled.  He knew that Artha was hiding something and was not telling.  He noticed bags under Artha’s eyes.  

    “Looks like someone didn’t get enough sleep,” Macavity said to himself.  He walked away to leave Artha to sleep without any disruptions.

Chapter 10

    Meanwhile, Zazoo instructed the pack to go to the southern clan first.  They headed for their exit, but some people stopped him short.

    “You’re not attacking anyone, Zazoo,” Macavity said imperatively.

    “Who said anything about me?  GET THEM!” Zazoo ordered.  The pack attacked.  Kitt, Parm, Lance, and Wyldfyr attacked as well.  But so far, Zazoo’s pack was unfortunately winning.  Kitt activated her blocking staff and hit the dragons as they came.

    “Sorry guys,” she told the dragons, “but if you’re on Zazoo’s team, and if this is the only way to kick butt and enjoy myself, than I’ll fight you.”  She hit another bunch of gold dragons.

    Meanwhile, Parm was a little scared to fight.  A bunch of dragons considered him an easy target.  Two sides of dragons started to head over to Parm.  Parm ducked and covered himself.  All of a sudden, the dragons bonked heads and fainted.  Parm got up surprised.

    Meanwhile, Lance was having a tough time, too.  One dragon on one side and one on the other headed for him.  Lance ducked and the dragons started to actually attack each other without knowing.

    Also meanwhile, Wyldfyr went after Zazoo for vengeance because of the make out business.

    “C’mon, baby, don’t ya want to at least have one date with me?” Zazoo begged.  Wyldfyr punched him and also kicked him in the wrong place.  Zazoo lay on the ground and started to whimper in pain.  “CAN’T YOU GIVE A GUY A BREAK?”

     “No , Wyldfyr said.  Meanwhile, Artha suddenly woke up from hearing noises near by.  He sat up sleepily and in the distance of the beach, was his blocking staff.  Probably when the dragon threw his staff to the lake, the waves must have carried it back to the beach.  He grabbed it.  It was soaked but he really didn’t care.  He kept hearing noises from the other end of him.  He knew that something was wrong.  He took off his amulet from around his neck.

    “RELEASE THE DRAGON!” Artha said.  He put the amulet on his gauntlet.

    Meanwhile, Macavity, Kitt, Parm, Lance, and Wyldfyr were cornered by a bunch of gold dragons that used to be on their side.  

    “I am so screwed,” Parm said.  Suddenly on the top of the rocks was the Dragon Booster.  The gold dragons looked at him.

    “Its not possible…,” a dragon said.  The gold dragons were amazed as the mythical hero got down from the rocks.

    “What are you waiting for?” Zazoo said, “get him!”  The gold dragons didn’t listen, they were astonished and thought that this hero was just a figment.  Macavity smiled.  He knew that Artha was the Dragon Booster, he could tell.  Macavity walked over to the Dragon Booster.

    “Hello, Artha Tannis Penn,” he said.  The Dragon Booster dropped his mouth.

    “How did… I mean, who is this Artha Penn in which you speck?” the Dragon Booster fibbed.

    “Stop, I know it’s you,” Macavity said.  

    “But how in the Magna Draconius did you know my middle name!”

    “Lucky guess.”  The Dragon Booster went over to talk to Zazoo.

    “Listen Zazoo, there is another way to settle this situation, I believe that a bridge will form later today, and chances are we are going to have to cross it.  If we all work together, we’ll all survive.”

    “And why listen to you, you’re just a human,” Zazoo said.

    “Yeah,” the Dragon Booster said.  He took off his amulet to reveal himself.  “But I’m just a human that can save your scales.”  Zazoo was impressed.  “So what do you say?”

    “I’ll say that I’m not following a boy, I’m staying here where I will live in peace!” Zazoo protested.

    “Okay, well suit yourself,” Artha said.  He turned to the pack.  “For those who would love to survive and would not face starvation, follow me.”  He walked onward towards a group of rocks that was near the lake.  The pack followed him.

    “Where are you all going?” Zazoo asked his pack, “get back here!”

    “Let them go Zazoo,” Macavity said, “It’s time we should listen to someone who knows what he’s doing.”  Zazoo saw that his companions were leaving.

    “Where are you three going?”  Zazoo asked.

    “Well, maybe that kid is right, I don’t wanna face starvation,” said one.

    “Yeah, besides, I’m hungry,” said another.  They went off to join the rest.  Zazoo was surprised by how many people would follow Artha instead of him.  But he didn’t want him to get away with it.

Chapter 11

    Artha looked out on the lake, there was still no bridge.  “I don’t understand,” Artha said.  “I swear that a bridge would form, but I guess not.”

    The pack was getting impatient.  It started to snow gently.  Everyone was getting alarmed.  “Winter is coming fast,” Macavity said.  “We need to head south.”  The pack knew that he was right.  Artha didn’t know what to do.  He looked back at the lake.  He saw ice blocks that were combining together.

    “Wait!” he said.  “Look.”  The pack looked at the lake.  They saw it, too.  The ice blocks were fully together.  “Listen everyone, this stage only happens in winter, and only lasts for such a long while.  We have to cross now.”  Artha got down from the rocks and landed on the beach.  In the shallow end was the beginning of the bridge.  He walked slowly in the freezing water and jumped onto an ice block.  The pack followed.  Macavity did as well but was weak.  Kitt, Parm, Lance and Wyldfyr followed along and helped Macavity stand up.  Suddenly, something hit them.  It was a mag-burst by Zazoo.  He roared in triumph.

    “You are going down, Macavity!” he said.  He scratched Macavity and left him tumbling down onto the ice block.  Kitt started to fight back, but Zazoo attacked faster first.  His force made her smash to the ground.  

    “I thought you weren’t supposed to hit girls!” Kitt said.

    “Yes, but you aren’t my species, so why not!” Zazoo said.  Back up ahead, Artha lead the pack half way.  He looked back and saw that his friends were in deep trouble.  He knew what to do.  Zazoo was ready to get Kitt now that she was hurt.  But someone stopped him.

    “Leave her alone!” Artha said.  Zazoo wasn’t scared.  Artha attacked first and hit him near the edge of the ice block.  He went to check on Kitt.  “Are you all right Kitt?” he asked.

    “I guess, but a little wounded,” Kitt replied.  She got up and reactivated her blocking staff.  

    “No one is going anywhere!” Zazoo said, getting in front of everyone and also blocking their way to the clan.

    “But the clan,” Artha said.

    “They chose their fate,” Zazoo said, “Now they will all die!  I couldn’t have been leader, but nooooo!”

    “Well, if you wanted to be a leader, than go with the clan!” Artha said.  Zazoo looked at the clan up ahead.  “Well, go on.”  Zazoo was silent for a long period of time.

    “I won’t,” Zazoo said.  “I’m not leaving my home, never!”  A harsh tide came in and swallowed up Zazoo in the tide.  Artha searched in the water to find him.  He looked at the beach.  The harsh tide brought him back to shore.  He ran out of sight and was freezing.  Macavity was also worried about the clan.  Without a leader, the clan will be vulnerable.

    “Macavity is there a way you can get across, the ice blocks are still packed together enough to get across in time,” Artha asked.

    “I might be able to make it,” Macavity said.  He started to jump on the ice blocks.  “Thank you for coming, you made it possible for our clan.”  He continued to jump to each ice block and made it to the clan.  Kitt, Parm, Artha, Lance and Wyldfyr went back onto dry land.

Chapter 12

    When everyone got on dry land, Artha sat near the beach and watched as Macavity’s clan vanished as it moved to the other side.  He started to wonder, how he really knew where to go when he first came here.  Magic?  Nah.  Was Parm right about it just being his figment of imagination?  Suddenly, something from the sky drifted down gently.  It was white, bright and landed right in front of Artha.  Artha rubbed his eyes in astonishment.

    “I knew it, I’m dead,” he said.

    “Don’t be alarmed,” it said.  “I am an angel from above.  I know what is happening.”  The angel had black hair and blue eyes.

    “But how?” Artha said.

    “You see, I made those dreams so you can arrive here, to help these dragons from starvation.  Those dreams were telling you to come here,” the Angel said.  “I have watched you closely as you got closer to here.  I sent those animals that stopped you short along your way.”

    “So they were, in a way, showing me where to go and helping me,” Artha asked.


    “Now I understand,” Artha said.  “My dreams told me to come here, the animals I came across helped me where to go and the gold dragons: I have no clue.”

    “The gold dragons were the ones that needed saving,” the Angel said.

    “How did you know all about this, who are you?” Artha asked.  The angel whispered something in his ear.  Artha’s eyes widened.  He dropped his mouth.

    “I have to go now,” the Angel said.  She lifted back to “heaven.  “I hope we will meet again.”

    “Good-bye…… mother.”  A voice interrupted Artha’s astonished moment.

    “Hey, Artha, are you coming?” said Kitt, who was already on Wyldfyr.

    “Coming,” Artha said.  He ran over to his friends and got on Wyldfyr.  Wyldfyr took off towards the little town and onto the airport.  Artha looked back.  He was right, the dreams he had were going to change his future, for a long while.

The End



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