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Draco, The Chromatic and Gold Dragon

The Choosing Part 1: EPISODE 1

By: Draco

Chapter 1

Anna Marie ran out the door and explored the Mid City’s big practicing tracks and all city racing currents. She didn’t bother telling her parents since she wouldn’t have her own dragon. Her black and blue tinted hair flowed in the Mid City’s calm winds. She took out her orange drag wing and soared over taxi dragons and in between high buildings. People watched her fly and disappear passed them. They wouldn’t expect a girl riding a boy’s toy. As she passed, dragon city security watched as she passed dragons and riders and startling them.

(Sigh) “Not that tom boy again!” one of them said. “Let’s might as well catch her and return her to her parents again”.

“Do you’ll think she’ll stop some day?” another wondered.

“Let me think, No”. The officers turned on their sirens and ran after her on their dragons. Hearing the sirens, Anna Marie looked at the corner of her eye. She rolled her eyes. “Great”, she said to herself.

Chapter 2

A knock on the door made Anna Marie’s mother come to the door. She opened the door and there stood a police officer handing over the teenager. The 16 year old wasn’t surprised.

“ANNA MARIE!” her mother yelled. The officer pushed her in the door way. Her mother slammed the door in the officer’s face. “Glad I could help?” he said. He got back one his police dragon and ran off with his assistant. “You are in so much trouble young lady!”

“But mom!” Anna Marie complained.

“No “buts”, now march to your room now”! Anna Marie hesitated. She went up stairs to her bedroom. She lay down on her bed. Her comm. link beeped. It was her friend, Phlame. “Hey Anna Marie, want to watch me practice for the race tomorrow?” he asked.

“Sorry, I can’t, my mom says I’m grounded.”

“SHUCKS!” Phlame said.

“Yeah I know”, she said.

“What happened this time?” he asked. “Did you ride on your drag wing in Mid City again?”


“I knew it”. “I got to get going, bye”.

“Bye”. The comm. Link turned off and left Anna Marie alone once again. “For once, can mom just let me do what I want? I want my space, I want to race so badly, and I don’t want overly protective parents! But I don’t have a dragon, so I can’t race.”

Chapter 3

Months went by, and Anna Marie was getting suspicious because her parents have been acting strange like they are hiding something. One after noon, Anna Marie finally could come out of her room. She went to her father’s stable for a surprise. When she opened the stable gate, a four legged dragon about 20 meters long and about 6 feet high stood with its head above its body. It had a chromatic body, with gold markings. “We named it Draco, after the legendary gold dragon” her father said.

“How did you get him?” Anna Marie asked.

“Well, I got it at Penn stables; when I explained to Conner that my daughter would probably want a fast and powerful dragon. Then he showed me a dragon that would stop a dragon-human-war with its power. So, I took the dragon and nearly got most of my dracles down to 40. And this dragon is your age. Conner said that he’s been keeping this dragon for some time. Do you like him?”

“I love him, thanks!” Anna Marie said. Draco rubbed against her. Close by, some one was watching, watching on monitors. “Interesting, very interesting”, Word said to him self. “There is new dragon of legend? What a surprise indeed”. He pressed a red button on his control panel. Moordryd filled the screens. “Come to my citadel at once,” Word told his son, “I have found a way to start my new dragon-human-war”. Moordryd came on his black dragon, Desepshun, and looked at his father with a frown, as usual. “Moordryd, my old friend, Conner has made a new dragon of legend, the chromatic and gold dragon. I want you to steel this dragon and bring it to me. By then, I will put on wraith gear and will cause as much chaos as possible. I will use the dragon for war fare and when I start the war, and when it ends, I will rule the world.”

Chapter 4

Draco scents that some one was watching and knew he was the dragon of legend. He had to fulfill the prophecy before it was too late. Legend has it that the chromatic and gold dragon of legend will choose a young girl to prevent a dragon-human-war. Draco will have to choose a chromatic dragon booster, tonight.

That night, Anna Marie couldn’t sleep. She wanted to be near her dragon, and to keep watch. She got out of bed and went to her dragon’s stall. Draco held his head high as always. She patted him on the side of his head. “Some day, boy, I’m going to ride you, and race in the all city races”, Anna Marie told her new dragon. She stroked Draco on the neck. The dragon eye crew waited at the door of Draco’s stall. Draco heard something from outside. He turned his head and growled. “What is it?” Anna Marie asked. She saw a shadow cast on the door. She went to the door to investigate. She opened the door. Nothing was there. All of a sudden, something grabbed her and covered her mouth. “Get the dragon, NOW!” Moordryd cried. Draco growled and ran to the crew with bared teeth. He powered up a mag burst as he ran. “Shoot green trapping gear, NOW!” They shot out the trapping gear, but Draco was prepared. His mag burst broke the green device. Most of the crew members were surprised. Since the crew member was distracted, it was enough time for Anna Marie to take her chances. She knocked the crew member backwards towards the wall and was able to break free.

She ran to Draco. She put on his saddle and added weapons: Disrupter Mines, her Blocking Staff and Flash sticks. Before she could get on, her dad came out, hearing noises and charging from Draco’s mag bursts. The crew slipped away quietly. “Anna Marie, what’s going on?” her dad asked, “Your mom and I have been hearing noises outside.”

“Dad, “Anna Marie cried, “the dragon eye crew came and tried to do something to Draco, and I only came outside to see him and…..”

“Calm down, I know what your talking about”, her dad explained. “And I think it’s time you should know.”

Chapter 5

Her dad took out something from his robe. It was a golden amulet of some sort. It had red, orange, gold, green, blue and purple in the middle of the star mark. Anna Marie studied the piece of material. “Your mom once had this when she was about your age”, he said. “It was given to her by dragon priests who warned her of a terrible dragon-human-war that was coming.” “Take it, you might be chosen to be the chromatic dragon booster and when that happens, the star mark will emerge on Draco’s head. The one Draco chooses will be the chromatic dragon booster.” Draco held his head high above even above the tallest man.

The next night came, and it was a cool night as well. Anna Marie was up in her room, still looking at the amulet. She kept studying the smooth and shiny look. She heard a noise outside. She looked out her window and saw the dragon eye crew again. “Great, visitors”, Anna Marie said sarcastically, “Why don’t I introduce them to my little friend.” She activated her blocking staff. (Good thing that her parents were asleep.) She went outside trying not to be seen. This time, she’s going to stand up to them.

“Get away from my dragon!” she said.

“Or what?” Moordryd asked, “You’ll use your lip gloss of doom?” Being picked on by a boy was one thing, but beating up one was a whole new ball game. They also knew that Anna Marie was a girl and was weaker than them. The crew laughed at Moordryd’s joke. Anna Marie knocked one crew member out of submission. Most of the crew stared at her with their mouth’s wide open. “Do I here takers?” Anna Marie joked. “No, all well I guess I’ll take your picture.” She smacked down a flash stick. “SMILE! And say cheese!!!” The flash stick fired a blinding light that made every one dizzy. While the crew nearly passed out, Anna Marie ran over to Draco and got on his colored back Then, Draco lifted his head high and released a star mark on his forehead.

“What’s going on?” Anna Marie asked. Gold draconium glowed on his body. Anna Marie thought of her father’s words: “The one Draco chooses will be the chromatic dragon booster.” The crew outside covered their eyes because of the blinding light. “What in the Magna Draconius….?” Moordryd said astonishingly in a whisper.

Chapter 6

When the light dimmed, Draco crashed threw the stable walls to the other side. Moordryd saw Anna Marie’s house and got out a fire grenade from his saddle. He pressed the button in the middle of the gear and quickly threw it towards the corner of the house.

Anna Marie noticed the house with black smoke coming from the roof of the house. She knew what it meant.

“MOM, DAD!!!!!” Anna Marie cried. Draco raced to the destroyed door. When she opened it, it fell to the ground in a crooked fashion. She ran threw the house to search for her parents who hope fully was alive. “Mom, dad, where are you?!” No one was in the house. Anna Marie felt like she was going to cry, Hard. She raced out of what was left of her house. She hugged Draco for comfort. Draco responded with a sorrow grown. The dragon eye crew left them alone at the destroyed house. All that was left was her father’s stable, still strongly built as always. “SCALES!” Anna Marie said. “C’mon Draco, it’s too dangerous here; the dragon eye crew will return. It’s not going to be over, yet.” Anna Marie got on Draco and headed to the darkness of the Down City crew territory.

Chapter 7

Below, the Down City streets, taxi dragons and other pieces of crap, Anna Marie and Draco hid in the darkness until Phlame got Anna Marie’s call.

A few hours passed and all of a sudden, shaking was heard all around. Phlame came with his red magma-class dragon, Rahantu. Draco growled a little.

“Its Okay, boy” Anna Marie said, “it’s only Phlame and Rahantu.”

“I got your call”, Phlame said, and “What are you doing in Squire’s end!” “Dragon City security doesn’t even come down here!!!!!”

“But this is where my dragon stopped running” Anna Marie explained.

“That’s your dragon?”

“That’s just my dragon of legend named Draco,” Anna Marie explained.

“Drac!” Phlame said as he looked at the very colored dragon. “You should hide this dragon before any one tracks you down! It looks very rare.”

“He is” Anna Marie said, “The dragon eye crew attacked my dad’s stable and he’s gone missing during a fire grenade explosion.”

“So that is what I heard from Sun City, an explosion.”

“Phlame, this is no time for day dreaming, I need money, I need to eat…” She thought for the moment and had it. “And I’m going to street race!”

“Say what?”

“Heck, I always wanted to street race my self before I had my own dragon and now I think it’s time.”

“But you can’t, other racers will recognize Draco and make an attempt to steel him.” Anna Marie thought for a moment: “Uh….. Then I’ll race another dragon.” Draco made a surprised look on his face and then shook his head with shame. “Sorry.” Draco closed his eyes and made a bright enough light that shined brighter than ever before. When it dimmed, his gold markings where gone.

“He can change color too?!” Phlame said, “Drac, this means you can race him now.”

“And I can do a lot more than that” Anna Marie said as she looked at her amulet.

She still found hope.



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