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Shorty Stories: Dragon Booster #1

By Draco

/This is just a quick fan fic about them getting ready for a party that they planned. And that Artha’s acting crazy because he likes egg nog/

Penn Stables

Parm: I can’t wait for Christmas tomorrow! It’s going to be the best!
Kitt: Maybe we should do a party for it tonight!
Parm: Tonight!? We can’t plan everything tonight!
Kitt: Sure we can, we just have to work together as a team.
Lance: But do you know what the best thing is about Christmas?
Artha: EGG NOG!!!! ^-^
Lance: No, PRESENTS! =D
Kitt: There’s more to life than presents ya know.
Artha: Except Birthdays.
Lance: The best day of my life!!!!
Kitt: So, what can we use for the food?
Artha: EGG NOG!!!! ^-^
Kitt: No, we need like candy and all of that good stuff. And plus we don’t really care if we gorge ourselves!
Everyone: YEY!!!! ^-^
Dragons: YEY!!!! ^-^

Penn Stables: Party Night!!!!

Parm: Invited everyone he knows.
Artha: Parm, who exactly are you calling for the party?
Parm: Everyone I know! =)
Phone: See you at the party, stable brats!!! >=) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
Phone: Hanged up.
Parm: Gulped nervously.
Parm: You are going to kill me aren’t you?
Artha: Mmmhmm.
Parm: I should just stop calling people, right?
Artha: Mmmhmm.
Artha and Parm: Ran around like total idiots because Artha is chasing Parm.
Kitt: You boys are so stupid when you get angry.
Artha: He invited Moordryd Paynn!!
Kitt: Face turned red.
Parm: Ran away before Kitt kills him.
Pyrrah_ of_ the_ Dragon Flares Crew, Moordryd Paynn of the Dragon Eye Crew, Khatah of the Inner Order Crew, Phistus of the Grip of the Dragon Crew, Cain, Swayy, Rancyyd, and a bunch of other people enter Penn Stables.
They_ all_ are_ having a ball and turning on the music.
Kitt, Parm, Lance, Beau, Wyldfyr, Cyrano, Fracshun: Dance ‘till they can’t no more!!!
Artha with a Microphone: EVERYBODY DANCE NOW! Because it’s Karaoke time! =D
Everyone: Cheered.
Moordryd and Dragon Eye Crew: Sneak outside.
Kitt: Follows them.
Moordryd: Okay, Dragon Eyes! Here’s the plan: we use orange mind pods and activate them on the dance floor, creating total chaos!!
Kitt: Oh, Damn. I’ve got to warn Artha!
Kitt: Rushes back inside and finds Artha doing something else.
Kitt: Artha, what the heck happened to you?
Artha: I drank too much egg nog.
Kitt: -.-
Kitt: Artha, Moordryd and his crew are planning to set off orange mind pods on the dance floor!
Artha: I’m on it! But first…
Artha: Grabs one more glass of egg nog.
Kitt: Boys are befuddled. -.-
Artha: I heard that! Now c’mon!
Artha: Grabs Kitt and runs into Moordryd and his crew.
Moordryd: Hi, stable brats, nice party.
Artha: Don’t give us that crap; we know you’re trying to set off orange mind pods!
Moordryd: How did you figure that out?
Artha: Uh………… the internet? <=)
Moordryd: Very funny.
Artha: You know what else is funny?
Moordryd: What, your kind becoming extinct? Heh, heh.
Artha: No, EGG NOG!!
Artha: Pores egg nog on Moordryd’s head.
Artha: Runs away with Kitt.
Moordryd: Why you scale-scraping stable brat!! GET EM!!
Crew: ran after them.
Artha yelling ahead: NOW GUYS!
Parm, Lance: pulled on string and made a net trap Moordryd and his crew.
Artha: Now who’s a scale-scrapping pest?
Moordryd: Okay, I give up, we’ll leave.
Artha: You can’t leave unless you say this: Penn Stables rules, and Moordryd’s compound drools!
Moordryd: What, no way!
Artha: Okay, but you’re not going to leave. And if you don’t say it, I’ll vidd-mail your dad a picture of an embarrassing time at your Halloween party you had two months ago!
Moordryd: Okay, Penn Stables rules and Moordryd’s compound drools.
Artha: I can’t hear you!
Moordryd: Getting annoyed.
Artha: Thank you. NOW GET OUT!
D.E Crew: Ran like the Samurox is after them.

The Next Day…

Artha: What a party, huh, guys.
Kitt: Yeah, it was great.
Lance: Yeah, and the part when Artha was all egg nog crazy!
Artha: >:(
Lance: <:)
Kitt and Parm: -.-

The End


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