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101 Dragons

by Draco

(Watch ‘101 Dalmatians’ to thread my story)

(I kind of made the characters of Dragon Booster have some sexy British sound of their voice; you might read “I say!” by one of the characters :-D.)


     I’m just a normal dragon at Penn Stables; nothing to do; nothing to have; nothing new to do; just me, my pal, Artha, and the stables.  We live in Dragon City, a place filled with crime and stuff like that.  Artha’s the Dragon Booster so he and I save the day everyday.  We’ve been doing this for, like, what, years?  We’re now twenty-three years old and were just bachelors.  By the way, my name’s Beau, a GOLD dragon; I know, can you believe it?  I’m the last and all I can do is sit around with Artha and rest since were up all night fighting crime.  Usually Artha works on his day time job.  Besides, he’s going to be a pencil-pusher when he gets a wife, sooner or later.  

Yet, I wonder if we can have a new life.  This bachelor life is down-right dull.  Artha just does the usual things that I’m getting sick-and-tired of.  Someone just get a gun and shoot me down since I’m so god damn bored.  I need someone to spend time with and so does Artha.  You know, I think that Artha is quite the gentleman; quite a handsome one as well.  He needs someone more than me.  I think I need to help whether he likes it or not.  Unfortunately, dragons like me are poor judges of human beauty.

Beau pulled down some magazines from under his body and sighted human women on the front covers.  

Movie stars like these probably won’t go so well.  I need to find a pair that suits Artha and me perfectly.

Beau got up from his spot, passing Artha by his side and looked out the window to see the streets of Mid City.  

Okay, let’s start by picking sexy females…

Beau spotted a girl with a white dragon.  

The girl looks a bit too…uh…geeky.  

He looked at the dragon.

Nope.  It will never happen.  I’m going to keep searching.  

Beau then spotted a girl with a short purple dragon.  

Hmm…that one looks serious, stuck-up…

He glanced at the dragon.

NO.  Not going to happen, ever.  Here we go again…

He glanced at another girl and dragon.

Well, that’s a fancy kind.  

The girl was wearing fancy cloths and the dragon was black and walked in a snobby fashion liked she owned the place.

Hmm…a bit too fancy…and there definitely isn’t going to be a black dragon.  

A few more passed.

Too old and too young......  yep, there’s a problem, a real problem.

Beau rested his head on the window sill and glanced outside for a long period of time.  Suddenly, his head perked up.

I say!  

Outside, a two-legged red dragon walked past.  

Look at that beautiful creature.  Oh yes, but, the girl…?

He glanced at his human’s kind.  

Well, she’s lovely too.  Yes, we have a match!  Yippee!

Beau got off his bottom and raced to the other window as the two attractive women pasted Penn Stables.  

I have to get out there.  Oh, but Artha usually stops his daily work until after four and it will be too late to catch them.  

Beau then went over to the clock and turned the clock hand forward and met it with the other hand.  Beau grunted at his human to look at the clock.  Artha looked at the clock and back at his watch.  

“After four already?” he said.  Beau quickly put on his saddle and kept begging at his human.  “Okay, Beau, let’s go.”  He got on Beau and took off at a speed that took Artha by surprise.  “Beau, slow down!”

But I was determined to find them in this area.  

Beau looked around franticly around the area, swaying his head back and forth and went at a fast speed.  

“Beau, what’s gotten into you?” Artha asked his dragon, trying to slow him down.  

Oh, yes, here we are; I’ve spotted them!  

The couple that Beau had spotted from the window sill was sitting down at the park.  Beau immediately sprang into action and jogged quickly near them.  Artha became relieved when the ‘madness’ was over.  

“I hope that you won’t go crazy again,” Artha said to his dragon.  Unfortunately, Beau’s ‘insane’ state became incomprehensible.  Beau and Artha sat nearby.  Beau slightly peaked to look at the female dragon.  The female dragon was slightly looking as well, but as soon as Beau could take a look she reclined her head.  Beau looked away, too.  Beau also knew that Artha was going to mind his own business and do nothing else.  It was all up to him.  Beau quickly took Artha’s helmet off his head.  Artha turned around to see his dragon having a playful look while holding his helmet in his mouth.  

“Beau, what is going on with you today?” he said.  “C’mon, give me my helmet back.”  Beau didn’t listen.  He began frolicking around in a dance kind of way.  The girl took her eyes from the day’s paper and glanced at Artha and Beau act like idiots.  “BEAU….”  Beau began to jog away, close to the females.  “BEAU, GIVE ME BACK MY HELMET, YOU SILLY THING!”  Beau dropped the helmet right next to the girl.  The girl looked at Artha’s helmet and went back to her newspaper.  Beau groaned at his bachelor and waited for Artha to come near.  All Artha began to do was stand a distance away from his dragon and give him an angry look.  The girl looked at Artha again and Artha looked at the girl.  For a bit, Beau’s plan was beginning to work, but for some reason, the females left.  Before Beau could catch them, Artha was able to grab a rope from his saddle and placed it around Beau, pinning him in one place.

“Alright you silly dragon, we’re going home; you’ve caused enough madness,” Artha said.  

I’m not giving up; I just knew that somehow they just had to be together.  

    Beau tugged at the rope and lead Artha dragging along with him.  Soon, Beau got close to the girl and rapped the rope attached to him around Artha and the girl’s legs.  He pulled on the rope that got Artha and the girl close together in an uncomfortable position.

    “Oh, my, I’m terribly sorry, miss,” Artha said.  “I don’t know what has gotteninto my dragon today.”  

    “What is going on?” the girl asked.  Wyldfyr, the girl’s dragon, tried her best to hold on to her master to make sure she wouldn’t fall.  Unfortunately, Artha and the girl fell into a pond near by and left Wyldfyr shocked.  Beau went into the water as well to at least help for the huge mess he’d done.        

    Artha got up sop and wet and tried helping the girl up.  She was a bit angry by his dragon’s behavior, but she was okay with it.  Meanwhile, Beau got out of the water and shook himself like a dog to dry himself off.  He got Wyldfyr wet.  Wyldfyr gave an icy glare at Beau before shaking herself off.  In the process when she shook, she has got Beau wet yet again.  Beau and Wyldfyr looked at each other for the moment, and then began to laugh.  Artha and the girl seemed to be getting along as well and were laughing, too.  And when Beau looked at Wyldfyr, she was smiling.  Beau grinned at her as well, and from that day forward, the couples were connected.

     After the wedding, we settled in a small house near our original streets.  It’s been a few months now and everyone was very happy.  Artha was no longer alone and I wasn’t either.  Artha once and a while would sit on his couch love-dazed.  But for the while he’s been in his bedroom working.  He always had time for his new wife, Kitt.  

    I on the other hand have been busy lately… and well, Wyldfyr is expected.  It was supposed to be due in about two to three weeks from now.  I don’t know how many, but I didn’t care at all.  I was thrilled that I was finally a father!  Now I can reproduce my species of gold dragons if I ever get any.  YES!  

    I sat with my love one day in the living room and as always, Artha was upstairs being a workaholic.  Three times already Kitt has called him down for dinner, but there was always a reply that he would be down.  

    ‘Can you believe it, love?’ I said to Wyldfyr, ‘we’re going to be parents!’

    ‘I know, dear,’ she said, rubbing against me.  ‘I want to see all of their little faces… being welcomed to the world…’  Oh dear, I’m afraid that I’m getting love-dazed myself!  But I agree with her, seeing their cute little eyes open up to see us.  We huddled together.   Suddenly Artha came down from his room at last panicking.  

    “Kitt, dear,” he cried, “I have just spotted her from my window!”

    “Who is it?” Kitt asked him.

    “It’s Rebecca, Word’s new wife,” Artha said in a bored tone.  Yes, Rebecca.  Word got re-married a while ago and it happened to be an evil old bag that was crazy about shopping and clothing styles.  She was simply nuts about dragon skins the most.  She probably heard the news about our pups coming in somehow and decided to come over for a visit.  This is going to be just great…

     Rebecca blasted through the door in an eager mood.  

    “Good evening everyone!” she said.  “Where are they?”

    “What?” Artha asked.

    “The puppies, darling, the puppies,” she replied.  

     She calls everyone ‘darling’ when she’s explaining something.  

    Rebecca kept looking around the house for any little pitter-patter of feet, but to no prevail.  

     I could see that the old bag wanted me to come near in order to reveal any pups if I ever had any, but I simply growled to show that no one will get my pups!  

     “Um, Rebecca,” Kitt said.

    Rebecca turned to her.

    “There is not any here yet, the pups are going to be due in a few weeks.”

    “Oh, drat!” Rebecca complained.  “Well, then, I might as well get back to you on this.  When do you want me to return for them?”

    “Rebecca, we aren’t going to give them to you,” Artha said.  “That is our own choice.”  At this point Rebecca grew angry and left without a word.  “God that woman has to get a life.”  Beau could see Wyldfyr up the stairs to the masters’ room.  He followed.

     ‘Wyldfyr, dear, you alright?’ Beau said to her.

     ‘Beau,’ she said, ‘I’m just so afraid now.  I though having children would be a good thing for you and me… but now… I wish weren’t having any!’  Beau comforted her as she was in sorrow…

    I was afraid now.  Today was the day.  The pups were supposed to be delivered today.  My goodness I was shaking even if the house was heated.  It was a stormy night and it was very cold outside.  If you tried standing in that rain for about five minutes, you’d probably get pneumonia afterwards.  

    Any who, I was very nervous about this and I was afraid that Rebecca would barge through the door once our last pup was out.  My love was very nervous as well and was laid on Artha and Kitt’s bed for the delivery.  I was waiting in the other room, waiting for a slight grunt from Wyldfyr to show that she was giving birth.  

    I could see that Artha was scared as well.  He was sitting in his chair beside me, eyes wide open, looking at the ajar door, filled with fright for his wife’s dragon.  I was more nervous than he was unfortunately.

    And suddenly, Kitt came to the door.

    “We’ve got one!” she said.  Artha and I brightened.  Kitt disappeared.  She then reappeared.  “We’ve got two!”  She looked back in the other room.  “No, no, three!  Four!”  I was beginning to get a little worried now.  “Five!”  Artha looked at me with surprise.  

    “Beau, you old rascal!” he said to me.  I was completely shocked.  FIVE eggs?!  My goodness, Wyldfyr…  I went into the other room where the eggs began to hatch.  All five of them hatched into beautiful children.  Most of them had Wyldfyr’s features. All of them looked to be red draconium.  But one egg was not coming out of its shell.  Kitt noticed as well.  She took the egg with care with a blanket over it.  

    “Four, I’m afraid,” she told everyone.  Artha looked at the non-moving egg as well.  “Just four.  She handed the egg to Artha to hold to tend to her dragon.  “Poor little thing…”  Artha sat in his chair where I watched the egg.  

    “Beau…… its just one of those things,” he said to me.  I knew what he met.  “And yet…”  He, I could tell, was still curious about the egg.  He began to rub it as if to warm it up slightly.  What in the world was he doing?  He stopped rubbing the egg and we waited……

    Suddenly, I heard a crack.  Artha seemed to jolt awake and glanced at the egg as well.  A little snout poked out of the egg.  I could see its egg tooth ripping the egg shell into pieces.  I then saw a cute tail pop out… then a foot, then a hand… And soon, it was completely exposed.  The little dragon looked so similar to me.  It had big, yellow eyes, little, unstable body, and it was a gold dragon… I could tell.  Artha looked at me.

    “Beau… you’re the luckiest dragon I’ve ever seen,” he told me with a smile.  And I was proud, because I knew that that little dragon would change the world… forever…  “Kitt!” Artha cried, “Kitt, we still have five!”  Kitt raced into the room.

    “Oh, Artha, it’s alright!”

    “See,” he said, holding up the pup, “he’s perfectly fine!  He just hatched a little late.”

    “I just can’t believe we have five pups,” Kitt exclaimed.  I was so happy now.  I was a father…

    As a lightning bolt lit up the room and began to fade, I could see Rebecca at the door…                                                 

    “Oh, how wonderful!” she cried with excitement.  “The puppies, they’re here, they’re here!”  She raced over Omen that was still in Artha’s hands.  She lifted the cloth that was keeping Omen warm and saw my son gazing up at her.  “Well… um… I think it’s a little small.”

    “That’s because it just hatched.  It needs time to grow,” Kitt explained.  

    “Oh, of course is does,” Rebecca said.  She took out a blank check from her purse and took out a ball-pointed pen shortly after.  “Name your price, Kitt, it would be a pleasure to have this little youngster, including the others of course.”

    “…I’m afraid we can’t give them up; they are defencless without their mother.  And besides, Wyldfyr will be heart broken!”

    “Now clearly, dear, you can’t aford to keep all of those little pups running around in your house; they will clearly ruin all of your things.  They teeth you know!”

    “No,” Artha said, “and we mean no.  Give them a chance to grow up.”  

    “Well of course I’ll give them a chance to grow up.  I’ll take them and after a week or so, I’ll do what I need.”

    “But still, NO,” Artha protested.  Rebecca was getting angry with Artha.  “We’re not selling the puppies.  Not a single one…”

     I looked at my master in surprise.  Did he actually mean that?

    “Um, Kitt, darling,” Rebecca asked, “are you sure your husband is doing what I asked?”

    “No, no, I think he’s pretty serious about what he’s saying.”

    “Surly he must be kidding.”

    “Oh, no, I mean it alright,” Artha said a bit firmly.  “You’re not having a single one of my dragon’s pups, no one!  Do you understand?  This is final!”

     I did a single nod to connect with the situation.  

     “Why… you… you stupid boy!” Rebecca yelled in his face.  She was speechless.  She threw her arms up in the air with sudden shock.  “Fine, if you want to keep these little rodents, fine!  Do whatever you want with them; I don’t care what!  Do you hear me, fools?!  YOU… YOU IDIOTS!”  And with a dramtic turn to the door, she slammed it, and even broke the glass.  

     Kitt ran over to Artha and hugged him for being brave against the wicked witch.  I was very happy indeed as well.  Artha has really shown bravery for himself.  I raced to Wyldfyr to check on her.

    ‘Wyldfyr, love!’ I cried.  ‘We’re keeping them, dear, we get to keep them all!  Artha bravley stood up to that horrible witch and… and… now she’s gone!  She’s gone for good!’

    ‘Oh, Beau,’ Wyldfyr sighed.  She rubbed against me in affection, using her tail at the same time to huddle the pups all together.  Artha later came in to put Omen in the bunch as well.  I watched him successfully walking with some times of stumbaling.  This was the start of another generation…



Don’t worry, more of this story will be updated soon!  Don’t fret, old chap!  



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