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Poems by DemonicFury

Life in Dragon City

Wraith dragons roar.
Tracker dragons buzz.
Crow-drags caw.
Eggs crack.
This is life in Dragon City.

Crowds begin to cheer.
Gear activates.
Vidd-screens power on.
Dragons crash.
Jakks clash.
This is life in Dragon City.

Wars being planned.
Dragon Boosters fight.
Mag-claws slash.
Paynn wins.
This is life in Dragon City.

A meeting is held.
Dragon Eyes fume.
Crew leaders argue.
Fights break out.
Penn enters.
This is life in Dragon City.

Green Booster

Armor emerald green.
Heart of purest draconium.
Wraith dragons roar as you mag them away.
Shadow Booster strikes,
He strikes hard.
Blood fills your mouth,
But you fight.
Against all odds you fight.

Your armor fades away.
Your life is in peril.
You win the battle but lose the fight for your life.
You sacrificed yourself to save the Shadow Booster.
You are the Green Dragon Booster.

Shadow Booster

Shadows flying gracefully,
Flying through the sky.
Your black helmet shining,
In the moonlight.
Thine heart as pure as thy dragon’s blood.
Thou art the Shadow Booster.

Lonely and beaten.
Heart blackened by shadows.
Thine eyes glow deep red with anger.
Blood sprays left and right as you walk.
Armeggedonn is in control.

People screaming as you continue.
I hold you close,
Trying to convince you to stop.
Engulfing you in a passionate kiss,
The shadows fade away.
Revealing the one I love.
The one that’s here to stay.
The love of my life.
Thou art the Shadow Booster.


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