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Heart Scars

The Betrayal

by DemonicFury

Chapter One

Elric motioned to a brown haired girl. “Ribecka, come here please.” She turned and ran over to him.


“I need you to take this to Ulric. He is the high priest at the Blue Temple, just outside of Drago City.”

“But, the city needs me. I’m the Chosen One. Remember? Boy and I are supposed to save the world.” Elric shook his head.

“You may be the Chosen One but you are merely six years old. You cannot protect the city and besides, this is a simple mission. It will only take a few hours.”


“No buts. Now take this and go.” Elric handed her a letter. Ribecka groaned and started walking way. “And remember, do not read the letter and give it to Ulric, no one else!”

She walked through the temple to her dragon, Boy. He was a green draconium dragon that would be considered plain compared to other dragons. He had a long chin and bright green eyes that appeared to glow when he was fighting. However, Ribecka saw these traits as good. She was glad he did not look like the Original Green Draconium Dragon of Legend. She was glad he was different.

Boy magged on a saddle and bent to let her on. “Alright, Boy, all we’ve got to do is deliver a letter. Think you can do that?” Boy nodded. “Okay good. Now let’s ride!” Boy raced out of the temple at top speed.

Chapter Two

“Hiyah, Boy!” Ribecka yelled as she urged her dragon through Drago City. They easily navigated the many streets filled with merchant carts. Suddenly, a taxi-dragon moved in front of them. She had Boy jump onto a merchant cart and jump from it to the other side of the taxi-dragon. “Good, Boy.” Boy smiled back at her. They finally reached the edge of the city. “Come on, Boy, we’re almost there.” Boy put his all into moving faster and quickly reached the Blue Temple of the Samurox Priest.

They slowly walked through the temple. Ribecka was amazed by how beautiful the temple was. The floor was covered with turquoise tiles and the columns were encrusted with sapphires. The setting sun illuminated the sapphires and gave the temple the illusion of glowing blue. Or at least, she thought it was an illusion.

She saw a group of priest dressed in blue armor. “Excuse me. Can you tell me where I can find Ulric?” They turned and faced her. She was stunned by their masks. They were encrusted with sapphires. “Um. Do you know where Ulric is?” One of them stepped forward.

“I am Ulric. What do you want with me?”

“Elric sent me to give you this letter.” Boy magged her off and she got out the letter. Ulric took it and quickly read it. He bowed to her.

“Thank you for delivering this but I cannot possibly do what the letter asks of me. My dragon is not fast enough.”

“What do you have to do?”

“Elric says that he wants me to go to the Green Temple of the Rajou and get an ancient tablet but my dragon is nowhere near fast enough to get past the traps.”

“Maybe I can do it. I should be able to get through a green temple. I am the Legendary Green Booster after all.”

“You’re the Green Booster? Then please do me a favor and go get the tablet. Here’s a map.” He handed her a map.

“All right. I’ll be back in a few hours.” She got onto her dragon and raced out of the temple. Ulric smiled.

“Stupid girl. You have no idea what you’ve done. Boys, get the others ready. The city is defenseless. Its time to make those humans pay.” An orange dragon stepped out of the shadows. “We’ll burn it to the ground and the girl will get the blame for leaving them.” Another orange dragon stepped out of the shadows.

“Propheci, are you sure his plan will work?” Propheci chuckled through Ulric.

“Of course I’m sure. The Green Booster will never rise and eventually dragons shall rule the world once again.”

Chapter Three

Boy growled as they walked into the temple. “Don’t worry, Boy. All we’ve got to do is go to the center of the temple, get the tablet, and get back to Ulric.” Boy shook his fear off and quickened his pace. Ribecka only wished that she could shake off her feeling of dread. The whole temple seemed to be draped in darkness. The columns may have been encrusted with emeralds but they did not sparkle like the sapphires at the Blue Temple. They did seem to glow. But it did nothing but illuminate the many spigon-webs and give the temple an eerie green glow. The jade tiles on the floor were worn to where they looked like regular old stones. What happened here? Why would the priests let this temple become so dilapidated? Suddenly, she heard a click. She looked down to see Boy’s foot on a glowing square. “Do I even want to know?”

Ribecka quickly received an answer as the temple defenses activated and blades began swinging across the floor. “Come on, Boy! Go, go, go!” Boy struggled to avoid the many blades. Suddenly, a saw popped up out of the floor. “Whoa, Boy. Stop!” Boy’s feet slid across the temple floor as he struggled to stop in time.

He managed to stop less than an inch away from it. Ribecka sighed in relief. She looked at the saw and groaned. “How do we get around this?” Boy looked around the temple. Then he saw it- a lever. He magged her to it. She pushed it down and the saw disappeared, along with part of the floor!

“Well, at least the saw is gone.” She backed Boy up. “Come on. We’re the stuff legends are made of. We can jump a tiny little fifty foot long hole. I think.” Boy nodded and raced towards the hole. Ribecka focused all of her energy to Boy and felt a little lightheaded as they left the safety of one side of the hole and headed for the other.

They landed with a thud and slid across the floor. Boy shot a mag beam out to stop them before they hit the wall. Ribecka sighed. “Very good, Boy.” They slowly resumed their journey through the temple.

After seemingly hours of dodging giant saws and disappearing floors, Ribecka and Boy were about to faint from exhaustion, yet still they struggled on. Boy had slowed to the point that Ribecka believed she could’ve walked faster if it weren’t for the fact that she was out of energy. Boy slowed to a stop as they approached a giant door. It had engravings of a dragon on the left side and a human on the right side of the door. “Whoa. Now that is a fancy door. Want to open it?” Boy nodded and grinned at her. Suddenly, his eyes glowed bright green. He walked to the wall that was to the left of the door. Her gauntlet glowed and pulled her to the right. She noticed an opening in the wall. She looked and saw Boy aligning himself with the opening on his side. She understood and did the same. She reached inside of the opening and pulled out a handle as Boy’s clawed foot pushed into the wall.

The wall lit up with bright green markings. It was so bright that Ribecka had to let go of the handle and cover her eyes. She removed her hands from her face as she heard the door groan. She backed up to avoid getting hit by the door. Boy magged her on and quickly ran through the now open doorway.

Ribecka gasped as she saw the center of the temple. It was covered with all kinds of precious gemstones and pieces of draconium. The jade floor was bright green and the columns were encrusted with bright green glowing emeralds and green draconium. There were bright markings on all of the walls and even the ceiling and bright green flames burned between them. But these things were nothing compared to what she saw next.

In the middle of the room was a giant statue of a dragocatlike dragon. It was black with a green stomach and had black horns coming out of its head. It wore a giant gold necklace with a blue crystal at its center. However, its most distinguishing features were the giant black and green wings coming out of its back. They slowly walked up to it, feeling nervous because of the massive size difference. She magged off of Boy and slowly walked up to the dragon. She placed her hand on a marking, causing a tablet to come out of the statue’s base. She picked it up. Ribecka felt a surge of energy. She shook her head and smirked. “All right! We got it!” She ran over to Boy and raced him back through the temple. She headed back to the temple.

Upon arriving, she found the place deserted. “Ulric! Are you here? Hello! Anybody!” Ribecka looked down at Boy. “Why would Ulric send me on a mission and then just pack up and leave? Hmmm…. Maybe something happened at the city and they had to go back Elric up. That means they might need our help too. Let’s go.” Ribecka raced Boy out of the temple at top speed and headed towards Drago City, neither of them sure of what they’d find.

Chapter Four

Ribecka gasped as they approached the city, or at least what was left of it. The tall buildings were leveled in a fiery mess. There were bodies strewn across the city. The charred remains were covered with blood. There was nothing left of the once great city except for charred rubble. Ribecka felt like she was going to cry. She was right. The city had needed her, but she had forsaken them and agreed to go on an unnecessary mission. She had failed them. She had failed everyone.

Boy slowly walked through the city, searching for a sign of life. There were none. His footsteps echoed through the city, but they fell on deaf ears.

She looked up and saw a glint of green. She magged off of Boy and moved enough rubble to get to whatever was shining. She reached into a hole and pulled out a green amulet in the shape of a star. She looked at her gauntlet. The star should fit, but she wondered if she really deserved it. She had let everyone down and doomed them to a fiery death. How could she be the Green Booster now? Ribecka held the star against her chest and solemnly walked back to Boy. He put his head over her shoulder and nuzzled her. She let the tears she had been holding back fall. She slowly got onto his back and walked him out of the city. They turned and took one last look at the dead city before racing away from it. They did not know where they were going to go, but they knew that anywhere would be better than there.

To be continued in The Meeting of Destiny….




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