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The Return Of Ancient Evil

by Deathshallcome and Liliwen

The Return Of The Prince Of Darkness

The legends of our world date back 6000 years ago, but there was one legend
said to have happened that the dragon priests would not speak of. The Prince of Darkness. This creature was said to have incredible strength, power, cunningness and a will to destroy. And one day, when he once again blackens the planet with his presence, the two who had originally stopped him using their lives were prophesized to revive.

Their names were the Wind Booster and the Evolution Booster. No one knows
how strong their powers were, only that they possessed powerful abilities,
the extent not quite known. But when the ancient evil and the two heroes who
have stood against it once before return, and if the ancient evil isn’t
stopped, the planet will tremble.

Artha shot a mag-push at Armeggeddon, who reflected it with a powerful swipe
of his arm. Artha ground his teeth in vexation. "You pitiful fools will not
destroy me!" Armeggeddon yelled as he fired several mag-pushes at them.

Lance was able to half lift his arm before one of the mag-pushes struck him.
Fracshun and he smashed hard into the wall behind. Fracshun begin to whine
in pain.

"Artha, we have to stop him now if we want to survive!" Kitt yelled.

Artha paused to look at her. They were deep in the wastelands, a place he
hadn’t been before, even during all the time that had passed. As a sorrowful
wind howled past his ears, Artha looked behind her to where Parmon, the
Power Booster, was standing, eyes fixated on Armeggeddon. Even after they
had found all the gauntlets and amulets, Artha almost couldn’t believe it
was still so hard to defeat Armeggeddon.

"I know that!” Artha yelled back over the sound of Armeggeddon’s many mag
moves. “Come on, guys, let’s charge our energy together and destroy him!"

The Shadow Booster, Fire Booster, Power Booster and the Energy Booster sent
their draconium energies into Beau, combining with his own. Suddenly, both
Artha and Beau heard someone say in a low whisper, so low yet so loud in his
ears, "...aura blast..."

Artha then yelled "Aura Blast!" His hands began to glow with the different
draconium colours he was using. Then a gigantic beam of draconium energy
blasted out of his hands, smashing right into Armeggeddon. Had Artha’s mind
not been so focused on the

"Argh!" Armegaddon yelled in pain as he felt his body explode. The beam
Artha was shooting out stopped, and Artha breathed slowly as he started to
regain his strength. Armeggaddon soon smashed into the ground. He raised his
head weakly, but his voice was as strong and fearful as ever.

come....back....." Armegaddon said weakly, his voice losing strength as his
life drained away.

"How will he revive?" Moordryd asked, narrowing his eyes.

"It...is...the...end...for...you...ALL!" Armeggaddon said with his last

The ground beneath began to shake violently, sending nearby pillars and
ancient statues crashing to the ground. Artha and the others fought to stand
their ground. Where Armeggeddon had fallen, and now lay motionless, an
ancient symbol appeared on the ground glowing purple, in a very
disconcerting way. Artha felt the cold, frail fingers of dread climb up his
spine. Something was wrong. Armeggeddon’s lifeless body sunk into the

"Artha," Parm said.

Artha never took his eyes from where his foe‘s body had once rested. What
was happening? "What?" Artha responded.

"My draconium radar is going off the chart. This new enemy is way stronger
then the one we just faced. We should escape!" Parm said with worry clearly
evident in his nearly shaking voice.

"We will not leave,” Artha said decisively. “If we could defeat him, then we
can defeat this one as well!" He said, turning back to look at the others.
Moordryd gave a slight nod of the head, while the others didn’t seem quite
as ready as him.

"Defeat me?” Thundered a sudden, booming voice. Artha swiveled his head
around, wondering where it had come from. “Hahahaha! Foolish children, you
have no idea who you are about to face!"

"Who said that?" Artha asked. "Show yourself, you coward!"

The ground began to shake violently again. Artha didn’t have to glance
around anymore. Before them appeared a human figure, cloaked in darkness.

"We can defeat him!" Artha said. "Beau what’s wrong?"

Beau was shaking in fear, sensing this extreme power of darkness. Maybe Parm
was right we can't fight him, his power is overwhelming. Even Beau is
scared. Artha thought as he got Beau to turn around. He looked to the
others, as their dragons had become uneasy as well. "We need to get out of
he...." Artha started to say.

The creature interrupted him. "You can call me Caszona, and you will be going
nowhere. This place will be your grave.” He said ominously. Artha snatched
up his jakk-stick and readied himself for a mag-claw battle. “Aranca!"
Caszona yelled as huge beams of darkness blasted at them.

The first to get hit was the Energy Booster. “Artha!” Lance managed to yell
before the beam of darkness knocked Fracshun and him unconscious. Kitt and
Parm went down in the same way, lying, unmoving, on the windswept earth.

Decepshun, seeing the danger, quickly created a mag-shield, protecting
Moordryd, Beau and Artha.

Caszona looked upon the black draconium mag-shield with distaste. The only
thing that could defend against his attack - a black draconium shield. Then
he chuckled at their attempt. It may have stopped that attack, but it
wouldn’t protect against this one.

“Armana Cremana!” Caszona yelled, and once more using the powers of the dark,
lifted his hands in the air as he conjured another attack.

Artha looked around anxiously. “What now?”

“Beneath!” Moordryd cried in surprise.

The ground trembled, and beneath them, huge spears of darkness quickly shot
up, hitting Beau and throwing him backwards. Artha screamed as Beau and he
fell down after taking the full brunt of the attack.

“Dragon Booster!” Moordryd yelled as his last conscious friend was hit. He
started to go to Artha, but was hit himself with more bolts of black energy
from Caszona. Moordryd grunted weakly as he fell to the ground.

Decepshun snarled at Caszona and charged at him, activating her green ramming
gear as she ran. But as the charging, pure black draconium dragon neared
him, Caszona held out his hand nonchalantly.

With no mag-stream to show the mag energy that lifted her, Caszona simply
said, “foolish dragon,” and threw her against the cliff wall. Her head
cracked against the stone violently, and she descended into blackness.

Caszona gazed almost solemnly at the beaten foes of his, then walked over to
Decepshun. Taking a closer look at her, he said, “Now I know why you could
defend against my attack. You have the Vysox spirit within.” Then he grinned
wickedly. “I have great plans in store for you, Vysox!”

He laughed low and long, savoring this moment of victory. Then he shouted,

Beside him, there immediately developed a clone of himself. His clone turned
to him, waiting for orders. “My faithful servant,” Caszona said, “I am taking
this dragon with me to the new headquarters. Start making more monsters to
help us win this war. The others will not live after this battle, but this
one has a strong life force. She is powerful. We must convert her to our
side. Now go,” Caszona said as his clone bowed. “Do what I command.”

His clone set off, and Caszona left with Deepshun.


Chapter 1
The Beginning

A dragon and a rider was running through mid city. As they ran a bunch of monsters began to appear from the area they just ran out of. "Banshun hurry if they catch us who knows what they will do!" The rider said as Banshun grunted and shook his head lightly. They finally got away from their chasers and rested. ''Finally I can put up a signal and try to get Rylada.'' The mysterious rider said as he put a square box down on the ground and punched in a bunch of numbers "Rylada! Rylada!! Do you copy?" The rider said into the mircophone. "Loud and clear Alex, whats wrong?" Rylada replied "Well... Rylada haven't you noticed the creatures around?" Alex said "Not y......... Now I have!!!! There are 7 of them down in Old City I am going to try to fight them!" Rylada said "NO Rylada don't fight them they are too powerful only the Boosters could damage them!" Alex told with worry "Then where are they now!? They have not been seen in days!" Rylada said with anger "Just run Rylada! They will slaughter you and Chayyn please run!!!" Alex said franticly "All right we will." Rylada said. As they fled Chayyn picked up a scent. "What is it Chayyn?" Rylada asked as Chayyn looked at the ground "Alex, get down here immeditaly Chayyn's found something." Rylada said. "All right I shall" Alex said as he disconnected the radio and jumped on Banshun's saddle and they went down to Old City.

While Alex and Banshun went to find Rylada and Chayanna, Carzon had Decepshun chained up to a machine that looked like a holding cell. "Hmmmm her mind will not convert how disappointing but her bonemark will be useful." Carzon said as he walked over to Decepshun's head she slowly looked up and Carzon pointed two claws and a black energy struck Decepshuns head. She starts screaming in pain as her bonemark is removed. She slowly stops and faints from the pain she just felt. "Place this dragon in the deepest pits in this dungeon!" Carzon order some demons as they took her to where he order her to be placed. "Hmmmm Vysox you will be of great use to me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Carzon laughed as he disappeared with the bonemark.

Alex finally got to Rylada and he looked at Chayyn as Chayyn was looking at the ground. Alex kneeled down and put his hand on the ground and golden-black watery drops dripped from his hand. "What is that?" Rylada asked "....... Draconium blood it looks like it is gold and black. It must be the dragon of legends blood. He must be very hurt." Alex said as he got up and looked around seeing 2 trails on with red,blue and green draconium blood trailing it and gold-black draconium blood trailing the other. "Looks like the Dragon Booster went this way and the other boosters went that way looks like we have to split up." Alex said
"How do you know?" Rylada asked "Because the golden black blood leads up to a mountain area and the other coloured blood leads to a sloped area." Alex told Rylada and she responded with a nod.


Chapter 2
The Search For The Boosters

Part 2-1A:
"Well Rylada, I am going down this path. Once we find them, we should get them to Dragon City Hospital so that they can regain their health." Alex said as he got on Banshun's saddle, and Banshun was soon walking toward the eerie path that lay before him. "Rylada, I will meet you once the paths cross again!" Alex told Rylada as Banshun soon started to run down the path without looking back.

They continued down the path and soon came to an abandoned temple. ‘What’s this temple doing here? It wasn't here before.’ Alex thought as he jumped off the saddle and slowly walked up to the temple. But it soon disappeared with a flash of bright light. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Alex said as the light blinded him. Soon it disappeared and he started to hear voices. "Boo.... Boos... ter......Bo..... Evo..... Evo........ lut.................................." The voices soon stopped and Banshun was starting to freak out, because he could hear them too.

"Banshun, calm down. It’s alright boy it’s okay.... Shhhh, it’s okay now. Calm down boy," Alex said gently as Banshun soon calmed down and rubbed his face against Alex. "Its ok now." Alex said quietly 'What were those voices it was like it was saying Booster....... I don't know what’s going on, but we are gonna get to the bottom of this.' Alex thought as he jumped on the saddle again, and they continued to follow the path of golden blood. The path soon ended at a cave. 'He must be here,' Alex thought. 'I wonder how Rylada is doing.....'

Part 2-1B:
Rylada cautiously peered around herself, suspicious of every shadow in the wastelands. Chayyn trotted along, following the trail of blood and scrunching his nose at the metallic smell of it. Rylada stared at it in worry. Were the boosters alright? What had attacked them, had it been Armeggeddon? Chayyn padded along, nose to the ground, hovering inches above the blood trail.

Then he apparently smelled something, and looked up, baring his teeth. Rylada followed his gaze, then gasped. Ahead rose a cliff wall, reaching into the sky. Rylada and Chayyn went up to it, but it wasn’t the cliff that had caught their attention. Built into the cliff, was the entrance to a temple, perhaps. Rylada could only guess. The ancient building loomed ominously over them, and presented a yawning opening into the cliff wall. Rylada peered inside, and could see old pillars, statues and majestic halls and artifacts. The trail of blood led within.

Rylada pushed the handles forward, and Chayyn and she were soon inside,
gaping at the size of the temple. Chayyn followed the trail, past staring statues and crumbling pillars. Cobwebs and dust covered everything, leaving the temple clearly untouched for thousands of years. The darkness seemed to flee from Rylada’s flashlight to hide in the high, unseen corners above, sneering at her from their lofty perch. Rylada was glad her flashlight made a considerable amount of light. They were about to follow the trail into a smaller chamber, when suddenly Rylada’s light went out. The darkness pressed in around her as she peered around blindly. “Scales. Did the energy in it drai…”

She was cut off as a bright light filled her vision, replacing the darkness. Win…d…Boos… A strange voice whispered from no where, then slowly faded away. When the light receded and died out, Rylada opened her eyes. She gasped. Where she had been walking through the mysterious temple before, she was now standing outside, just before the cliff wall. The unbroken, and untouched cliff wall. Rylada stared at it in astonishment. Where had the temple gone? It seemed to have disappeared. She shook her head. “I’ve got to call Alex…”


Chapter 2-2a
The Ancient Booster Reappear

Banshun kepted on moving forward. Alex looked up and jumped once the radio went off. "Ye...Yes??" Alex answered almost having a heart attack at the same time. "Alex I found an ancient temple did you find the same thing?" Rylada asked "Yes I did bu.......... I think I heard a scream! I am going to check it out, I am going into radio silence." Alex responded as he shutdown the radio. Alex and Banshun hurried on to where the screaming came from and they were on a ledge and they looked over and saw the shadow booster on the ground and the dragon booster was just getting throwen across the dragon. The black and gold dragon of legend was already knocked out. "You fools will never get that purple draconium dragon back hahahahahahaha!!!!" The demon laughed. Alex looked down at this and the creature soon turned and saw them. "Ban...Banshun I think he know we are here!!" The ground soon exploded and Alex was throwen of the saddle and Banshun soon ran to his side while the demon charged at them. "Banshun!! WATCH OUT!!!!" Alex screamed as Banshun soon was being held up by his neck. His claw digged deep into the demons arm and he used his other claw to try and scratch the creature. The creatures body distorted leaving no marks on him. "Foolish dragon you can not possiblely hurt me but I can do that to you!" The creature said as his hand began to spark electricty and it jolted down banshun's body eletracting him. Banshun screamed in pain and Alex screamed "BANSHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!" The creature threw Banshun into the wall his body cracked against and fell down. Alex ran over to Banshun lifeless body tears coming out of his eyes. "You will suffer the same fate this one did human" The creature said as a lightening bolt went toward him. Alex moved his hand toward the bolt and said "PRECTOCONO!" and a magical barrier went around him. "Wha?" The creature said. Alex stood up suddenly screamed "UNLEASH THE EVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Alex's body began to glow with all the draconium colours and his body was lifted into the air. His body was in a pillar of the draconium colours. His back grew dragon wings on it and rainbow coloured armour appeared on his body. On his back was a sword about 5 ft long. He landed on the ground infront of Banshun's lifeless body. He slowly moved but groaning in pain. "Th... th.... THE EVOLUTION BOOTSER IS STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The demon screamed as he charged toward Alex. Alex suddenly teleported behind the creature and said "Armanaconana!" The demon was throwen into the wall and the wall came down on him. "DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!" The demon screamed as he blew up the pieces that were came down on him. Alex was suddenly at the demons side and yelled "Cranamakana!" And the demons body was throwen into the air. Alex teleported up there and smashed him around like a tennis ball. The demon came crashing down like a meteorite. The demon slowly got up he was very weak his body was totally batered up and his arm was broken. "Yo... you... may.... dest..... destroy.... me..... but.... yo..... you..... will..... ne..... never..... find.... that... purple..... draconium.......... dragon...... hahahahaha..........." The demon said as he fell to the ground and soon died. His body soon blew up and nothing was left except for ashes. Alex walked over to Banshun and said "Manamina." and Banshun's wounds and his broken back was healed. Alex soon went over to Beau and said the same thing and his wounds and broken leg was healed Soon Alex was on his knees and was breathing heavly his body distroted and the armour disappeared. He soon was on the ground. Banshun got up and ran over and layed down beside Alex and wouldn't leave his side.


Part 2-2B
Rylada and Chayyn raced through the Old City, quickly following the trails of blood. Rylada was slightly unnerved after what had happened with the disappearing temples and the whispering voice she had heard. Rylada suddenly glanced ahead to where the blood trail disappeared over a hill. She leaned forward and urged Chayyn to run faster, hoping she would one or all the boosters there.

As Chayyn and she ran too the top of the hill and looked down, she saw a dark shape lying down in the wastelands, obviously hurt. Rylada pulled Chayyn’s handles back sharply, and stared at it. It appeared to be a dragon. Rylada was too far to see exactly, but…Fracshun! And the trail of blue blood broke away from the other trails and led directly to the dragon! Chayyn roared in surprise as he too recognized the blue dragon.

He bounded down the hill, and the pure blue dragon, whom Rylada had seen numerous of times in various battle in the city, roared at them, as if to warn them. Chayyn stopped uncertainly. Frachsun was injured, and his hind leg was pinned beneath a huge, fallen pillar. He glared at them and roared again. Rylada looked around worriedly, but could see nothing. She pushed Chayyn’s handles forward for him to start moving again; Chayyn stayed put.

He listened as Fracshun talked to him in dragon speak. Chayyn nodded after a while, then turned and ran off. “Hey, what are you doing? We have to help him.” Rylada called down to her dragon. Chayyn looked up at her and shook his head. Rylada held on as he raced forward, wishing she could understand. Why were they leaving Fracshun?

Suddenly, Rylada whipped her head around as she heard a loud roar. A huge, dark shadow began to grow as some unseen monster advanced. Rylada couldn’t see what it was, exactly, as he mounds of rubble hid it from view. Chayyn stopped and looked back helplessly. Frachsun noticed and roared at them, obviously wanting them to keep going. Then Rylada understood. That monster or dragon, or whatever it was, was highly dangerous, and Fracshun must’ve wanted them to go for help.

“It’s too late to go for help,” Rylada said to Chayyn. He looked up and nodded. Rylada activated her VIDDscreen. “Alex? Alex, are you there? I need you to come help me fight something…”


Chapter 3-1
The Boosters Join Forces

Alex was sleeping when he heard his vidd screen turn on and woke up to Alex? Alex, are you there? I need you to come help me fight something…” Alex nearly jumps out of his skin as he is in mid air he falls down on his face first. 'Owww man I really need to learn not to be startled so easily' Alex and thought then he said "Whats wrong Rylada?" "Theres this young dragon trapped with his leg in......" Rylada said but was interupted by the Dragon booster "Does this young dragon have a childish drawing on him?" Artha asked "Yes why?" Rylada asked "Thats my little brothers dragon!!!!! Have you seen my brother?!" Artha asked impatiently

"No only the dragon. But I do here fighting coming from the hills of junk." Rylada said "Just wait there we will be there in a few minutes." Alex said as he slowly got up. "Wait..........!" Rylada was going to say but the vidd screen was shut down. "Hey kid your way to weak you body hasn't fully heal." Moordryd said "I don't care if someone is in danger I just wish to help them its just the way I am." Alex told Moordryd as he got on Banshun's saddle

"Thank you" Artha said "And also the name is Alex as you might have already heard. I don't know much of my own powers but I will try to learn how to control it and help you guys!" Alex said as Banshun began to ran off to the location. They finally get to Rylada and points to where Fracshun is trapped "Banshun help him I will get to the other over that mountain." Alex told Banshun who was now mag bolting the boulders to free Fracshun.

Fracshun ran out once his hind legs were freed . He roared as if to tell Banshun to help his rider. Banshun nodded and ran to where the fighting was happening. Rylada wanted to do something as she watch the 5 boosters were fighting and were losing. They all were throwen into the wall. Frachsun was now irretated and he jumped down to help all of his friends. "NOO Don't try and fight him!" Lance yelled But the monster suddenly appeared from behind Fracshun and blasted Fracshun into the wall.

"Man if this continued to happen they will die.... Alex? ALEX?!" Rylada yelled as she saw Alex's eyes were glowing rainbow with Banshuns. "Alex...........?" She said as she heard the voices again "Wi...wind....wind bo...... booster..... re.... releas......release.... th... the.... pow...power.... of... wi.....wind!" She closed her eyes and yelled "RELEASE THE WIND CURRENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!" Her body lifted into the air and transformed into the Wind Booster Alex then yelled "UNLEASH THE EVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and he transformed into the Evolution booster. They landed on the ground beside each other. "Th............. THE ANCIENT ONES ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The creature screamed "Th... ancient ones?" Lance said along with parm. "If thats what we were in our past lives then we are the ones who can stop the true evil!" Alex said "Where are the blades you had?!"

The demon asked "Possibly sealed where our past selfs sealed them" Rylada said "But that doesn't mean we can not stop you!" Alex said as he charged at the demon Rylada soon followed The demon teleported and Alex did the same. Alex kicked him down to the ground Rylada soon followed and upper cutted the demon into the air. Alex grabs the demons neck and begans to spins like a twister and came crashing down. "TORNADO CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!" Alex yelled and he smashed the demon into the ground and jumps away in the nick of time before he took any damage.

The demon slowly got and but Rylada charges and kicked him into the air she holds out both of her hands and yells "Cronamosana!" a ball of white light appears in between her hands and a beam blasts the creature who exploded from the hit of the beam. They then untransformed.

And also heres chapter 3-2

Chapter 3-2
The Evil Is Revealed

When they untransformed Artha asked them "Are you two really boosters?" "It would seem" Rylada said "Even though I have no idea why we are boosters." Alex said "Maybe Mortis knows why." Artha said as Beau started to walk toward Banshun who backed up alittle bit and began to growl. "Easy Banshun.... He isn't very friendly because he was abused by his previous owners and now he only cares and likes me because of what I did for him." Alex said as he rubbed Banshuns head. Banshun looked up at Alex and smiled as his head was being rubbed. "What did you do?" Kitt asked "Used some of my life to save his." Alex responed

"Well if we are ever to get to the bottom of this we have to see Mortis." Parm said as he and Cyrano started to walk toward the way to mid city. As they were walking a sudden ringing noise filled Alex's ears as if a dragon was crying out for help. Alex looked up and stopped "Whats wrong?" Rylada asked "I.... I can hear a dragon screaming out for help and its coming this way!" Alex said as he ran in the direction of the screaming. "ALEX!!!!!" Rylada said 'If my ears are correction it could be Decepshun!!!' Alex thought as his legs arched and a blast of rainbow draconium energy came out of his feet rocketing him toward the direction.

A few miles away a bunch of monsters had a dragon in a energy barrier. Soon a hologram appeared before the monsters. "How goes the plan?" The creature said "Very well master the trap will be set in a matter of moments!" The demon said "Good you better not fail me like the rest of my army has!!!" The creature said as the hologram shutted down. "Mansona! The trap is set!!" One of the demons said "Good! Take your postions!" Mansona said.

Alex finally reached the spot he heard the dragons cry. Everyone else finally reached where Alex was. Moordryd began to freak out. "THATS DECEPSHUN LET ME THROUGH!!!!!" Moordryd screamed as he ran toward Decepshun. Soon a cage fell down on Moordryd and trapped him. Moordryd soon mag blasted the cage only to get it reflected toward himself. He was soon on his knees in pain. "The trap worked perfectly Mansona!" The demon said "But not good enough only one was captured you idiot!!!!" Mansona yelled as he grabbed the demons neck and broke it.

"Everyone stay here if they find us all then the world will be doomed." Alex said as he jumped down and landed in front of the cage that contained Moordryd. "Perfect now we have two boosters." Mansona said "Well you will not be able to catch me easily I want some answers why are you creatures trying to destory this world?" Alex asked Mansona "Well since it will be the last time you breath I will answer your questions, We don't want to destory the world!" Mansona answered "Why?" Alex asked "We wish to revive our great ruler by combining the 3 worlds! Once that has happened our great ruler will come back to us and will help us destory the new world!!!" Mansona said "Wha?!" Alex said "ENOUGH killed him!!" Mansona yelled Alex backfliped and began to dodge the hits as best as possible. One of the hits sliced Alex's leg. "ARGH!!!!!!!!" Alex screamed as his leg began to bleed. Rylada soon transformed into the wind booster and went to Alex's side and fought the demons off. Once Alex's leg healed he transformed into the Evolution booster and began fight the creatures off.

Once the monsters were dead Mansona began to laugh. "Whats so funny?" Alex asked "HAHAHAHAHA, The fact that your true powers have not showen themselfs!!" Mansona laughed "Wha? Rylada said "Now you will face my powers!!!!" Mansona screamed as two arms appeared from his back as 4 double bladed spear appeared in each hand. "NOW DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mansona screamed as he charged toward Alex and Rylada. Alex soon teleported and kept on dodging the hits from the spears. Soon all the spears disappeared and he began to swing his fist at Alex. Alex tried to dodge them as best as possible. He soon took three hits to the stomach and one upper cut. Alex smashed into the wall and was knocked out. "ALEX!!!!!" Rylada screamed as she charged at Mansona. She blasted wind currents at him but his body distorted. He suddenly teleported behind Rylada and smashed her down onto the ground. She slowly got up and was hurt really badly.

Banshun got really angry and start jumping down toward the battlefield. The same symbol Alex had on his hand appeared on the side of Banshun's face. He landed right in front of Alex and began to growl angerly. "Ban.....Banshun....don.....don't....fi...fight....him...." Alex said weakly as he slowly got up. His arm was bleeding badly. Banshun turned his head and whined to him. "No..... do...don't....please......." Alex said as he saw Mansona charge at Banshun. "..................BANSHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Alex screamed as his wounds healed and his body was glowing rainbow. He suddenly appeared in front of Banshun and blocked the attack.

Banshun looked at Alex tears coming to his eyes. Banshun's body began to glow rainbow as he suddenly got wings across his back. His skin colour was rainbow as his wings looked like angel wings. He floated down beside Alex. "Ready? Banshun?" Alex asked. A voice was soon heard in Alex's head "Yes, Alex my *father*." Banshun's voice echo through Alex's mind. They soon disappeared. Mansona backed up to the wall consitenly looking around. Alex upper cutted Mansona into the air. Banshun sooned appeared and began to spin like a drill. He smashed into the demon five times. Banshun and Alex soon stood side by side. Their bodys began to glow rainbow. "......................FAMILY UNION!!!!" Alex yelled as they disappeared. Alex soon appeared in front of the demon with Banshun at his side. Alex's arm transformed into a sword as he began to slash Mansona. Banshun mimicked Alex moves excately except he used his claws and his tail which had a spike at the end. "X DOOMANSA!" Alex yelled as he slashed foward. Banshun did the same thing except in the oppisote direction making the attack in the shape of an X.

The demon began to laugh as he slowly died "HAHAHAHAHA Even if you kill me!! You can never stop us!!! Our plans will happen! There is no way you can prevent it! It has already began foolish humans!! You have no chance, once the worlds combine there is no stopping our master from getting his hands on the power of the Neitherworld the only thing I regret is to see the human and mortal race di..............................................................." He soon began to explode. After the explosion the monster turned into dust. Everyone gathered down there. Alex broke the cages the held Decepshun and Moordryd. Once they were freed Alex untransformed and Banshun did the same thing. "This is worse then I thought............"


and also for people who will get confused on the chapter 3-2 on the beginning the answer for word surrounded by * here is the answer for it:

*= Alex treated Banshun like his own son thats why Banshun calls him father because he idolizes Alex as a father
When Alex says "Used some of my life to save his." he means that he used his own blood which matched Banshuns blood code to save him from dying.


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