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The Stable boy who cried Dragowolf

by BlueBooster


Chapter 1: The Unexpected

It was a dark night in Dragon City & the moons Abandonn & Drakkus where an eerie blood red colour, everyone was in bed except for two dragon riders on their dragons a sky class dragon and a green bull class dragon, suddenly there was an almighty roar and a part werewolf part dragon creature jumped out from an alleyway fangs bared its body was that of a werewolf but its tail, wings, eyes tongue and horns on its head where all that of a dragon, the riders screamed and scampered away and all was silent again the wolf/dragon had disappeared but there was another a cloaked figure with a hood surveying the scene from high up it was Rivett of the mechanists crew.

Chapter 2: Myth Reborn

Morning came and the sun came over the half charred structure that was Penn Stables,
Artha and beau, Kitt and Wyldfyr, Parman and Cyrano, Lance and Fracshun and Alex & Aquarius where all sleeping and where rudely interrupted by Mortis slamming his staff on the ground “come to the temple” he said “It’s urgent” everyone went to the temple the only dragons that came with them where Beau & Aquarius, Mortis showed a screen with a recent news report on a half werewolf half dragon creature and a hooded figure nearby, Mortis turned the TV off and said “ This is very disturbing this is the first Dragowolf sighting since the last dragon-human war, and the hooded figure was identified as Rivett”, “Rivett’s Back!” exclaimed Artha “ why was he there with a Dragowolf on the loose” “what is a Dragowolf ?” asked Kitt “ A Dragowolf is an ancient creature part werewolf, part dragon it’s draconium bone colour is an ancient mix of black and grey draconium” “Maybe Rivett knows how to control the Dragowolf remember when we first met him he we found out he had been kicked out of the academy for experimenting with black and grey draconium” said Lance “It certainly seems that way” said Mortis “Dragowolf now iam really scared” said Parmon shivering “ Do not worry” said Mortis “ Dragowolves only attack human when the moons are red, Dragowolves attacking when the moons are normal is very rare” “phew” said Parmon in relief “Dragowolves where used as transportation much like dragons during the last dragon-human war for they couldn’t use their giant grey bone dragons for racing or trading so they used Dragowolves instead but what Rivett is doing with this Dragowolf is a mystery”, Everyone left the temple all pondering what Mortis had said.

Chapter 3: Shapeshifter

It was nighttime after a long race in mid city and Alex remembered that she was a Dragowolf and obviously the one on the news report was her she remembered a faint flashback of looking at two riders and they both screamed as she looked at them, she also remembered Rivett helped her control the mad black and grey draconium powers and by night of orange or full moons she would be his partner in crime, she walked towards the direction of the secret door to the temple but stopped as she felt sheer pain shoot through her the moons where a bright orange close to red she felt as if her bones where burning white hot she growled and turned in a grey blinding flash into a Dragowolf, Parman appeared behind her and she spun around roaring Parman screamed “Artha Help!”,
Beau and Artha appeared Beau growled
“Woah” gasped Artha as Alex jumped over him and magged green ramming and red thruster gear and shot off,
“It’s the Dragowolf it must be meeting Rivett & it’s stolen our gear”
he took out his amulet and placed it in his gauntlet and said
“time to release the dragon!”, he became Dragon Booster and Beau went black and gold and they sped off after the Dragowolf.

Chapter 4: Friends Reunited

Alex ran as fast as she could but lost her way and reached a dead end with a drop "scales" Alex thought ,then Rivett materialized out of nowhere.
“Crescent it’s been a long time”
Alex smiled wolfishly; Crescent was the nickname Rivett gave her when she was a Dragowolf
“yeah it has and it’s great to see you too” she replied,
Rivett pressed a button on his bracelet and a saddle materialized on Alex’s head, Alex growled as Dragon Booster and Beau appeared.

Rivett hopped onto Alex’s saddle. “What’s you’re hurry” asked Dragon Booster,
“Dragon Booster!” said Rivett in a hopeful voice
“How are you?”
“Less of the smart talk Rivett” said Dragon Booster
“Where did you acquire that Dragowolf?”
“That’s me and her business” said Rivett pointing at Alex, Alex grinned then growled as dragon city security showed up
“stop” they yelled,
they made to trap Alex with green trapping gear but she did a backwards flip with Rivett and did a spectacular swan dive and spread her wings and flew off with Rivett.

Chapter 5: The unexplained

Alex woke up feeling still rather sleepy, Rivett was lying next to her in a sleeping bag and now Alex had changed back to human form he somehow or other got her into a sleeping bag. She yawned and streached and Rivett woke up,
'Did you sleep well?' he asked,
'yeah' she replyed, then she jumped up suddenly,Artha and the other would be wondering if she was ok and would ask loads of questions and be unbearable, she got up and dusted herself off,
'Well' Rivett began, but was stopped by a sound of sirens, Rivett took a peek around the corner of an alleyway, and saw a report on a video screen about him and a Dragowolf!,
'We better split up' he said 'I'll see you later', Alex nodded
'ok see you', Rivett dissapeared and Alex looked about there was a bridge going up to a next part but it was crawling with Dragon City Secrity on blue dragons which was a no go as the report has posted that the location where the dragowolf was last seen was where she was so if she snuck out of the alley now she would be questioned, risking letting loose the dragowolf rage inside of her.

Alex Suddenly noticed that Penn Stables was a dragon leap away, she made a quick decision and ran as fast as she could as a couple of Dragon City Security officers where moving closer and closer to her hiding place, she quickly grabbed a unused discarded binbag and made a makeshift cape with hood,
she put it on an ran full speed, the blue dragons tossed their heads and roared in surprise,
'Hey get back here' called the officers angrily and raced after her, Alex then ponited towards Penn Stables and concentrated with all her might and glowed grey and did and awesome mag jump,
the officers couldn't follow but cursed and yelled all the same shooting trapping gear, she used the cape as a parachute and made it a little way then fell,
she panicked then concentrated again and brought out her dragowolf wings and flew the rest of the way and landed in a secluded corner at Penn Stables then she ran as fast as she could to the temple where Artha,Parmon,Kitt, Lance,Beau and Aquarius where waiting for her.

Artha breathed a sigh of relief 'Alex!' he said 'where have you been we've been looking for you everywhere!', Alex shuffled her feet and looked at the ground, thinking of a good excuse,
'erm' she said 'I took a morning walk', Lance raised an eyebrow
'you don't usually take morning walks!', Alex shuffled he feet again,
'well I do now' she said smiling awkwardly, then she looked at Aquarius who also had a raised eyebrow,
'we were afraid the dragowolf could of got you it was all over the news!' said Parmon in a shaking voice, there was a pause and then Alex said
'So any way are there any races on?', Artha perked up and so did Beau,
'yeah there is' said Artha 'In Mid City 6000 drakkals for the winner!', Alex smiled
'lets go then', they all whent to the track and filled up the crew tent with gear.

The race started, Artha bursted ahead and Wlyfyr and Alex where not far behind, Alex waas about to activate thrusters to overtake Kitt, but she was held back as a sheer rush of pain shot through her chest, Alex groaned in pain as Kitt came alongside, Alex felt dizzy and hung off the saddle about to fall,
'hey!' said Kitt in surprise 'hang on!', she grabbed Alex by the collar of her shirt and janked her back onto the saddle and Alex jerked awake,
'Whoa' she said looking surprised,
'are you ok?' said kitt looking concerned and suspicious as Alex grabs the handlebars again,
'yeah iam fine' said Alex, clutching the handles but the pain didn't come back again, Kitt sped ahead overtaking Artha, Alex looked at her hands and checked herself over,
'what's happening to me' she asked herself.

to be continued...




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