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Chapter 1: Uncomfortable Visit

It was nighttime in dragon city, everyone was heading home after watching a great race in mid city, and the winner of the race was Artha Penn of the Penn Racing Crew, Kitt Wonn on her dragon Wyldfyr came second, third was Moordryd Payne and fourth was Alex Longden on Aquarius & Sarina on her dragon Torah, the fourth racer across the finish line would get 100 drakkals and since Torah & Aquarius went across the line at the same time the race marshal spilt it to 50 drakkals each.

Alex Longden was a tough always up for a challenge kind of girl,
she didn’t take racing too seriously though, she found that getting obsessed over winning races made her feel stressed. Alex was 17 and so was Aquarius, Alex was never a dragon racer she was more into video games playing against her friends, that all changed when Alex got word that Penn Stables had been attacked, the night that the dragon eye crew tried to steal Beau & his cousin Aquarius. Beau was the black and gold dragon of legend and Aquarius was a blue fighter dragon a lower rank of dragon as she didn’t have as much influence over dragon as Beau did. Beau was destined to have a new Dragon Booster so he chose Artha.
Aquarius was also destined to have a Blue Booster, a hero to assist the Dragon Booster so she chose Alex. So Alex was now a street racer racing to release the dragon and to help Artha save the world from a dragon-human war.

At the end of the race she looked at Aquarius, who was grinning broadly she was a purple colour and her magg blast was blue, this was to conceal her blue identity.
Alex smiled back saying
“not bad eh Aquarius”, with a slight smile on her face.
She walked home with Aquarius back to Dragon Fang Stables bidding Torah & Sarina farewell as she whent, The Dragon Fang Stables was a large plot of space next door to the inner order crew stables, it had stables a gear room and a house in the middle a garden was around the back of the stable.

Alex fed Aquarius then sat on a stool near her and played some battleground dragon.
Alex suddenly got a call from her friend Phoenix who hanged out a Moordryd dragon eye crew compound because her dragon Blackfire was a black draconium dragon, Nicole told her to come for a chat. Alex felt a bit unnerved but Phoenix was her friend and she knew it would be rude do decline a friends invitation so she jumped on Aquarius’s saddle and set off.
Alex was stopped at the entrance by Swayy and Cain;
Moordryd appeared ‘Get lost Alex Longden inner order type Penn brats not allowed’. Phoenix appeared ‘It’s alright Moordryd she’s with me’ Moordryd sighed in annoyance ‘Fine’ he agreed, Alex was admitted. Alex urged Aquarius through the gates & noticed something strange a tall and wide cage with a tarpaulin over it, Alex didn’t know what was in it but whatever was in it make roars and squeals.


Chapter 2

Liquid Morph

Pheonix & Alex gossiped about this and that though nothing about the Dragon Booster as Moordryd was not too pleased when they did, before Alex left Moordryd gave her a drink from a wine glass and not questioning why Alex drank it,
Suddenly Alex felt very strange, her temperature was rising she felt as though she was burning on the inside, there was a split second when she felt like she had died, the pain was dreadful and she couldn't stand anymore something was forcing her to stay on all fours 'What's happening to me' she asked but she didn't speak in english what came out of her mouth really frightened her.

There was no mistaking it she had roared, the pain subsided quickly and Alex walked over to a mirror on the wall and stared in horror as she saw she had become Shock-Ra!, She sniffed the broken wine glass 'Liquid blue draconium how could I have been so stupid' she said to herself.

Alex spun around and the tarpualin on the cage fell off and she saw the real Shock- Ra trapped in the cage. Moordryd grinned while Pheonix looked shocked 'Show Miss Longden out' said Moordryd, Cain grinned and shunted her away with his blocking staff, as Alex was sent out she heard Moordryd say to his father 'It is done father the plan worked and with Miss Longden as a decoy we will change Shock-Ra into our new powerful wraith dragon!' Word smiled at his son 'You have done well my son', Alex was pushed out the doors along with Aquarius who was baffled and looked at Alex with a worried questioning look.

Alex looked at Aquarius and said 'go home Aquarius', Aquarius looked upset but nodded and ran home, Alex new that the only person to get help from was Artha and Connor they would know what to do. She ran as fast as she could and she was just about to reach the turning to Penn Stables when she was intercepted by Kahtah & Sarjo. Kahtah gave a smile and said 'There you are Shock-Ra we've been worried sick', Kahtah attached a saddle to Alexes back and hopped on Alex tried to say 'Kahtah it's me Alex iam not Shock-Ra Moordryd changed me with liquid blue draconium, Moordryd plans to change the real Shock-Ra into a wraith dragon' but when Alex spoke these words they only came out as roars and squeaks.

Khatah looked at Alex concerned 'Easy Shock-Ra what is it boy' Alex tried to run to Penn Stables but Kahtah forced her backwards, he gave Alex an angry look and said 'No this way' he said pointing to the direction to the Inner Order crew stable. Alex tried again and again to get to Penn Stables but Kahtah had enough and jumped off the saddle and Sarjo lached an energy drain whip to Alex and Alex screamed in agony and Sarjo wrapped her up in trapping gear put her in a inner order trailer and Alex fainted.


Chapter 3

Slipping the net

Alex woke up in a stable all weak & drowsy, the stable smelt faintly of dragon dung and straw, she got up and put her head out the door, Kahtah & Sarjo where in sleeping bags nearby, Alex sighed unhappily she wondered if Artha and the others wondered where she was.

Alx looked around and saw the other blue dragons looking at her with questionable looks on their faces, she suddenly noticed level 5 red thruster gear and level 6 blue turning gear on a gear stand and a purple disruptor mine on a table beside it. Alex thought to herself ' they will help me get away' she opened the stable door then quickly magged the mine on her saddle and the gear and sped of activating the red thruster gear, 'STOP' yelled Kahtah.

Alex ran as fast as she could to Penn Stables, Kahtah and Sarjo caught up on one of their blue dragons, Alex magged off the disruptor mine and Kahtah & Sarjo crashed into a shop window full of shiny new gear. Alex ran and finally arrived at Penn Stables and met up with Beau who looked at Alex in a confused manner.
Alex smiled broadly and decided to talk with him because obviously Beau could understand dragon talk, 'Beau it's me Alex' Beau grinned 'Great' said Alex I need your'e help Moordryd did this to me, we need you and Artha to save the real Shock-Ra before Word changes him into a Wraith Dragon' Beau growled and nodded.

Alex and Beau went to the dragon temple where they met Connor and Artha,
'Beau why have you brought Shock-Ra here do you think that's a good idea!' said Artha, Alex grumbled and rolled her eyes and Beau magged the nearby wall and the wall showed a gold illistration of the dragon eye crew compound with Alex turning into shock-ra and Word's plans to change the real Shock-Ra into a Wraith Dragon.

'Oh Alex' said Artha in disbelief 'how are we going to change her back' he asked his dad, Connor thought for a moment and rubbed his chin and said ' Iam sure Word will have an antidote hidden in his sons compound, 'then lets go' said Artha, he took his amulet out of the necklace and placed it into the gauntlet and yelled 'RELEASE THE DRAGON!' and Alex and Artha and Beau raced to The dragon eye crew compound.

to be continued...



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