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Daughter of the Samurox

By BlueBooster

Chapter 1: Mother's Requiem

It was sundown in the wastelands of loane, it took ten thousand years for the dragon-human war to end but it had taken it's toll, A female elite class blue dragon was walking slowly and slowly to the opening which would take you to Dragon City.
The speed and way she was walking showed she was very injured, she had gotten into a fight with an elite class prophet dragon that had inflicted some terribly bad wounds on her and worse still she was heavily pregnant,her name was Azure.

She collapsed 10 feet away from the opening, her draconium power was drained and she was too weak to go on.
She let out a screaming moan of pain that rang across the wastelands and could be heard for miles, she suddenly wished she hadn't as hydrags came from every angle and where closing in.

She raised her head and tried to get up, she had to fight to survive, the future of her infant depended on it. She roared with pain and frustration, she teetered as she tried to stand upright, she could feel her life draining away & her eyesight was failing. There was a deafening boom as she collapsed again, the hydrags where getting closer and closer, she closed her eyes hoping they would finish her off quickly, hoping that somehow someone would find her body and save her infant before it was too late.

Chapter 2: Life & Death

Azure suddenly heard a sound behind her and she looked around slowly, there standing over her was the largest elite class gold dragon she had ever seen, it was Tyrannis Pax he roared loudly and the hydrags retreated, Azure looked at him with pain and fear wondering if he was going to finish her but this thought left her as she passed out.

Azure woke up in an ancient dragon temple; her eyesight slowly came back to her she turned her head to see a human bent over her he was bald with and orange moustache and eyebrows, it was Connor. Azure panicked and tried to scramble away, Connor stroked her soothingly on her nose ‘easy girl’ he said calmly ‘you’ve lost a lot of blood, thankfully Tyrannis & I where able to save you before the hydrags finished you off’, Azure gave a dragonish smile as she realized Connor was a nice person and wouldn’t harm her.

Azure suddenly winced with pain and bellowed, this was a pain she had not felt before it seemed to be coming from where she felt her egg, Connor jumped to his feet and realized she was giving birth, ‘Easy girl stay down and push with your might’, Azure did as Connor instructed and laid the egg on a bed of straw and wool, It was a beautiful egg the size of an ostriches it was a hue of blue and light blue with a lighting shaped mark across it, similar to the lighting mark on Azure’s shoulder.

Azure wailed both happy that her infant would survive and sad for she felt her life draining away she gave a small sad look to Connor and closed her eyes her heart started to slow down and then it stopped, Connor bowed his head and a tear rolled down his eye, even Tyrannis Pax had a look of sadness on him, Connor stroked Azure’s lifeless body sad that he wasn’t able to save her, he nodded to Tyrannis Pax and said ‘I promise girl that I shall make sure that your child grows up healthy & strong’.
Tyrannis & Connor took Azure’s body to the ancient dragon temple where he met a blue dragon priest who gave her and honorable funeral and buried her in a clearing near the temple and erected a blue draconium statue of Azure over the top of her grave, found her name in the list of blue dragons and engraved on the plaque ‘Here lies Azure wife of the Samurox mother of a newborn’.

Connor gave a look of astonishment, cradling the egg in his arms and turned to the priest ‘Wife of the Samurox!’ he exclaimed ‘Yes’ said the priest ‘but you needn’t worry about the infant she is as good as her mother and will not reign terror like her father had, Aquarius is to take a very different path’ he took a breath and Connor listened intently ‘the ancient legend tells of an ancient blue dragon, the original Aquarius, who joined forces with a female rider known as the Blue Booster, this Blue Booster and original Aquarius joined forces with the Dragon Booster & the other main 5 Boosters and helped stop the dragon-human war’.

Connor gave a look of astonishment and looked at the egg intently then to the priest, the priest then handed Connor an lighting bolt amulet and a spiky gauntlet with and empty lighting bolt shaped space, the gauntlet glowed blue and reacted with the egg which also glowed, the amulet shimmered in the sunlight, the priest nodded and said ‘you must raise Aquarius then find her rider, her bonemark nub will appear just like your other infant dragon Beau once he finds his Dragon Booster, the same goes for Aquarius’ he bowed & Connor bowed back and magged onto Tyrannis and rode back to the dragon temple underneath Penn Stables and placed Aquarius’ egg back in the nest and looked at the shimmering amulet and pondered ‘hmmmm Blue Booster’ .



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