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Bloodmoon Fever

by BlueBooster


Chapter 1: The heist

It was midday in dragon city and the sun peaked up and over a tall building in Squires End, this was The Inner Order crew stables where Kahtah and his crew slept and kept their blue dragons. Another building stood beside it this was Dragon Fang stables.
Aquarius a blue dragon was soaking up the suns rays much too drowsy to do anything; she was purple in appearance but once she magged anything you would take a while to figure out she was a blue dragon. Aquarius yawned and stretched and looked to the left of her where there was another dragon this was Strifey he was a orange draconium but his colorings where green and brown he had a sleek and slender body and he ran on four legs with as much speed and agility of the dragon eye crew dragons, his head was that of a prophet dragon but no brains where exposed, and he had a pretty fin-like tail.

Strifey stretched and yawned showing his sharp pearl white teeth and blinked is great yellow eyes and looked at Aquarius, Aquarius too yawned and stretched then she sneezed and felt something small fall of her head, it was a yellow bellied newt a yellow reptile with a blue tongue and protruding blue eyes, it looked up at Strifey in a confused manner as he was much bigger than it. Strifey smiled and said ‘ hey there little guy’ , the newt let out an little ‘EEK!’ and hid behind one of Aquarius’s massive feet , then it looked up at Aquarius and gave out another ‘EEK!’ as it saw that she was even bigger, it ran of finally and disappeared down a sewer hole.

Aquarius laughed and so did Strifey ‘Silly little things’ he said ‘when’s breakfast?’ he asked Aquarius, she shook her head
‘I don’t know’, there was a slight pause as Strifey looked around in a concerned manner,
‘what’s up?’ asked Aquarius,
‘Hmm’ replied Strifey ‘ Gallifrey is normally up and about by now, I wonder where he is?’ Aquarius shrugged and Blue Moon appeared she was also a blue dragon but smaller than Aquarius and she looked up to Aquarius as an idol,
‘Maybe you and Aquarius should look for him’ she exclaimed, Strifey thought for a second then said
‘hmmm yeah, what’ a say Aquarius?’, Aquarius nodded ‘lets go’ she said and Alex and Strifey’s rider Brightclaw put on their saddles and raced outside.

Aquarius looked left and right and said
‘where should we look first’ she asked Strifey, Strifey looked left and right too then said
‘Lets try the food stalls Gallifrey likes his snacks’, Aquarius laughed and motioned Alex in the direction of the food stalls
‘good thinking Aquarius ,Gallifrey is always munching on something maybe we’ll find him there’, Strifey frowned
‘hey that was my theory!’.

Aquarius walked then paused at a stall as she saw a floating melon
‘huh?’ she exclaimed, Strifey noticed it too
‘what the?’ he said, Alex and Brightclaw noticed the floating melon too
‘seriously fishy’ said Alex, Aquarius grabbed the floating melon but whatever was holding it proceeded to pull it back, Aquarius had a tug-of-war with the thing,
‘go Aquarius go!’ chanted Strifey, the melons she then broke and fell with a splat on the floor but the thing grabbed another melon and a few mangoes and raced away, ‘come on we better follow’ said Strifey.

Aquarius ran like mad, it was easy to follow the thing as it knocked over boxes and things in it’s wake, Aquarius overtook the thing but it did a sharp turn and Aquarius ran ahead and stopped
‘scales’ she cursed, but Strifey was hot on the heels of the thing and picking up speed, his chin brushing of the ground as he kept himself streamlined.
All of a sudden a crowdrag appeared and grabbed one of the mangoes from the thing in such a fury that the thing tripped and fell, Strifey ground to a halt and waited for Aquarius to catch up. Aquarius arrived growling at the place where the thing lay motionless, it suddenly materialized and revealed to be a blonde man in a cloak, it was Rivett.

Alex sighed ‘Rivett up to your antics again’, then she asked ‘have you seen Gallifrey anywhere?’, Rivett shook his head
‘ No but I saw something that looked like him run past me a moment ago’, Brightclaw smiled
‘ thanks for the help we’ll keep searching then’, Rivett smiled
‘no problem’, he winked at Alex then disappeared. Aquarius suddenly growled as he heard large footsteps behind her
‘hmm what’s that?’ exclaimed Strifey before turning around, there was a shadow at the corner behind them and it was getting nearer and nearer then suddenly burst out with rage and fury roaring aggressively it was a bull class wraith dragon.

Chapter 2: The Change

Strifey growled and tensed his muscles ready to fight,
‘scales’ said Alex to Brightclaw then whispered ‘I can’t transform into the Blue Booster here or Word will see through his dragon!’, from the corner of her eye Aquarius realizes too late that the wraith dragon attack was a diversion as she notices Moordryd with his dragon Decepshun and Cain and his Dragon Coershun, bundle an unconscious Gallifrey into a dragon trailer pulled by Swavvy with his rider Vociferous.

Strifey looked too and said in a shocked voice ‘They’ve got Gallifrey!’, Alex growled in a wolfen way almost eager to change into a Dragowolf and burst at them with rage and fury, Brightclaw looked at Alex concerned
‘ Woah Alex calm down we’ll save him somehow, come on lets follow them!’ Alex frowned, the wraith dragon ran off and disappeared
‘first things first’ she said, Aquarius concentrated her power and mag jumped onto the roof of a building and Strifey does the same. Alex then took out her amulet and placed it on the gauntlet on her right wrist and chanted
‘UNLEASH THE DRAGON!’ she transformed into the Blue Booster and Aquarius changed into her blue fighter form,
‘Ok’ said Brightclaw ‘now you’re faster we should be able to catch up with them’ Aquarius leaped of the building and her bonemark nub glowed and wing spread out at either side of her, Strifey didn’t have a fighter form yet so he took to using red thruster gear and white aero gear.

They flew and Aquarius landed accurately on top of the trailer which held Gallifrey, this clatter of claws made Vociferous startle and stop his dragon abruptly but Aquarius clung onto the top of the trailer with her claws for dear life until it stopped. Moordryd and Cain rode close behind and where taken aback when they crashed into the back of it. Moordryd rubbed his sore head and roared
‘HEY Vociferous what’s the hold up?’ they looked up and saw the Blue booster, Aquarius reared up and Alex twirled her jack stick.

Cain pointed and yelled ‘IT’S THE BLUE BOOSTER!’, Strifey landed with Brightclaw beside the trailer and roared angrily, Cain pointed and then gasped ‘and that creepy dragon again!’,
Strifey frowned and exclaimed ‘ Oi I ain’t that creepy’, Moordryd grinned and yelled ‘SMILE!’ and flashed his flash stick at Aquarius and Alex , Aquarius teetered and fell of the trailer dizzy, Alex fell of her saddle bumped and bruised. Strifey growled and lunged at Moordryd’s flash stick but Moordryd dogged and flashed the flash stick at him, Strifey’s pupils of his eyes shrinked and he fell over dizzy.

Moordryd laughed and said ‘ lucky you’re both bait for my trap with any luck Miss Longden will find out that the Blue Booster and her friend are in trouble and with any luck she will come to the rescue as a Dragowolf with her dear friend Rivett but she won’t reckon on my secret trap with this special machine of mine’, Alex focused and saw a strange machine which looked like a giant magnifying glass with pure black draconium embedded in it being pushed forward to a marked cross on thee ground by members of Moordryd’s crew ‘and with the help of the black draconium’ Moordryd continued ‘ it will make the moons Drakkus and Abandonn turn red and the bloodlust will overwhelm her and with our wraith gear she will become our ultimate wraith Dragowolf!’.

Brightclaw gasped at this and Strifey roared in anger and stamped his foot in a rage ‘you can’t just use her!’ Brightclaw said angrily, Strifey took a step forward and growled, Moordryd’s crew on the other hand where busy positioning the magnifier and Moordryd switched it on ,a black draconium beam shoot upward and the sky turned black and revealed the moons of Drakkus and abandon the beam hit them and the moons turned a blood red, Alex buckled over in pain and fell off Aquarius’s saddle, Moordryd is too busy tuning the power of the magnifier to notice. Aquarius looked at Alex in horror as she cried out in pain and her eyes became Dragowolf.


Chapter 3: Bloodlust

Brightclaw looked at Alex in concern
‘Blue Booster!’ Brightclaw exclaimed, she leapt of Strifey’s saddle and pressed a button on Alex’s helmet to raise the visor and feel her forehead she was burning up as her temperature rose
‘ What’s wrong with you?’ she asked then looked at Aquarius and asked her for Sarina another friend of her and Alex had taught them how to understand dragon talk, Aquarius replied
‘She’s turning into the Dragowolf the influence of the moons are too strong!’, Strifey narrowed his eyes and said
‘we’ve got to move that magnifier!’

Alex winced in pain as her teeth went sharp her armour started to flash as the change was making her loose it, Moordryd was too busy with the magnifiers’ power to notice the change in her, Brightclaw gave Alex a shake
‘ Blue Booster, come on, you can pull through this!’, Aquarius looked desperate and said
‘we need to make a diversion and get he out of here, call Artha tell him what’s happening!’, Brightclaw activated her Com-link and pressed a button
‘Artha’ she said ‘Artha help!’ her Com-Link fizzed but there was no answer ‘He’s not picking up!’,
Aquarius frowned “perfect’,
‘Wait’ said Alex in a wolfish type of voice ‘I have an idea’, she cleared her throat and closed her visor so her eyes couldn’t be seen and coughed and spoke awkwardly ‘sorry I can’t join the party Payne but Ive been called elsewhere but don’t worry my friend the Dragon Booster should take care of you!’
, she turned Aquarius around and clutched her chest in pain and dived into an alleyway.

In the alleyway Alex winced and deactivated her armour and that changed her and Aquarius back to their day racer forms Alex teetered and fell over in pain sweating as the change tries to overwhelm her. Strifey growled with a determined look on his face rams and shoves the magnifier, Cain noticed him
‘Hey!’ he exclaims whacking her with his blacking staff trying to shoo him away, but Strifey growls and wallops Cain with his tail,
‘Come on boy’ Brightclaw says to Strifey taking out her blocking staff ready to fight.
Strifey pauses and pants as the magnifier is heavy to push
‘if only I had a fighter form’ he says to himself then he shoves the magnifier some more.

Suddenly a horrible roar rings out, it is high pitched and sound like a baby screaming, Moordryd Payne listens and grins
‘ Excellent our plan is working that sounds like the Dragowolf!’, Brightclaw curses and looks around for Alex,
‘Help Strifey!’ calls Aquarius, Alex winces in pain
‘I must not change I must fight’ she thinks to herself, she tries to stand up but the change is forcing her to stay on all fours and she falls over again. Rivett appears at her side and Brightclaw arrives too
‘ I came as soon as I heard’ said Rivett ‘ Dragon City is Security is coming 7 offices in total including Captain Faier!’, Brightclaw gasped
‘But they’ll capture Alex and want to experiment on her and stuff if she changes!’.

Meanwhile Moordryd is shoving Strifey away from the magnifier but Strifey twists his head around and bites Moordryd and laughs to herself, Alex whines in a wolfish way and says to Brightclaw
‘for the great magma draconis call Artha!’,
‘I have’ Brightclaw replied ‘he’s not picking up’, suddenly there is a bleeping sound and Artha picks up
‘Hello, oh hi Brightclaw’ Brightclaw frowns at him
‘Artha get your dragon ass here now!’ Artha frowns
‘I don’t have a dragon’s ass!’ Brightclaw gave him another frown
‘we need your help!’ Artha smiles ‘what’s up the Dragon Booster is here for you’ Brightclaw rolled her eyes then said
‘ It’s Alex she’s turning into a Dragowolf, I don’t know what to do, Strifey and Aquarius are trying to move the Magnifier, but it’s no use’ Artha gave a shocked look
‘Magnifier?’ said Artha questionably
‘It’s magnifying the moons rays and turning them red forcing Alex to change’ Artha gave a start of surprise
‘what, how?’ Brightclaw shook her head and snapped at him
‘nevermind that just get here already!’ Artha smiled
‘The Dragon Booster is on his way’ Brightclaw’s Com-Link fizzed as Artha disconnected.

All of a sudden Moordryd notices Alex in the corner of the alleyway
‘There she is’ he yelled to his crew pointing at her fiercely ‘seize her!’ suddenly Moordryd’s Com-Link bleeped and his father appeared on the screen
‘NO!’ he protested ‘She has to transform!’, Brightclaw frowned
‘Don’t lay a finger on her!’ she said angrily, Strifey stopped pushing the magnifier and stood protectively over Alex, Suddenly Dragon Booster appeared on Beau the black and gold dragon of legend, Cain pointed in fear and yelled
‘It’s the Dragon Booster!’ Moordryd rolled his eyes
‘Oh for dragons sake’ Brightclaw grinned
‘Ha’ she said, but Alex faltered as the power of the moons where too much and glowed grey as she started to transform,
‘Yes’ said Moordryd triumphantly and threw the wraith gear onto Alex’s now wolfish horned head.

Artha gave a look of disbelief
‘NOOOOOO!’ he yelled,
‘Scales!’ cursed Brightclaw; Strifey growled at Moordryd
‘You nasty crook’ he said and bit Moordryd on the arm very hard,
‘OW!’ Moordryd yelled then he scampered away and leaped onto Alex’s saddle and laughed horribly, Alex focused and glowered at Dragon Booster and Brightclaw fangs bared, Brightclaw leapt onto Strifey’s saddle
‘Aquarius come on!’ she said and advanced on Moordryd but Alex opened her mouth and breathed a jet of fire blocking the way, Moordryd laughed again.


Chapter 4: imprisonment

All of a sudden Gallifrey revived and launched out of the trailer,
‘Gallifrey!’ Brightclaw said in surprise, Gallifrey roared then looked at the creature Moordryd sat upon
‘Who’s that?’ he asked,
‘That’s Alex she’s a Dragowolf now!’, Gallifrey gave a start of surprise
‘Wha?!’, there was a sound of sirens and Dragon City Security showed up, Captain Faier jumped off his blue dragon
‘Surrender’ he commanded ‘your all under arrest for strange weather activity!’, Alex roared and startled Captain Faier then he looked to his right and saw Rivett ‘Seize him’ two men grab him, Gallifrey growled at them and said
‘you really wanna mess with me, dude?’, Strifey gave a not-so-convinced look
‘Urm Gallifrey!’ he said ‘you don’t stand a chance against his blue dragon’, Dragon Booster raised a hand to stop them
‘Wait’ he said ‘you got it all wrong’ he whispers to Brightclaw ‘We’ve gotta get through to Alex but the only one that can cure her evilness is Rivett!’, Brightclaw thought for a moment then tapped Captain Faier on the shoulder
‘Take me instead, it’s my fault, Rivett has nothing to do with it’ she smiles and winks at Artha, Captain Fair thinks for a moment and says
‘Iam sorry but we can’t Rivett has escaped a series of arrests and almost tried to steal the Horn of Libris!, Rivett frowned and rolled his eyes
‘almost? You mean did!’ he delved into his cloak and revealed the Horn of Libris,
‘Wha?’ Dragon Booster exclaimed, Rivett yanked himself free and blew the Horn of Libris, a loud roar erupted after followed by a series of rumbling booms,
‘Idiot!’ Aquarius said slapping her forehead with a claw,
‘Uh Ohh!’ exclaimed Brightclaw.

Another boom sounded and Libris appeared roaring menacingly, the D.C.S fled,
‘hey there boy’ said Rivett
‘ruuuuuuhhhhhh’ said Libris smiling

Moordryd frowned angrily
‘what do I do now father?’ he asked Word impatiently
‘Do not worry my son’ said Word ‘I have a friend who can help you’, Word disconnected and another roar rang out and Drakkus appeared on his dragon,
‘Double scales’ gasped Aquarius,
‘Oh no!’ said Strifey, but Gallifrey grinned and said lucky I found this then ain’t it and opened his talons to reveal a ancient Orange bonemark.

Aquarius stared at the bonemark she had never seen anything like it before
‘Wha!?’ she exclaimed,
‘I found it’ said Gallifrey ‘Strifey can use it and it will make him stronger’ Strifey looked unsure and said
‘ I don’t know about that’, Aquarius looked determined and ran and hid then charged all her energy and turned blue and re-appeared growling ferociously and she mag blasted the wraith gear on Alex’s head, it fizzed, Alex growled at this and charged at Dragon Booster
‘uh uhhhhh!’ exclaimed Beau, Strifey leaped in front of Beau protectively and yelled
‘Beau see if you can mag the gear off!’, Beau nodded and builded up his energy and maged the gear clean off, Alex’s eyes lost the yellow glow of wraith and changed blood red she had her free will back but the red moons made her still evil and full of bloodlust, she growled and maged Moordryd off her and spun around and turned on him eyes flaming, saliva drooling, teeth snapping. Moordryd leapt onto Decepshun and flashed Alex with the flash stick, Alex turned her head away from the blinding light, Moordryd then drained her with his energy drain whip and his crew latched green trapping gear and ran off with her.

Rivett reached out to Alex
‘Noooo Alex!’,
‘Alex’ cried Brightclaw, Strifey groaned on the ground from where Alex had hit him,
‘No’ said Dragon Booster ‘we gotta save her!’,
‘Not so fast!’ said Drakkus and his dragon mag blasted them away, Strifey growled weakly unable to get up,
‘Awh man’ said Gallifrey ‘now that was just harsh’ he leapt at Drakkus’s dragon scratching at his scales, Drakkus’s dragon roared in pain and frustration and snapped at Gallifrey but Gallifrey was too quick for him and leapt aside ‘Hah you can’t catch me’ he mocked and bit another scale, Drakkus’s dragon narrowed his eyes and growled and mag blasted him
‘Uh oh!’ said Gallifrey, Strifey slapped his head embarrassed
‘Gallifrey you big headed idiot!’ he exclaimed, Drakkus laughed evily,
‘how are we gonna get past’ asked Rivett ‘we need to save Alex!’, Gallifrey hopped off Drakkus’s dragon and said
‘ I’ll keep Drakkus distracted you get past’ then he looked at them ‘are you with me?’ he asked, Aquarius smiled and said
‘I got a better plan’ she winked at Beau and Artha looked determined and chanted
‘Release the dragon RELEASE THE HUMAN!’, Artha and Beau combined their energy and blasted Drakkus and his dragon sky high, Beau roared in triumph,
‘Duuuuuude!’ exclaimed Gallifrey,
‘Great job’ said Strifey who got up and shook himself then they all galloped off to Word’s Citadel where Alex was being held.

Beau burst into the building with might and power ‘Let Alex Longden go Payne!’ yelled Artha,
‘Oh but ive already got plans for he to help me start my dragon-human war!’ Gallifrey frowned and said
‘Listen up dude, you’re getting so boring with this stupid dragon-human war thing, why don’t you just chill dude’ he makes a peace sign with his talons,
‘Oh Gallifrey’ sighed Strifey shaking his head,
Moordryd spoke up ‘why don’t you stable brats and the dragon boo, boo run along to the kiddy house you came from’
Aquarius growled ‘Now that’s just too harsh’,
Gallifrey frowned and said ‘yeah dude I’m gonna kick you big dragon butt!’, Meanwhile Alex was roaring tossing her head angrily hatred and malice in her flashing eyes trapped in a black draconium cage.

Strifey growled ‘let her go’, Alex roared again slamming the bars of the cage with her curled horns,
‘Shut Up!’ yelled Cain, he lashed a whip at Alex and she cowered whimpering in pain, Aquarius growled angrily she was upset that anyone could hurt her rider and she looked in horror as she saw scars beginning to show across her ribcage, Strife roared in rage ‘To far that time’ he bellowed and charged at Cain. Cain screamed as he saw Strifey charging at him and ran away to hide by mistake knocking the blot of the cage.
With a great clash of horns and waving wings Alex busted free and roared angrily, she pounced on Word and her teeth moved closer and closer to his throat.


Chapter 5: Strong friendships

Artha pointed at Alex
‘NO!’ then said to Strifey ‘Stop her she mustn’t kill!, I know Word is our enemy and all but she’ll get locked away for murder of even worse killed!’, Strifey turned around and looked at Alex
‘Alex No! Don’t kill him!’ Gallifrey sneaks towards Alex hoping to take her off Word without hurting her, Alex paused to stare at Strifey blankly ‘I know he hurt you’ said Strifey to Alex ‘I know he locked you up and that was wrong, but you can’t kill him, you can’t if you do you’ll get locked away for murder!’, Alex thought for a moment growling at Gallifrey as he approached then she looked at her bloodstain paws from where she drew blood for the dragon eye crew when she scratched them, she shook violently suddenly afraid of the monster she had become.

Gallifrey smiled weakly
‘Alex, don’t worry it wasn’t your fault’ he said, Word glowered but he has a hint of fear in his face since Alex’s paws where still held firmly on his chest pinning him down
‘I’ll still be able to use her though’ Word said ‘the magnifier is still glowering at the moons and as the moons glower at Miss Longden it is mutating her bones into black draconium’,
Aquarius gave a stunned look ‘WHAT!’, Word smiled in a nasty way
‘yes it is because of my large black draconium pod hidden in the magnifier’, Gallifrey frowned ‘Oh dude, that’s bad!’ then he bared his teeth angrily and said ‘Dude you’re going down if Alex won’t kill you I will!’, Aquarius waved a claw
‘Gallifrey no then you'll get put down killed by DCS for murder too!’,
Gallifrey shook his head ‘I don’t care! He's hurting my friends, and it’s just getting too far’, but Brightclaw stopped him going forward and said
‘Gallifrey you can't, where will I ever get another Dragon like you?’,
Strifey nodded and said ‘and I’ll have no playmate’.

Suddenly Rivett materialized out of nowhere and launched himself at Alex and landed on the top of her head and hung onto to her horns, revealing the bloodmoon's antidote, Alex roared in rage tossing her head vigorously but Rivett hung on like a limpet, Word gave a look of disbelief and yelled
‘NO!’, Gallifrey cheered on Rivett
‘YEAH! Go dude!’, he then pinned Word down on the ground again so that he didn’t interfere, Aquarius then ran outside and in fifteen minutes was back in day racer form, Strifey looked at Gallifrey who was wrestling Word down aggressively
‘Aquarius do you think Gallifrey will be able to hold Word by himself?’ she asked her, Aquarius nodded
‘yes dragons are stronger than humans’ she replied smiling weakly, Gallifrey then started mocking Word with fake roars
‘Rawr ,Dude, RAWR!’, at this Word cowered in fear, Aquarius rolled her eyes ‘wimp’ she exclaimed, Gallifrey grinned
‘If you’re not careful I might let my claw slip’,
Strife started ‘Not too far Gallifrey!’

Meanwhile Rivett was still wrestling with Alex trying to get the antidote down her throat but Alex kept tossing which made it very difficult for him, Suddenly Alex magged Rivett off her and tossed him into the air he fell and clung onto the edge, Artha watched in horror remembering that the same thing once happened to him when Beau got influenced by the spirit of the furox. Rivett made a wild jerk with his free hand and the antidote flew into Alex’s wide gape then he threw a piece of wood at the nearby magnifier and the wood hit the glass and it shattered to pieces Alex tossed her head and roared as her eyes returned to normal, Rivett fell but Alex quickly mag grabbed him and placed him on her saddle.

Everyone cheered except Word who gave a sulky look,
‘YEAH!!!’ whooped Gallifrey, Rivett looked at Alex fondly and stroked her muzzle and Alex looked up and grinned wolfishly, Gallifrey smiled ‘Go dudes!’ he ranted, Brightclaw smiled and patted Alex on the shoulder
‘Good to have you back Alex’, Alex smiled again and Rivett hopped off the saddle and kicked the magnifier ,it wheeled along and fell to the wastelands below and broke in two and the moons returned to normal and disappeared and the sun took it's place, Rivett then pressed a button on his bracelet and Alex roared and turned back to human form, Brightclaw grinned.

Alex rubbed her head and said
‘god what happened I remember having the urge to transform then nothing!’, Gallifrey spoke up
‘this dude made you transform’ he said pointing at Word with a threatening claw ‘and then you were like RAWR' evil dude!’,
Alex gave an astounded look ‘I did!?’ she exclaimed,
Gallifrey nodded ‘Yeah dude, it was awesome, but scary’, Aquarius walked over and put her head on Alex’s shoulder and Alex stroked her and sighed
‘well whatever happened Iam glad you guys where there for me to help’
She paused for a second and looked at Word and did a growl and claw motion at him, Word screamed and covered his face, both Alex and Aquarius laughed.
Suddenly sirens sounded which brought everyone back to their senses, Alex hopped onto Aquarius’s saddle
‘erm we better go’ she said,
Artha nodded ‘Yeah Payne see ya’,
Word cursed and yelled ‘You’ll pay for this, you hear me you’ll pay!’, Beau growled at Word which made him stop speaking then they all raced back to Dragon Fang Stables where Connor was waiting for them.
Connor gave a worried look at all of them
‘what happened I heard on the news of the strange weather and Dragowolf sighting’ he then gave a concerned look at Alex,
‘Don’t worry’ said Brightclaw ‘We sorted it out’,
Connor gave a sigh of relief ‘well iam glad you did I was getting worried I saw a video of you and strife and saw Alex with Moordryd on her back then I knew something bad was going on’,
Strifey nodded ‘Yeah it was scary. Alex looked to her right beside Aquarius’s stable and saw Parmon and Kitt eating marshmallows with lance nearby playing Battleground Dragon, Alex charged towards Parmon who was the only one with the marshmallow bag
‘Marshmallows gimme, gimme, gimme’,
Connor laughed and said ‘well I can see Alex hasn't lost her appetite’, Artha deactivated his amulet and changed back to day racer and laughed too, Brightclaw made a dash for the marshmallows to but stopped as she saw inside the house the TV was blaring with Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston, Brightclaw screamed with joy,
Strifey rolled his eyes ‘oh no, quick change the channel’,
Alex rolled her eyes too ‘mad’ she exclaimed, Beau laughed, Strifey tried to grab the remote but Brightclaw dogged him
‘HAH!’ she jeered ‘I have the channel changer’,
‘oh dude no!’ exclaimed Gallifrey, everyone laughed as Strifey and Brightclaw battled for the remote.

The End


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