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The Evil in Us All



This story is dedicated to all of my friends. and especcially the ones who have emailed me so much. you guys
no who you are.

chapter 1
It was a dark night in dragon city. no one was on the streets. though one dragon and his rider were. the dragon
booster and beaucaphulus.
they were patroling the streets when they were attacked by a mistereos crew.

beau: "Who the draconium are you?"
magma class dragon:" I am firefang. This is burning fire. And this here is hotfire. We are the dragons that make
up the fire of the dragon crew."
dragon booster: "Um. hi. Who are you guys? And why are you out so late?"
firefang's rider: 'I am jessei. And my dragon firefang. This is jake and his dragon burning fire. And
here is elizabeth and her dragon hotfire. As for our buisness out here word sent us to give you a message.
He said stay away from old city.Or else."
dragon booster: "Or else what?"
jessei:"I dont know. that is all he said."
fire of the dragon crew: Runs as fast as they can to the south.
dragon booster:"That was strange dont you think boy?"
beau: Nods his head in reply.
the dragon temple
artha:" hey mortis. this crazy crew showed up and said that word sent him to tell the dragon booster. that is me.
not to go to old city.
creepy dont you think?"
mortis:" yes. that is strange. go to down city."
beau: Rolles his eyes.
artha:" Ok but raine and the other boosters are coming with me."
mortis: "Ok. now go!"
old city
raine:" Ok why are we in old city artha?"
artha:" Because mortis wants us to check it out."
kate: "Ok so you want us to go booster form?"
artha: "Duh."
raine,artha,kate,sarah,ling,and their dragons: all go and change to booster form.
dragon booster:'ok lets go!'
check stop!
Right now you are prabably wondering who these people are. Well raine has a dragon named death wacher. raine is
the death booster. Her dragon is the golden dragon of legend. Kate is theacid booster and her dragon, acid death,is
the acid dragon of legend. Sarah is the demon booster and her dragon is the purple dragon of legend demon angel.
Ling, he is the black booster and hisdragon is lane breaker. You can see some of these dragons on dragon-city.org.
back to the show!
death booster: "You guys ready to go?" Activates red thruster and heads off.
all others: do the same.


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