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Questions from August 19, 2007:

Dragon Booster: Horm of LibrisWho originally created the Horn of Libris and why? The horn summons Libris of course, but why did someone need a way to summon him and what were they planning to do once they summoned him? Is Libris compelled to respond to the horn (i.e., does it control him) or does he do so of his own free will? Do other grey boned dragons have horns that summon them as well? Also, how did Libris manage to arrive at Moordryd's compound so quickly once he was called? Is something supernatural involved?

-- From Liliwen and The Furox

Awesome and deep question! And when I say deep, I mean deep within Dragon City. The grey dragons constructed the horn themselves and gave it to the Original Dragon Booster to use to summon them into battle if needed. Since gray dragons shed their exo-bones which are used as amplifying draconium for the other colors, grey dragons by their very makeup are susceptible to influence from other strong sources. This is why they were hunted down during the war, some were as I said in another answer and sadly, 'poached' while others were harnessed to fight, controlled by other dragons and masters that were as powerful as dragon priests atop evolved bone-marked dragons like the Furox. Since the grey dragons became very wary of being misled, they had to create a special device tuned to their frequency. The Blue Draconium Empire (which later became the Inner Order Crew) produced the Blue Booster, who worked with the Dragon Booster to stop the war and he hid the horn within the ancient remains of his temple. The crew that followed, found the horn, knew the secret and protected it by hiding it in plain sight....the last place anybody would look! Libris sensed that the horn was taken as grey dragons are very in tune with other grey draconium and its location (he could sense that it as in the presence of Moordryd's black draconium energy and was already close by)

What's the name of the blue-influenced Booster (and how did she/he relate to the other Boosters)?

-- From Sarah Frost and atomicnewt2552

Thank you Sarah and atomicnewt2552 for the question! The Blue Booster is the ENERGY BOOSTER! When the great war happened, the five primary colors of draconium empires (meaning the five primary draconium colors) took control of the major factions that controlled the others in the war. Red, Blue, Green, Black and gold were the main ones with the others following. The leaders of these empires eventually joined with Dragon Booster, well after fringe elements like the gray dragons, the Keepers and the Prophets enlisted! Armeggaddon was the original leader of the black draconium empire but he was put into the shadow track by another! I won't say who but that dragon bore the bone mark later absorbed by Decepshun. 'nuf said LOL!

Dragon Booster: Bonemark of the FuroxDo dragons have to absorb a bonemark or have a bonemark to have legendary superpowers? Beau has a bonemark, Decepshun has a bonemark, and they're both Booster dragons; so would a dragon like Cyrano, Wyldfyr and Fracshun have to absorb bonemarks to become Boosters too? Well, Wlydfyr couldn't absorb the the Furox bonemark, so I'm just wondering how that's going to work out in the end. How do they get superpowered?

-- Aerodragon Highflyer

Hi Aerodragon Highflyer. The Furox was not meant for Wyldfyr, there may be another bone-mark out there for her and Kitt. I'm going to publish some of the Academy structure and information to this site in the next few weeks which hints at a lot! Evolving dragons takes more than conrrolling a bone-mark, it takes a great leap of education in both you and your dragon and it requires an evolutionary step for both of you! Stay tuned!

Dragon Booster: Mortis and Tyrannis PaxAre there any other Gold-Boned Dragons left in the world besides Beau? Is Tyrannis Pax a gold dragon? He's listed as blue, but his mag energy is gold like Beau's. If he's gold, is it just the priests that get gold dragons or are there still some around after the first time all the dragons were reverted back to gold? If he's a blue dragon, how come his mag energy is gold?

-- From Ancient_Warrior

Thank you for the question Ancient_Warrior. There are no other gold boned dragons on the planet besides Beau. The reason Tyrannis Pax's energy is gold is because he has more gold in him than many dragons and also Mortis has learned to access and use the gold in his own bones to merge energy with the dragon. Such is the case with the Elite Class and then beyond that, the Priesthood. There is one other secret to the priesthood as well, they have some of the world's only gold draconium gear. It's very rare and very, very ancient. Hope that helps!

Questions from April 12, 2007:


I take it things aren’t as bad for dragons as they were before/during the dragon human war, due to the fact that while dragons are resisting (‘getting harder to control’) it is a spotty effect, there have been no uprisings, and Our Hero isn’t attempting to right the wrongs committed against dragons despite his catch phrase.

So, my question is this: Dragons are racers, vehicles, and labour which can be traded and bought and sold; and they are not receiving monetary compensation for this, does that not make them slaves? (That’s a rhetorical question, since that’s the definition of slavery.) If not, how do you figure? (Room and board does not count as compensation, so I really want to hear this) If so, how much (or how was it) worse was it before the dragon human war?

-- From Nemi the Nen, New York City, New York

Nemi, this might be my favorite question so far! Think of it this way. Humans and dragons were once total equals, they had property, jobs, rights and position. As they spread across the planet, they isolated themselves and evolved much like early humanity into races. In this case, draconium vastly sped up the process and also effected the energy of the humans too. As these factions came back into contact with each other, they no longer had anything in common. Friction, alliances and finally war was the result but in our wisdom or lack of, humans made the situation worse by not getting along with each other. The dragons at some point, decided enough was enough and even if the humans could not get along, they were all the same race so they stood together with some defections of course. When the original Dragon Booster and Beau stopped the war, the dragons chose "en masse" to serve for a time to help the humans rebuild the world. Dragons knew that alone humans were no match for dragons in combat. Humans in both the physical at metaphoric sense, fear the dragon, so dragon's figured they'd sacrifice and bide their time until humans were ready. But the equality never returned and in fact, the entire commercial structure that was built from Elite Class on down, that was designed to prevent war, is actually bringing it back. Now, the dragons sensing that their sacrifice was in vain, are restless...

Dragon Booster: AcademyWhy is the Academy so large if only one racer is accepted every year? I know they are allowed to bring along some of their crew but not all of it because then the crew would no longer exist outside of the Academy.

-- From I_Am_Chute

Thanks for the question I_Am_Chute. The Academy has five huge levels that span the entire depth of Dragon City. It's very towers rise into Sun City but the Academy begins in Mid City. There are levels in Shadow Town, Work Town, Down City and the Old City, skipping the massive Precinct level of course. Inside the Academy, you are schooled by each of the 12 "ancient houses" in their particular flavor of draconium power, history and philosophy. These houses are the remnants of the ancient empires and also the inspiration for the present day crews. Inside the Academy structure, there is a huge Barracks/University/Library area that moves the entire depth of Dragon City from top to bottom on a massive gold draconium lift; stopping at distinct levels that contain huge labs, training areas and vast complexes of tracks, gear foundries, jousting grounds and temple structures. Towards the end of your training, you go down deep to the old city and enter ancient temples and forbidden areas. As you go deeper into your Academy Training, you go deeper into the depths of Dragon City and deeper into the ancient secrets of draconium, it's powers and properties. I can't give away too much but one reason only one rider gets in, is that very often, only one graduates. The idea is to learn the same lessons of balance that the Dragon Booster learned but all is not well. There is politics and division within Academy just as there is in the city and across the planet.

Is there any hope of DB Academy ever getting aired or can you tell us any information on the new episodes. I want to know all the info on that whole matter of DB Academy.

-- From dolphinliss, Boston, Massachusetts

dolphinliss, I wish I had an easy answer. There are any number of scenarios whereby Dragon Booster can continue but I can't go into them or disclose anything. At this point, 39 episodes have not even completed airing around the world so that has to happen first before anything else is considered...but please stay tuned and your petition and continued support absolutely helps!

In "Cain's Mutany" why did Cain say "this is no longer a council of 12 it's a council of 11"? Shouldn't he be adding a number not subtracting? Also, it's clearly called the council of 12 because of the 12 colors of draconium and presumably the 12 ancient draconium empires. However, the Prophets, the Mechanist and the Keepers doesn't seem to be in the council. Should it perhaps really be the council of 9, or are those crews participating in ways we don't see?

-- From Sai, Montana

Great questions Sai. Cain is referring to Moordryd leaving the council because he's absent and in that sense, and in Cain's emotional thinking process, the Dragon Eyes are no more because they have no leader. To answer your second question, the other crews participate in an honorary sense and while The Keepers, The Prophets and The Mechanists are not part of the council, the council was formed at a time in the past where they did. Much of their gear still remains in use too.

Dragon Booster: WarCould you please elaborate on how you envisioned the division between the various factions involved in the first Dragon-Human War? From the prelude in the first episode, it sounds like the war was strictly between dragons and humans. But the written mythology on dragonbooster.com seems to imply it was more complex than this. It talks about the various Draconium Empires being at war with each other, but it also mentions that there were allegiances as well. For example, it says that some red dragons were allies of the Dragon Booster, but we also know from "Fanning the Flames" that other red dragons like Furox fought the Dragon Booster. Further, Armeggaddon said he commanded an army of dragons, and Furox is shown with a rider, so it seems that at least some dragons other than the original Beau remained loyal to their humans. How common was this? Were there also independent dragons fighting against independent humans? It sounds like this war was a complex multi-sided conflict, but maybe I'm reading too much into it. Thanks for clarifying your vision of how the war played out.

-- From The Furox, San Francisco, California

Thanks Furox, excellent question. While there are parts of this answer throughout the above questions, the Red, Blue, Green and Black Draconium Empires were in fact made up of dragon and humans. There were of course vast armies of dragons or dragons and humans that did not take sides, the Prophets and Hydrags for two examples and more parasitic beings like the Muhorta that just waited for losers and stragglers. Certain humans just as Academy Racers and Elite Class racers today, learned to release the full powers of the dragons, making them into begins and hugely powerful dragons akin to Mortis and Tyrannix Pax. Remember though that back then, all dragons had bone-marks on their heads. When the original Dragon Booster and Beau flipped the dragons back to gold, the more dangerous qualities of dragons that humans themselves had "evolved" into the dragon were trapped in the bone mark, kind of like a karmic super energy cell. Armeggaddon was the leader of the Black Draconium Empire and ruled over dragons and other minions including an ancient Shadow Booster. See a later answer for something really cool! Anyway, at first the humans and dragons formed Dragon City with all of it's magical golden technology. As they spread across the planet and established other settlements, they faced challenges like great heat, dry, flooding, famine and mutation. The dragons were used to protect humans and manage the environments and they evolved into different colors. City States were formed and when they began to re-connect, they didn't exactly see eye to eye. Soon, alliances and empires formed and some dragons and humans just ran and hid or just when off on their own. When war broke out, there was only one gold dragon lineage left and they were forced into hiding and from this line, sprang Beau.

Will moordryd and artha join up to help each other?

-- From Shearkin, New Brunswick, Canada

Hi Shearkin, as you can see from Episodes 38 and 39, Artha and Moordyrd do have more in common after all than they even knew. Also, in their shared flashback in Eps 38, they saw that the Dragon Booster and Shadow Booster of ancient times did have to fight side by side and at the end of episode 39, there is a new level of mutual respect formed between them. All I can say at this point is in the Academy, their relationship takes several new turns including for a time, they kind of switch roles in a sense. Don't read too much into that of course but I promise even they have no idea of how much their fates are tied together!

Dragon BoosterWill the saga of the first Dragon Booster ever be told in the show? I'm curious to know more about the first Dragon Booster.

-- From Airshadow, Mexico

Great question Airshadow. The plan is during the Academy Arc of the show is to explain more and more of the original war through Academy learning, even while the planet itself gets closer and closer to repeating history! Perhaps in the next round of questions, I can talk more about the original Dragon Booster but for now, he was a kid, much like Artha, who was chosen by the original Beau. The only difference was the stakes, as the original DB was chosen when a war had already began and the entire weight of the world was thrust instantly on his shoulders. The Original Dragon Booster was a soldier, someone who wanted the war, was set in his ways and had to learn to look at the world in a much larger way, let go of his prejudice and emotions and find the balance in his own heart.


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